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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


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“AHHHH! I win again!” I rubbed in Chris’s face as we played the basketball shoot out game at Great America.

He laughed, “Yeah whatever, you just got lucky!”

“But Chris, I’ve won me and yo girlfriend a big ass toy. Damn son, step it up!” I joked as we all laughed.

Mike put his arm around me, “Ohhhhh she just came at yo head boy!”

“Damn baby, you gon let her punk you like that?” Sofia laughed while holding her huge dog I won her.

Chris looked at all of us, “Man fck all y’all!”

We all laughed as we walked away from the game to go get some funnel cakes. We had been here all day and, because of our fun passes, had ridden every ride about 3 times. Because Mike and Sofia wanted to be picky, they had to share one and me and Chris shared one. It was kinda weird but we made it happen.

“So Michael, what is it that you wanted to tell us?” I asked as me and Chris fought over a strawberry.

He wiped his mouth, “Oh I already told Chris but, um after this quarter I’m gonna be working at Columbia teaching advanced English classes.”

“Wow, really baby? That’s whats up!” I beamed.

He smiled, “Thanks love.” He pecked my lips.

“Yeah Mike, that’s cool.” Sofia gave him a fist bump.

He nodded, “Yeah and I’m getting paid more, so that’s a plus. Chris, why don’t you share your news?”

We all looked over at Chris who was blushing. He’s so bashful around everybody but I bet he don’t act like that with Sofia. He swallowed his food, “Well, I was offered by a good friend of mine to have my art featured in their art gallery at the end of the month. It’s gonna be some big name art dealers and buyers there so, it should bring in some hefty revenue.”

“Daaammmnnn, check you out!” I smiled.

Sofia wrapped her arm around his waist and laid her head on his shoulder, “Proud of you baby.”

“That’s not all though, go ahead Chris.” Mike encouraged.

Chris looked at him, “Damn man! Naw I’m just playing, but um I got a job offer at DePaul to teach in the fall. I’d be at the downtown campus.” He smirked a little.

“Yo Chris, you the sh*t son!” I joked.

He nodded, “Thanks.”

“Can y’all believe it though? It seems like if we wouldn’t have met y’all, we’d probably still be teaching at lame ass AI for more years. Chris still would’ve been hiding his best art pieces, and I’d still be teaching English II to dumbasses.” Mike vented.

Me and Sofia frowned at his last comment, “Heeeeyyy!” we both exclaimed.

“Damn, my bad. I ain’t mean y’all obviously.” He laughed.

I shrugged, “I don’t think we had anything to do with it though. You guys would’ve still achieved everything without us.”

“Naw, just think about it. I can’t speak freely for you and Mike, but Sofia brings out the best in me. I was lowkey depressed before I met her, but she showed me what it was to live again. To be loved again.” Chris stared dreamily at Sofia as she blushed. They were just so damn cute I could die.

Mike nodded, “I mean, that goes for me too. Before I met you I was in a dead end relationship that I had no idea how to get out of. When I finally did, and was able to be with you I realized what I was missing and I never wanna go back there again. Not now that I know.”

“Now that you know what?” I asked.

He put some hair behind my ear, “That you were what I was missing.”

I smiled and kissed his lips, “I love you.” The words left my lips and fell out on the table before I could catch them. This was the first time either of us had said those words. Funny thing was, I didn’t even flinch after I said them. I knew it was true. But did he?

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I couldn’t believe she had just said the words I had been burning to say myself. I never said it because I didn’t think she was ready. If I never knew anything, I knew now. “Damn baby, I love you too.” I kissed her lips once more.

“Wait, don’t tell me that this is the first time y’all saying that?” Chris chuckled.

We both nodded and he laughed harder, “Hell naw!”

“Boy shut up! Just because you were all thirsty to say it, don’t mean they had to be. Maybe they wanted to make sure they were truly in love first.” Sofia stuck up for us.

I laughed, “Thanks Soso.”

Chris, being the big kid that he is, stuck his tongue out at Gi. She laughed and did it back.

“I swear we can’t take you two nowhere.” Sofia laughed at them both.

She rolled her eyes playfully, “Whatever mom.” They both laughed. GiGi had been calling her that all day. At first it was funny, now it’s a little suspect.

“Soooo, looks like we’re done here. Everybody ready to head home?” I got up, clearing the plates with Chris.

Sofia and GiGi stood up. “No let’s ride the Raging Bull one more time!” GiGi exclaimed. “Yeah, and the Superman.” Sofia struck the Superman pose.

I looked at Chris and he shrugged. “Fine.” We both stated as we sighed.

“Yay!” they both exclaimed as they locked arms. We followed behind them all the way to the other end of the park where the Raging Bull ride was.


“I had fun today babe.” I smiled over at Mike as I drove us home. Sofia drove coming and I agreed to drive back. We ended up having to drive our car, because let’s face it, ours is better than both of theirs.

He smiled and grabbed my free hand, “I did too. And judging by those two passed out back there, they had fun too.”

We both laughed at them laid over each other dead to the world.

“Yo I feel like one of those couples that take their kids to 6 flags and then they fall asleep on the way back.” I laughed.

He studied me before speaking, “You feel like a parent?”

“Yeah.” I shrugged, only because of the situation.

He nodded, “So, you wanna have kids?”

“What are you asking Mike? Be clear.” I glanced over at him.

“Do you wanna have children?” He asked again.

I sighed, “Sure, after I’m married.”

“So, you wanna get married?” he asked.

I chuckled, “Are you proposing?”

“Naw, naw.” He shook his head as he laughed a little himself.

I let out some air, “Well then, where is this conversation going?”

“No fckn where.” Chris mumbled in the back.

We both looked back there and laughed. He smiled a little and went back to sleep. But he was right though, the conversation was going nowhere. I don’t know if Mike was just asking questions to make conversation or if he was asking to store the answers away for another day. Whatever the reason, it got me to thinking. Things were quiet on the rest of the way back. I dropped Chris and Sofia off at his house; they were leaving us tomorrow for Virginia. I hugged them both and then headed over to Mike’s place.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

We laid in bed. She was sleep, but I was wide awake. I was thinking about the car conversation. I wouldn’t mind marrying Gi, or her having my kids. In fact, that was the goal wasn’t it? Well at least for me, at my age. I just don’t know if she’s ready. She’s only 21 with her whole life ahead of her. I knew we said that we’d just let this relationship go along as it pleased, but I can’t help but think ahead. I guess it’s the maturity in me.

“Babe,” I heard her call as she turned to face me. She looked like she had been up thinking just like me when I thought she was sleep.

I kissed her lips, “What’s up?”

“Can we watch the stars?” she looked like something was bothering her.

I nodded, “Yeah, where you wanna do it at?”

“The balcony is fine.” She rose up as I followed.

We went out onto my balcony and I sat on one of the lounge chairs and she sat on my lap and laid back. We covered up with the little blanket she brought out.

“Are you ever gonna tell me why you do this?” I asked, staring at the sky.

She sighed, “It calms me.”

“You’ve told me that. But I know there’s something else.” She persisted.

She adjusted and looked down at me, “When I was a little kid, my mom and dad used to fight a lot. It got so bad sometimes that I would cry. My big brother would take me outside and we’d get in our tent and watch the stars. It wasn’t until I got a little older that I realized my father was beating her. My brother had gone off to college by then. I tried to help her.” She paused and I could see her tears forming.

“It’s okay if you don’t wanna finish.” I tightened my grip around her to make her feel secure.

She wiped a tear, “No it’s okay. Um, I tried to get him off of her because she couldn’t breathe. He pushed me into our wall unit and I hit my head; there was blood everywhere. I got the phone and called 911 before I passed out. They arrested my dad and both my mother and I were admitted. I woke up and my brother was standing over me crying. I asked him why and she just kept asking, ‘Why didn’t you just go watch the stars?’”

“He was mad at you?” I asked.

She shook her head, “No, he was proud. He was mad at what dad did to me but he was glad that I tried to help. If not, we would’ve lost both parents. One to death and the other to prison.”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that baby. But I’m proud at how brave you were. Even then you were a strong woman.” I kissed her neck.

She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest, “Ever since then, whenever I get agitated, mad, sad, or frustrated I just watch the stars and find my peace of mind again.”

I kissed her passionately. I admired her even more. Her story was so real and the fact that she had to go through something that traumatic at such a young age, and not be damaged was remarkable. “I love you so much more now.”

“Yeah?” she smiled as she kissed my lips repeatedly.

I nodded, “But babe, how come that’s the first time I’ve heard you talk about your brother? You guys not close anymore or something?”

“No, we talk everyday. I don’t really know why I haven’t told you about him. Just never came up I guess. But he’s in New York. He’ll be out here for the fourth, maybe you can meet him then.” She divulged.

I thought about it, “That’s two months away. I haven’t even met your mother yet.”

“I haven’t met your mother yet either.” She giggled.

I looked at her, “That’s because she’s all the way in California.”

“You know what’s funny?” she sat up on my lap.

I smiled up at her, “What babe?”

“That we both lived in Compton and you and my brother went to the same school but we’ve never met. Maybe because he's a little older than you.” She shrugged and got up, going inside.

I followed her, “Really? What's his name?”

“Omari.” She said as she got into bed.

I thought back, “I don’t think I knew an Omari Monroe. A Hardwick, but not Monroe.”

“That’s my brother.” She said, happy.

I looked at her hoping it wasn't true, “Who?”

“Omari Hardwick. I have my mother’s maiden name.” she smiled up at me.

Time stood still as hella flashbacks came rushing through my head. “Sh*t.” was all I could say.


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Gigi and I got a workout dancing. Chris even got in, play around popping and grinding. But once we were all tired out and laid on the floor all over each other, we noticed Mike was gone. I elbowed Gigi and nodded at the doorway. She gets up and leaves out. Chris and I help each other up and go to my bedroom.

I get ready to take a shower, but I hear GiGi already running the water. "Damn," I laugh catching Chris' attention who was lying on the bed. "Bish..."

"What," he asks.


Chris clears his throat and answers an incoming call. "Hey ma," he smiles, propping one arm behind his head as if its a pillow. "Yeah, she right here! ...Okay," he holds the phone out to me. "Ma wants to talk to you," he licks his lips and looks over at the television.

Hesitantly, I take the phone as Chris reaches for the TV remote. I put the phone to my ear, half-smiling. "Hello?"

"Hi Angel," Joyce answers, "you taking care of my son out there?"

"Yes," I smile and stare at Chris. "His goofy self is in good hands!"

"Good. Well, um I was calling Chris because I'm not able to make it out this weekend and I know we only got to spend a short time together, honey. And I really like you. So I wanted to tell you myself and invite you out to Virginia this weekend."

", thank you! Thank you, I would love to come out there and hang with you guys this weekend!"

"Great!" Joyce says. "Alright that's all I wanted to talk to you about! And Chris told me that you got him cooking for you! I taught that boy all I know about the kitchen, honey! Maybe I can teach you a couple of things!"

"Oh my god, yes!" Sofia grinned. "My dad taught me how to cook, but I barely do. I like to bake cakes and stuff, but...I never get to the cake because I always eat the mix!"

"Chile...ain't gonna be any cake mix eating over here, okay?" she laughs, "I can see we're gonna have lots of fun! Talk to you then."

"Alright, nice talking to you, Joyce." Sofia hands the phone back over to Chris and goes to packing a bag.

"Ma...alright. Okay. We'll be out there then. Bye," he hangs up and stares at me, squinting his eyes. "I see you...tryna steal my momma!"

"Boy gone," I laugh and finish packing. "I'm ready to go to your place."

<ol><strong>Professor Brown</strong></ol>

"Baby," I say as I sit up. "So you know your school sucks for it's spring break vacation right?! It's one damn day!"

"BS, right?" she smiles and turns, picking up her purse. "I'm ready."

I sneak up on her, catching her in my arms as she turns. "Babe?"

"Hm," she asks, looking up at me. "What, baby?"

"I love you," I peck her on the lips and move my head back to stare her in the eyes.

She bites her bottom lip and kisses me back. We get into some intense action until her phone begins to ring. "Mm," she pulls back and hurries to find her phone in her purse. "Hey daddy!" she smiles. "Mm hm! ...Nuh uh! Yeah. Okay, I'll be out there in a few. Bye," she hangs up. "My dad wants me to come out there for the night."

"Great," I nod. "Let's go."

"Wait, you're fine with it? Going to meet my dad?"

"Hell yeah, what you mean!" I smile and grab her hand. She picks up her purse and we walk out. We could hear GiGi and Mike in the shower doing them so we simply left the apartment. Heading to the back of the building to my car, I remember something. "Babe?"

"Yeah?" she looks over at me.

Our hands swung in between us as we walked. "Are you gonna tell me why you and Gigi went to the doctor," I asked for the millionth time. She wouldn't tell me or who actually needed to go. It was killing me man. My last fiance and I planned on having a baby, but she couldn't have kids even though she did what she did but still. The bottom line is I want kids and if Sofia is pregnant, then I would like to know.

"It was just a regular check up," she says staring at the car as she lets go of my hand to walk around to the passenger side. I follow her without pressing the unlock button. Standing over her as she leans back against the car, I observe her face while she looked away from me. "Chris."

"I know something has been bothering you. Just tell me."

"Okay," she sighs and looks down fumbling with her fingers. "I thought that...I was..." she stares at me, "pregnant. And so I went to the doctor. But she said that I wasn't."

"Aw, babe..." I place my hands on her face and kiss her on the forehead. "Did you want to be?"

"A little bit. Gigi said that I'm crazy," she giggles, then sighing.

"It's okay. If you want a baby, then we'll have one. We'll make one. I want kids, too, you know?"

"Okay," she nods.

I unlock the door, opening it for her and then closing it before going over to the driver side to hop in. Starting the car, the new Justin Timberlake album I ought comes on and Sofia turns up the music. We jam the whole way out to the south suburbs, finally pulling up the <a href=>house</a>. The garage is open and her father is sitting inside smoking a cigarette.

"Heyyy," Sofia says, skipping up the driveway all the way to her father and gives him a hug. "I missed you!"

"I love you too, baby girl! How are you doing man," he turns to me to shake my hand.

"I'm doing fine, sir." I smile.

"Come on, let's go inside. Sitting out here," her father rants, "with some of the neighbors. They just went inside. Might as well, too." I follow behind him as Sofia leads the way.

"Oooh, yes!" Sofia grinned, "you barbequed today!"

"Yeah..." her father sighs. Soon enough we were sitting at the dining room table talking. We talked for hours until 11 o'clock at night. Sofia was gone upstairs in her room talking to Gigi as I got some alone time with her dad. "So, you taking care of my baby girl quite well, son. Is it serious?"

"Very, very serious." I nod. "yes, sir. And actually, I wanted to ask you...and I know it's not really done these days, but if I could have SOfia's hand in marriage."

"What!" Her father stands up, looking mad and then sits down laughing. He calms down and smiles. "Of course! It seems a little early though. I mean you've only known each other for a month, but if you say you love her and she loves you! I can see it... Yes! Yes, you have my blessing!"

"Thank you, sir." I smile. Sofia comes back downstairs and sits down. She stares at us wondering what we had talked about. "Is everything okay with Gigi?"

"Yeah, she's good. Uh, what were you two talking about," she stares at me.

"Nothing but the grass and barbeque and sports," her father lied. "Manly stuff!" he says as we all stand up, patting my shoulder. "Nice meeting you Christopher!"

"Same here," I give him a short hug and we quickly pull away. I watch as Sofia hugs her dad and then yawns. "Alright. You ready to go?"

"Yes," she nods. "I'm so sleepy."

"Well drive safe," he father says as she walks us to the door. "And take care."

"Alright," I wave holding two wrapped up plates of barbequed food as I step out. "You too."

Sofia and I get in the car and drive off. By the time I get on the highway Sofia is asleep. We get back to my apartment and fall asleep. Well, Sofia fell asleep. I was still awake thinking about what I was gonna do tomorrow on our double date with Mike and GiGi. We hadn't gone out in a while and it would be nice to do just like our first date.

Soso where you at girl?

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I checked the time and sighed. Mike told me that he wanted to see me in the Learning Center to talk about the recent paper I wrote. He had to have been using this as an excuse to see me, because my papers were always flawless.

I walked in and he was sitting there with another student so I started to chat with my friend at the front desk. After a few minutes, he was approaching me.

“Ms. Monroe, can I see you in my office?” he eyed me as if something was wrong.

I shrugged, “I guess.” I told my friend goodbye and followed him across campus to his office. “So what did you want?” I sat down in one of his chairs.

He closed the door and the blinds, “You.” He smirked while loosening his tie.

“Now Professor Stevenson, if Chris didn’t give us a free period wouldn’t you have to wait?” I sat there, crossing my legs.

He smirked while undoing his pants, “But I don’t have to wait.”

“Oh, but you do.” I got up and tried to leave.

It was all in vain because he scooped me up, laid me on his desk, and entered me all in one swift movement. I couldn’t have stopped it even if I tried. He sent me into bliss more than once and it was so hard for me to be quiet.

After we were done, I was breathless. I pulled my dress down and continued to lay on his desk as I caught my breath. “Fck, I don’t think I can go to class.” I whispered.

“You wanna go home?” he asked as he got himself together.

I sat up as I tossed my hair a bit, “I think so.”

“Did you get your assignments done for my classes that are due today?” he hopped right back into teacher mode.

I smiled at that, “Yes Professor.”

“Don’t do that to me. You know what that does to me.” He pulled me close to him.

I pecked his lips, “What? When I call you professor?”

“Stop!” He chuckled, “Now give me your assignments so you can go home.”

“You still coming over right?” I got the two portfolios out of my bag.

He nodded, “Yeah I gotta pick some things up from home first but I’ll be over there.”

“Okay.” I pecked his lips one more time and walked out.

On my way to find Sofia, I ran into Brandon. “What’s up beautiful?” he smiled.

“Going home, I don’t feel too good.” I halfway lied.

He looked me over as if he could sense I was lying, “Aw okay. So my friend’s having a party at the Funky Buddah Friday. You think that you and Sofia would wanna come?”

“I wouldn’t mind but I don’t think that Sofia would wanna come if Trey’s gonna be there.” I thought about how she told me that he’s been acting real stalkerish the past couple weeks.

He nodded, “Yeah I figured. But he’s supposed to be working that night so tell her to come and have fun.”

“Word. Alright, I’ll see you later.” I smiled.

Without warning, he hugged me just as Mike was passing us. I knew I would have to hear his mouth on this later on. We said our goodbyes and I continued my search for Sofia. Suddenly, my phone rang and it was her.

“B*tch you psychic or some sh*t? Cuz I was just tryna find yo allusive ass!” I laughed.

She laughed too, “Allusive? Damn b*tch you’ve been around Mr. Stevenson too long.”

We both laughed as I made my way into the building. “Where are you?” I asked.

“By the elevators. I was calling you because I wanna go home.” She answered.

I laughed again, “Yo, why are we on our twin sh*t right now though? I was calling you cuz I wanna go home too.”

“Well bring your ass then!” she commanded like my mother and hung up.

I looked at my phone and then hurried to her location. Oh, she was gonna get a piece of mind. She was taking this mom sh*t a little too far. I laughed to myself as I saw her.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

“So, what was with that hug?” I looked over at Giovani. We were laying on the hood of my car again. Watching the stars was our regular thing now. She said it calmed her down, especially when she was younger. I wanted her to tell me about it, but she always changed the subject.

She shrugged, “He hugged me unexpectantly. I’m sorry.”

“Why were you even talking to him in the first place?” I persisted.

He sighed heavily, “Baby please, I don’t wanna fight. I just wanna enjoy your company. You don’t have to ever worry about another nigga, you got me.” She finally looked into my eyes.

What could I say to that? She was so calm and her eyes proved truth to her words. “I just don’t like seeing you with him.” I finally uttered.

“I understand that baby.” She sat up and hopped off the hood.

I followed her lead and headed up to the back to the third floor. We walked in and Sofia’s door was still closed. Her and Chris were probably still talking. Giovani wanted to have a group ‘family’ meeting but Chris wanted them to talk alone first.

When I made it into Gi’s room, she was in a sports bra putting on some small shorts. “Why you look like you bout to work out?” I sat on the edge of her bed.

“Feel like dancing.” She answered as she grabbed her ipod and walked out the room.

I looked at her weirdly and then followed. She opened a door next to the bathroom across the apartment and went inside. I followed and saw that it was an empty room with ceiling to floor mirrors all on one side.

“I didn’t even know this room existed.” I stated looked around as she put her iPod on the dock.

She smirked, “That’s the idea.” The music started to a song I never heard before as she began to dance. Her body moved fluidly across the room. I didn’t even know that she could do any of that.

“So when were you gonna tell me that you were a dancer?” I smiled as I witnessed her trained body float around.

She shrugged, “Never came up.”

“What song is this?” I asked.

“Tell Him Something by Joe Budden.” She simply answered.

Soon, Sofia and Chris showed up at the door. “Wow, she showed you?” Sofia smiled as she sat on the floor.

“Come.” Gi grabbed her hand and they both started to move in sync with the music.

“Wow.” Chris leaned up against the wall.

There was so much that we still didn’t know about them and I couldn't wait to figure out.

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<strong><em><ol>Professor Brown</ol></em></strong>

The days went by quickly and soon a month passed by. Mid-term week 5 started this Monday morning and I had been preparing my students for it. There was a three-part project.

"Good morning," I say in a raspy voice. Random students greeted me back while others either yawned and stretched or stay silent.

Clearing my throat, I sigh and watch as Giovanni and Sofia walk in five minutes after 8:15. I knew that one of them had went to the doctor, but they wouldn't say who. Just kept on saying <em>'we're' going to the doctor</em>. But Mike and I would find out what was going on between the two soon. Tonight actually. They sat down in front like usual. Giovanni gave me a slight smile while Sofia opened up her sketch book and began to doodle perfect fashion models. I ignore them and go back to speaking to the class.

"Today, you know that part one of the Midterm Week project is due, which is the draft of an essay for an art piece you are inspired by for your field of study. If you don't have it on paper, then I said you can e-mail it to me especially if you have an emergency or couldn't make it, or for just in case. If you don't have it done, you have until 12:00 tonight to e-mail it to me."

Giovanni cleared her throat, smiling at Sofia as she sipped on her Starbucks drink. Sofia smiled unwillingly as she didn't even look at Giovanni, but see from a side glance knowing what Giovanni was hinting at.

Sofia shook her head and pulled out her draft causing Giovanni to gasp and then laugh as Giovanni also pulled out her draft too. These girls were ridiculous.

"Why y'all even do a paper," one girl said - Teyana. "Grade A sex, fck you mean," she laughs.

"Inappropriate though," Giovanni rolls her eyes.

"Teyana, that was uncalled for and really unnecessary." Sofia says.

"Girl please!" Teyana smirked.

"Teyana, I'm not here for you disrespecting my class with that ignorant comment," I stare at her. "Either you have something nice to say or nothing at all."

"Like everybody don't know," she shrugs.

"Anymore comments on subjects irrelevant to this class, I will have you removed from my class." I continue on. "Now, due Wednesday is a powerpoint presentation on the art piece that has inspired you in your field of study, whatever that may be. Part three is extra credit, which is a multiple choice test on what we've learned so far. I will call the people up who need to take this test, and if you feel that you need to take this test if I don't call upon you, please come and speak to me after class. That's all for today. Turn in your drafts and then you can go to the library to work on your powerpoint presentation or go home. However, I strongly recommend you work on that powerpoint. Class dismissed."


Giovanni turned in our drafts without saying a word to Chris. Then we collected our things, leaving the class with a few other students who also had their work done.

"Done with that powerpoint boi!" Giovanni says as she danced down the hall. "We be on it," she laughs.

"Yeah," I agree.

"Girl, what's wrong?!" she stops three feet ahead of me. I come to a stop in front of her with a serious expression upon my face. "Man!" she whispers, "the doctor said that you weren't! Why you mad?"

"I'm not mad," I look down and push pass her.

"Wait!" Giovanni turns on her heels and hurries after me, "so you wanted to be? Are you crazy? You're not ready! Hell, I'm not ready for you to be ready! C'mon man, you can't be serious!"

"I am serious GiGi," I head towards the convenient store. "You don't understand <em>why</em>."

"Then tell me! Is it because of...that you want to prove that you're better than your mother ever was to you?"

"Yes!" I stopped with tears welling up in my eyes. "Yes, that's why..." I kept on walking.

"But...but what about you and Shad," she follows me. "Sht, I gotta get to my class. Sofia!"

"Shad was different! He wasn't ready! He...I didn't feel like he wanted to actually start something with me," I turn to walk backwards in front of Giovanni. "I'm ready. I know what I want now."

"So you're ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POSITIVE," Giovanni smiles, "that you know what you're asking for? With him? Hell, is he even ready? Did y'all talk about this? Cause if so we need to have a group meeting tonight!"

I turn on my heels and walk off. "Get to class Gigi."

"Man, you big ole baby," she says and walks away laughing. "You tweakin!"

"WHATEVER!" I yell back and laugh too.

Making it to the convenient store, I go straight to the counter where there was a box of suckers and grabbed a bunch of strawberry, grape, and watermelon. Then i headed to get a ginger ale from the freezer when I see Trey already there. He hands me one and I take it. "Thanks..." I stare at him and quickly turn heading to the cashier to pay for everything. My hopes for someone else standing behind me were cut short when Trey arrived.

"Still with that teacher, huh?"

Ignoring him, I pay for my snacks and walk out the convenient store. My phone was vibrating and I knew it was Chris. We always met at Subway around the corner from the campus. I'm guessing he was already there so I made a left towards the back offices that lead to a wide hallway. It took me to an exit that lead to a four-lane street where Chris waited leaned up against the wall of the schools' building smoking a cigarette. Ugh, I hated when he smoked.

<strong><em><ol>Professor Brown</ol></em></strong>

Sofia walked over to me with a half-smile on her face. I pushed myself off the wall and we began to walk down the sidewalk towards Subway when we hear someone calling a name. Turning around, Sofia stops for a second and then I glance over my shoulder to see Trey. He seemed caught off guard. Oh well. Sofia walked backwards for a few more seconds and turns back around to walk forward, grabbing my hand. We get to Subway and I open the door for Sofia, following in afterwards. We stood in the short line discussing Teyana's comments when I see Trey walk pass outside and walk into Subway.

"Gigi said we need to have a group meeting," Sofia giggles.

"First me and you need to talk," I smile and look away when Trey stands behind her. "Before then."

"Okay," Sofia agreed. "She called me a big ole baby! I'm a whoop her ass! You better not try and stop me either!"

"You not gonna sht!" I stated.

"Nigga please I'm bout dat thuglife," she laughs. "You can get it too, shid!"

"Tsst," I smile and shake my head.

We moved up in line and I let Sofia tell the worker her order first. Giving Trey a side glance, I could see he was staring pass me. It was irritating the hell out of me. I made my order and then we paid for it all. Didn't know what the purpose of him following us, but I ignored his ass and any other student staring at us as we sat down to eat. Trey sat down to eat a few chairs down from Sofia too. I had a feeling he was up to something. Just didn't know what.

"I'm full," Sofia sighs.

"You didn't even eat half of it," I observed her sandwich. "And you ain't even smash the chips! Or drink any pop!"

"I know," she pouts. "I'm a eat it later though."

"What you gonna do?"

" depends. I'll see at the end of the break. I'm still working on my power-point so I think i'll go to the library."

I gasped. "What! You aren't finished?" I cover my mouth, shocked. Yes, we're dating but she doesn't tell me when she does her homework just because I'm teaching one of her classes.

"Shut up," she giggles. "I was working this weekend!" she reminded me. Damn I was so caught up in my thoughts I forgot about all weekend. "Yes," Sofia says out of no where, questioning Trey as she blinked at him. "I got something on my face? You been staring hella hard this whole damn time you been here! You wanna speak your mind? Cause if so, I'll wait!"

"Sofia," I gently grab her arm. I had ignored his ass all this time. It was obvious he wanted a reaction but I wasn't going to give it to him. He could stare all he wanted and cry about it too. Hell he could even take a damn picture! Cause Sofia wasn't going back with him. "Ignore him. Don't even talk to him, alright?"

"You're right. Not worth it," she rolls her eyes as she wraps up her food and stuffs inside her purse. "Let's go."

I gather my things and follow her out. We get back to the campus and enter the school. I quickly gave her kiss and then we walked into the school soon parting ways.

awww , i like where their relationships are going . it's cute (: " i met you " that's sweet !

Aww that was soo intimate! And real
I like them getting to know eachother on a deeper level :)
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<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

"Baby?" I heard her call me from her room. I got off the couch and walked into there. She had candles lit and Sade playing softly in the background. I loved Sade.

I smirked, "What you know about that Sade?"

"Please, Sade is my girl." She slowly walked over to me n kissed my lips.

I smiled down at her, "So what's all this about?"

"I'm trying to be intimate gosh!" She joked as she led me over to the bed.

I smirked as she gently pushed me down on the bed, "My bad baby, I ain't mean to mess up your flow." I pulled her down on my lap.

"Lay down." She seductively commanded.

I did as she said keeping a firm grasp on her hips.

"No, on your stomach baby." She removed my hands a got up so I could do so.

I watched her as she went into her closet where some plastic organizers were. She came out with a clear navy blue bottle.

"What's that for?" I asked.

She bit her bottom lip as she smiled. Not saying a word. Instead she climbed on her bed and straddled my back. She opened the bottle and I felt some liquid on my back. I instantly knew what this was and smiled. Her magical hands confirmed the notion.

"Damn baby, you're tense. What's been on your mind?" She cooed as she massaged every muscle in my back, shoulders, and neck.

I smiled as I enjoyed her hands all over me, "Been thinking bout yo troublesome ass!"

She then hit a nerve in my shoulder that made a sharp pain go through my whole body, "Ahhh! What the hell?!"

"Don't f*** with the person who's giving you a massage." She laughed as she massaged that area, soothing me again.

I shook my head, "s***, I see!"

"No but for to me." She spoke in the most softest sensual voice that I have ever heard her in.

I shrugged, "I don't know, I just thought I was gonna see Nicole at Gino's and then I saw your little friend when we went to the little liquor store. Nothing too major though."

"You saw Brandon?" She asked.

I nodded, "Yeah, but we ain't say nothing to each other."

"Oh, why you worried about seeing Nicole?" She climbed off of me.

I sat up and looked at her, "Because I was picking up an order under your name. She already thinks you're the reason we broke up."

"Hmmm." Was all she said.


I didn't know how to take in that information. Was I really the reason he broke up with her. How was I supposed to know he wouldn't do the same thing to me if he found someone better?

"What you thinking about?" He asked.

I pulled my knees into my chest, "Nothing really."

"Why you lying?" He smirked, "Come on babe, you can trust me."

I shrugged, "Did you break up with her for me?"

"I won't say that you didn't have a part in it, but it was other major things at play. Other things that had nothing at all to do with you." He divulged.

I nodded, "Cool, I just wondering."

"Cuz you thought I'd do the same to you?" He asked.

Gosh this man knew me like a book. I smirked n bit my bottom lip. "Maybe, I don't know."

"Baby, listen to me. I will never dog you out or do anything shady to you. You're different than any female I've ever been with." He looked in my eyes with the most sincerity.

I nodded, "You're way different too."

He laughed, "I am? What type of niggas you been with."

"I don't be with niggas. I've only had one real relationship before. He broke my heart. Ever since then, I just been like fck niggas." I told him.

He chuckled, "what you mean 'fck niggas'? What about that nigga Brandon? And that other one in the computer class."

I giggled, "First of all I never fckd around with MJ. Secondly, when I say 'fck niggas' that means fck all that love sh*t. I was playing niggas left n right. Got what I wanted n moved to the next."

"So basically, you were a nigga." He joked.

I laughed too, "Basically."

"What changed?" He asked.

I smiled biting my button lip, "I met you."

Awe they are so cute! I'm glad that their getting to really kno each other mentally instead of always being physical.

dam dam love really kicking in ! she gon met his momma
aww sofie :/
that sucks when you have your family split like that , im glad her dad took good care of her , she a bad one alright
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<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

The girls smashed damn near all the food, leaving Mike and me surprised. Never knew girls could be this damn hungry! I didn't even eat as much, which made me a bit concerned, especially about Sofia eating as much as she did.

Once Sofia stated that she was full, we left to her room so she could grab a few things. We said our goodbye and headed out. By the time I got us back to my place, Sofia was dozing off.

"Sofia, wake up," I said. "We're home."

"Home," Sofia smiles, questioning me. She opens her eyes and rolls em. "Hah! Boo you funny!"

I watch as she opens the door and steps out, shutting the door behind her. Quickly, I hop out and hurry after her. The fck she thought this sht was! Talking to me like that earlier, she must've lost her damn mind!

We got up to my place and I opened the door, watching her walk in. She goes to the bedroom and I head to the kitchen. I hear the bath water running and figure she was about to hop in the tub.

Making my way to the bedroom, I see a trail of clothes leading to the bathroom. I step into the doorway and see her sitting a bath full of bubbles.

"Damn girl! What're you, four years old with all them damn bubbles?!"

"Shut up," she giggles.

"You think you slick!" I walk further in and take my shirt off. "Hopping in the tub before I can wax dat ass!"

"You gonna get in with me?" she bites down on her lip, giving me dat look!

"Hell yeah, what you mean!"

She eyed me as I took off the rest of my clothes and then scooted forward so I can sit down behind her. I set my arms on the tubs' edge before laughing for no reason.

"What is your goof ass laughing at," she probes.

"Nothing," I move her hair to the left side of her shoulder. "Hey, I hope you learned your lesson, baby doll!"

"Which was," she half-smiles.

"Saying that you don't love me," I pout.

"What!" she laughs, leaning forward. "I- Chris, I told you!"


"YES! I said that I LUH YOU! That's good enough!"

"NOPE! No, no, it is not! I love you! I deserve to hear you say it back!"


"I am not!"

"You are too!"

"Whatever yo," I smile. "Don't say it if you don't really want too."

"For real," she asks seriously. "You really love me this quick?"

"Yes," I answer then wrapping my arms around her. "I do love you for real."

"Well, I didn't think it could be possible to feel this way so fast, but..." she glances over her shoulder at me. "I love you too," she says staring into my eyes with those pretty brown eyes.

I peck her on the lips and then lean back again. "Unbelievable isn't it?"

"Yeah... Crazy." she smiles.


"What's your family like," Chris asks me.

"It's just me and my dad. He lives in the south suburbs of Chicago. My parents divorced when I was 9 and my mom took my older sister with her to New York to stay with our cousin. The last I heard from my sister was that they were going to stay with my godparents in Florida, but...they could be in Puerto Rico or Texas. There's family there, too."

"Wow. Why do you think no one ever called back?"

"I don't know. It's really sad because me and my sister was extremely close. She protected me and without her...I just hated my mom for going away." Tears came to my eyes. "I never understood why my parents got a divorce and never asked until I got older, but I just hated her so much. My dad...was my mom. He's not gay, but he took me to the mall, he went to all my volleyball games. He tried to do my hair," I chuckled. "But being around my dad, he taught me a lot of street smarts and how to cook and barbeque, how to clean the house. How to fix cars and electronics. My dad showed me how to be independent. I hated to have to go to school without seeing my sister a few steps ahead of me, but it was the way it had to be."

Chris held my tighter as tears flowed down my cheeks. "Damn babe..."

Wiping my tears away, I smile. "But I met Gigi and she's like my sister now so..." I shrug. "It's like she fit the missing piece of the puzzle almost."

"Our stories are kind of similar. It was me, my older sister, and my mom," Chris says; "for a while. My sister was way older me and she left for college when I was like 9. So then it was just me, my mom, and step-dad because my mom remarried. There was my best friend Mijo, but he died due to gang violence when we were in high school."

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be. It's not your fault. It was a drive by shooting. He was an innocent bystander. But then I met a young lady in college and we both were in the same major. She became my best friend and then we fell in love while abroad in Spain, got engaged but she started to fall for someone else. I saw it and saved her the time of breaking up with me and left."

"Wow. How could she cheat on someone like you? You're such a beautiful person."

"I know right! She coulda had all this sexiness for years to come!"

I bust up laughing along with him and then calmed down. "...I always wanted to have two kids," I blurt out.

"Me too," he sighed and began to chew on his lip. "Aye um, do you wanna meet my mom?"

"Um..." I laugh. "I don't know! I guess! ...Sure, why not?"

"Good, cause you ain't have a choice!" I snicker, "She's coming out here next weekend."

"Okay," I smile and turn around to peck him on the lips. "Let's take a quick shower and then...go to bed."

"iight," he agrees.

I let the water drain and we both stand up and get out. Chris goes over to the shower and turns on the water. I get in with him and things escalate from 0 to 10. This was the usual these days and I'm surprised I could continue to take it. But unlike any other man that I've been with, Chris was the ultimate best and I could definitely believe that.

@KRcbreezy THANKS, glad you like the story!

@SOSO Yoooo don't forget about Paper Trail

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uh ohhhhh . they talk too much s*** , lol . gon' get in trouble

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yo this story had me rolling! they play too dam much!
its kinda funny how both their relationships moving at the same pace...
like how they hook up, when they got together,how the boys wanted to end it, their sex game lol
i doubt they gonna keep it on the low with trey knowing i sense him being jealous af and he gon get chris and mike fired before they can quit.... hopefullly not!

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<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

The last place I wanted to be was here. I just knew she was working tonight. It would be just my luck. When we walked to the front of the restaurant, there was a long ass line outside. When we walked up, the hostess outside stopped us.

“Hi, can I help you?” she said with the biggest smile plastered across her face.

Me and Chris looked at each other trying not to laugh. “Ummm yeah, we’re here for a pick up. It should be ready.” Chris answered.

“Okay, if you give me the name I can check on that for you.” She grabbed her walkie talkie.

I pulled out my phone and opened the text that Gi sent. “Yeah, it’s under GiGi & Soso.” I read to her.

“Oh! They’re our favorite customers. It’s definitely ready, we always put their takeout on rush.” She beamed as she whispered the last part to the both of us. She then spoke into the radio and then turned back to us, “It’s ready. Just go in and they’ll be bringing it out for you. Cash or card?”

“Cash.” Chris said.

She smiled once more, “Okay, it’s $42.50. Head on in.”

I let Chris walk in while I lagged behind. “Umm can I ask you something?”

“Sure!” she perked.

I looked in and then at her, “Can you tell me if the server Nicole James is working?”

“Ummm no she worked earlier today.” She informed me.

I nodded and smiled, “Thanks.” I walked in feeling more relaxed as I stood beside Chris.

He looked at me, “What was that about?”

“Oh, just asking a question. So we splitting the bill?” I asked, reaching for my wallet.

He nodded, “Yeah, let’s get that situated now.” He pulled out his as well.

We divvied up the money and paid the people. The girls ordered hella s***. Along with a large pepperoni deep dish, they got 2 different salads, breadsticks, and mozzarella sticks. Both me and Chris had to carry everything. The crazy part is that the people said this was their usual order.

When we got in the car, Giovani called me. “Yo, why y’all got so much food?” I answered.

“Damn, hey to you too love!” she laughed.

I shook my head, “Hey. So why y’all order all this?”

“Cuz it’s four fckn people!” I heard Sofia.

I looked over at Chris, “Aye, ya girl mouthin off over there.”

“Word? She don’t never learn.” He chuckled.

“Ummm don’t be telling my friend’s man on her like he her daddy! She grown as hell.” Gi exclaimed with much attitude.

I laughed, “I know you better calm down talking to me out the side of ya neck.”

“Whatever! Anyway, we need y’all to stop and get something from the store.” She spoke nonchalantly.

I sighed, “Seriously? I’m ready to eat man, what y’all want?”

“Go to like a corner store or whatever and get the frozen welches juice. The fruit punch one and a can of pineapples.” She instructed.

I shook my head, “Fck is y’all tryna make?”

“Can you just get it please baby?” she whined.

I caved right then. I don’t know what it was about this girl, but she knew just how to get me. “Fine.” I mumbled.

“Thanks baby, see you soon!” she blew kisses into the phone and hung up.

I looked over at Chris, “Yo we got one more stop to make.”

Chris shook his head and sighed, “Yo they lucky they cute!”

We both laughed as he pulled into the parking lot of a liquor/convenience store not far from the girls’ apartment. When we walked in I noticed one of my students behind the counter. It was the same dude who had his arm around Giovani in class today. I instantly got upset and tried to hurry our shopping experience. Let me go tell Chris what’s up.


“So they gonna get the stuff?” Sofia asked.

I nodded as I hopped up on the kitchen counter across from her. “You got work tomorrow?” I asked as I looked at my nails which needed a fill badly.

“No b**** I quit! I had an interview Saturday. So I’m just waiting to hear back.” She beamed.

My eyes widened, “What the fck? And when were you gonna tell me this s***?”

“Just did!” she spat back.

I laughed, “OMG we’ve been apart for too long. I miss you boo!” I started to fake cry.

“I miss you too Gi!” she began to fake cry with me.

We then both hopped down off the counters and started to do the hand game from the Color Purple. We then burst into laughter and went out on the balcony. Sitting there, we were quiet.

“Michael tried to break up with me earlier.” I spoke.

Sofia looked at me, “What?! Why?!”

I then proceeded to tell her everything. About the txt message, our fight, what happened out on the steps, and our talk on the hood of his car.

“Damn, that’s deep. And you talm bout how my life was being took!” she joked.

I eyed her, “Whatever b****, at least it was in a good way! I felt like I was about to lose the world ns***.”

“Look at you, all in love and whatnot!” she nudged me.

I shook my head feverously, “I am NOT in love! I refuse! I can’t be.”

“Sounds like you in love to me!” she insisted.

I wanted to change the subject, “Let’s have a girl day tomorrow. I’m gonna call off work. I miss you and plus I need my nails done badly.”

Sofia laughed with me, “I’ll see what I can do.”

“b**** what?” I hit her arm.

She laughed loudly, “What? Chris can be a handful. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Ugh! What kind of spell do these men have over us?” I joked.

Just then I heard Chris and Michael loud asses all the way downstairs in the parking lot. Me and Sofia got up and looked over the balcony.

“Took y’all long enough!” I shouted.

They both looked up and laughed. “Y’all the ones wanting us to make hella stops!” Chris shouted back.

“Whatever, just come on so we can eat!” Sofia chimed in.

“Y’all need to come help us!” Michael voiced.

We laughed. “Y’all are two grown men, y’all can handle it!” I retorted.

“See if y’all doing all that talking when we get up there!” Chris threatened.

“Man please, ain’t nobody scared of y’all wack asses!” Sofia shouted as we both laughed and went back inside.

I went to unlock the door, “He gon get you for that!”

“Whatever, long as I eat first.” Sofia laughed as she got some plates ready.

I got out the blender, uice, and 1800 so we can make our daiquiris with the stuff they got from the store. We all needed some drinks. Not long after, the guys came in with the food.

“Finally!” I exclaimed as I grabbed the pizza out of Chris’s hands.

The guys laughed as Sofia and I crowded around the pizza trying to both get our slices.

“So what was all that s*** y’all was talking?” Chris smiled with Michael standing right beside him.