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My Destiny.

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

Today my sister and I were doing the finishing touches to my boutique.
<a href=
>It‘s</a> finally all coming together, I just wish the grand opening will come faster!

“ Im so proud of you baby-sis, I know mommy and daddy are looking down on you, smiling from ear to ear.” Gee said take a seat on the lounge chair.

“Thanks Gee” I said with a smile.

“No problem, listen I’m go home an soak my damn feet this s*** aint cute” She said gathering her cell phone and bag.

“Yeah, I’m about to roll on out to” I said cutting the boutiques lights off and getting my things.

I walked Gee over to her car and watched as she drove off waving to me, I smiled and walked over to my benz. I took a quick look at my phone and saw my cousin Mike called me. I’ll call him when I get to the crib. I stopped at In and Out and got me a large fry and a strawberry milkshake as I was pulling out the parking lot I got another call from Mike.

“What Nigggaaa?” I answered

“Aye, Kit-Kat where you at?” He asked calling me the by nickname he gave me.

“I just left In and Out,why whats up?”

“Oh naa, Mika just wanted me to check up on you right quick.” He answered.

“Aww, I feel loved” I said while laughing.

“Aye come through the studio”

“Uhmmm. I look ugly right now but aitee” I said while making a U-Turn.

“It aint nothing new nigga” He said laughing and hanging up.

I shook my head “Im gon get his assss” I thought while turning up my radio, my song was on.

“If you put it down right, like the way I want it, play ya cards right baby we can fall in love” I sang along with Brandy.

I was jamming, by the time I got to studio I was rapping along with Chris Brown…..His sexy behind. I turned my car off grabbed my milkshake, got out and went into the studio. When <a href=
>I</a> walked in <a href=
>they</a> was playing back a song while Mika was chilling on the couch. All I could think was Ima f*ck up Mike I look raggedy. And it’s funny how I was just listening to him.(Chris Brown) I took a seat next to Mika on the couch giving her a hug.

“Hey mama” She asked taking my milkshake from me and taking a sip.

“Nada, your b**** ass husband told me to come through” I answered right after Mike cut the music off .

“Aye, aye ,aye what is up with all the anger?” He asked turning his attention towards me, making Chris do the same. He smiled over at me and I smiled back.

“Nigga, You aint tell me he was gon be here…I look tf terrible.” I answered as I rolled my eyes making everyone laugh.

“ Girl shut up, you look good…right Chris?” She asked smirking.
Ohh naa these fools were up to something they stay trynna hook me up with somebody.

“She sure do” He answered with a cute smile.

“Man F*uck you mean….this Kaila we talm bout” Mike said.
I chucked a pillow over at him and he dodged it.

“Anywayss” Mika said sitting up. “Hows the boutique going?” She asked

“Its aite, everything is straight, three more days till the grand opening party. 86 guest all ready R.S.V.P’d” I said sipping on my milkshake.

“Only reason why everybody coming is because ya boy gon put on a good show” Mike said while dapping up Chris.

“Man shut yo ass up” I said laughing. “What songs are you even performing?” I asked him
He looked over at Chris then at me.

“You mean us, lil cuzz. We doing songs off the fan of a fan 2 mix tape.” He answered while going back to messing around with his phone.

“Oh aitee” I answered. I could see Chris starring at from the corner of my eye. Oh jesus, my celeb crush and I were in the same room and I haven’t even curk’d out like I always thought I would. I looked at Mika and she smiled…what for I don’t know, but she got up and took Mike’s hand.

“Baby, come with me to grab my charger out the car right quick” She said
“Nah Im good” He said. She smacked him cross his head.

“Niggaa, lets goooo” She said nodding her head towards me.

“Ohh,Ohhh yeahh aite be right back yall.” And with that they left.
Chris looked over at me and laughed.

“They aint slick” He said.

“I know, Im sorry they stay trynna hook me up with people.” I said shaking my head. He got up from where he was sitting and sat next to me on the couch.

“ Shiit, I don’t blame them you’re a very attractive girl.” He said smiling.

“Woman” I said clearing my throat and laughing making him laugh as well.

“You know what I meant” He said

“Sure” I said smiling and getting my things.
I had to hurry up before I do or say something and embarrass myself. Im already bad with men as it is shoot.

“Im about to go, I’ll see you Saturday right?

“Yeah” He answered.

“Alright, take care” I said walking out.

When I got out to the parking lot I saw Mika and Mike.

“F*ck Yall!” I said flipping them off.

“What girl?” Mika asked

“Yall set me up” I answered.

“So?” Mike said “You crushin on him and he thinks you cute I sense some type of connection.” He said

“Yall know Im extra shy!” I said

“Oh well” Mike said

“Im going home a**holes.” I said walking off.

“Love you to kit-kat” They both said in unison.

I shook my head and got into my car. What if Chris and I do hook up…. I thought. YEAH and that’s when I wake up from my dream.
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Today is my baby girl 23rd birthday. Its sucks because she is stuck in bed with a very bad cold, and hoarse voice. What makes it even more worse, is the fact that Im in Detroit for a promo tour. Im leaving here around 10 so I will be able to go home and take care of her. When I talked to her this morning, she had just got off the phone with my mom, who sent her edible arrangements. I had Keeis and Hood give her all the gifts I got her, and I sure did get a mouthful from her. She always has something to say when I buy her things but I don’t care. I just got done with my meet and greet and was on my way back to the hotel. I got on twitter and saw that Kai took a picture of the med she had to take with a box of tissue.

<strong>@Kaila_A: What a great way to spend my birthday -_-</strong>

I laughed and tweeted.

<strong>@chrisbrown: It has been real Detroit, but I got to go home and take care of my queen.</strong>

I got to the hotel and got my things together before checking out and getting on my jet. As I was about to turn my phone off, I saw Kaila texted me.

<strong>“Hurry up, I miss you <3“</strong>

<strong>“Don’t you worry your pretty little heart, Im leaving right now”</strong>

I then turned my phone off before the jet took off.

When I landed, I went straight to Kai’s crib. I went straight to her room with a bouquet of hydrangeas in hand. I knocked softly on her door and walked in. She was sitting up against her headboard watching TV.

“Hey beautiful.” I said giving her the flowers as she began to smile.

“Hi baby.” she said with her raspy voice.

“How ya feelin?” I asked sitting next to her before kissing her forehead.

“The meds working, Im sleepy af ”She said laughing.

“Go to sleep then.” I said rubbing her cheek. She shook her head “no”.

“Noooo, were sticking with our plans we are going to your house” She said getting up walked to the edge of the bed and handing me what looks like an overnight bag. I laughed and took it.

“I will meet you in the car.” I said as I felt my phone vibrating, she simply nodded and I walked out answering my phone it was Mama.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Hey mama” I said putting Kai’s bag in the back of my car.

“Hey sweetie, so everything is straight for Saturday. Hood is gonna grill and I talked to her sister and she will be coming as well.

“Great, mamma I will call you back she is gonna come out any second. I said starting up the car.

“Alright, bye baby” She said before ending the call.

I had my mom put together a little barbeque for me for Kai since she is sick. I just need to find a way t get her to go out to VA with me I thought.

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Love The Suprise Birthday Party && Lapdance!!!
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May 5th

I left Chris's house early this morning just so I can get back to my house and finish packing for Miami. Mike, Mika, Alexa, and Darnell all flew out there last night to get everything settled for me. Chris and I would me getting on the jet in an hour. It was 8:24a.m Our plane will be leaving around 10:15a.m. I hopped in the shower and took a shower. While I was in the shower I thought I heard footsteps in my bedroom, but I was probably tweaking, so I continued to shower. After I finished I went straight into my closet. Looking for something to wear. I decided on bumming it as I turned around to walk out my closest ,almost s***ted on myself when I saw <a href=
>this</a> fool.

“Seriosuly, Chris?!” I asked mushing his face in.

“That’s what you get for leaving your door unlocked” he said sitting on my bed. I rolled my eyes and got ready. I checked <a href=
>myself</a> in the mirror before I sprayed some perfume on and ran my fingers through my hair. Chris got my bags and loaded them in his car before driving off to get on his private jet.

The whole ride there I was getting a lecture on what could have happened to me for not locking my front door. I tuned him out not even realizing that we were here. I got out and grabbed my purse before following Chris. We were greeted by the pilot before taking our seats. It was nice and comfortable.

I woke up 35 mins later with my head resting on Chris lap. We were about to land so I woke Chris up.

“Babe, wake up” I said shaking him a little bit as he woke up.

“Damn, I aint even know I was sleep.” He said laughing.

We landed and got off. First person I spotted was Big Pat. He had a car waiting for us. Chris and I got in and drove to the hotel. The first thing I did when I got to the hotel was knock out. I need some sleep in my life.


My baby girl went straight to the bed as soon as we checked in, and I know just why. Last night we both were feeling ourselves and messed around. We didn’t go too far she just gave me a little “treat” as an early birthday gift, and I LOVED it. I decided to take a quick nap as well, setting my alarm to 12:30 p.m.


I woke up hearing Kaila on the phone. I grabbed my phone and seen that my alarm went off but I aint hear it. Oh well, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth right quick. When I walked out Kaila was texting.

“Wanna go shopping?” She asked.

“Yeah” I said.

“Kay, Im about to go change” She said walking over to her suitcase pulling out some clothes to change into. She changed and threw her hair into them big ass buns before applying makeup to her face.

“Why do you wear that stuff?” I asked as I watched her every move.

“Because” She simply stated.

“Well, I don’t think you need. Your beautiful inside and out” I said walking over to her. She sucked her teeth and grabbed a wipe.

“See now you got me wanting to take this junk off” She said laughing while wiping it all of.

“Just stating the obvious” I said turning her body towards mine and wrapping my arms around her.

“Your soo sweet.” She said pecking my lips. She fixed herself up with just some lipstick before grabbing her bag. We went down to the lobby and waited for the car to come up. I couldn’t help but look at my girls banging body. I just had to cop a feel right quick so I grabbed her butt,making her turn around giving me this <a href=>look.</a> I smiled and kissed her cheek.
I know its Chris birthday and all but Im really aggravated today just because nobody is feeling me in on everything that is going on. I want tonight to be perfect for him and if it isn’t I will have a problem, because I am putting a lot of money into it, but it is whatever it isn’t about me today. It is about him and I just really want him to have fun. So we are going on a shopping spree, which I am paying for. Me, Chris and Big Pat spent about 4 hours shopping, and yes just in one store. They had a lot of good things I made sure to get some good clothes for Chris and I. When we went to go check out, Chris pulled out his black card and I grabbed it from him before pulling out mine.

“I got you babe” I said smiling. He shook his head and nodded,

“We made our way back to the hotel, to get ready for dinner. I had to go to Alexa’s suite so she could do my hair real quickly, so I did.
As she was doing my hair she caught me up on everything that was done at the club.

“Kayy, good so is Ms.Davis gonna bring the cake over there?”

“I don’t know, I told her you will text her when we get to the restaurant.” Alexa said while spraying some hair spray in my hair.
“Aitee, mamma you done” She said turning off her curling irons.

“Thanks love, see you in a few” I said running out the suite our reservations at Versailles were at 7:30p.m and it is now 6:55p.m . I quickly jumped into the shower and washed up while Chris got dressed. I hopped out and quickly did the little things needed. I went light with the make up. I was so happy all I had to do was run my fingers through my hair. Chris was done and went to make sure everyone else was too. I put my dress on along with my shoes and sprayed some perfume on myself before grabbing my phone and going to find my clique. They all stopped when they seen me walk out the site.

“Damn babe, you trying out do me on my own birthday” Chris said as everyone laughed.

We got to the restaurant at the correct time, and were immediately seated. We soon ordered our food and began to enjoy ourselves. My meal was on point, but I could really enjoy myself just because Chris’s manager, Tina and I were texting each other back and froth.

<strong>“Everything is going smooth, the guest are already starting to arrive”</strong>

<strong>“GREAT we are almost done eating. We should be at the club in 30 mins max!”</strong>

I continued to eat my food until I felt my phone vibrate.

<strong>“You ite?”</strong>

I looked up to see Chris starring at me. I smiled and replied to his text.

<strong>“Yess love(:”</strong>

He smiled at me and blew me a kiss before going back to devour his food.

At like a 9:30p.m we got ready to head to the club. Chris and I sat next to each other in the car. I thought this was the perfect time to lay down some rules.

“Dance with any of them hoes, and I will kill you.” I said as everyone stopped talking and looked at me before laughing.

“Yes ma’am” He said kissing my cheek.

I hopped on twitter real quick and tweeted:

<strong>“@Kaila_A: Tonight we are going to shut Miami DOWN!”</strong>

We pulled into the back of Club Play as I texted Tina, telling her we were about to walk in. We heard music playing and I suddenly felt relaxed, That there just made me sense that tonight is gonna be good. Chris and I were behind everyone else. As we walked in through the back he grabbed my hand. Just then we heard the music stopped.

“What’s going on?” He asked looking over at Big Pat who just shrugged his shoulders we just kept on walking. Chris looked over at me and was about to say something but was caught off when he heard, “SURPRISE!”.

“TF?” he said jumping back a little bit and the look on his face was priceless. I began to laugh as he looked around at everyone. Noticing some of his cousins that I flew out from VA. I let go if his hand and watched as he smiled before looking over at me.

“You got me” he said smiling.

“Happy Birthday baby.” I said hugging him before standing on the tip of my toes to peck his lips.

“Thank you” He said smiling.

I felt very accomplished, now it was time for us to turn up. We walked over to the V.I.P. Alexa and <a href= >I.</a> decided to hit up the dance floor. We danced to like 6 sings before we decided to go see what the boys were up to. <a href=
>Chris and Mike.</a> were wild’n out when we got to where they were. Hood came up to me with shots that I quickly took down.Just then the DJ gave Chris a shout out.

“Aye everybody shoutout to my man, Chris who is celebrating his birthday. We out chea!” The DJ said into the mic as <a href=
>Chris</a> stood up and there up his “VA” sign. The DJ played some music and everyone started to jam.

The party was going great, Mika, Alexa, and I were all dancing and doing our own thing till we heard the DJ announce that there were strippers in the building before playing <strong>Juicy J, Bands A Make her Dance.</strong>. I looked over in Chris’s direction and there they were. I instantly stopped dancing and looked at my girls who were all looking disgusted as well. I was already feeling myself tonight. So I decided to walk over to Chris who was getting a lap dance from one of the strippers. I gently tapped the hussy on the shoulder and nodded my head to right, dismissing her before taking her place. I turned so my back was facing Chris and bent over before making my ass clap. I then put my hand on my knees and began to twerk in his face. I turned around and straddled him and began to grind on him as he bit his lip. I began to nibble on his ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I stopped dancing when the song ended and looked him in his eyes.

“Lemme see another one of them broads around you” I said getting off his lap before walking over back to the girls.

The night was coming to an end. Chris was faded I didn’t drink that much, I was just a little bit tipsy. Big Pat decided to call it a night for all of us. So we made our way back to the hotel. First thing I did was help Chris undress, before I did. After he was down to his boxers he went straight to sleep. I laughed to myself before walking into the bathroom to wash my face and apply my face mask. I went to sleep feeling good, I made feel like I made my boo’s night memorable.

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But I like them, their really cute together and she better twerk some! Lol I was twerking in my seat when I was listening to booty work lol.

I hope that the party goes well and as planned!

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April, 30th.

<strong> Kaila:</strong>

I woke around 9a.m to my phone ringing. I got up slowly trying not to wake Chris up. I picked my phone and went into the bathroom.

“Hello” I said into the phone.

“Hey lovee” Alexa said into the phone.

“Wassup?” I asked

“Nothing, just wanted to let you know we bout to get on the jet.” She said

“Oh aitee, when will yall get here?” I asked.

“Ummm, not sure but I’ll just come to your house when I get there.” She said.

“Nahh,girl Ima be at Chris crib so come by.” I said as she laughed.

“Lemme find out yall doing the nasty” She said.

“Girl bye” I said as she laughed and said bye as well before hanging up.

I hung up the phone and washed my face and brushed my teeth. By the time I got out Chris was sitting up in the bed rubbing his eyes.

“Mornin” I said sitting on the bed before getting on twitter.
He just looked at me before laying down, I smiled a little. He is soo cute when he wakes up he be acting all dysfunctional. I scrolled through my mentions and laughed out loud.

“Tf,you laughing at?” He asked laying his head in my lap.

“All your fans are in their feelings about the amount of time you spent on u-stream last night. “ I said showing him some of the tweets. He laughed.

"Its not funny, I would be curkin out too" I said

“Damn. I know I feel bad. Ima make it up to them” He said as I nodded

“What we doin today?” He asked

“I don’t feel like doing anything, so I don’t know.” I said putting my phone down on the night stand before messing with Chris ears.

“Aitee, we can stay in.” He said


It was around 2:35p.m and Chris and I were chilling in his living room while watching Suckerfree Countdown. She Aint You came on and I began to sing as Chris laughed.

“Yo ,I bet I can dance better than you and your dancers put together” He laughed.
“And that’s when you wake up” he said changing the channel.

“Im serious nigga.” I said sitting up. He got up and turned his TV off walked over to his iHome and played <a href=
>“Booty Work.”</a>

“Battle Me” He as he started doing all these damn moves. I was trying to noy show any interest ,I just kept rolling my eyes. When it got to the chorus I got up and walked in front of him and started twerking on him. *Left cheek, Right cheek* I then stood up and held my hands behind my head and started to make my ass clapp. Chris turned the music off making me turn around. He looked at me with a straight face.

“What?” I asked laughing.

“Your such a f*cking tease” He said sitting down. I laughed and walked over to him and straddled his lap.

“I just noticed, our birthdays are next month.” I said smiling. I take birthdays seriously ,God adding another year to my life is amazing. Chris birthday is on the 5th and mine is on the 18th. I know for sure Alexa and I will be throwing him a surprise party. Hopefully he doesn’t have to do any appearances.

“I know man,a nigga is getting old” He said laughing.

“You still a fine yellow nigga to me” I said as he laughed.

We then heard on his door.

“Its probably Alexa” I said as I got up off him and went to open the door, and I was right. She brought my god babies and Darnell. I hugged them all and we went to the living room. Darnell and Chris dapped each other up before going into Chris’s den. Alexa took a seat with my beautiful god daughter Marisol. who was sleeping in her arms. I held Julian and listened to him as he told me how his trip was.

“I really wished you came Ti-Ti Kaila.” He said messing with my bracelets that were dangling on my wrist.

“Aww, I know but don’t worry, now that your back you and I can do other fun things” I said kissing his cheek.

“Like find you a husband?” He said just as Chris walked out the den with Darnell they both looked over at Julian. We all busted out laughing as Julian looked at us all confused.

“Sure Ju , sure” I said rubbing his head full of curls.

“Aitee, Kaila we need to talk about or mission” Alexa said winking and I immediately caught on.
I placed Julian on the couch and turned the TV on to cartoon network for him and Alexa lied Marisol on the couch. The boys went back to the den and Lex and I went out to the balcony.

“Kayy soo, Mike and Mika already got the club and D.J settled its out in Miami. All we gotta do is keep it lowkey.” She said. I nodded my head.

“We probably gonna be out all day so I’ll keep him busy. But how we gonna get him there”

“We can say we just going out, he don’t gotta know that we throwing him a party..”

“Aitee, that makes sense. This party bout to be liveee” I said dancing in my seat.

“Hell yeah, you know were known for doing it big.”

“Trust but if Mika slick ass think he brining any strippers to the party he better think again” I said with an attitude.

“He would probably have em come put a show on for the birthday boy.” I looked at her and rolled my eyes.

“In case you haven’t noticed that’s MY job” I said as she laughed.
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Awww They are sooo cute!!!!! Lol I'm glad she doesn't let the negativity get to her too much. She got her boo with her. lol

Awww it's cute how he came back early because he missed her and it's cute how she can tell when something is wrong with him.

But me being a fan, I would have been mad as hell if he only U-Streamed for like 5 minutes lmaoooo just being real right now. I would have been pissed!

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<strong> Kaila: </strong>

<strong> April 29th 2012</strong>

Me and Chris relationship is going good so far. Today is Friday and Im seriously bored everyone, I mean everyone is out of town. Mike and Mika took the kids to go see my aunt, Mikes mom. Alexa and Darnell are in Jamaica with my god-babies. Gee and Dee left last Tuesday, and their not coming back. My boo went to Virginia to see his cousins he said he’s coming tomorrow night. Anyways I was walking out my office to tell my employees they can leave, I’ll close the boutique tonight. As soon as they left I went to go fix some of the shoes on the racks. Some of these costumers can be so ignorant and leave sh*t all over the place. I heard the door open I turned around and saw <a href=
>him</a> a smile instantly appeared across my face.

“I missed you babe!” I squealed as we both walked towards each other. He hugged me so tight and kissed me lips.

“I missed you more” He said as he kissed my neck.

“Why you back so early” I asked.

“Wanted to see you” he said sweetly.

“Yeah, right I bet your mom got tired of you.” I said making him chuckle.

“What you about to do?” He asked sitting on the lounge chair.

“Nothing, why?” I asked re-folding the blouses on the shelf.

“Lets go to my house” He said.

“Alright lemme go get my thing” I said walking to my office getting my purse, shutting the lights off in the boutique before locking up.

“I’ll meet you at the house” Chris said softly before pecking my lips.

“Kay” I said as I got into my car.

I don’t know if Im tripping or what but Chris doesn’t seem himself at all. Its bothering me and I really want him to talk to me, I mean he should know by now that he can come to me if anything. Chris and I both parked in his garage. He got his bags out his car and we walked into his house. I took my heels off and walked up the stairs to his room. Chris soon walked in as well I sat on the bed as I watched him quietly unpack. This was bugging me and I need to find out what is going on.

“Babe” I said as he looked over at me.

“Yeah?” He asked shutting his closet doors shut before walking over to me and sitting next to me while taking his shoes off.

“You ok?” I asked. He softly shook his head before sighing.

“What’s wrong?” I asked turning my body towards him. He wiped his face down with his hands before laying down on the bed.
“These damn haters out in London putting out these warning stickers on my album, telling people not to but my album because,”Im a woman beater” He said letting out a chuckle.

“Babe, seriously babe you gonna let that get to you. You know its not true. F*ck them haters baby worry about the real <strong>Team Breezy</strong> and continue to do your thing for them” I said laying down next to him interlocking my fingers with his. He nodded his head and smiled a little bit.

“ I swear you know all the right ways to comfort me.” He said kissing the back of my hand.

“Just hate seeing you all sad and sh*t” I said pecking his lips. Making him smile.

“You spending the night?” He asked. I nodded and got up going to the bathroom to wash my make up off. After doing that I put my hair in a ponytail and walked out the bathroom.

“I need some clothes love” I said taking my blazer off.

“Look in the dressers” he said as he typed away on his phone.

I went to the dresser and got out some basketball shorts and his with tee. I started to undress leaving my thongs and matching bra on. I know your think whoa there. But Chris and I are comfortable with each other I’ve gotten use to the numerous times we both slept over at each others houses. Don’t get me wrong we both get tempted and try to do things but we make sure we don’t cross that line. I put on the shorts and white tee before taking my jewelry off and going to lay down by Chris.

“You eat yet?” I asked. He shook his head and got up.

“Nah, why you finna cook?” He asked taking off his chains and watch.

“Yeah.” I said getting up walking towards his bedroom door.

“Ima be in the kitchen babe” I said walking out to the room and going into the kitchen.

I looked in his pantry and decided to make some quesadillas.
Chris came down just in time. We both ate in the living room watching baby boy. After we finished eating I took the plates to the kitchen and cleaned up. When I walked back in Chris was on his laptop smiling into it and sh*t.

“Can yall hear me now?” He asked. I know this fool aint ustreaming.

I sat across form him as he looked up from his laptop and looked at me.

“tf you all the way over there for?” He asked. I shrugged and laughed.

“Maybe because I look the f*** terrible.” He laughed .

“Come over here” He said. I got up and sat next to him as he sat his laptop down on the coffee table.

“Team Breezy, meet my queen” He said kissing my cheek. I smiled and waved and read what his fans were saying. I smiled to myself at all the fans that said I was pretty.I shook my head at the negative comments. Chris just put his arm around me.

“They just mad cause you a bad jawnt” He whispered in my ear. I laughed and got up.

“Im going upstairs.” I said as he nodded.

“Give me 5 mins” He said I just nodded and walked up the stairs to his room.
I turned on his TV and watched Gravity Falls. Chris big kid self got me into watching all these cartoons. I looked at my phone and the time read 10:12P.M. Guess we just gon be cooling together I thought to myself. Just then Chris walked in and stripped down to his boxers. He then lied down next to me and smiled when he saw what I was watching.
I scooted over to his side and lied my head on his bare chest, as he wrapped his arm around me. He kissed my forehead and rubbed my back.

“You’re my shawdieeeeeee” He sang as I laughed. I looked up at him and he kissed me. I deepened the kiss and we made out for about 5 mins before I pulled out.

“Lemme stop before I start something” I said smiling

“Yeah, don’t want to start something you cant finish” He said smacking my butt. I playfully smacked his chest and laughed. Tonight went well, spending my night with my boo. Looks like Im not gonna be a loner after all.

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I really Like this, glad she gave Chris a chance, I was wondering when she was going to get out of her shell and she finally did it! Yay! I just hope that he really does treat her like a queen. Because she deserves to be treated like one.

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<strong>April 5th 2012.</strong>

Glenna and baby <a href=
>Isaiah</a> were finally discharged form the hospital. Isaiah looks just like my daddy in the face he is so precious. <a href=
>I</a> was now getting off the exit to go to Gee and Dee’s crib I got some gifts for my booski. I was jamming to White Linen by Wale when I heard my phone ringing, it was Chris.

“Hello” I answered with a smile plastered on my face.

“Hey gerogous” he replied.

“Hey love,was sup?” I asked pulling up in Glenna’s long ass driveway.

“Nothing at the studio messing around with some beats…I miss you” he said.

“Aww, I miss you too, I’ll come through in like 10 mins” I said

“Aitee hurry up, Im hungry” He said whining.

“Nigga don’t rush me,and I think imma stop by Wendy’s so I got you.” I said as he laughed.

“Iight good cause Big Pat not trynna lemme leave with out finishing this song.” He said.

“Nigga don’t play, its crunch time.” I stated as he laughed.

“See you soon” he said as he hung up.

I got out my car grabbing my wrapped up gifts for my booski and walked into Glenna and Dee’s house. As soon as I walked into the foyer there were millions and millions of boxes. Then it hit me Donovan got a new Job offering in Virginia so they will be moving at the end of this month. Im devastated just because I wont be with my nephew as much as I though I would but TRUST he will be coming to stay with TiTi Kaila for every holiday he gets.

“Where yall at?” I asked.

“In the living room” I heard Gee yell.

I walked in and saw a tired looking Glenna on the couch with sleeping Isaiah. I smiled and kissed Glenna’s cheek before kissing my booski’s.

“I see yall started packing” I said putting the gifts down before taking a seat next to Glenna.

“Yeahh” She said sighing.

“Its gonna be bitter sweet” I said as she shook her head.

“I wont be gone forever better, have a guest room prepared cause we WILL be visiting” She said smiling. I nodded as she got up and looked over at me.

“Im gonna go put him to bed and try to take a nap.”She said as I nodded.

“Yeah you need some rest, Im gonna go to Chris studio for a while” I said gathering my things. Glenna instantly turned towards me and smiled.

“Aww, Kai you like him don’t you?” I started blushing and slowly nodded my head.

“I really really do but, I just don’t know Gee” I said sighing.

“Live a little Kaila we all know he likes you and so do you, give it a try.” She said smiling. I nodded and said goodbye. When I got to my car I took in a deep breath and just thought about her last words. Maybe she’s right, I think its time for me to stop fronting. I thought as I texted Chris to tell him I was on my way as I drove off to Wendy’s.

<strong> “On my way, don’t laugh at me I look like a bumb xD”</strong>

<strong>“It’s nothing new…”<\strong>

I laughed and rolled my eyes.


<strong>“Im joking beautiful…TF u texting me fo aint u driving?!?”</strong>

I didn’t even respond he tried to play me. Ordered our food and made my way to the studio. As soon as I parked Chris called my phone.

“What?” I answered

“Why you aint text me back?” He asked.

“I was in my feelings” I answered while shutting my door. He laughed .

“Where you at?” He asked as I walked up to the stairs to where he was.

“Come open the door” I said as I heard shuffling on the phone. He opened the door and smiled widely at me. He was going to kiss my cheek but I turned my head and walked straight in. I saw Hood, and Red. The both of them started to laugh.

“Damn Chris. Hood said still laughing.

I put the food down and took a seat on the couch. Chris shut the door and walked over to me and just stared.
“What’s wrong?” He asked

“Im still in my feelings” I said rolling my eyes and trying so hard to be serious.

He sat on my lap and started kissing all over my face. I was waiting for him to kiss my lips, but instead he kissed my forehead, and looked me in my eyes.

“You sexy as hell even when your not trying to be, whoever thinks otherwise. Tell them to come see me with the hands.” He said smirking. I just laughed and rolled my eyes. Chris and I ate as we talked with Red and Hood.

“Nah but foreal Kaila,when you and Chris gon getter together, so we can stop hearing him talk about you 24/7” Hood asked while smiling.
I started to blush and just looked over at Chris who was mean mugging hood. This my tome to throw a damn hint.

“I don’t know whenever your boy asks” I said looking through my phone. Hood and Red made and “OHHHHH!” sound before snapping their necks in Chris direction. I looked up to see him smiling at me.

“What?” I asked smiling.

“Youuuu liiike meee.” he sang as I laughed.

“Don’t get too happy.” I said while giggling.

He got up and nodded his head towards the door before he walked out. I looked at Hood and Red confused and they encouraged me to go. I shook my head as I got up and walked out the door. As soon as I walked out I was gently grabbed by the wrist. I laughed knowing it was Chris but I stopped as soon as I felt his lips press against mine. ………………………………..................................................................


Kaila stay playing with my emotions tired of acting like aint no feelings there. After she said what she said I took it upon myself to go talk to her outside right quick. When she walked out I instantly kissed her. Her lips were so soft I wanted to get into it but she pulled away. I looked down at her and she was smiling the beautiful smile of hers.

“Kai, give me a chance to treat you like the queen you are” I said looking into her eyes.

“Thought you’d never ask” She said smiling. I kissed her forehead before hugging her.

<strong>Finally made her wifey</strong>

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