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Tough Reality

<em>I started this story, but never finished it, so I decided that i'd bring it back.</em>

All my life I wondered, how many people can I actually call my friends? How many of these people could I actually trust? In reality i've never found the answer, that is until my life took a turn for the worse. The man that raised me and my two older brothers and sister was now six feet under and the woman that gave birth to me was a stranger in our own home, and just when I though things couldn't get any worse they did. I didn't understand why God chose me to give this life to, but no matter how hard it got I needed to stay strong. This is my story, the story of <a href="">Nevaeh Cruz</a>


Awwww Jaysen Is A True Bestfrann && Maybe Lover:)


Vaeh and I drove back to her house just listening to the music that played lowly. Everything that she told me tonight continuously played in my mind. Knowing that she contemplated suicide was crazy to me. I glanced over at her as she stared out the window. As we pulled up to her house you could see bodies on the porch, as we got closer the faces of Devin and the crew.appeared. The amount of cars that once crowded the streets was now clear. I parked and turned off the car. "Ready?" She nodded and unbuckled her seatbelt and opening the car door, I followed suit. "Vaeh, you alright bae?" Devin questioned embracing her in a hug. She nodded and they made their way over to his car where they had a little conversation. "Where did y'all go?" Ray asked. "Took her to the hill." "What happened though, because when we walked through the door she flipped the fxck out." Mali asked. "Nothing, she just needed to clear her mind." "Alright, well were all about to head out." They said, I dapped them all up and watched them make way to their cars. I decided that I would go inside and let them know that Nevaeh was home.


When we pulled up to the house, the crowd of people died down and just the crew sat on the porch. Jaysen parked and I hopped out as he trailed behind. "Vaeh, are you alright bae?" Was the first thing Devin said to me as I embraced him into a hug. "Yeah." I said nodding. He laced our fingers and led me to his car where he stood against the hood and I between his legs. "You worried me." He said kissing my forehead. "Sorry, I just wasn't feeling well." "I wanted to go upstairs and check on you, but Jay said you didn't want to see anyone." I nodded and put my jead down. "Yeah, I really didn't." He lifted my face by my chin. "Look babygirl, I care for you and if we're gunna be together you need to let me in. I hate sitting in the dark." "You qre sitting in the dark though, it's 11:45 at night." I said smiling, he chuckled. "You know what I meant. But seriously babe, don't leave me clueless. I'm your man, you have to let me in." I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck as his wrapped around my waist. "I promise." I said leaning in and kissing his lips.

I Almost Cried:(

I feel so bad for Neveah. I know the pain is still there but hopefully when they get back everyone will just have fun. I'm glad Jaysen could be there for her. I think she really needed someone to talk to away from everyone. I love that Devin wanted to be there for her. Its crazy how Jaysen is always there first tho. Devin might be mad because he'll feel like she shoulda allowed him to comfort her, not Jay, but he'll get over that s*** too. lol Run it!!


I looked at Jaysen and took another puff of the blunt. "So you want to tell me what happened back there?" He asked, I exhaled and passed him back the blunt. "My father." He looked over at me, passing the blunt back. "What about him?" I inhaled as I felt the tears welling up. I exhaled making little o's. "He was supposed to be here celebrating my big eighteenth with me. I just couldn't go out into that party without him." It was silent. "All this party symbolized was that the death of my father was real." He didn't say anything, he took the last puff and passed it back. I inhaled deeply before putting it out. "I remember when I turned fifteen he threw me a quinceanera because its big in latin culture. He spends thousands of dollars for one night. I had this big gown, my hair and make-up was done. I remember walking down the stairs to see my brothers dressed in their tuxes. Everyone was nicely dressed, he grabbed my hand and led me to the limo and he said to me 'Nevaeh, estas preciosa!'." "What does that mean?" "Precious." I wiped a few stray tears. "That night we had a father daughter dance and as we danced he said to me, 'I promise this isn't the last time. Next time we have a dance like this, you're going to be in a white gown and you'll be celebrating the next chapter of your life with a man that you love.' Now look where he is! He broke his promise to me!" I didn't even realize that Jaysen was now consoling me. "You know, after his death I never left my room. I wasn't me. I felt like when he died I died with him.....I was just living in the motions." I sighed and wiped away the tears. "I thought about killing myself one night...I was all alone and after holding in these emotions and blaming myself for his death, I was going to do it." He sat beside me and said nothing, just listening and letting me finish. "I walked into the bathroom and began rummaging through the medicine cabinet and found the bottle of vicadin that the doctor prescribed to me when I broke my wrist. I was ready to just swalllow them all, but I heard his voice telling me that I needed to live my life for him. Do everything that he couldn't, so I didn't go through with it." He shifted a little. "I'm glad you didn't, if not we wouldn't be in the spot we are right now." "He would've liked you, you're just like him." "Well than he must've been a cool guy." I chuckled, "he was."

"I need to get you back home." He said standing up and extending his hand. I took it. "Jay, no one knows about what I just told you. I expect no one to know either." He nodded and embraced me in a hug. "I promise, and I always keep my promises." I pecked his cheek. "Thank you."
Just thought I would give you guys a little something.

Oooh Their Alone Lol:)
I Wonder Why She Ran Upstairs Like That!!!


Today was the day of Vaeh's party and I was helping set stuff up. Mali and her girls had taken her out and kept her busy. The plan with them was to take her shopping and then they would get ready at Somalia's house and they would bring her back here saying that her siblings wanted to take her out for a family dinner. "Alright, I think that's it." Anthony said, I nodded. "Go ahead and get home so you can be ready." I dapped him up, "I'll see you later man." I walked out of the house and to my car. I started it up and pulled off. In the meantime I had recieved a call from Janelle. "Hey babe." I said. "Hey baby, what you up to?" "Nun, just bout to head home and freshen up for this suprise birthday party." "Sounds fun, to bad I can't go." She said pouting. "Yup, but I have to go. I'll talk to you later." "Alright bae, have fun. Love you." "Mhmm." Was all I said before pulling into my drive-way. I parked and hopped out making my inside. It was dead silent, no one was home so it was perfect for the amount of time I had to get ready. I turned on the shower and stripped out of my clothing and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water clear my mind. I came out twenty minutes later and lotioned up, a nigga couldn't be ashy. I slipped on my boxers and walked over to my closet. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to wear, finally I decided on something and slipped it on. I looked at <a href="">myself</a> in the mirror and adjusted my beanie. A nigga was looking good like always.

I pulled up to Vaeh's house and parked my car a few houses down like everyone else did. I walked up to her doorstep and knocked. Right away Jasmine pulled me in. "Hurry up, Somalia called that they were right around the corner." We all gathered together and stood there quietly as Jasmine turned out the lights. I heard the car pool up and the door slam, soon Vaeh's voice sounded through the room. "Why the fxck is it so dark in this house?!" I shook my head and chuckled silently, she would say some shxt like that. "Surprise!" We all yelled as Jasmine turned on the lights. Her blank face was blank and it seemed as tears were welling into her eyes. "Uh, thank you all for showing up....but I can't." With that she pushed through the crowd and made her way upstairs. I looked at Anthony and walked over to him. "What just happened?" I asked, he shrugged. "I'll go talk to her." He said, I stopped him. "No i'll do it." He sighed, "alright, but if she needs anything come get me." I nodded and made my way through the crowd. I walked up the stairs and stoppee infront of her door before knocking. She didn't answer so I walked straight in. She was laying in her bed face down. I knew she was crying. "Vaeh? What's wrong?" She sat up and looked at me wiping her eyes, but they continued to fall. "I can't go down there Jay. I just can't! I'm sorry if i'm acting selfish, but I wont!" I walked towards her and embraced her into a hug as she cried on my chest. "Tell me, what's wrong." "Just get me out of here, please." I nodded and handed her my car keys. "Sneak out through the back door, my car is parked down the street. I'll meet you there." She nodded and walked to the bathroom to clean herself up. I walked down the stairs and looked for her siblings, but before I did I saw Devin coming my way. "Hey man, where you going?" I asked as he tried to pass me and go up the stairs. "To see my girl." I shook my head. "She doesn't want to see anyone, she doesn't feel well." "You were just up there though!" "And she kicked me out." It took him a minute to think about if what I was saying was true or not. "Alright." He said walking away. I scanned the room for her siblings and saw them all in a corner talking, I made my way over. "Is she alright." I nodded, "she said she wasn't coming down and asked me to take her somewhere else." Ant nodded, "alright, keep her safe man." I nodded and made my way out the front door.

I walked to my car to see her sitting in the passenger seat. I hopped in and started it and began to drive. I would look over at her every once in a while and she seemed to be in her own little world. After thirty minutes of driving I pulled up to the outskirts of LA. She looked over at me and hopped out. We both took a seat in the grassy area, no words were exchanged. "You ever smoked?" I asked, she looked at me. "No, why?" "Because you seem like you need it plus there's a first time for everything." I said pulling out a rolled blunt and putting it to my lips and lighting it. She watched as I inhaled and exhaled. "You know, it's actually quite relaxing. Takes all your stress and worry away, but don't worry i'm not pressuring you." I said inhaling, she snatched it from me and inhaled, she held it in and coughed. I patted her back."whoa there, you have to exhale too!" She chuckled and took another puff passing it back and exhaling easily. "So you want to tell me what happened back there."

Aighhtt So Devin has Jay's seal of approval. I guess they can all move forward now. I still think Jay likes her, and he need to dump Janelle lil weak ass. But hopefully he does right by her.

Noooooo I Want More Now:)

More later.


After our little basketball session at the park, we all made our way to Round Table Pizza. We were all sitting together eating pizza and laughing. "So Devin, I haven't seen you around Dominguez. What school do you go to?" Mali asked. "Crenshaw." I was kinda glad that my friends approve of Devin, that way there wouldn't be any awkwardness between all of us. "I need to use the restroom, i'll be back." I said getting up and excusing myself, behind me I could hear Somalia. "Yo Vaeh, he is cute. Not even gunna front, i'd hit that!" I chuckled because this was coming from Mali herself. I flushed the toilet and came out to wash my hands. "I'm glad you think he is, but about that last part the only person that will tap that is me." I said, we both laughed. We both walked out of the restroom and took our seats. "Aye, we're gunna go play in the gameroom. We'll be back." Jay said standing up with Ray. "Devin, you wanna come?" Jay asked, he nodded and stood up kissing me on the cheek. "Jonah, is your b****ass coming?" He shook his head. The guys smacked their lips and continued walking to the room where they held games.


Ray, Devin, and I walked into the game room and walked over to the three arcade games that were lined up. I took the PacMan one as Devin took some airplane game beside me and Ray took the fighting one. "Nigga you would play the game with ninjas with your asian ass." He flipped me off, I chuckled. I stuck my quarter into the slot amd began playing. "So Devin, you got a job nigga?" Raymond asked. "Yeah." "You ain't a dope boy are you?" I asked. "Nah, but I got the hook-up if y'all ever need anything." "That's what's up!" Ray said dapping him up. "So where you work?" I questioned. "I work in construction with my pops." I didn't feel like beating around the bush anymore and I guess Ray could tell. "So basically what's your intention with Nevaeh?" Ray asked, he shrugged. "Y'all wanna know the truth?" Ray nodded, I was hoping he wasn't going to say something stupid because I would not hesitate to punch him. "This shxt may make me sound like a b**** but I like her...alot. We aren't together together because she said she didn't want to move to fast, but I really do like her. I'm actually ready to make her mine." He said ending the game. Ray and I both looked at him. "That's what's up nigga. Now I won't have to whoop your ass." Ray said dapping him up and walking ahead of us. He and I walked side by side. "I'm not even going to lie Devin. I didn't like you, but you seem like a good guy for Vaeh." "Thanks man." We dapped eachother up before walking back to the table. Nevaeh was eyeing us suspiciously. I smiled and gave her a head nod.

I Can't Wait For Vaeh Suprise Party:)

Poor jaysen they done scared him. Lol It was funny. lol I wonder how he feels about devin. He played him a lil rough, but I'm glad he ain't take offense or get all huffy about it.


I was kicking it over at Nevaeh's house since Janelle was out of town. "Hey, will you go downstairs and get me a powerade that's in the fridge." I smacked my lips. "We're gunna go down there anyway." She gave me a death glare. I threw my hands up in defeat. "Fine, but i'm not coming back up." She rolled her eyes and continued cleaning up her room. I walked into the kitchen and began rummaging through the fridge. I saw the powerades and pulled them out and at the same time I pulled out some grapes. I closed the fridge door and set the powerades down on the counter while I ate the bowl of grapes. "Nigga what the f*** are you doing eating my grapes?!" I jumped and looked foward to see Anthony and Malachi standing there laughing so hard. "Damn! Y'all scared me!" "D-Damn nigga! You should've seen your face." Malachi said with laughter in between. "It was that damn funny." I said in a serious tone. "This is what your face looked like." Anthony said still laughing. I stood there with a blank face watching them laugh until they were done. "Oh man! Okay, on a serious note though, we came down here to ask you something." Chi said. "What's up?" I asked popping another grape into my mouth. "So Vaeh's birthday is next Monday so we were planning on throwing her a party Saturday and just going to dinner on her actual birthday and we wanted to you and everyone else to invite everyone." I nodded, "i got y'all." They smiled and dapped me up, just then Vaeh walked into the kitchen with the basketball in her hand. "Ready?" She asked. "I nodded, she waved at her brothers and we walked out.

When we showed up to the park everyone was standing around the basketball court. I walked over and dapped up Ray, and Mili's boy Jonah while hugging the girls. Vaeh came behind and did the same. "Alright, let's pick teams." I said. "Wait!" Vaeh said. We all looked at her, "why?" Mali asked. "Cause..Devin hey!" We all turned in the opposite direction to see <a href="">him</a> walking over. He gave Nevaeh a hug and what seemed like a kiss on the lips. They walked over to us hand in hand. "Guys this is Devin. Dev, this is Milagros aka Mili. Her boyfriend Jonah. That's Leeyah and her boyfriend Ray. This is my bestfriend Somalia or Mali and Ray is her brother and this is my other bestfriend Jaysen." He nodded at everyone. "Okay lets get this game started then." Mali said. "Vaeh and I choose teams since we're the only girls playing. I go first and I choose Ray." He walked over and dapped him up. "Okay, i'm sorry for thie Dev but I choose Jay." Mali tapped her chin. "Jonah sucks so, Devin." Vaeh sighed because Jonah did kinda suck. "Y'all need to stop hating on my boo, its not his fault he can beat your asses in football." Mili said defending him. He smiled and winked at her. Soon we started our game. I dribbled the ball between my legs as Devin came over blocking me from the hoop. I shoved past him making a lay up. "Uh uh, foul on Jaysen!" Mili yelled. "What?!" I turned around to see Devin on the floor. I sighed normally I wouldve just helped up my homies but since he was with Vaeh i'd be nice. I walked over and extended a hand. "My bad man, didn't mean to." He shook it off, "its cool I get that way to when I play."

im soooooo glad alex is out of the picure they jus wasnt workin..they was totally opposite. I think her and devin will be so cute together..and jay he is finally steppin up and tryna do right by his proud of him! and i also love the relationship he and vaeh has..BESTIES! maybe later somethin will spark between them but until then bestfriends is kool wit me lol

I Like Devin:)

Awwww Her lil date with Devin wass too cute!!! I sense the connection too. But its funny how even on a date with another guy, Jaysen comes into her thoughts. Lol Run it!!


I laid in my room contemplating whether I should call Devin or not. I decided against calling him and decided to text him instead.

<strong>Hey, its Nevaeh from the park.</a>

I set my phone beside me and laid back watching Love and Hip Hop. I wasn't that focused on what was happening because I was more focused on the fact that he had texted me back yet. Maybe, he had a girlfriend and was just playing me. Man! I knew he was to good to be true. I was too into my own thoughts that I didn't hear my phone ringing. I looked at the caller i.d and my nerves kicked in. He was calling me, I needed to play it cool. "Hello." "Hey, thought I would call you since I didn't text you back quick enough." I giggled. "That's fine." "So what's up?" He asked. "Nun, just coolin' it. What about you?" "Well just came out the shower, that's why I didn't text you back." It was quiet on the line until he cleared his throat. "So, uh, I don't know if this is to sudden for you but I was wondering if you would like to catch a bite to eat with me?" "When?" I questioned, "uh, right now." "Right now? It's 7:30 at night." He chuckled, "I know, but my mama ain't home and i'm a growing boy. If you don't want to, it's fine." I smiled "no, i'll go. Where do you want me to meet you?" I could hear shuffling on the other end. "Well, if you live close by, I can pick you up." "I live a few blocks down from the park, so if you live near there then yeah." "Alright, text me your address i'll stop by." "Okay." I said hanging up. I texted him my address and got up checking my appearance in the mirror. I threw my hair into a bun and walked over to my closet slipping on my Jordan IV Cavs. I was wearing grey sweatpants with a black muscle tee and orange sports bra underneath. If he didn't like me when I was bummy, then he wouldn't like me period. I walked over to my bed and grabbed my phone while turning off the tv. I walked down the stairs to see Malachi sitting on the couch. He turned and glanced at me real quick, "where you headed?" "Out with a friend to catch a bite to eat." He curiously looked at me. "And who is this friend?" "His name is Devin." He was still staring at me, he soon turned away and a few seconds later there was a knock on the door. He looked towards the door and back at the tv. I walked around his feet that were on the coffee table and opened the door to see Devin in some black basketball shorts, a white muscle tee and some black calve nike socks and nike slippers. "You ready?" He asked, I nodded but before I could make way out the door Malachi appeared before us. "I'm Malachi, her brother." Devin extended his hand. "Devin Rose." Malachi shook it, "keep my sister safe." He nodded and we walked out. "Your only brother?" He asked opening the car door for me, I shook my head. "Nope, I have another one and a sister." He nodded and walked over to his side.

"Well, you look nice." He said looking me over. I smiled, "well you know I try." He chuckled. "Are those the Cavs?" I nodded, "you like?" He nodded, "I wanted but they didn't have my size. Tried every store and when I finally found them at Footlocker they told me someone had already bought them." "What size?" "13." I started chuckling because they were the ones Jaysen had bought. "What's so funny?" He asked pulling into the Popeyes parking lot. "I know the person who took the last pair." He parked and came around to my side, "I hope you don't mind. A nigga was hungry and shxt." "Nah, it's cool." He held the door open for me and we walked to the counter. He ordered his food while I ordered mine, I gave him my money to pay but he declined. We sat at a booth and waited for our order. Once we got our food we got situated. "So what school you go to?" I asked taking a bite of my biscuit. "Crenshaw, you?" "Dominguez." "You look like the type of chick to play sports, do you?" I nodded. "Yup, basketball my one and only love." "Oh, we got a baller in the room, that's whats up! I play too, favorite team?" "Lakers, you?" "Heat." "Oh, you ain't a bandwagoner are you?" He chuckled, "never that. Who's you favorite player though?" This one was hard, "between Kobe and Rondo." He smacked his lips. "They whack as fxck! It's all about Wade." I smacked my lips too. "Wade ain't nothing compared to Kobe!" He chuckled, "you're cute when you do that!" "Do what?" I asked. "That thing with your nose." I smiled, "thank you." "Oh, so I don't get a compliment." He asked acting hurt. "Shut up!" He smiled and looked down at his food. "I like this." I looked at him. "Like what?" I asked interested. "This biscuit, it's just so flaky and soft." I glared at him as he chuckled. "You're dumb!" "Nah, for real this was a" He asked contemplating whether it was or not, I looked at him. "Is that what you wanna call it?" I asked, he shrugged. "Sounds legit to me. I mean for me this is a date." I chuckled, "me too." He stayed quiet and smiled. "What?" I asked staring into his eyes. "I feel this connection." He said pointing to fingers to his eyes and mine. I smiled, "I feel it too." He smiled and stood up grabbing my hand while we threw our stuff away. Maybe he and I would work.

Can they ummm f***ing realize that they need to be together already?? I'm glad she broke up with Alex tho, she was changing for him and he was being shady and mean so bye!! I'm glad it wasn't a bad break up tho. They ended things on a civil note.

DANG When Are they Gonna Realize That Their Ment For Eachother?


"I have to go now." I said looking at my watch and staring down at Janelle who was comfortable in my arms. "Do you really?" She asked with a pouty face. "Yes." I said holding my composure, she knew I hated when girls pouted and whined. "Okay then." She said sitting up and watching me slip on my shoes. I stood up and kissed her on the lips. "Call me tonight?" She asked, "maybe." She bit the inside of her lip sighing and looking down. I lifted her face up by her chin. "I'm trying, i'm not going to be the perfect boyfriend in a matter of seconds. I need you to be patient with me." She smiled and leaned in for a kiss. She escorted me to the door and waved as I walked down the walkway and to my car. She shut the door as I turned on my car and pulled off.

I walked through the front door of my home to be greeted by Black Dahlia and Deziraye sitting in the living room. Dahlia saw me and ran over, I petted her head. "I brought Panda." I said holding up the bag for Dez to see. She smiled and stood up taking it to the kitchen, I trailed right behind her. "Where's James?" I asked grabbing my box as she grabbed hers. She shrugged "he wasn't here when I got home. Where were you?" "Over at Janelle's. Is pops here?" She nodded, "he's upstairs in his room sleeping." "Oh." Was all I could say. Dez and I were just eating and talking until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out and slid my finger across the screen revealing a text message from Nevaeh.

<strong><em>We're done</em></strong>

I looked at it before trying to decipher who she was talking about or what she was talking about.


Is all I managed to send back. A few seconds later she replied.

<em><strong>I'll jus tell u in person. Can I come over?</strong></em>


<strong><em>okay, b there in a few.</em></strong>

I locked my screen and placed it back into my pocket. I looked up to see Deziraye's eyes on me. "What?" I asked taking a bite of my rice. "Nothing." She said smirking and finishing up her food.


"Can we just talk it out Vaeh?" "No, you said all you did today at lunch." "You didn't even let me speak!" I rolled my eyes even though he couldn't see me. "Actions speak louder than words Alex." It was quiet on the line, until he spoke up. "What now?" I bit the inside of my lip. "We're done." "So I fxck up this one time and you just walk away?!" I sighed. "This wasn't the first time Alex." "What do you mean?" I smacked my lips. "Don't play dumb now. You thought I didn't know you were taking to someone behind my back, huh?" He was quiet. "I swear, we were only texting." I chuckled a sarcastic laugh. "I don't even know what I was thinking. I guess it was you're looks that got me. Alex, we don't even have anything in common besides shoes---" "Nevaeh--" he cut me off. "Alex let me finish." He sighed "everything that I wanted to do you didn't. To me a perfect day would've been playing basketball and eating taco bell. You wanted to turn me into someone else. All that girly shxt wasn't me. I don't regret the time we spent together, I just regret that we didn't spend it as friends." He chuckled lightly. "Tell me how you really feel." I chuckled along with him. "I didn't say any of this to make you feel bad, I swear." "I know you didn't." "I was hoping that we could still be friends Alex." He was quiet, "yeah, I can give you that." I smiled "Nevaeh?" "Yeah?" "Thanks for being honest. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about that other girl and hopefully you can find someone that fits your criteria." I chuckled. "Goodnight Vaeh." "Night Alex." I hung up and set the phone beside me, I was glad to get that stuff off my chest. I looked at my phone and decided to text Jaysen.

I pulled up infront of his house and hopped out of my car. I walked up his walkway and knocked on his door. A few seconds later I was face to face with <a href="">her</a>. I smiled, "Is Jay here?" She nodded, "come in." She said walking over to the stairs and calling him. I heard shuffling upstairs. "I'm Deziraye, his sister, and you are?" I smiled and extended my hand. "Nevaeh." Both her and I turned to see Jaysen coming down the steps. "Hey, you wanna talk upstairs or here?" I shrugged, "here is fine." He nodded and finished putting on his shirt and walked over to the couch. I followed and sat beside him. "Well, I will be in my room." Deziraye said making her way down the hall, we heard the door close and he looked over at me. "So what was that text about?" He asked flipping on the tv. "I broke up with Alex." He didn't say anything, I knew he was contemplating his next move. "Do you need a hug or...?" I chuckled, "no, i'm fine. I actually have this weight lifted off my shoulders." I told him about the conversation we had. "So why exactly did you guys argue?" "Be cause of this." I said showing him the bottom of my messy bun." I could feel him touching it, I turned back around. "I like it." He said shrugging, I smiled. "Thanks, so what's up with you." "What do you mean?" He asked glancing at me then back at the tv. "I sense something." "I went to see Janelle today." I fully turned and faced him. "And?" "She smacked the shxt out of me." I couldn't help but laugh, he glared at me. "It isn't funny, but she gave me a second chance." I smiled and pinched his cheeks. "That's great Jay. We both bave happy endings." He smacked my hands away. "How? If you just broke up with your boyfriend." "You have a good girl, who I want to meet by the way and I met this guy named Devin." "So soon?" He asked, I shrugged. "As of right now, he's cute we haven't even had a convo yet." He nodded, "just don't jump into anothet relationship so fast." I nodded, "i got you."

Vea, CALL DEVIN!!!!! cuz Alez is a f***ing Jerk!! Like I really don't like his b**** ass!! ughh I'm happy Jaysen told janelle the truth, but I don't like that she was so quick to give this nigga a second chance. That's something you would have to work for and prove to me, if you even got one. i applaud jaysen, but not janelle. Sorry. I don't really like her either. Run it!!!

Fck Alex & Devin's A Cutie;)
Im Glad Jaysen Is Gonna Try To Change!

<a href=""><strong>Nevaeh</strong></a>

I was kicking it with Alex today. I was really excited about showing him something that Mali and I did yesterday. Well I did it, she said I was crazy for it but I didn't care. I thought it was actually cute. "Babe, did you hear me?" Alex questioned pulling me from my thoughts. I smiled shyly, "no sorry." He sighed, "I was asking if you wanted to come over to my house this weekend to meet my parents." I looked at him with an unsure face. "Don't you think it's to early for that?" He shook his head, "We've been dating for almost four months." I chewed on the inside of my lip. "Okay." He smiled and leaned over pecking my lips. I smiled back, "I have to show you something." He smiled "what is it?" I turned around and lifted up my hair showing him the back of my <a href="">head</a> he didn't say anything , so I turned around to see his expression. My smile turned into a frown, "don't you like it?" He didn't say anything, that pissed me off. If he didn't like it he could atleast tell me that he doesn't, it's not like a gave a fxck anyway. "Well?" He shrugged, "Say something?" I said my face serious. "My mama taught me that if I didn't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all."I glared at him and let out a sarcastic chuckle. "well my mama taught me to speak my min, so fxck you!" With that I got up and grabbed my things leaving him there. If there was one thing, he was not about to play me stupid. I swear niggas be acting real bold. I sat at the bus stop and waited for the bus to pull up.

When I got home, I changed into some leggings, my purple sports bra with my muscle tee over it and my free runners. I needed to clear my head. I threw my hair into a messy bun and grabbed my iPod. I grabbed Simba's leash and walked down the stairs and into the backyard. He saw me and ran over I petted his head and put his harness on, once he was strapped up we walked through the house and out the front door. I stretched real quick and began my jog with Simba by my side. I made it to the park and let him off his leash he ran around as I threw a stick and he fetched it. He brought it back and I threw it again. This time he was taking a little longer to come back. I looked and didn't see him, I walked down to where he was and nope. I started panicking, I looked around the park scared out of my goddamn mind. "SIMBA!!!" I called out, he was nowhere. I walked a little further until I saw what seemed to be him. I smiled because it was him. "Simba!" I said jogging over to him and kissing the top of his head. He wagged his tail, I grabbed his face. "Don't do that, you scared me." "Is he yours?" I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> standing there a smile present on his face. I nodded, "yeah, thanks for finding him." He shrugged, "more like he found me, he brought the stick over here." I chuckled while putting the leash back on him. "Well I should get going." I began to walk off when he gently pulled my back by my forearm. I turned and looked at him, "I didn't quite catch your name." I smiled, "Nevaeh." He licked his lips, "gorgeous name for an angel." I blushed, "well Ms. Nevaeh, here's my number call me sometime." He said slipping a paper into my hand. I smiled and watched him walk away. His chocolate complexion glistenedwith sweat as he began jogging through the park. His voice was smooth too, I looked down at the slip with his number and name. "Devin." I said to myself, maybe I would give him a call.

<strong><a href="">Jaysen</a></strong>

I sat in my room staring at my phone. I was contemplating on calling Janelle or not. Fxck it, I needed to do this. It rang for a few minutes before she picked up. "What's up?" I hestitated before answering, "uh, can I stop by your place?" "Yeah." "Alright, i'll see you in a few." I hung up and slipped on my Jordans, grabbing my keys in the process. I was just hoping this didn't blow up in my face later on. I pulled up to Janelle's house and parked my car turning it off. I got out and walked up to her front door, I knocked and she appeared before me, a smile on her face. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my lips. "Come in." She said moving aside. I walked passed her and stood in her livingroom as if I have never been to her house before. "Are you alright?" She asked shutting the door. "Can we talk?" She nodded and lead me to the couch. "So what do you want to talk about?" She asked. I stared in her green eyes. I couldn't hurt her, but if I was going to start over with her I needed to keep it real. "Remeber that time you asked if I was cheating on you?" She nodded, I sighed and stared at my hands as I told her. "Well...I was. I have been since we started dating and I want to apologize for it all. I wasn't being a boyfriend whatsoever and I feel guilty for it." I looked up to see her on the edge of tears. "I just want us to start over Janelle. I wanna make things right this time around." I said now staring at her, tears fell as her hand went flying across my face. I guess I deserved it. "How could you Jay!? I gave my heart to you, and you played me!" I sighed, "I know. Do you forgive me?" She sighed, tears still falling. She nodded, "i'm going to give you this second chance, please don't mess it up." She said hugging me and crying into my chest.

Run it!!!!

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Lesbian...Didn't Expect That One:)
Lmao I Glad Vaeh Cool With It Though!!!
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Catching up tonight I know I missed a lot
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Well I'm glad Vaeh is cool with Mali being a lesbian. Things like that shouldn't matter in friendships. Run it!!!