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Brand New Video For Put It Down

Brand New Video For Put It Down
Brandy is back with her new single ‘Put It Down’, which features none other than Breezy himself. Check out the brand new video here:

‘Put It Down’ is out now! Click here to buy the single from iTunes, so you can add it to your Breezy playlist.

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  • Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaah can't get over this song!!!!! Got it on #repeat - love my breezy! Xxxxxxxxxxx
    by leahlovescb98 on 9月 22, 2012 午後30 12:12午後
  • Love this soo muchhhhhh,amazing!#team breezy!loveyouChrisbrown!<3
    by Erinmac on 9月 8, 2012 午前30 11:11午前
  • i love this song so much!!!!!, love ya chris brown :)
    by simi4chris on 8月 30, 2012 午前31 11:11午前
  • DAMN!!! MAN MY MAN LOOKS FIERCE!!!! showing off his new tattoo!!!!! but i hope he stops!! i like seeing his abzz!but good video and i like the dancing !!
    by Laaiqa Hana on 8月 17, 2012 午後31 5:05午後