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I Should've Kissed You Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

“SHUT UP HOES!” I yelled at my best friends Jonelle, Alexandria and Nae. They was gettin’ on me about how I am “in love” with Chris Brown. He was that guy that everyone knew, wanted to be, or get with.

“b**** you are and there’s no denying it” said Nelle to me with that ‘don’t lie to me’ look on her face.

I wouldn’t say it was “love” though. It was more like “lust”, that I’ve had since like the 6th f***ing grade. But I rarely talk to him, and when I get the chance it’s like words seem to come out my mouth the wrong way.

“Truthfully, I don’t know what the f*** you see in his obnoxious ass anyway Ash” Alexa said. She never liked him, and it was funny when she started baggin on him. “He’s a f***in douche too.” she continued.

“UGH! I ain’t finna listen to y’all b****es lecture me again. I’m so f***in done.” I said to them while I walked out my room and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. But of course I wasn’t done and they wasn’t gonna give two s***s bout what I had to say.

Since my parents were out for their monthly date night, it was just me and my girls. Until my brother and his homies got home. I love my bro,but at times he can be a f***in pain in the ass. The worst part about having Aaron Daniels as your older brother, by two minutes, was the guys always over the house, and the girls who would try to make me put in a good word for them. I swear, it was pathetic and hella funny to watch a whole bunch of females throw themselves at him and his crew. Pure comedy.

“Whatchu finna cook for us girl?” Nae asked as her and the others walked in the kitchen.

“Haha! You funny, you know that?” I asked her.

“Trick you know you bout to cook for us. Like always.” Alexa chimed in.

“Who said I felt like cookin anyways?” I asked them.

We all looked at each other and we all just laughed. We do this every time and it never gets old.

** 1 hour later **

“Aw shiznit my nigga, it smells good up in here!” Nelle said comin in the kitchen yellin over the music.

“Graci, graci chica.” I said.

“Um, the guys just pulled up and there’s not enough for eight.” Nae yelled while running into the kitchen.

“Its okay. I ordered for pizza and it should be here within the next 10 minutes.” I yelled back at her.


But before she could reply, the guys walked in, with him trailing in last.

“I see you lil sis.” Aaron said while leaning over the island trynna grab at some of the food. He think he slick though.

“I’ma really need for you to back the f*** up thoo Aaron.” I said to him while holding this big ass knife in my hand. He looked at me with the knife and made the right decision by backing the f*** up.

My girls and I laughed while his boys started getting at him.

“Ash you wasn’t bout to do nothin.” Aaron finally said.

I laughed some more and was finally able to get a “Mmkay” out.

“Where’s our food at, ma?” he asked. It was the first time he spoke since they had got there.

“Uh, it should be here soon, but y’all gotta pay for it yourselves.” I managed to say without hesitation.


Saved by the f***ing bell I thought as I went to go get the door.

“Hi beautiful, are you the one who ordered 3 boxes of pizza, 3 boxes of wings, 2 bags of breadsticks and 2 2-liter sodas?” the delivery guy asked.

“Yes, that would be me. How much?” I asked while still blushing.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” he said smiling.

“I got it, ma.” Chris said walking up behind me.

“Um, okay.” I said while taking the pizza and breadsticks.

“$27.75, not including the tip.” Chris said to him. They were eyeballing each other a little to long, so I had to intervine.

“Well, thanks.” I said getting the rest of the food since Chris wasn’t moving.

“No problem beautiful,” he said while handing me the receipt and his number. “See you around.” and with that, he walked away.

“You okay?” I asked Chris. He just looked at me, grabbed the food, and walked away.

What the f*** was that?