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My Destiny.

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

Today my sister and I were doing the finishing touches to my boutique.
<a href=
>It‘s</a> finally all coming together, I just wish the grand opening will come faster!

“ Im so proud of you baby-sis, I know mommy and daddy are looking down on you, smiling from ear to ear.” Gee said take a seat on the lounge chair.

“Thanks Gee” I said with a smile.

“No problem, listen I’m go home an soak my damn feet this s*** aint cute” She said gathering her cell phone and bag.

“Yeah, I’m about to roll on out to” I said cutting the boutiques lights off and getting my things.

I walked Gee over to her car and watched as she drove off waving to me, I smiled and walked over to my benz. I took a quick look at my phone and saw my cousin Mike called me. I’ll call him when I get to the crib. I stopped at In and Out and got me a large fry and a strawberry milkshake as I was pulling out the parking lot I got another call from Mike.

“What Nigggaaa?” I answered

“Aye, Kit-Kat where you at?” He asked calling me the by nickname he gave me.

“I just left In and Out,why whats up?”

“Oh naa, Mika just wanted me to check up on you right quick.” He answered.

“Aww, I feel loved” I said while laughing.

“Aye come through the studio”

“Uhmmm. I look ugly right now but aitee” I said while making a U-Turn.

“It aint nothing new nigga” He said laughing and hanging up.

I shook my head “Im gon get his assss” I thought while turning up my radio, my song was on.

“If you put it down right, like the way I want it, play ya cards right baby we can fall in love” I sang along with Brandy.

I was jamming, by the time I got to studio I was rapping along with Chris Brown…..His sexy behind. I turned my car off grabbed my milkshake, got out and went into the studio. When <a href=
>I</a> walked in <a href=
>they</a> was playing back a song while Mika was chilling on the couch. All I could think was Ima f*ck up Mike I look raggedy. And it’s funny how I was just listening to him.(Chris Brown) I took a seat next to Mika on the couch giving her a hug.

“Hey mama” She asked taking my milkshake from me and taking a sip.

“Nada, your b**** ass husband told me to come through” I answered right after Mike cut the music off .

“Aye, aye ,aye what is up with all the anger?” He asked turning his attention towards me, making Chris do the same. He smiled over at me and I smiled back.

“Nigga, You aint tell me he was gon be here…I look tf terrible.” I answered as I rolled my eyes making everyone laugh.

“ Girl shut up, you look good…right Chris?” She asked smirking.
Ohh naa these fools were up to something they stay trynna hook me up with somebody.

“She sure do” He answered with a cute smile.

“Man F*uck you mean….this Kaila we talm bout” Mike said.
I chucked a pillow over at him and he dodged it.

“Anywayss” Mika said sitting up. “Hows the boutique going?” She asked

“Its aite, everything is straight, three more days till the grand opening party. 86 guest all ready R.S.V.P’d” I said sipping on my milkshake.

“Only reason why everybody coming is because ya boy gon put on a good show” Mike said while dapping up Chris.

“Man shut yo ass up” I said laughing. “What songs are you even performing?” I asked him
He looked over at Chris then at me.

“You mean us, lil cuzz. We doing songs off the fan of a fan 2 mix tape.” He answered while going back to messing around with his phone.

“Oh aitee” I answered. I could see Chris starring at from the corner of my eye. Oh jesus, my celeb crush and I were in the same room and I haven’t even curk’d out like I always thought I would. I looked at Mika and she smiled…what for I don’t know, but she got up and took Mike’s hand.

“Baby, come with me to grab my charger out the car right quick” She said
“Nah Im good” He said. She smacked him cross his head.

“Niggaa, lets goooo” She said nodding her head towards me.

“Ohh,Ohhh yeahh aite be right back yall.” And with that they left.
Chris looked over at me and laughed.

“They aint slick” He said.

“I know, Im sorry they stay trynna hook me up with people.” I said shaking my head. He got up from where he was sitting and sat next to me on the couch.

“ Shiit, I don’t blame them you’re a very attractive girl.” He said smiling.

“Woman” I said clearing my throat and laughing making him laugh as well.

“You know what I meant” He said

“Sure” I said smiling and getting my things.
I had to hurry up before I do or say something and embarrass myself. Im already bad with men as it is shoot.

“Im about to go, I’ll see you Saturday right?

“Yeah” He answered.

“Alright, take care” I said walking out.

When I got out to the parking lot I saw Mika and Mike.

“F*ck Yall!” I said flipping them off.

“What girl?” Mika asked

“Yall set me up” I answered.

“So?” Mike said “You crushin on him and he thinks you cute I sense some type of connection.” He said

“Yall know Im extra shy!” I said

“Oh well” Mike said

“Im going home a**holes.” I said walking off.

“Love you to kit-kat” They both said in unison.

I shook my head and got into my car. What if Chris and I do hook up…. I thought. YEAH and that’s when I wake up from my dream.
Im really gonna be dedicated to this story on the real. I honestly want everyones opinions. Be honest ! Run it or Dump!
P.S: I better be seeing my cast in the comments too.!


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<strong>2 months later…</strong>


So, Chris and I have been kicking it and chilling for a while now, nothing to serious.
I mean I like him, but I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that type of commitment.
I have seen my sister get her heart broken, I’ve watched Mike break Mika emotionally, and I’ve suffered a few heart breaks myself. So, I’ve been enjoying the single life with a little teasing on the side. Chris is real cool, he’s goofy and funny and real fun to hang with. Although, at times he does play too much…
I had just closed up the boutique and was on my way to the studio. When I got there I found Mike in the booth and Mika lounging.

“You know for someone who doesn’t like her cousin you spend an awful lot of time here.”

“Shut up, I do not!”

“Oh, were you looking for your boo?” she smirked. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I shook my head.

“He actually just left.”

“I stopped by to say hi.” I made a face at Mike as he made one back before making my way home.

When I got home I showered and changed into my lounge clothes. I was flipping through channels when I got a phone call. I laughed seeing; Chris had been playing with my phone, changing his name in my phone to, hubby.

“Hi, Christopher?” I giggled

“Was up?”

“Chilling, you?”

“Not much playing around with the sound board in my home studio.” I heard a knock at the door, “Hold on, there’s someone at my door.” I opened the door only to be greeted by water hitting me in the face, causing me to drop my phone. I tried to block my face as I kept getting hit with water. I was so upset; I had just done my hair. After, Chris lowered the water gun, he doubled over in laughter. I snatched it from him spraying him tell he was soaking wet. I dropped the gun seeing it was out of ammo. I couldn’t help by notice how his now wet t-shirt clung to his abs. I got caught in a daze that I hadn’t notice he was calling my name,

“Huh?” I just chuckled, I slapped him across his chest,

“You not funny!” I pouted walking away from him.

“You told me you were at home?”

“I know I lied. The look on your face was priceless.” I rolled my eyes making my way to my closet looking for a towel as Chris found his way sprawled across my bed. When I got back in bed, he placed his head in my lap playing with my toes. I wiggled them because it tickled,

“Stop acting goofy!” I smacked him upside his head.
We chilled for the rest of the night around 9 he decided to go on home. He kissed my cheek and was on his way.

<strong>Three days later…</strong>

Today had been good for me; I finally got some help around here <a href= >Kristina</a> and <a href=
>Gabriella</a>. The store has been getting a really big buzz. Guys were coming in left and right buying things for their women at home. I smiled at my success as I watched people shop. At lunch I got a text from Mike telling me to meet him at the studio after work everyone was coming. After I handled the last few customers, I made my way over to the studio. Mike, Mika, Chris, and Glenna were all there. “Hey, hey, hey?” I smiled taking a seat between Mika and Chris. “Girl you look ready pop!” Mika said rubbing Glenna’s big belly. “I can’t wait until this kid is out!” “Aye, don’t talk about my nephew!” I smiled rubbing her stomach, “Mommy doesn’t mean it!” I said talking to her stomach, she shoved my hand away from her, “Mika, I don’t how you did it, not only did you survive child birth but with two of Mike’s big headed kids. Now you know he got a big head with a tiny body, I couldn’t carry all that head around!” Mike smacked his lips as Mika giggled, “Ya’ll leave my baby alone, and you know he sensitive.” She rubbed his back. “I’ll be right back ya’ll!” “Where you going?” “Your nephew’s big head is pushing on my bladder!” she said struggling to get up, Chris finally had to get up and help her, “Thank you, such a gentleman!” she glared at Mike, “I raised you better than that.” She shook her head making her way out the door.

I turned to everyone, “Quick, while she’s gone her birthday and due date are very soon, what are we going to do for her?” “Nothing!” Mike pouted. “Stop, she practically raised us. She watched us all the time, she took us in at 14 and 16, and she worked three jobs for us!” he sighed and huffed. “We should through her a surprise birthday and baby shower party?” Mika suggested “How we going to keep her out the house?” “Well, I could take her out for a girl’s day and Chris can take her somewhere, she won’t suspect the in-laws!” I frowned and glared over at her, “Not funny, although that’s cool! We need a guest list?” “Chris or me could take her phone and send you contacts?” “I guess?” I shrugged trying to piece together her party in my head.

Mike is dead wrong, she has done a lot for us, and she practically raised us on her own. She used to watch us and baby sit us as kids, then when she was about twenty she had her own place, whenever I was angry with my parents or upset about something I was over her place, then I was about fourteen fifteen when our parents passed away, our grandmother wanted me to stay with her back in Ohio, but my sister knew I needed her and she took me in, and Mike was over there with us practically every weekend, we never really had to ask for much.

<strong>Staurday April 3rd 2012</strong>


Today was my birthday, I was turning 28 today. I woke up reaching out to my left and found that my husband wasn’t there. I looked over to find breakfast and a note, he got called in. I looked at my phone to see that no one had called to wish me a happy birthday, I felt ignored and unloved. I had just finished my breakfast when someone knocked on the door. “Hold on!” I yelled struggling to make it to the door.

I opened it to find Mika, “Good morning and Happy Birthday girl!” she smiled hugging me.

“Hey, I was thinking we could hang out? Maybe, get our hair and nails done?”

“That sounds fine since everyone forgot about me.”
“Awe, don’t be sad, go get dressed so we can go!”

“Alright, I’m going. Don’t get pushy!” she giggled. I made my way to the bathroom to get washed and dressed.

Our spa day was fun. We got facials as we got our toes and nails done. I got a text from Mike.
<strong>“Happy Birthday snicker doodle bunny!”</strong>

I just chuckled and sent a quick thank you. He calls me snicker doodle cause I would deep fry snickers and bake them into cookies. He calls me bunny, cause I took them to the park one day, I heard a rattling sound that scared me to death, I snatched up the kids only to find it was rabbit. We were in the middle of getting our hair done,

“Hey, you want to go have lunch with Chris?”

“I guess, why not?”
Lunch was good, I had fun so far I was just missing out on my sister. Speaking of her I looked over at Chris.

“So, what are your intentions with my little sister, young man?” I asked popping a fry in my mouth. He looked up at me looking nervous as hell <strong>LMAO!</strong>

“Don’t be nervous she asked me the same question when I started dating Mike!” Mika smiled trying to ease his pain. You could see shock written on his face.

“I mean we’re just friends. I treat her like a queen.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to have to hurt you! Understand that her sister is crazy!” I glanced at him.

“Owe!” I yelped in pain. They looked over at me nervous.

“What’s wrong?” Mika asked.

“My son’s using mommy’s kidney as a soccer ball.” They laughed as I pouted, baby boy here kicks very hard.

“I’ll be back guys!” I said as I stood up.

“Where are you going?” Chris questioned.

“My son is also squishing my bladder“ I said scooting out the booth.

I couldn’t wait for this kid to get here; he was already a week over due. When I walked back out I only found Chris sitting at the booth.

“Where Mika go?”

“Said she had some business she forgot to handle?” he shrugged. I sighed rolling my eyes, how she just gone leave me?

“Since it’s your birthday, what do you want to do?”

“Oh, how about we got to the pier? I haven’t been there in a while.”

“Okay, that sounds cool!”

“Yay!” I squealed.

The pier was so much fun, the view was nice, we got to play games and eat.
“Thank you, Chris. I had a really nice time!” I said as Chris took me home.

I went to look for my phone and couldn’t find it, I looked and looked. “Where did I put that thing?” I mumbled.

“What are you looking for?” Chris asked glancing over at me.

“My phone!”

“Is that Mike over there?” he pointed out the window, causing me to look over.

“Where, I don’t see him?”

“You missed him!” I just nodded. I continued to glance out the window, when I noticed he missed my turn,

“Where you going you missed the exit!”

“I’m sorry, I think I left something at Kaila’s shop?” I just shrugged. Speaking of her, the hooker hasn’t called or texted me all day. When we pulled up he killed the engine, “Can you help me look?”

“Sure, I guess?” he helped me get out the car. I wobbled my way to the door, I looked over and flipped on the lights and heard,

“Surprise!” everyone jumped out and yelled at me, I placed my hand over my face I shock,

“Oh my god,<a href >I</a> love it! Thank you guys!”

“. Don walked over and grabbed my hand, “Happy Birthday, honey!”

“Awe, thank you, sweet heart!” He lead me to a chair and brought me a plate. <a href=
>Kaila</a> came over and hugged me. “Happy Birthday, big sis! I got you and my nephew a nice something, something!”

“Mmhm, I should beat you for not calling or texting!” I laughed. I was enjoying the party when I felt a sharp pain in my side, I tried to ignore it.


My sister looked so happy to see her friends and family, I invited a few of her out of town friends, who she’s known forever, Daniel, Weston, and Neal. They all grew up together. I was mingling taking care of some of the guest. Mike had finally gotten here with his gift, me and Mika had been on him about it.

Chris walked over handing me a glass of punch,


“No problem, you throw a nice party!”

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself!” he nodded.

“I was thinking we could…” he was cut off by her screaming again. I went to find out what happened. I found her cussing Don and the baby out. She was quite upset.

She looked down at the floor then at Don.

“My water just broke…”

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<strong>Here you go Nic :)</strong>

So Lex, Gee, and I were just chilling while Mika went off to handle something right quick she said. I was on my phone going through my timeline and I saw Chris tweet about an hour ago.

<strong>“@Chris brown: Shout out my the beautiful @Kaila_A, congrats baby girl. You doing big things”</strong>

I smiled and clicked favorite. I honestly still cant over this kiss on the cheek thing like I swear as soon as his lips touched me, my body was screaming <strong>Take Me</strong>. I was taken away from my thought when I heard people clapping. <strong> *clap* *clap,clap*</strong> WTF? I thought then I saw Mike and Chris holding a cake walking towards me. Awww, I smiled as they sat in on the table as they waited for me the cut it . Everyone cheered and congratulated me. Just then the Dj played my <a href=
>song</a> .
“Ayeeee!” I said dancing in my spot.

I then felt someone grab my hand, I turned to see Chris.

“Lets go dance” he said. I nodded my head as he lead me to the dance floor. I saw Mika and Mike follow us as well as Lex and Darnell. Chris turned me around so my back was facing him. I started to wine. We danced together to a couple more songs. Then <a href=
>Aww yea</a> came on. I know I have to show out cause I heard this fool be going in. I slightly bent over and started to twerk on him. I had my hands on my knees and was going in luckily we was against the wall. I heard Lex yelling.

“Ahhh shiit, twerk twerk twerk that ass”

I laughed to myself. I felt Chris place his hands on my waist he started to grind against me. Oh shiit god damn, is what I’m thinking right now. After the song was over he grabbed my hand and we went back to sit down. I looked at my phone it was around 1. I also had a text from Gee.

<strong> “ heyy boo, I had to take my pregnant asss home lmaoo, Congrats I love you Im soooo proud of you!”</strong>

I laughed and replied to her. I looked up and Chris was starring at me.

“What boy?” I asked while laughing.

“I swear you be playing with my emotions.” He said while shaking his head. I laughed at him and looked around.

“Where your girlfriend at?” I asked sipping on my drink. He looked at me and laughed.

“Girlfriend? Nahh I don’t have one of those.” He answered laughing.
“Truee” I said .

“What about you, where yo boy at?” He asked.

“Im single, and LOVING it” I answered . He looked over at me and nodded his head.

“For now” He murmured.

I laughed and shook my head and watched Mike and Mika have their lil dance battle on the floor.
The night was coming to an end. We waited for everyone to be out before we cleaned up. After we were done we decided to hit up iHop. I got in the car and my driver drove off to iHop.
We all got a booth, Chris decided he wanted to sit next to me. Usually I’d be nervous but Im not. don’t get me wrong I still get a lil shy but it’s not at the point where I be stuttering like I used to. We ate and talked he and Mike were acting fools, and giving our waiter a hard time.

“Aye, Kit-Kat foreal foreal Im proud of you.” Mike said I smiled.

“Thank you” I said laughing.

“Aye,why do yall call her that?” Chris asked as I shook my head.

“There’s a dumb story behind it.” I said .

“We was in the 6th grade and the teacher asked if anyone was allergic to anything and dumb ass over her said chocolate, with a king size Kit-Kat in her hand.” Mike said while laughing. Chris looked at me with that “Really?” look I laughed and shrugged. We all continued to talk. I guess Chris was getting extra comfortable be cause he put his arm over my shoulder while he was talking to Mike. Mika and I looked at each other. She gave me a smirk and I shook my head. We were all getting ready to leave I said bye to my girls and was walking over to the car my driver brought around. I heard my name being called, I looked to see Chris running towards me.

“Congrats again” He said with his hands in his pockets.

“Thanks, and thanks for coming I appreciate it” I said with a smile. He nodded and it was silent for a moment.

“Kaila, I wanna you know chill some more you seem like a dope chick and I just want to get to know you” He said looking at me.

“That’s sound fine with me” I said smiling.
I swear I wanted to scream and praise the lord right now. Was I dreaming?

“Lemme get your number?” He asked. I nodded and took his phone and put my number saving it under as “Kit-Kat” I handed his phone back to him and he looked at it and laughed.

“Aite, Ima let you go now, I’ll see you soon?” He asked.

“Of course” I said.

He then hugged me and kissed my forehead.

I got in the car and the driver drove me home, I texted Lexa.

<strong> “I gave him my number”</strong>

<strong>Yessss!, I told ya its about time you come out your shell and put that motto to the side</strong>

<strong>Girl, that motto can kiss my ass, cause Im actually feeling him</strong>

I finally grew the balls to ask for the number. Im feeling Kaila and I hope we can be more than friends one day. I know she been through a lot, but Im nothing like them other nigggas whatsoever, I just hope I get the chance to prove it her. As soon as I got homr I texted Mike.

<strong>“Got the number ma niggga!”</strong>

<strong> “My MANZ!.”</strong>

I laughed and got ready to go to sleep.

I woke up around 12, I missed church I bet my mom tripping. I goy up and brushed my teeth and hoped in the shower. I gotta go to the studio today. Mike and I still working on fan of a fan. As I was getting ready I thought about Kaila. Think I might invite her to come down to the studio. I sent her a text.

<strong> Hey beautiful it’s me Chris, I wanted to know if you wanted to come through the studio, that is if you aren’t busy.</strong> I continued to get ready. I was walking out the door to my car when I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I pulled it out and saw a text form Kaila.

<strong> “Sure I’ll come by after I stop by the boutique (:”</strong>

<strong>“Cant wait”</strong>

When I got to the studio Mike was already in the studio laying down his verse. Temika was on the couch on her laptop.

“Was good mamma,” I said leaning down giving her a hug.

“Whats good with you!? I heard she gave ya the number” She said

“Yeahh” I said smiling

“Aww,good its about time shiit” Mika said laughing.

“She coming through” I said going through my phone.

“Oh word, good.” She said.

I nodded my head and watched as Mike did his thang.
I just left my boutique had to make sure my workers were doing good. It was busy too so I helped for awhile. Im hungry though so I stopped at McDonalds.
I was walking in when my phone vibrated it was text form Chris.

<strong>“ Where u at guh?!”</strong>

<strong>“At McDonalds (:”</strong>

<strong>“Well hurry up! Oh and get me a number 4 with a large sweet tea. (:”</strong?

I ordered our food and ordered some for Mike and Mika,and waited for my food and was on my way to the studio. I pulled up grabbed the food and got out the car making my way into the studio. <a href=
>they</a> were talking when I walked in and Mika was on the phone.

“Hey,hey ,hey” I said walking in.

“ Hey ugly” Mike said dapping me up. I rolled my eyes and looked at, Chris he was smiling.

“Hey” I said giving him a hug he smiled and kissed my cheek and walked straight over the food I set on the table.

“Damn how you gon get this niggga food, and not get m nothing!” Mike said.

“I did get you something fool” I said walking and grabbing his food handing it to him.

“Thank you guh!” He said taking a seat.

Mika walked over to me and gave me a hug.

“I got you southern grilled salad” I said handing it to her before I grabbed mine.

“Thank you” She said going to sit next to Mike.

I grabbed my salad and sweet tea and went to sit next to Chris.
We all ate and talked, Mike and Mika were cutting up. Chris and I were having our own conversation. Every now and then he would say something cute.

“Go sing something now” I said pushing him to get up towards the booth.

“About what?” he asked

“Me duh, Sike nah aint yall working on a song?!” I said smiling, he laughed.

“Yeah, Im finna go lay my verse down. Mike already did his” He said getting up.

“Aite what you waiting for then, get to work!” I said smack his butt. Mika and Mike busted out laughing and so did I.

“You gon pay for that” He said walking into the booth. I just smiled

“Girl this my favorite song, you’ll like it they worked hard on it.”
Mike played the song as Chris got ready to sing while starring at me. I stuck my tongue out at him making him smile. The beat is sick.

<strong> Lil mama what you doin ? wassup?
Cause I aint gotta work this weekend Lets get up, up, up, up
And I jus wanna dance and play a little bit
And baby I'm the man and shawty you the s***
Think about it we can do something nasty
While I got my energy up all in the club
With the lights down low And I got you Tipsy
and you’re all up on me pullin all my clothes
I aint finished my drink but I want sum more
Girl get your purse let me grab my coat
Got my keys so now we can roll back to the crib</strong>

I was nodding my head to the beat.

<strong> I wanna make love to my baby
Do it all day and we can do it all night long (shawty)
Im gunna make love to my baby
Have it you way but I like it with the lights on
Imma make love to my baby
Girl get on top of me and imma let you take it off
Tonight is your night
Baby So imma love you down</strong>

He was singing his heart out it was soo cute. I soo heard Mike rapping, I guess Chris had to put in his adlibs.

<strong> All I think about when she not around
If I get to see her I'm gonna take her down
Pull your tights down throw em on the couch
Like pussy i put it in your mouth
Take your top off aint no body round
Run around butt naked this my house
All these thoughts on my mind I gotta get them out
Tryin but I cant figure out
Remember in high school I used to skip class just to sex you
Homeroom was the only place I could call you
Now its like every time I call never get thru
That bulls*** that we been through
Damn I miss you
Its like you kick a nigga out
Moved on to the next one
I hope maybe we can work it out
Damn I be wishing you was here right now</strong>

Hearing Mikes verse made laugh because it definitely reminded me of he and Mika’s relationship was during high school. I listened as Chris finished the song. I clapped when he was done. I really liked it.

“It aitee” I said laughing.” Sike nah it was cute, I liked it” I said smiling.

“Good” he said sitting next to me he was messing around on his phone.

He put his legs up on me, I looked at him and gave him a stank face.
His slick ass took a picture, I laughed and sucked my teeth,

“I got you back” He said laughing.

I then felt my phone vibrate, it was a notification telling me that I’ve been mentioned on twitter.

<strong>“@Chris brown: my thug <a href=

“I dont like you…” I said laughing.

okay i love this story so hurry and add please

By the way thanks to all the readers who have been giving great feedback. I appreciate it... It's a working progress.

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He sent her some flowers tho, that's sweet!!
They are feeling each other (:
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Aww they soo Cute!!!
Run This!!!!!



I woke up around 11:30a.m made my bed and did my hygiene thing. I have a hair appointment at Alexa’s at 12:30 p.m. I quickly washed my hair and got dressed rushing out the door to the salon. I decided on going with the big hair tonight. After getting my hair done I went to get my nails done as well. My twitter was going crazy with people talking about how excited they about tonight and congratulating me. I couldn’t help but wish my parents were here with me. By the time I got home it was 6pm. I decided to take a nap hopefully I don’t mess up the way Alexa pinned up these curls. Right as soon as I put my head on my pillow the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was a guy holding my favorite flowers…Hydrangeas. I smiled and thanked the guy. Opening the card reading it over. I was shocked it was from Chris…

<strong>“Tonight is your night, you gotta shine like the star you are! See you tonight -Chris“</strong>

I was smiling way too hard right now. That was so sweet of him . I put <a href=

>it </a> down on the dinning table, and went back to my room. I got on twitter. In case you haven’t noticed Im a twitter addict. I scrolled down and saw Chris tweeted 15 mins ago.

<strong> “@Chris brown: I hope she likes em…”</strong>

I clicked favortie, and replied…

<strong>“I sure do, they are beautiful thanks love! (:”</strong>

Moments later he retweeted it. It was going on 6:45p.m I wanted to start getting ready around 7. My nap would be pointless so I just decided on calling Glenna.

“Hello!” She answered

“The f*ck you yelling for” I asked while laughing

“Nothing Donvan was trynna argue about some dumb shiit, why was sup” She asked.

“You wanna get ready at my crib?” I asked just because I wanted ker to do my make up lowkey.

“Yeah, I was coming over anyways be there in 5” She said hanging up.

I got up and popped in the FORURTUNE album. I skipped over to Mirage.

I walked into my closet as I sang along whit Christopher. I pulled out my dress and the shoes I was gonna wear tonight. Walked over to my dresser looking through my jewelry finding accessories to match. By the time I was done Gee was knocking on the door.
She looked like she was about to pop.

“Damn now I see why Donovan don’t want you going out looking like this” I said pointing at her belly.

“Biitch…”She stopped when she looked over at the Hydrangeas.

“Aww,!” She squealed
Those are our favorite flowers. She picked up the card and read it over.

“Uh-oh!, he sending flowers now?!” She asked laughing.
“He likes you Kay” She added on. I laughed shaking it off.

“Yeah right, come on Im finna hop in the shower, its 7!” I said going into my room.

By the time Gee and I were both done it was 8:15p.m. Damn we late but oh f*cking well. We got in the car and our driver drove over to the boutique. Mika had it decorated and set up for the party. I cant wait to see it all. We pulled up and they had a red carpet layed out. WOW! I saw <a href=
>Mike and Mika</a> on the red carpet. He probally said something stupid to the paparazzi cause she looked like she was talking some s*** lmao, I texked Mika to tell her we was here. I saw her grab mike and go inside. They wanted to announce my presence. So I can make my entrance. <a href=
>Glenna </a> got out and walked over to the carpet to take a few pictures before walking in. Mika texted me asking me if I was ready.

<strong>“Right after I take a few pictures”</strong>

I got out the car after the driver opened the door for me. Paparazzi was going crazy. . I <a href=
>posed</a> for a few pictures. I then texted Mika and told her I was coming in. I stood by the security as I hear Mike get on the mic.

“Ladies and Gents!, The woman of the hour has arrived everybody make some noise! Kaila where you at guh?!?”

Just then the DJ played my <a href=

I came in dancing for a lil I HAD to, this my song . Everyone was cheering. I stopped dancing and walked in waving at everyone and smiling. There was mad people in here I felt so happy. I hugged Mike, Mika, Alexa ,and Darnell. I grabbed the big scissors from Mika as they all counted down for me to cut the big purple ribbon. I took the mic and cut the ribbon.
“Everyone welcome to <strong>Divine Interventions</stong> I sad into the mic.

“Aite DJ, lets get this function started” I said handing the mic over to him.
The girls and I walked over to the closed off section they had set up. I saw Chris already sitting there sipping on a drink already. He <a href=
>smiled</a> at me. I don’t know why but I immediately walked over to him. He stood up and hugged me and whispered in my ear.

“Damn girl you look amazing”

“Look who’s talking” I said while smiling.
“Thanks for the flowers” I said taking a seat right next to him and Mike.

“No problem, by the way I liked your dance moves” he said laughing and winking at me.

I laughed and shook my head while rolling my eyes.

Just then Alexa grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the dance floor to dance with her. We always the one to be dancing outta all us.
<a href=
>She</a> and I together is an abomination. We danced together for awhile then went back with the crew.

“Aite we finna go perform” Mike said getting up with Chris.

“Aite ,keep it PG!” I said as everyone laughed.

Chris walked over to me.

“Make sure you save me a dance:” He said kissing my cheek.

<strong>WTF?!</> I got chills.

I simply nodded with a smile and he walked off. I looked over at Gee , Mika, and Alexa they were all smiling extra hard.

“Girl, you know you wanna jump for joy right now!” Alexa said.

“You damn right, but aye. We don’t chase these nigggas” I said laughing.

“Man f*** that damn motto biitch, he likes YOU. You like the damn thing before I do it for you!.” Gee said.

“She right Kay” Alexa said.

I just looked over at where he and Mike were as they began to perform.

“Aye I just wanna give a shoutout to my baby cousin. Im proud of you guh!” he said into the mic. They performed Holla @ Me and G s***, and Wonder Woman. I swear to you the whole time Chris sang his part he was starring me down!.

“Ooo,girl he want you” Alexa said nudging me.

“Girl…” I said

The feelings mutual, I thought as everyone sang along with the chorus.

<strong> “Tonight I want me a wonder woman,
That can save my life wanna feel her power right now.
A real wonder woman, come be my hero.
You can take your cape off.
You don’t need that to save my heart.
You just need to take me.
I know you can fly.
Because I see right through your disguise.”</strong>

It was cute everyone was getting into this song I just shook my head laughing. Tonight’s going well Im loving it!

See now she lucky her big sister wasn't there!
Cause i would have told him was up!

She need to break herself out of this shyness!
Please add???

Thinking about adding...

Chris and Kai's flirting is so cute.
Maybe they'll finally be alone one day and actually talk to each other.

Mika and Mike should just let things happen naturally with Chris and Kai.
Don't force anything.

I wonder what's going to happen at the grand opening.
Drama probably.

Run It !!!