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<strong>Twin</strong>: <em>noun</em>

<em>1. either of two children or animals brought forth at a birth.</em>

<em>2. either of two persons or things closely related to or closely resembling each other.</em>

Everyone wants one, but very few are chosen. Statistics say it's a ratio of 1 in 33 chance of having twins. Having twins is also based on your race and past genetics, there is a 1 in 60 chance of having fraternal twins. Then there's the ratio of identical twins that my mother and father were blessed with and that so happened to be 1 in 250.

I guess you can say having a twin isn't really all it was made out to be. Why you ask, because I have one. All I know is no matter how much Victoria and Tatiana Wilde look alike, they are nothing alike.
I hate the way this was written, but it will have to do. I want honest opinion.


What's wrong with Kevin!??

Aaron is a sneaky litte somebody smh I wanna know what his plan is!

Run it


Tori looks pretty! .. Love the outfit!
Aweee, Wassup with Kevin? Something sooo happened!! Hope we find out!!

Eww Aaron, what a "friend" .. anddd holii s***tt Akeem is a big`ass 16 year old lmaoo.. Nqaaaww.. babygirl alreayd got a bf hahaha too cute!!

I wonder where Tati is?


<a href="">'Victoria</a>

I woke up this morning and squinted at the sunlight peaking through my blinds. I threw the comforter from my body and made my way to the bathroom to handle my business, as I came back out and made up my room before opening my blinds and looking at the weather. It was a little cloudy and gloomy, so I guess something warm would be good. I waltzed over to my ihome and pushed play before picking out my outfit. I finally decided on it and slippe it on. I curled my hair real quick and took a glance at myself in the <a href="">mirror.</a> I looked good, I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs greeting both my parents. "You look nice today babygirl." "Thanks daddy." I said reaching for the poptarts, I was about to open it when my mom snatcher it from my hands. "No, breakfast is on the table." I sighed and took a seat. I sighed and glanced over at my dad who was reading the morning paper. "Don't look at me, that problem is between you and your mother." I sighed and began eating my pancakes. For me, I wasn't big on breakfast, so my mom knows she has to force me to eat it. I finished up and kissed both them on their cheeks and dumping my plate in the sink. I rushed out of there before my mom could yell at me about not washing it.

I sat in first period all alone listening to the teacher ramble for fifteen minutes. I kept looking towards the door in hopes of Kevin walking through it, but I gave uo after waiting for so long. I was sitting doing my outline for three part response when I heard the door open. The whole class looked up to see Kevin walking in with a late slip. He walked down the aisle and took a seat at his desk. "Where were you?" I questioned facing him. "Had to go with my mom to leave my dad at the airport." "Why?" "He went to the airbase down in Texas to train some new recuitees." "How long?" "Three weeks." I nodded and sat back in my seat, there was something wrong with him. Just by the way he was acting you could totally tell. He and I didn't talk the whole period so that gave me time to finish up all my work. I put all my things in my bag five minutes before class ended, everyone began doing the same as well. "Attention class! We're going to be starting a project in the class tomorrow but before you guys leave i'm going to name off your partners." She was naming off students, I waited and sat patiently until she finally said my name. "Victoria and Kevin." Just as she said that the bell rang. I grabbed my things and walked out of class.
I made it to my stats class earlier than expected, and when I walked in I noticed Anthony in the corner. The class was still empty, so I figured now would be my time. I walked over and took a seat infront of him, "I wanted to talk to you." He looked up at me and pushed up his glasses. "About?" "About lastnight. I am so sorry, and if you want, i'd happily take up your offer." He looked away then back at me. "You serious, it's not just because you feel bad?" I shook my head. "Okay then, i'll give you a call." I smiled and wrote down my number in his notebook. I stood up and walked back to my seat waiting for class to begin.

<a href="">'Kevin</a>

"Alright gentlemen, that's it for today. Remember to bring your gear for tomorrow because we do have practice." We all nodded and grabbed our things. I reached for my car keys and walked out the large doors. I could hear the guys behind me. "Kevin, wait up dude!" I stopped in my tracks and looked over my shoulder to see Aaron walking towards me. What did he need, I wasn't really up for his bulls***. "What's up." I asked as we walked side by side out towards the parking lot. "Coach wanted me to talk to you about what plays we're going to work on tomorrow." I shrugged, "you decide, i'll give you the choice." I said unlocking my truck and pulling out of the school parking lot.

<a href="">'Aaron</a>

I shook my head and watched him pull off. The nerve of that dude, I swear, he thought he was so much better because he had that damn quarterback position. Let's see how he feels about that when I take his spot. If you think about it, I already have his girl, it's just a matter of time before she comes crawling to me. He doesn't deserve her, she needs to be treated like the queen she is, and I can provide her with that. I turned on my heels and headed towards my truck. I threw my stuff in the backseat and started the truck pulling off towards my place. I pulled into the driveway and parked right next to my mom's car. I grabbed my things and walked inside, locking the truck behind me. "Ma, i'm home." I said sitting my keys in the dish and throwing my bag to the floor. "I'm in the kitchen." She called, I walked towards the kitchen over to where she was and pecked her cheek. "You didn't have practice today?" I shook my head and grabbed an apple. "Nah, they were working on the field. What are we having for dinner?" She looked over at me, "Spaghetti." I nodded. "Well, i'm gunna go workout." She nodded as I walked out.

"Aaron! Aaron!" I pulled my headphones out from my ear to see my baby sister, <a href="">Amari</a> running towards me. I put my weights down and turned towards her. "I would hug you but you're stinky." She said fanning her hand infront of her nose. I chuckled, "what did you need?" She smiled, "Guess who has a boyfriend." <a href="">Akeem</a>, my sixteen year old brother, said walking in behind with his iPod in hand and an eyebrow raised. I looked at my five year old sister giggling and swaying back and forth. "His name is Daniel." I sighed, she was too young for this, but just for her I put on a smile. "And is this Daniel and nice kid?" She nodded, "okay, well let Daniel know that if he hurts you in anyway, he's going to have to face me and Akeem." She nodded and ran off. "Man, she's only five, I didn't think i'd have to beat the s*** out of boys yet." "That's exactly what i'm saying." He said picking up the weights and beginning to work on his arms. "Did you pick her up?" He nodded, "pops was suppost to pick her up but ma called me and told me that he was going to be home late." "So this Friday at the football game, I plan on claiming my spot as quarterback." He looked over at me, "Isn't that Kevin's position?" I smacked my lips, "not anymore." "How you gon do that?" "I have a plan." He shook his head, "what happened to y'all, you two used to be the best of friends?" I shrugged, "Highschool happened."

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dam why is tati hating on her sis?! they twins! but of course tori is the nicer one so why wouldnt anthony or any other dude want to hit her up
beside tati got something else to worry bout... looks like kevin is slipping from ur hands
and tati is urking me... sit ur lil self down acting like u the ishh
add soon


ewwww she better stay away from that guy .. what a slut LMAOOOOO - Jokessss...

OoOOohh I hope he takes her to homecoming as well lmaooo!!


Tati be blowing me! She be acting like tori butt ass ugly or something, like they not identical smh

Run it Dany

"So when do you girls have homecoming?" My mother asked as she stuffed a forkful of salad into her mouth. "In a few weeks." Tati said excitedly. "What colors are you and Kevin wearing?" She asked as she looked at Tatiana. She shrugged, "I want to wear gold but Kevin decided he wanted to wear pink." My mom raised her eyebrow, "pink?" She nodded, "yeah, but i'm fine with it." "What about you Victoria?" "I'm not going." I said bluntly. "And why not?" "Because ma, my friends are going with their boyfriends and I don't want to be the seventh wheel." "Victoria, it is your last homecoming you have to go and it has to be with a boy. You're whole highschool career all you did was go with your friends, I want to see you with a boy atleast." I rolled my eyes. "It's my choice mom, not yours."

I laid in my room watching The Voice while scrolling through my twitter timeline on my iPad. I retweeted a few people before checking my mentions. I had one from some boy.

<strong>Anthony Davis @TonyBall2Hard</strong>
#NF: @iamtheSecret. She sexy af!

I smiled and favourited it and retweeted it.

<strong>Victoria Wilde @iamtheSecret</strong>
RT: "@TonyBall2Hard: #NF: @iamtheSecret. She sexy af!" Thanks, you're cute too :)

He favorited that as I went and followed him back. After I did that, I set my iPad beside me and flipped through the channels on the tv. I finally found Adventure Time and left it on that channel while picking up my iPad again. Just as I was about to play Angry Birds my Twitter app let me know that I had a DM. I clicked on it and went to check it, it was a message from that boy.

<strong>Anthony Davis</strong>
Thanks for the followback :)

<strong>Victoria Wilde</strong>
No problem. I usually don't follow people back, so you're an exception ;)

<strong>Anthony Davis</strong>
Well that makes me feel good. This may be weird, but I was thinking maybe we could link up?

I sat there and read his message over. I barely knew this dude, what the hell do I look like accepting a date from him.

<strong>Victoria Wilde</strong>
I don't think so. I don't even know you like that.

<strong>Anthony Davis</strong>
Don't know me? That's harsh! We're in the same Stats class.

I sat there picturing the classroom in my mind and there he was. He sat two rows over from me in the very back corner. Wow, I totally feel like a b****, but in my case he doesn't look the same in his avi.

<strong>Victoria Wilde</strong>
Oh my gah! I didn't even realize!

<strong>Anthony Davis</strong>
No one ever does. I have to go.

I sighed and logged out of the app. I totally felt like a b**** for sure. I mean in his avi he looked totally different and well at school, he was nerdy. He's usually quiet which is why I never really acknowledged him. I totally felt bad, first thing tomorrow. I was going to get to know him
I sat in my bed looking over a catalog that held a bunch of dresses. As of right now I was searching one for homecoming, but it wouldn't hurt to choose one for prom. I marked all the pages in which had the cutest dresses. I got tired of skimming and put that on the floor. I grabbed my phone and decided to text Kevin.

Hey love :)

<strong>My Boo <3:</strong>

I was thinking we could do lunch afterschool.

<strong>My Boo<3:</strong>

Why? :(

<strong>My Boo<3:</strong>
Football meeting.

I sighed and tossed my phone to the side. Who knew that having a boyfriend, a quarterback boyfriend at that, would be so difficult. I seriously don't know how big timers like Beyonce and Jay Z did this on a regular. I swear being popular was just like being famous, everyone was watching our every move, but hey I never really mind. I loved the attention. Kevin on the other hand really didn't. I grabbed my phone and logged on to Twitter. I scrolled through my timeline and noticed that my sister retweeted someone. I clicked on his profile and checked out his avi. He was cute, I wonder what he wanted with my sister.

Found itttttt lol


Loving this!!!!

I really like this run it soon!

*Hits her Dougie* Yay!

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Firstly, It was soooo funny that they re-arrange all that s***, like WHO DOES THAT!! Still funny though.. Thenn the whole Photo Booth.. I thought they`d kiss I don`t know why.. but lucky they didnt cos it would have gotten too awkward too soon LOL

Secondly, Tati is a prat!! Like making ol dude carry her shiet.. then again he seems like he tryna hit it.. they do suit though with how they are and act.. That whole healthy buzz whereas the Kev and Tori are the same lol..

Anyways, I`m glad you run this story.. I been waiting FOREVER Lmaooooo.. So hope this comment is suffice enough for another add soon!!


That entire add.. I was like, "Now!, No, NOW!" Thinking they were gonna get caught hahaha... It`s so cute!!


umm is that consider cheating?
either way they do need to be together already they made for each other! kevin and tori arron and tati
runn it !


Welllllllll tori and kev just need to get together and Tati needs to be with Aaron. They are all made for each other lol and don't think I didn't peep kev and tori holding hands mhmm y'all ain't slick

Run it

"Kev, you do realize how much trouble we're gunna be in, right?" I said giggling as he and I both walked around Macy's unorganizing all their racks. We had taken clothes and placed them all over. "I know." He said shrugging, he tugged me along to the shoes section where we stuck one pair of shoes into another box and mixed up the sizes. We saw a manager coming towards us as we quickly booked it out of the store, running into a photo booth. We sat there, laughing so hard. When we finally caught our breaths we stared at eachother. "Let's take pictures." I said poking his side, he pulled out his wallet and stuck two dollars into the photo booth. I pushed the button for two people as the camera began to countdown. We did random poses as it took all five of our pictures. We waited until it printed out, once it was done I reached for them and handed him his set. "We look good." I said smiling, we walked out of the booth and walked hand in hand down the mall strip. "Where do you think everyone is?" I questioned, he shrugged. "I don't know, but you wanna get something to eat? 'Cause a nigga is mad hungry." "Yeah, but we getting Panda Express." "That's cool."

We sat at a table in the food court eating our food. "Why do you like broccoli and beef? Broccoli is so nasty!" I said biting into my orange chicken, he shrugged. "My mom always fed us veggies, that's probably the reason why Kyle and I are so tall." I shook at the thought of eating vegetables, he chuckled. "You should consider eating some, since you're small and all." "Whatever, my size is just fine." "That's for sure." He mumbled to himself, but I heard him anyway. "Lemme' get some of your chicken." He said trying to shove his fork into my dish. I pulled it back and gave him a face. "Uh, no!" "C'mon, please. I've never tried the orange chicken." I sighed, "Here." I said feeding him. He smiled at me chewing on the chicken I just gave him. "That is really good, gotta get that next time." "Let's get matching clothes." I stated randomly. "Are you serious?" I nodded, he smiled. "We can go after we finish."
"What do you think of this dress?" I questioned, stepping out of the dressing room in Forever 21, and standing infront of the mirror. "Honest opinion?" Aaron asked, I nodded running my hands over the dress. "It gives you a fat ass. It's nice and fitted in all the right places." I smirked sensing the fliting he was doing with me. "Then i'll take it." I said walking back in. I walked up to the cashier as Aaron trailed behind me, holding all my bags. I paid for my things and handed him my bag. "How about we get something to eat?" He questioned standing beside me. I quickly glanced at him before continuing to scroll through my twitter timeline. "You're not going to take me to some cheap fast food restaurant are you?" He chuckled. "Why would I do that? Fast food ruins your body, and when you're and athlete with a body like mine, you don't eat any of that." "Finally someone who understands. I try so hard to tell Kevin that athletes and performers shouldn't eat junk. Your body is a temple, we must treasure it." He smiled down at me, "I like that saying. So are you down or not?" I nodded, "Tell me where and i'll meet you there."

"What can I get you two?" Asked the waitress, "Ladies first." Aaron said motioning towards me. "I'll have the chicken parmesian." "Would you like soup or salad?" "Salad." "And for you?" "Let me have the chicken alfredo." "Would you like a soup or salad?" She questioned. "Salad." "Do you want me to bring you a big bowl of salad and two plates instead?" Aaron and I both nodded as she walked off and took our menus. "You know, I love coming to Olive Garden but Kevin hates paying so much for food that he doesn't really enjoy." I said sipping on my water. "Why is it that you're with him? I would've thought you'd be with someone more of your type." "Why do you say that?" He shrugged, "you and Kevin are like polar opposites." I rolled my eyes. "You don't know anything about our relationship." He put his hands up in defense. "Sorry, didn't mean to anger you. I was just saying."
"You didn't have to drive me home, I could've found a ride." Tori said tinkering with my radio. "Why would I do that if you and live right by me." She shrugged, "just don't want to be a burden." The car ride between us was quiet. "I had fun today." She said looking over at me. "I had a good time too, probably the funnest i've had in a while." "You don't have fun like this with Tatiana?" I shook my head. "She doesn't really have a sense of humor." "That's for sure." She mumbled. We finally pulled up to her house, "You want me to walk you to the door?" "No, i'm fine, but thanks for the ride and everything." She said leaning over and pecking my cheek. "I'll see you at school." She grabbed her things and hopped of the car walking up her walk way and going inside. I waited until she shut the door to pull off.





I'm so glad i ran into this story , I cant wait for what he has planned but i hope it dont ruin their friendship
#team tori+kevin<3

Finally Lol RunIt!!!


Sochi, you know you like Smokey.. Shooot~!

Omgosh, wait!~ Are they at the same mall as her sister? Lmaoooo, who will see who first?!?!?..

I smell Drama!! Can't wait for the next add...


aaaaaayyyyyeeeee new reader!!!

lovin your story girlie!!! I love Tori, cuz she reminds me of myself!!

Tati gone end up losing Kev, REAL fast if she don't tighten up...smh

And yeah, what DOESS Kev got planned?!?!?

run it run it girlie!!!

yayyyy you added!!!

Tati is playing with Aaron. but then again he's a better match for her than Kevin and Tori and Kevin can be together although that will still cause drama *shrugs*

I wonder what Kevin got in mind

run it

yayyyy you added!!!

Tati is playing with Aaron. but then again he's a better match for her than Kevin and Tori and Kevin can be together although that will still cause drama *shrugs*

I wonder what Kevin got in mind

run it