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Chris Brown Get Glue Fortune Sticker

Chris Brown Get Glue Fortune Sticker
Show your Breezy Fortune Pride! Unlock the limited edition Fortune sticker on Get Glue today! Just check into Chris’ page on Get Glue & mention your favorite song title to unlock this exclusive Fortune sticker! Hurry, only available for a limited time.

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  • I like this <a href="">custom made stickers</a> of Chris Brown. I really love all of his songs especially the Sweet Love and Don't Wake Me Up, so in love with that song.
    by tchapman143 on 6月 10, 2013 午前30 2:02午前
  • you said that good
    by jojo140808 on 9月 15, 2012 午後30 3:03午後
  • no chris brown let me tell you something negga your songs are great sow i dont know what them poeple telling you right now therre great
    by jojo140808 on 9月 15, 2012 午後30 3:03午後
  • Dang I missed out on all of the stickers! I want one!!!
    by dbaby2659 on 8月 13, 2012 午後31 5:05午後
  • very good uollllllll y ever fan ......
    by CBJS on 8月 13, 2012 午前31 12:12午前
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  • Chris Brown songs including Sweet Love, Don't Wake Me Up and Till I Die always make me fall in love with my sexy boyfriend. #sweetlove
    by rebelthirteenth on 8月 5, 2012 午後31 8:08午後
  • Sweet Love and Don't wake me up love those songs <3
    by TeamBreezy97 on 8月 2, 2012 午後31 11:11午後
  • 2012!!!!
    by tatiaunajones on 7月 20, 2012 午後31 9:09午後
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