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The 6th Sense [upd.03.21.13]

“I’m done; I can’t deal with this anymore.” Angel got up and tried to grab my hand, “Kita, just let me explain—“I pulled away from him. “No, you’re not going to drag me back to you this time.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes. “Don’t give me that look. I’m not falling for the lies. Just let me go.” <a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/>I </a>grabbed my iPhone, headphones and keys. I’ve got to go for a run. “Please be gone by the time I get back.” I ran out of the house with tears streaming down my face. I don’t know why I always allow guys to hurt me. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to be a b**** to get respect? I just don’t know what it is. I put on my headphones and I just run.

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/>I </a>was in the car riding around with my boo, we just left the studio. The entourage wants to go out and party tonight. You know I’m always down to party. “Babe, Seiko wants to know what time we rolling out.” I heard Karrueche talking to me but, my mind was somewhere else. I just saw this shawty pass by. “Bae, what time we rolling out?” She laughed and elbowed me; I laughed back and answered her.

I finished my run and just walked to the gym, some of my girls were over there. They were walking out when I got there. They were talking to me and I could hear words coming out my mouth but I couldn’t make out what I was saying. He just kept staring at me and I was flattered but I am through with men for a while. I was saying bye to the girls and putting in my headphones and I tripped over the curb and fell, before I could catch my balance all I could hear was tires screeching and people screaming.



My mind was still on that girl I saw earlier. I wasn’t paying attention to the road and someone was in the street. I couldn’t swerve, so I hit the brakes as quick as I could. I heard a thud. I put the car in park and hopped out. Karrueche was spazing out. I went to the front of the car and saw a motionless lump. Someone ran up behind me saying they called 911 and the ambulance was on the way.

What the hell is going on? Why is it so cold out? Where am I?

“Kita, It’s going to be alright.”

“Look what this punk did now.”

I could hear everything clear, but I couldn’t move, speak or see. I tried to talk. I tried to move.

“He killed her!”

Oh my Lord, what am I going to do. I don’t know what made me reach out but I did. I pulled her hair back off her face and my pulse sped up. It was her. I touched her face and I felt her move.

I can feel my feet, and my legs. I tried to talk but it came out as a cough. I opened my eyes and even amongst all the chaos all I saw were these beautiful brown eyes and adorable freckles, then I heard the sirens and felt the darkness τακεονεя♥™


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Hey my loves! I owe you one. Ive been so busy on my other story, Highschool

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I will post more ASAP. Most likely tomorrow night!!

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thanks for reading love. They are seeing where things go but i'll make it more specific in the next update. it will be interesting.

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omg i need some love ya'll!! i know ive been gone for a minute but im back now!


Since the day we pushed the date back for the album things have been hectic. I have been in the studio 24/7 trying to put out perfection for my fans, and I have been on the road doing promotions as well as finalizing venues for the upcoming tour. My days have been jam packed. Nikki and I have been doing okay; I haven't seen her as much so I know it has taken its toll on the both of us. She had to go to the doctor a few days ago; she's been having anxiety attacks. I try my best to call or text her as much as I can but things get crazy. I felt my phone vibrate. It has been going off for a minute now.

<em>"HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY @chrisbrown"</em>

<em>"@chrisbrown Happy Birthday!"</em>

<em>"23 years ago today an angel was born. @chrisbrown i love you."</em>

There were tons of tweets and pictures on instagram. Smh, I knew today was going to be a good day, but I was so caught up I didn’t register it.. my days have been so run together. I need sleep. I need Nikki.

It has been too long, I cant wait to see him!

<em>“@nikitachanel: @chrisbrown happy birthday love ;)”</em>

Aww, I love TeamBreezy and all the retweets..

<em>“@chrisbrown: @nikitachanel thanks nikki, i miss you..”</em>

I try not to mess up my make up by wiping the tears away before they start.

"<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="nikita" />On my way to see him</a>."

I posted a picture on instagram.

<em>“<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="brittany dailey 1" />@aprilrenee</a>: @nikitachanel aww i know you missed him :) @chrisbrown this girl is sprung.”</em>

Leave it to April to put me on blast..smh

<em>“@chrisbrown: @aprilrenee @mijougly said you are too..”</em>
<em>“@aprilrenee: @chrisbrown @mijougly boy hush lol”</em>
<em>“@nikitachanel: @aprilrenee you two are crazy..”</em>

I pulled up to the terminal as the jet was taxiing in. My phone's still going

<em>“@karrueche: @nikitachanel you guys are so effin goofy lmao”</em>
<em>“@nikitachanel: @karrueche you know it boo lol”</em>

The jets door opened and I saw bighood and keeis getting off.

"Hey nikki"

I laughed they are crazy. I kept looking behind them but trying not to be obvious as they hugged me.

"She aint worried about us nigga, she looking for her man."
"Tru, he's inside ma. Go on up there."

I smiled

"Yall know I love y'all."

"Uh huh"

They both headed towards their cars. I checked myself in the mirror once more.

<em>"@chrisbrown: @nikitachanel youre amazing, just the way you are.."</em>

I looked up and there he was, I ran up to him and kissed him with all the pent up energy I had inside. The kiss soon turned urgent and I needed him now.

"Damn Nikki I missed you so much."

He nibbled on my ear and kissed down my neck. I moaned and he pulled me tighter against him. I could feel the heat in his pants start to rise. I wrapped my leg around his waist.

"I missed you too."

I put nikita's other leg around my waist and held her to me. She giggled as I carried her onto the jet. I had tried to set it up nice for her. Candles, Champagne the whole nine.

“Chris! It’s your birthday. I’m supposed to cater to you.”

Man, oh man did she cater to her man. We were in the jet for hours. We finally left around four. We went back to the crib and tapped out.

I woke up a little early to make Chris a birthday breakfast. I made him everything I could think of. Karrueche and April helped, and you know that means the boys were close by as well. Them niggas just sitting around waiting for us to finish. We made Waffles, Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs, Hash browns, Grits, Oatmeal, Bacon and Sausage. I went all out for my baby. I know how he eats when he’s on the road. Smh. I even got him a lovely surprise. I walked in the room to wake him up, but he was already up sitting on the side of the bed smirking. I leaned against the door jam.


He had a full blown out smile by now.

“You cooked for a nigga.”

I rolled my eyes and he laughed

“Yeah, yeah just come eat before the boys eat it all.”

Chris got up and wrapped his arms around my waist. He kissed me on my lips.

“Thank You Nikki”
“Don’t thank me yet, there’s more where that came from.”

Nikki and I walked into the kitchen to see the guys all making plates. I just shook my head.

“I told you these fool greedy.”

We all laughed.

“Happy Birthday Bro.”

“Hey baby, before you make your plate there’s a surprise for you in the guest bedroom”
“What is it?”
“Go look.”

Chris looked around at everyone and they all kept smiling and looking at each other.

“Go on boy.”

I was pretty curious to see what it was that Nikki got me. I went upstairs to the guest bedroom and opened the door.

“Happy Birthday Baby!”


My mom rushed toward me and hugged me so tight. I knew she was crying, damn I missed her so much. I don’t really get to see her as much as I would like and I’m all she has so I know it gets hard on her.

“Hey baby”

My mom was smiling at me, I wiped her tears and she held my hand to her face.

“You have gotten so big, and grown. I remember when you were my little superman.”
“Always mama, always.”

My mama started crying more and I just hugged her, then Nikki came up behind us.

“Happy Birthday love.”

My mom then broke away from me and hugged Nikki.

“I’ve missed you two. You need to come out to VA.”

“I know mama I know. We will soon."

Nikki hugged her back and mama finally stopped crying.

"Ok,Let’s go eat before everything’s gone.”

Nikki and I laughed as well all headed out to the kitchen, hoping there was food left.

That post was a little dry, but I have a lot of ideas not that I have a picture for my character. It's all forming together.. I think it needs some added drama though..What ya'll think??

I know its been a while loves! Here's an update. I had been in a block. I've been reading The Background Dancer and it's awesome, her style of writing gave me some ideas. Not trying to jock you Tina just loved your style used it,(Props) but in my way..


Dinner went by painfully slow, Karrueche is such a sensual eater. I didn’t get to finish because I didn’t want to embarrass myself at the dinner table. I took a bottle of wine and a glass to Chris’ room and shut the door behind me. I hope she got the hint. The things she made me feel are wrong on so many levels, but I felt them nonetheless. I sighed. I drank some of my wine and checked the time. Damn it’s 15 til 10. I was just about to call chris when my phone rang. I smiled.

“Hey Nikki.”
“Hey boo, still in the studio?”
“Yeah, you know when me and Jay get together we always come up with a hit.”
“I was just about to call you.”
“I had a feeling you were, I should’ve called earler, but we may be all night.”
“Ok, that’s cool. I’m going to go to my place and you can come over when you finish?”
“Aite ma.”

I hung up the phone and threw on some sweats, a t-shirt and my UGG boots. I grabbed my phone and the keys to the porche. I still don’t feel right driving this thing. I slide out the front door without running into Kae. I get to my apartment in good time. I unlocked the door and walked in the house to be scarred by seeing April riding Mijo.


“Nikki, Go!”

April was still riding Mijo and had no shame, it didn’t bother me too much just wanted to make fun. I went back to my room and laid down. I took a pic and posted it on Instagram. Chris just showed me what is was and how you use it, now I’m a junkie. don’t judge me.

“@f***yopictures <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="drayalips" />Missing you</a>”

About as soon as I posted the picture I got likes out the ass. And mentioned in a photo.

“@prettinikki <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="chris brown and frank ocean fight" />Got you on my mind</a>”

I smiled to myself and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling content I rolled over and found <a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt="B74 YK9" />this</a>, I picked it up and smelled it. I went into the bathroom to wash my face. I hate when I fall asleep with makeup on. I brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen. Chris was making waffles, April was stuffing her face, as was Mijo.

“Well Damn Fatties, were you gonna wake me up.”

“Eat First, Ask questions later.”

I laughed and shook my head, Chris came up and kissed me on the lips.

“Good Morning Sleeping Beauty”
“Good Morning, you’re up early.”
“I haven’t been to sleep, I’m running on caffine and that good good.”

I grabbed the spatula from him, turned off the waffle iron and grabbed his hand. On my way back to the room April made sure she said something.

“Ya’ll keep it down now ya hear.”

Chris laughed and I pulled him along. We got to my room and I pushed him toward the bed. I ran into the bathroom to run a bath for him. I put some stress relief aroma therapy oil in the water along with some bubble bath. I went back to my room to see Chris yawn and rub his eyes. I pull off his shoes and socks. He unbuttons his jeans while I pull off his shirt. He stands up to pull off his pants and boxers and I stare at him, then hold my hand out to him.

“Come On”

The tub was almost full when we got to the bathroom. I turned off the water and grabbed a loofa.

“Get In Boy”

He climbs in the tub, its not like his tub at home He has to put his right leg up to be comfy. I laughed.

“What’s so funny girl?”

He smirked.

“Your big ass sitting in my tub.”

He splashed bubbles on me, then leaned back. I put soap on the loofah then lathered him up. I washed every inch of his body, then let out the water. He was covered with soap. I made him get up so he could use the shower head to rise off. Once he was done I threw him a towel. He got dry then wrapped the towel around his waist.

“Go lay down in the bed, I’ll be right there.”

I grab my Stress Relief Aroma Therapy Lotion. I go in my room to see him lying on his stomach. I can tell he’s drifting. I pour some lotion on to his back and massage it in. By the time I’m done with his whole body he’s sound asleep. I sigh, I hate that he works himself so hard; I know he loves it and does it for his fans but he’s running himself ragged. I’ll be glad when he’s done with the album. I pull the cover up over him and kiss him on the forehead. I lie down next to him and feel his arm come around me. Oh boy, I’m falling hard…

Updating in a few!!

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Thanks boo!! I have to keep you on your toes!! Keep you guessing. I'll update tomorrow.

that was crazy i cant wait to c what happens next

WHAT IN THE f***KK !!! What kind of s*** is this ! Like im speechless as hell right now! i cant dawg ! lol not at all happy with this crazy s*** they doin but that was a very livid post ! skilled writer type s*** !! RUN IT GIRRRRRL !!!!


*Graphic Scene*

Nikita and Karrueche left to go shopping. Smh I wonder how this going to turn out. I put on a tshirt and some white and blue chucks to go with my jeans. I put on my medallion chain and a California State SnapBack. s***, I don't even know what to do with myself lol. I guess imma go chill wit the niggas and come back later.

We went to Rodeo Dr. I should've known. 

"Okay girl, are you ready to shop?"

We got back to the house hours later. I had a great time. I think i went a little overboard. I couldn't help it. I got a lot of shoes!! Chucks, Vans, Jays & Heels! I picked out some sexy red bottoms from none other than mr. Christian Louboutin. I got lingerie, jeans, dresses, a couple hoodies and leggings.  Chris texted me the whole time we were out. Smh.. He loved the red lace set i got for him. He's chillin with Jay. I swear when they get together it's crazy.

"Omg! I didn't realize how much I got."
"It's cool mamî, you know he won't mind." 
"I guess not. Now where to put all of it? A spare room maybe?"
"Yeah, I'll show you."
"No problem"

Karrueche takes me to a beautiful spare room. I love the decor and the furniture. A chic modern feel, browns and tans.. Karrueche leaves me to put my things away. I put most of my things in the drawers and closet, but I saved a few pair of jeans, Jays and lingerie to take home. I leave out the red lace set and take it to Chris' room. I shower making sure I pay extra attention to the hot spots, I gotta come correct you know. I get out and dry off. I sit on the toilet and rub cocoa butter into my skin. I hang my towel on the rack. I'm standing naked in the middle of the bathroom trying to find something so I can take off this damn cast. The cast is still damp from my shower so it cuts a little easier than normal. I get it off and throw it in the trash. I stand up and try to put weight on my ankle. It doesn't hurt too bad I'll just wrap it with an Ace bandage wrap. I wrap up my ankle, once I'm satisfied I grab my red nail polish. I paint my toenails then blow them dry. Chris text me saying he would be back soon.I took a couple bobby pins and pinned my hair to the right side. I grabbed my favorite perfume Reb'l Fleur and sprayed my body. I inhaled and felt my body tingle all over. I grabbed my red lace panties and stepped into them , I slid my arms into my bra and buckled it in the back.

I went back out front to let Nikita put some of her things away. I'm really starting to see why Chris loves being around her so much. I ordered some food and they just delivered it. I took some plates down from the cabinet. I grabbed some wine glasses and some Stella Rosa Rosso. I walked into Chris' room to get Nikita. The smell in the room was alluring, drawing me in. I walked further into the room just in time to see the smooth mounds of Nikita's breast placed into this sexy red lace bra. 

I turned around when I heard a sharp in take. Karrueche was standing there. She was looking at me with that look again. I bit my lip and she smiled. 

"I think you look sexy when you bite your lip."

I walked up to Nikita feeling nervous. I could see her breathing getting faster, the up and down of her chest. I ran my hand up her stomach to her breast. She moaned. I ran my other hand down to her sweet center. I heard her breath catch. I love this feeling I get with her. I love the way she responds to me. I slid the elastic of her panties to one side and rub my thumb over her engorged center. She starts to pant and sits down on the bed.

Oh my.. Karrueche? Me? She? Ohhhhh... She licked her right index finger and slid it inside me. I quivered. She pulled it out.

"Wanna taste?"

She had this sexy appeal, I nodded and she pushed her finger into my mouth. While I was sucking she slid her left index and middle finger inside of me and pushed in and out. I spread my legs for her, welcoming her. 


Nikita's moans made my pussy so wet. I pulled off my leggings and watched Nikita's eyes dilate. I took my fingers out her tight wet pussy and sucked them clean. She started to whimper.

"Shhh.. Hold on baby."

I slid my fingers into my pussy and fingered it while Nikita watched. I saw her about to touch herself but i want her to myself. I wanted to make her cum so hard, I left my fingers in my pussy. I took my other hand and slid two fingers inside her. She rocked against me while I fingered myself I felt her tighten around me. She was on her way.

"Ohhh s***"
"Ahhh yeah mama"

I was so close I was seeing stars. I was almost there when I heard the front door shut.. Karrueche just smiled and pulled out of me, then herself, she sucked her fingers then quickly dressed.

"Next time boo. Get up, dinner's ready."

Hey love my weekend was jam packed! We went to do some outreach! TeamBreezyVA & TeamBreezyNC we went and did the Walk For Lupus Now event!! It was fun had a great time with the fam! We always have a great time! But I will write some more for you today..

ok ma'am, i hadda run it tho so ur story dnt go to the 3rd page !!! take ur time mama !

Princess Raeven hey boo I had duty last night! :/ I'll write some more now and update in a few!!

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That was for you Pincess Raeven! Love you!!!


Its a new day and I don't even know how I feel. I climbed out the bed and went to shower. As soon as I finished I threw on Chris' robe. I went through his drawer and grabbed a pair of his grey Black Pyramid sweats and a TV Head Crewneck. I unwrapped my hair and went into the kitchen. There was breakfast sitting on the counter. Belgian Waffles, Eggs and bacon. Mmm my favorite. I was about to sit down when Karrueche walked into the kitchen. 

"Good Morning"

I was taken aback. I didn't know why she was talking to me. I smiled warily.

"Good Morning"
"I made you breakfast."

I narrowed my eyes and she laughed. 

"I didn't drug it or spit in it if that's what you're thinking. And I know it's your favorite."

What the hell? How does she know?? I sat down at the breakfast bar. She handed me a fork and stood across from me. 

"Do you like it?"
"Yeah, it's good. Thanks"
"No problem. So when do you get your boot off?"
"Next week"
"Oh okay,cool."

I finished eating and got up to put my plate in the sink. When I turned around I almost ran right into karrueche. She was so close I could smell the mint on her breath, I could see some emotion in her eyes. I couldn't withstand her gaze and I looked away. What the... I shook my head and went back into the room with Chris. He was just getting out the shower and looking at me like he hadn't eaten in days. Oh my.. 

"Good Morning Beautiful"
"Good Morning"
"You look good in my sweats."
"Yeah, Yeah. So your girl was acting weird this morning."

Chris c**ked his head to one side.

"How so?"
"Well she made me breakfast and we made small talk."
"Hmmm.. I don't know."
"Yeah and she was giving me this look."
"What look?"
"The same look you're giving me now. Like she wanted to eat me alive."

Chris shook his head and chuckled.

"Maybe she does. Hell I don't know, I do know you worry to much. She's cool people I'm just not feeling her in that way anymore. She's used to this life so I help her out. We've been off and on for a while." 

I raised my eyebrow and he laughed. 

"Uh oh, you jealous?"
"Boy please, Connection or not she ain't got nothing on me."

Chris pinned me against the wall.

"Oh yeah?"
"Ohhh, you might wanna wrap your hair...It's about to get sweaty"

Ohhh.. This man.. He's so nasty...I shook my head and giggled. I guess giggling is the cue to start tickling me.. He's tickling me and I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe, then there was a knock. We both stopped and got up. I opened the door, Karrueche was standing there dressed and ready to go out..

"Hey Nikki, Nikita I-I was coming to see if you wanted to go shopping with me?"

Me? Karrueche? Shopping? With what money?! 


It was as if he read my mind

"You still got the card I gave you?"

She said yeah!! She's got one too? Oh boy..I looked at him like wth..

"You're looking a little green there."

I'll show you green! I'm not jealous that his on again off again in house girlfriend still has free reign with his money... Ok maybe I am? Me? Jealous.. Damn..

"Id love to go with you, I'll wear what I have on. Could I borrow them grey and red jays you got?"

I walked out the door mouthing "what the f***" at chris while he was looking equally dazed... This should be interesting....

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Awww!! Princess Raeven I love you!! lls and I love all the feedback you give me. I'll update the story and post more later. It's about to get even more crazy.