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Join Chris For World Humanitarian Day!

Join Chris For World Humanitarian Day!

This World Humanitarian Day I’m doing something good, somewhere, for someone else. Join me! #WHD2012 #IWASHERE <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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  • changed for better , congratulations (:
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  • So carerasmatic and loving. So grateful to have a person like you Chris brown.
    by cbrezzyluvr on 9月 16, 2012 午前30 10:10午前
  • like i looooooooove u chris soooooooo much
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  • Dear Chris Brown, you are so amazing not only in your looks but the way you sing. You truly are an inspiration to me and I love your music. One day I hope to meet you in person and hopefully discuss your music because you are amazing and I would love for you to teach me. Love Mikhayla:)
    by MikhaylaBrown412 on 9月 2, 2012 午後30 5:05午後
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