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So Rihanna Wants Chris Brown Back....

I just read this today. Rihanna is trying to break up Chris and Kae. See I don't want to believe it but like they say you don't know what you got until it's gone. Rihanna really needs to move forward not back. Chris Brown is happy and Rihanna shouldn't mess that up with him. They should just be friends and do their own after all the stuff she put him through I think that's enough. SMH...If this is true Rihanna shame on you for trying to break Chris's Happiness with kae and his Career.

How do ya'll feel about this? What's your Opinion?


Rihanna just needs to leave Chris alone
she jealous coz she doesnt live a good life like his
she wants to destroy him because she cant bear to see him push through the horrible thing she did to his reputation
He is stronger than her and he is showing it
:D Don't go back Chris!!!

at the end of the day, love is love and love is blind. if she want him then thats cool but the big question is do he want her???? he makes that decision.

* Shrugs *

Everything is a publicity stunt.

End. of. Story.

Who wouldn't want Chris back?

Just when the world finally calmed down about Chris Brown and Singer Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Music” remixes, the two may get the world buzzing for a second time.

Recently booked to headline the upcoming Supafest music festival in Australia on April 14, Soul Singer Chris Brown may reunite with his estranged ex, onstage this time. With appearances from P. Diddy, Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco, the Aussies may be in for an extra-special treat if Diva Rihanna performs as well. She will be in Sydney on April 10 for the premiere of her first feature film, Battleship, and the rumor mill is churning about the two reuniting.

According to, a U.S. source tells the website that the collaboration is “a definite possibility,” but that “it won’t be decided until the last minute.”

Though the festival is also slated to feature Trey Songz, Ice Cube, T-Pain and Missy Elliott, that reunion will surely trump everything else. If all goes as many may anticipate, this will be the ex-couple’s first performance since they graced the stage at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

With this is it the beginning of another Chris Brown & Rihanna love story? Should Rihanna leave things be, and not do this? What about Chris Brown? Has Chris Brown grown up? Also we hear Rihanna is ready to tackle hollywood, as there is nothing this sister can’t accomplished. She is indeed a role model. Chris Brown himself has a small part in Think like a Man movie. In summary let us all allow Rihanna and Chris Brown to live life.



I dont think they should be together again.! I mean after ALLLLLLLLL the stuff she has put him through it would be stupid to do that to him again. AND the fact that people go around sayin he a " woman beater " aint true.!! How I see it is like this.... IT HAPPENED 2 YEARS AGO.!!!! HE'S HUMAN.!!! EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES.!!! GET OVER IT.!!! It's just stupid that most people are sayin that the radio station shouldnt be playin his music, well they SHOULD be playin his music because #TeamBreezy hasnt givin up on him and all Rihanna wanted to do was try to ruin his career..... Well guess what.! IT DIDNT WORK.!!! He's came back to the top soooo fast, and im proud of him. And again I say HE'S HUMAN.!!! SO ALL YALL HATERS NEED TO GET OVER IT and if you dont like him for ONE MISTAKE that happen then ok, that's how u feel. But dont try to say he's something that he's not. Period point blank.!
~TeamBreezy ♥♥

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it may be true she wants Chris back because of Karrueche
but you can't believe everything you hear or read.
s2 u CB

yeah he a free man now!

Ugh I'm so sick of this rhianna and Chris crap
She need to leave him alone

I Cant Even Speak On This Cause I'm So #TeamChrianna But If He Happy Than Ok But Im So NOT #TeamKae Even Tho She A BEAUTIFUL woman , if i like ha i love ha and if he love ha i adore ha :)

Lol :P

By her I mean Rihanna lol.

Exactly...I'm tired of reading about her and Chris they are done and over with Point. Blank. Period.

I agree with you! I think she only wants him back because his with Kae and his happy. She needs to sit and find her self someone else!