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Stevensons and Roses Romantic Comedy Story *Repost*

Since me and gigi story was some how removed off of here we are going to start again but were going to start from where we left off which was gi's post if your confused let me know and I will help you out in anyway :)

Thanks ladies
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<a href="">Part one</a>


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Aww poor Chris :/
Run it

Mike didn't realize what he had until he lost it smh he gets on my nerves now too. He's just expecting her to come back with open arms. I feel bad for Chris because he just wants to love Gi. I'm glad he realized she was off limits because that would have been a messy situation.

Run it

Mike annoys me.. I used to love him but now he just urks the hell put of me.
Chris still creeps me out but i do believe he wants, Nothing more than to love Gi.
When she got that sharp man oh man my heart dropped!!

Ugh Michael need to gone somewhere man, I mean I know those are his babies but what he and Gi had is done, he's a serial cheater dude. She should be with Chris. He caters and takes care of her. hell he took her to coldstone in the middle of winter lol. And theyre fans are comical lol. They a trip the way they reacted to seeing them all.
I don't want Chris to leave him and Gi were doing so good. Can't he put work on hold ugh, and he knows he wants Gi too. Talking bout "he cant keep doing this, whatever this is". just less then 24 hours ago he was professing his love for her ugh. He gets on my nerves lol. RUN IT

GiGi’s POV

The baby was so precious. After holding him for a while, Gabby knocked out. They prepped her to move to her permanent room while I took the baby out to see everybody. The only people I let hold him were mom and daddy. Everybody else could just watch from the sidelines. After a quick visit with the newborn, we all decided to head home. I told mom that we should just wait to open Christmas gifts after Gabby got out of the hospital.

D decided he would spend the night at the hospital, so Chris and I headed home. “I want some ice cream.” I spoke up after leaving the hospital parking lot. Chris chuckled, “It’s in the middle of winter and you want some ice cream?” I nodded, “Yup, and I know just where to go.” I gave him directions and we pulled up in front of Coldstone, not too far from the house. “Quick before they close!” I told Chris as he parked. He laughed, “Chill, aiight?” he got out and came around to my door. He helped me out and I put my arm in his as we walked across the plaza parking lot to get my ice cream.

When we walked up to the door, they were just getting ready to close. That was until the girl looked up from turning the sign and saw Chris. She lost her sh*t. “OMIGOODNESS!! IT’S CHRIS BROWN!!” she screamed so loud that we could hear her perfectly through the glass door. Chris and I laughed as her co-worker came running out the back. “You mind opening up for us sweetheart?” Chris asked. She nodded feverishly as she unlocked the door and let us in. Her co-worker then looked at me and her eyes got big, “Oh my gosh! You’re Tyga’s baby mama ain’t you?!!!” I giggled as I rubbed my belly, “Well I wouldn’t say all that but, these are his babies and I’m their mama.” “AHHHH YOU HAVING TWINS GIRL?!” The first girl yelled now joining her co-worker behind the counter. “Yes I am, but keep it to yourselves please.” I answered. They nodded with big smiles. “What are y’all names?” Chris asked, like that meant anything. “I’m Keisha and that’s Rene.” The girl who opened the door for us informed. “Well my name is---” “Giovanni, we know!” they both beamed. “Okay, well how about some ice cream?!” I spoke as I noticed that they hadn’t put anything away yet. “Oh yeah, what do you want girl?” Rene smiled. I told them that I wanted sweet cream, with strawberries, almonds, graham cracker crust, and whip cream. Without me even asking she made me the biggest size a, ‘Gotta Have It’, with ice cream still overflowing the cup. Needless to say, I was eternally grateful. Chris and I took pictures with each of them and then were on our way to the house.

“I love my fans man.” Chris cheesed as he helped me out of the truck. Even though I had been eating ever since we had left the place, I hadn’t even put a dent in my ice cream. “Everybody knows that Chris.” I commented as I unlocked the front door. We went into the living room and snuggled up on the soft leather chocolate sectional to watch a movie. “Quit hogging all the covers!” I whined as I happily ate my plentiful delicious ice cream. Chris smacked his lips, “You act like it’s a full blown cover though! It’s only a lil ass throw.” He laughed and so did I. “Well go to the linen closet and get us a real cover.” I paused the movie as he reluctantly got up to go get it. Mike then txtd my phone and asked if I was ready to meet. I quickly txtd him back as Chris was walking back into the room with the cover. “Who you txtn?” Chris asked as he spread the cover over both me and him. I pressed play, “Mike.” He cut his eyes at me, “About what?” I sighed, “He contacted me a while ago and told me he wanted to see me on Christmas and talk about things. So he txtd me and asked me if I was ready.” He now gave me his full attention, “And what did you say?” “I told him after the movie went off.” I responded still eating my ice cream. He didn’t say anything, just blew out some air and clenched his jaw.

After the movie went off, I looked over at Chris. “You okay?” he cut his eyes at me and then huffed a bit, “Oh so my feelings matter now?” I laughed and struggled to get up. He tried to help but I pulled away. “I don’t need your help.” I rose up. He smacked his lips, “Why are you going to see him this late?” “Why does it matter?” I answered. “Because its damn near midnight and you’re 7 months pregnant! You don’t need to be out there, tell that nigga you’ll see him tomorrow.” I rolled my eyes, “I got sh*t to do tomorrow and he leaves in the morning. I’ll see you when I get back.” I grabbed my purse and he followed me to the door that led to the garage, “If you leave, I won’t be here when you get back.” I turned to study his face, “Christopher I don’t fckn understand you! Just earlier you said I need to go talk to him, now you don’t want me to go? Why?” he looked down at his feet and then back into my eyes, “Because I love you too.” I sighed, “I know that already.” He put his hands on my shoulders, “No Gi, earlier when you really told me you loved me. I couldn’t say it back because…” “Because what?” I waited. “Because I had wanted you to look at me the way you did and tell me you love me just how you did ever since Jamaica. And when you finally said it and I knew you meant it, I didn’t feel right. You’re off limits to me, and I finally realized that at that moment.” He revealed. “So what about now?” I asked. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.” “I’m a big girl Chris. I’ll be okay.” I kissed his cheek. “Please, don’t leave.” He held my hand and kissed it. “I have to.” I responded. He sighed and dropped my hand, “Then go.” I took one last look at him and then got in my car. He stood in the garage as I watched him while I drove out of the driveway.

I pulled up to Mike’s hotel and valeted the car. I called him and he said that he was on his way down. I sat in the lobby and some girl approached me. “Oh my goodness, you’re Giovanni aren’t you?” she gushed. I wasn’t in the mood for one of Mike’s fans. However I gave her a smile, “Yeah, I am.” “I love your work.” She beamed. Well this caught me off guard. She was one of my fans. “What work are you talking about exactly?” I had to ask. “All of it, you’re my inspiration. Can I have your autograph?” she shoved a paper and pen in my face. I thanked her and gave her what she wanted. “When are you due?” she asked as she got up. “Beginning of February.” I smiled as I rubbed my belly. “Really?” I heard a very familiar voice behind me. She gasped, “Tyga.” I looked up at him to see his flawless smile. She asked for his autograph and he gladly gave it to her. She then got up and left. He then stood in front of me, “Hey beautiful.” I got up with his help, “Hello Michael.” He rubbed my belly, “How are my babies?” I knocked his hands away, “Fine.” I had to admit, it was nice seeing him again. I could almost say that I missed him, but I was just so damn angry at him.

“So what do you wanna talk about?” I said, getting comfortable on the bed. He sat in a chair, he couldn’t stop smiling. “Anything, long as you’re here.” He charmed. “I’m worried about our babies Mike.” I admitted. He looked concerned and got up, “What? Something’s wrong? What the doctor say?” he sat next to me on the bed. I put my hand up to distance him, “Nothing’s wrong. I’m just worried that they’ll never know you.” He looked at me intently, “What do you mean, they’ll never know me?” I sighed, “Because we’re not together and you’ll be busy with your career.” He wiped his face, I could tell he was growing either irritated or frustrated already. “Didn’t I always have time for you?” he pierced me with the most intense eyes. “Well yeah, but that’s only because I was right there.” I spoke. “That’s why you need to stop the bullsh*t and come home!” he fussed. I instantly got upset, “Bullsh*t?! Mike, you cheated on me! More than once, I highly doubt that that’s bullsh*t! You broke my heart Mi—AHHHH MY GOD!” I got a sharp pain in my side that made me double over. “Gi, what’s wrong?” he got concerned. “The babies.” I was barely able to make out. He then picked up the phone and said he needed a doctor to the room.

Next thing I knew, I was being inspected. “Is she okay? Are the babies?” Mike paced at the foot of the bed. “The three of them are just fine. I’m suspecting that mommy got a little too excited and the babies didn’t like that so much.” The doctor hit the nail right on the head. I looked over at Mike and he put his head down. “Hmm. Well, stay in bed and get some rest.” The doctor began to pack his things. “Wait, no I have to go.” I said trying in vain to get up. “Umm, if you want to feel any better I suggest you stay in this bed.” The doctor instructed sternly. I instantly thought about Chris. He was right, I shouldn’t have come. While Mike was walking the doctor to the door, I txtd Chris, <em><strong>can’t come home…doctor’s orders.</strong></em> He txtd back immediately, <em><strong>Fck you mean doctor’s orders? You okay?</strong></em> I hurried and replied, <em><strong>I’m fine, now. it’s a long story, I promise to tell you when I get home tomorrow. please don’t be mad at me.</strong></em> He didn’t reply so I just left it at that and tried to relax. Mike came back rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m sorry. I fckd up in every way possible and I hate that I hurt you the way I did. You don’t deserve to be treated like that. I need you Gi, I’ve been going crazy without you.” “That’s nice.” Was all I said. “Damnit Giovanni! Be real with me please. I know you still love me.” He sat next to me. “I still love you Mike, and I always will. But I hate you for what you did to me. So as of right now, we need to talk about these two.” I leveled with him. He sighed defeated, “Fine.”

I woke up early with arms around me. I opened my eyes and saw the hotel room I fell asleep in last night. Too ready to go, I took his hands from around me and got up. “Where you goin?” I heard him. “Home.” I spoke as I put my heels on. “Your home is in LA.” He rolled on his back, eyes still closed. I rolled my eyes, “No, your home is in LA. My home is right here in Chicago.” He rose up, “LA was your home for 9 months. Your business is out there.” “My business can be anywhere. Honestly, I’m just thinking about my babies right now and I have to go home.” I got up, putting on my coat and grabbing my bag. “Our babies.” He corrected. “Excuse me?” I stopped in my tracks. “I said that they’re our babies.” He stood. I laughed, “You’re funny dude.” “How so?” he kept a straight face. “That now you care so much about <em>our</em> babies.” I responded. “I always cared.” He moved closer. “When? After you cheated or after I left?” I stood there for a few minutes while he was in utter silence. I shook my head and went to leave, “I’ll keep you updated on the babies.”

When I got home, Chris was still sleep in my bed. I got out of my clothes and washed up. After getting out the shower, I put on one of my maternity gowns and got in the bed. I watched him as he slept and traced his face with my finger. “Mmm, morning.” He smiled with his eyes still closed. “I missed you.” I laced my fingers in his. “I have to leave Gi.” He finally opened his eyes. “Why, you have work?” I asked still happy to see him. “I always have work. But I also have to leave because we can’t keep doing this. Whatever this is.” He spoke. “When do you leave?” I asked. “Couple days.” I nodded, “Okay.”

Awwww!! The wittle baby :)...
I would broke that camera and said f*** them fans smh. Lol

Why they all so rude to g-ma? Shay was so out of line i wanted to slap her ass.

Smh Mike is so sometimesy!! Only wanted something when it benefits him or something..

Lmao Chris is so irritating. I wanna know what's up with the new grandma tho. And where is mike? Didn't he say he wanted to make things right.

Run it

Aww DJs here yay. Derrick was hella nervous. Lol at Chris crazy butt filming for ustream and Gabby threating to kill his ass if he didn't stop. That boys a mess. Now him and Gi crying like big babies lol. Aww can't wait till Gi has the twins.

Gabbys pov

The pain started hitting me left right up down omg this is really happening dj is on his way and there is no way to stop him. As im walking to the door im crying and trying to breath its not working im looking around for derrick he is panicing and pacing back and forth and worst of all chris is in my face with his camera...
We get in the truck im holding on to gi for dear life "Smile for ustream gabby" "Chris move out the way and I know you are not about to ustream her giving birth" gi snapped at him "uhh yeah my fans want to see lil man." he turns the camera to himself starts to smile and says "Im gonna be a daddy world" suddenly we hear a bunch of pings and noise indicating comments. "really nigga" I yell "Okay maybe not the daddy but im def lil man uncle". I shook my head and concentrated on my contractions. "OH God why today of all days lord why?" I screamed to the top of my lungs as I felt dj doing flips "Just breath baby in and out like the doctor taught you" "I cant its hard" I began to cry. "D I got her you just go ahead and drive" gi shouted

We arive at the hospital andrea is already there more excited then me she got me a wheel chair and wheeled me to the room where I got comfortable. I wasnt ready to push just yet so I had to wait and eat ice chips when here comes chris and that damn camera. "how does it feel to be in labor?" i stared at him and threw my ice at him as he tried to move out the way. soon we heard knock at the door it was my doctor. "hello Gabrielle how are you feeling?" "im feeling like I have to push now morris" "Alright let me check you and see if you have progressed any." As I looked at gi she was on her phone texting someone and chris was talking to his so called fans while D stood next to me holding my hand looking scared and uncomfortable. "alright I think its time to get this baby out everyone I will be right back while the nurses get you ready." "okay gi come hold on to one of my legs please" "ugggh do I have to I dont want to see your stuff why dont you use the stirrups" "because you wont get to see him when he comes out now pleaseee" "okay fine". I smiled as the doctors and nurses came in "alright you ready" "I nodded just a little scared "alright bare down and push breathe in and out" I did as I was told squeezed D hands while chris got everything on video " come on push gabby push" "chris do you ever want to dance again?" "Yeah why" "I suggest you get that f***ing camera out of my f***ing face before I kill you." The room got extremely quiet as I blocked out all of the sounds around me ad pushed. "Hes here everyone" I heard him crying loudly as they took him to get cleaned up and handed him back to me. "congrats gabby dj is here"... As I held this perfect little babyboy in my arms I felt at peace and calm. "Hey buddy im glad your here im your mommy." I started crying as D kissed my forehead and told me how much he loved me and love his son. I looked over at gi and she had tears in her eyes as she laid her head on chris arm. "come meet your nephew you guys stop standing over in the corner crying"....

GiGi’s POV

“Well, I don’t really know what I would do. But hold on, pause. Sooooo we really gonna sit here and not address the fact that we have no clue who she is, or even why we don’t know?” I looked around the table. Mom cleared her throat, “I don’t think that’s a discussion to be had right now Giovanni.” Grandma, or whoever she was, looked over at me, “Truth is I made some mistakes when it came to your mother. It’s not something that I’m proud of, but I came to make things right.” Mom scoffed at her comment. “Now Vanessa, your mother was only trying to answer Giovanni’s question.” Daddy spoke sternly. “One that shouldn’t of had to been asked if people weren’t so stubborn.” Laz spoke while taking a sip of his drink. “You got something to say?” Mom spat at him. “I believe I just said it.” He retorted. Her eyes got big, “Look---” Daddy cut her off, “Vanessa.” he said sternly. “Let’s just eat and then afterwards we can talk about family business.” Aunt Jackée suggested. “I think that’s best.” The mystery guest agreed. I just rolled my eyes and kept eating. Chris then started to rub my back to calm me down. “Oh is this the father?” new grandma asked. Everybody’s eyes shot towards me to hear what I would say. “No.” I simply answered. I mean everybody knew he wasn’t. “So where is the father?” she persisted. Before I could even answer my cousin <a href="">Shay</a>, Aunt Jackée’s daughter, spoke for me, “Oh he cheated on her with a stripper after a year of them being together and she left him. I knew it was only a matter of time but I didn’t think it’d take as long as it did.” Everybody’s eyes ballooned. Nobody could believe she said that. I don’t even know how she knew all of that. But then again, misery loves company. I never liked Shay and she was always jealous of me. I guess that’s why we beefed all the time. “Shay, how do you like the turkey legs?” I asked very calmly. Everybody then looked confused. She smiled, “Oh I love em!” I nodded and picked one up, “Oh yeah? HOW’D YOU LIKE IT SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT B*TCH?!” By this time, I was halfway across the table with Chris, D, and Laz tryna hold me back. “OH MY GAWD! SOMEBODY GET HER!” she screamed but I was still trying to get to her. Finally my daddy stood up, “ENOUGH!” Everybody quieted down and I returned to my seat giving her the death stare while she cried. “I will not stand for this kind of foolishness in my home! This is a place of serenity and it shall remain as such. Shay you had no business saying what you said.” “But she--” “It was only after saying what you did.” He paused looking sternly at her. “And you the one to talk. At least she knows her baby’s father.” Pops slyly remarked while still eating his dinner. I smirked as daddy continued. “Pops, I got this. And Giovanni, you know better than that. Just what were you expecting to do 7 months pregnant?” I rolled my eyes, “Had <em>her</em> shaking in her boots.” “B*tch.” She mumbled. “Fck you say hoe?!” I stood up as the guys surrounded me again. “Giovanni, SIT DOWN!” Daddy yelled. “Now, can’t we just enjoy this delicious meal in front of us without sh*t popping off?” daddy rarely cursed only when he was extremely mad. I knew I was gonna hear some stern words later. “Jenifer, I think it’s best if you didn’t ask any more questions.” he finished. “Oh my goodness. Not now, it’s too early!” Gabby rambled. We all looked at her trying to figure out what she was talking about. “What’s wrong babe?” D asked. She looked at him horrified, “I think my water just broke.” Everyone was now in alarm. “Baby, how? He’s not due for another month!” mom got up and went to her side. “Fck all them questions, let’s get her to the hospital!” I began to help her up while everyone, including D, was still dumbfounded.

Aww ats how it usually be grandmas gotta mend things back together

Yassssss I missed you lol

Run it ASAP

Gabby's pov

I stood there in shock I didnt know what to say,I looked at gi and nodded for her to make the first move but she shook her head and looked down at her shoes. "guess I will be the first one then" she looked at me and laughing saying "Indeed you will be." I rolled my eyes and walked up to jenifer "Hey grandma" she smiled and pulled me into a hug, when she pulled away she had tears in her eyes and said "I remember when you were just a baby and you and little gi would follow me around." I smiled and reached back for gi hand she just stood there so I had to grab her hand and pull her next to me she hugged her and just like that we heard our mother walk back into the kitchen. Since everyone could sense the tension in the air he decided to announce that dinner was ready. As me and gi walked back into the kitchen grandma followed us and asked who was due first, I slowly raised my hand and she laughed "I guess I showed up right on time then." I could feel that my mama was upset so I walke up to the side of her and put my head on her shoulder. "Love you mama" she stopped washing dishes and touched my face "I love you too baby" and kissed my forehead "Now go feed my grandson" I laughed as I felt dj continue to kick. Derrick helped me to the table and kissed me while rubbing my belly im guessing he is trying to make up for me almost wanting to kill him earlier... well it was working I just couldnt let him know that it was working.

10 minutes into dinner
Mama started talking about our new business venture we had talked about it for a while but we wanted this to be a mother daughters thing so we wanted gi to get in on the action as well "would you like to go into business with us honey?" mama and I smiled as gi moved the food around on her plate. "Well........


Aww Gi told Chris she loves him, like really loves him. Aww. i wonder was that just her hormones and missing Mike talking or did she really mean it. Poor chris couldnt even believe it... Well see. It sweet when her dad knows somethings wrong even when she tries to say shes fine.
LMAO why before I clicked on that pic, I was thinking it was gonna be Jennifer Lewis to lol. But why they just now learning about her?

GiGi’s POV

After Gabby made such a big fckn deal about Mike, I just didn’t know how to feel anymore. I mean, he’s my fckn baby’s father. He was my fiancé, I left everything for him willingly, he helped me get my dream job, and I loved him. I think I <em>still</em> love him. Maybe that’s the real reason why I didn’t want to be with Chris. I mean, besides the fact that he’s Mike’s best friend.

I went up to my room to get my things ready to go over our parents’ house. Right when I reached my door, my phone lit up on my dresser. I tried to rush over to it as much as I could for a pregnant lady. Sometimes I wished I wasn’t, but I wouldn’t dare say it out loud.

“Hello?” I answered without looking at the caller id.

Right then, I heard a voice I hadn’t heard in a long time, “Hey pretty lady.”

“Daniel? Oh my gosh, how are you?!” I spoke excitedly. I had the biggest crush on him before I met Michael.

He chuckled his signature chuckle, “What’s good fooley?”

“Honey, I’ve missed you! What are you doing with yourself?” I sat down on the edge of my bed.

“I uh, I started a styling service. I need a female stylist though.” He spoke carefully.

I smiled, “Are you asking me to come work for you?”

“No, that’s not what I’m asking. I’m asking you if you’d come work <em>with</em> me. I know you’re amazing at what you do. I need the best and….you’re the best.” He stated.

I couldn’t stop smiling, “Wow, um I’d love to do that. But you have to know that I’m YMCMB’s stylist first. They take precedence over anything.”

“Oh, cuz you with that cornball ass nigga?” he scoffed.

I rolled my eyes, “Uh no nigga, because I have a contract with them. I’m their official stylist. I style them for every major event and photo shoots.”

“Aiight, but be my partner.” He asked.

I thought about it for a while, “Draw up the proper paperwork and I’ll look it over.”

“Look at you, sounding like an adult.” He joked.

I laughed, “That’s cuz I am!”

“Mannn you not even 21.” He joked again. He loved to illustrate how younger I was than him, which was only a year and some months.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, “Whatever nigga, I’m on my grown woman sh*t.”

“Man, I miss you. When you gonna be back out here?” he asked.

My smile faded, “Umm, I’m out here.”

“Aw, for the holidays? How long you staying so that I could get in tune with you before you leave?” he asked making the reality of things hit harder than they already were.

I wiped a stray tear, “I’ll be out here for a while. You can probably swing by the house tomorrow or something.”

“Aiight cool, and Merry Christmas.” He stated.

I smiled and nodded, “Merry Christmas.”

I hung up and just sat there, staring into space. I was 19, pregnant, and alone. It seemed like I had such a luxurious lifestyle when I was with Mike. Now I was experiencing the side effects. I had lived an entire lifetime in just a year and had nothing to show for it but my so called career and these babies.

I touched my stomach and felt them kick. Almost immediately, I burst into tears. For once, it wasn’t over Mike.

Chris’s POV

I jogged up the stairs to go get Gi so that we could go. Gabby was getting on my nerves with all her yelling. She needs to be careful before she go into early labor.

I made it to her room and knocked on her door, “Hey Gi, you better come on. Gabby is nuts!” I opened the door and noticed her crying on the bed. I walked in, “You okay Giovani?”

Instead of answering me, she continued to cry and ended up dropping her phone. My mind instantly shot to Mike. “Yo what did he say?” I got upset. Mike was my best friend and all, but so was Gi and I hated to see her cry.

She shook her head, “It wasn’t Mike. Just let me cry okay?”

“Why are you crying?” I walked over and sat next to her on the bed.

She sniffed as she wiped the tears away, “I just thought things would be different in my life you know? I always wanted to be married to the father of my kids, and wait until I was at least 25 to have them. I just want my life back. I’m <em>19</em>, I should be having fun and going crazy. But now I have two other people to worry about and by myself. It never really bothered me this much before because I guess I knew I’d have the help, with Mike being there. But now it’s like, I have to do it by myself.”

I listened to her as she vented. I never knew that she felt this way. I wasn’t the one who needed to hear it though. But because I was her friend, I would be there for her and listen. “You know that I’ll help you in any way that I can. Gabby and D will be there and your folks.” I tried to assure her.

“I’m sure they will. But they were gonna be there any way, even with Mike in the picture. There’s stuff that they’re gonna need to learn and feel that only a father can provide. No one can do that but Mike and he’ll probably barely see them because we’re not together and his career.” She vented.

What she was saying was real, but I was dreading where this conversation was going, “D told me.”

“Told you what?” she looked at me confused as she attempted to fix her makeup in her mirror.

I sighed, “About how Mike is in town and wants to see you. I think---”

“Look, with all do respect I’m kind of burnt out on what everybody else thinks about <em>my</em> business.” She cut me off with much attitude.

I chuckled, “Gi, chill. All I was gonna say is that I think you should tell him how you feel. Everything that you just sat here and told me, he needs to hear. Then, he’ll make the necessary changes that can make you guys move forward.”

She looked at me with a different look in her eyes than ever before, “I love you.”

“I love you too, now come on.” I brushed it off and got up.

She came to me and made me look in her eyes, “No Chris, I love you.”

Her gaze couldn’t have been more passionate. It’s exactly what I had wanted to hear from her since the first time I told her how I felt about her. But now that it was actually happening, it just didn’t feel right. Her feelings were misplaced. She was still very much in love with Mike and I wasn’t going to compete with that.

“Gi…” I trailed off.

She nodded, “I know.”

I watched her get her things and walk out of the room. I blew out some air and hung my head. I wish that things were different.

GiGi’s POV

Chris helped me down the stairs and into the truck where we made our way over to mom and dad’s where everyone was waiting to see the two pregnant ladies. The entire car ride was completely silent, as it should be.

We finally made it over there, and everybody swarmed both me and Gabby. I was not in the mood for it at all. I managed to escape into the entertainment room where the guys were watching the basketball game. I loved basketball.

“What’s wrong with my baby?” Daddy put his hand around me and rubbed my arm.

I smiled, “Nothing daddy, just watching the game.”

“Mmhmm, we’ll talk after dinner.” Was all he said as he turned his attention back to the game.

Just like daddy to know the inner workings of my mind. I may look just like mom, but everything else was just like him.

“HEEYYY, WHERE IS EVERYBODY?!” A loud female voice came from the foyer.

“Oh God…” my dad said shaking his head.

Uncle Steve looked towards the door to the entertainment room, “Is that…?”

“Aw hell…” Pops said.

“What?” I asked as we all got up and walked to the front door where this lady who I had never seen before was.

Mom, Gabby, Nana, Aunt Jackée, and Aunt Regina all came out the kitchen as well.

“Well, ain’t you gonna say hello to your mother?” the <a href="">lady</a> said.

Me and Gabby looked at mom who looked like she had just seen a ghost. “Uh, hel- hello mother.” She stammered. She then looked at Aunt Jackée.

“Well don’t look at me, I didn’t invite her.” Aunt Jackée said to mom.

The lady put her hand on her hip, “I invited myself.”

Daddy stepped forward out of the crowd while clearing his throat, “Well Jenifer, glad to have you here. Girls, you were too young to remember but this is your grandmother. Your uh, mom and Aunt Jackée’s mother.”

Gabby and I looked at each other confused and then back at Dad standing next to her, “WHAT?!”

Runn it

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YAY your back:
Gi needs to quit fooling herself and get with Chris she know she wants him. I understand Mikes her babys father but she know dang well she dont need to be dealing with him unless its strictly has something to do with the babies. He did her wrong, period.
Hes not to be trusted.
LMAO at Gabby's ass coming in on Chris and Derrick and shutting shyt down lol. No games we gots to go, ats what Im talking bout lol. Chris knew to chill out lol. Now I've never been preggo, but Id be annoyed to if people kept telling me how big I was getting like fo'real I have a mirror and eyes I can see how big Im getting people. Now my question is whos at the door making all that noise.
RUN IT!!!!

I missed you!!!

I understand where Gi is coming from. she can't avoid Mike forever so they have to come up with some sort of arrangement for the babies. as for chris and Gi...that's gonna be messy. Gabby is going through some serious hormones.
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any runs????

Gabby's Pov

I walked upstairs as gi followed she was still going on about her and chris but it was very clear that she was generating feelings for him no matter how annoying he is. As I began to pack up the gifts and other things and taking them out to the truck I decided to ask gi the unwanted question I mean I really didnt care to know but I had a feeling she wanted to share. "Have you talked to mike?" I stated while loading up the truck, I looked over at gi and saw that she was hesitant to answer "uhhh yeah he asked me if he could come to dinner tonight but I told him that I would think about it." I gave her the are you serious look which instantly sparked rage within her; "What Gabby hes the father of my babies he is going to be around whether you and laz like it or not." I rolled my eyes in defeat "Okay fine I dont like him but whatever" "And thats fine but I was thinking about going to see him after dinner." I threw my hands up and wobbled back into the house and yelled "Really gi I cant even talk to you right now just ugggh". As I made my way to the guys sports room I yelled "Guys come on its time to go" I banged on the door but got no answer so I turned the knob and noticed that the door was locked "Oh no he didnt Open the damn door now!" no response "Oh hell the f*** no you niggas wait" I fumbled with my keys as I unlocked the door, I walked in and turned off the tv and got a instant response "Yo what the f*** bae we were watching that" D yelled "Yeah G whatsup man" chris stated. "Its time to go loves now get yall black asses up now." and with that I walked out into the hallway to wait "Aye we not black we red g" I stared at chris in disbelief that he would say that so I stepped to him "oh yeah if you dont want to be black,blue and purple I suggest you come on." I got in chris's face as he turned his head and clenched his jaw obviously upset, "Im starting the truck with or without you two."

20 Mins of fighting back and forth they finally gave in knowing damn well that they were not about to win this fight and got in the truck. We made it to our parents house with time to spare. We got unpacked hugged and kissed everyone. Me and gi tried our best to relax but the women gawked over how big we were getting and how excited they were, the men of course were infront of the tv watching the game that I turned off. Everyone was soon startled by a loud voice coming from the front door....

Whatsup whatsup whatsupppp

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Chris is a fool lmao @ the "there gone be flower bringing and slow singing" if he dont get to eat lol. He a mess. Aww but Gi, went on and made him what he wanted to eat I see... Yeah chris is feeling her and had Derrick and Gabby popped up they probably would've kissed. IJS. Even Chris ass admitted to it to Derrick lol. Now Gi, just gotta admit her feelings. I know he's Mikes best friend but hey sh*t happens. IJS. RUN IT!!!

<strong>GiGi’s POV</strong>

“Gi, I swear to God if I don’t eat it’s gon be slow singin and flower bringin in this b*tch!” Chris was mad as hell.

I laughed as I read my magazine, “Must gon be for your funeral when yo ass die of hunger!”

“UGGGGHHHH!!! Why you always gotta be so fckn difficult?!” he yelled in the middle of the kitchen.

I looked up at him from the table, “I don’t understand why you just can’t make a sandwich or some sh*t! All that sh*t we got from the store.”

“I don’t wanna make me a sandwich, I like it when <em>you</em> make my sandwiches!” he leaned on the island.

I laughed at him, “You are such a lil boy!”

“Oh, I’m a lil boy?” he walked over to me.

I closed my magazine, “That’s what I said.”

“How much of a lil boy am I?” he inched his face close to mine.

“You’re a super lil boy yelling at my sister like that!” Gabby scolded him as she walked into the kitchen.

I ran over to hug her, “OMG! I’m so glad that you’re okay!”

“Wait, were you two about to kiss?” D asked.

Chris and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes, “No.”

“It looked like it!” D retorted.

“Yeah well, we didn’t.” I snapped.

He put his hands up, “Fine, you weren’t gonna kiss.”

“Well now that that’s over with and Gabby’s back, how about that sandwich?!” Chris came over hugging me from behind.

I cut him a side eye, “Oh, how I loathe you!”

“What you talkin? You love me woman!” he gave my cheek a sloppy kiss and went over to the fridge. “I was thinking BLT?” he grabbed the stuff and handed it to me.

I rolled my eyes and snatched it from him. I quickly made his sandwich and wrapped it for him.

“What, no chips?” he asked after receiving his sandwich.

“Chris, get the fck out my kitchen!” Gabby demanded just as irritated with him as I was.

He grabbed a bag of chips out the pantry, “Fine, I’ll go. Thanks for the sandwich Gi!” he winked and smiled as he walked out.

“He irks my deepest nerve.” I commented.

Gabby laughed, “Please, if chris wasn’t Mike’s best friend you’d be all over him.”

“What?” I couldn’t believe she said what she said.

She turned her back, “Hm?” she then turned to me and laughed, “Oh b*tch you heard what I said!”

<strong>Chris’s POV</strong>

I sat in the sports room with D, eating my delicious sandwich, as we began to watch the game.

“So…” D started.

I sighed knowing where this was going, “What nigga?”

“Mike’s in town.” He revealed.

Okay, maybe I don’t know exactly where this is going. “Yeah?” I wanted to know where he was going with this.

“He wants to see Gi.” D stated.

Of course he does, “What Gi say?”

“She told him she’ll think about it.” He responded.

I shrugged a little relieved, “Then let her think about it. Don’t let Christmas get ruined like the baby shower with unwanted appearances.”

“I guess you’re right, if you’re thinking about Gi.” He turned his attention to the game.

I screwed my face, “Of course I am. She was really upset after he left.”

“Mmhmm. So that means that you guys weren’t gonna kiss back there.” He stated.

I cleared my throat and adjusted in my seat, “Of course not.”

“You two were totally gonna kiss.” He chuckled.

I ate a chip, “Totally.”

We bumped fists and continued to watch the game.

Awwwwww , I've missed this story ! It's great , RUN IT !!

SMH Chris and D need to be beat! they never do what they're told. thank god everything is fine with the baby *wipes sweat* chris is always arguing about some food lls

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