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the Fires of Spring

<strong>This is a Blame Monroe & SoSo. Collaboration</strong>

Everything I was doing was against the rules. Everything I was doing was hurting her. Everything I was doing had me falling in love with her and nothing was going to stop my heart from dancing to her song.


what i've been wondering ..

where is soso with that run tho?

I feel where Brandon was coming from though

if michael don't like dat nigga gigi
then you don't talk to that nigga ok?
lmao jp

Run It

bout time . i understand michael's point of view .. she should atleast limit her male friends . or not be friends with a guy she messed with .

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

Being back at school after the weekend I had was irritating. But my sleeping alone last night was even more. I had been more than anxious to see Giovanni in class today. Even though we had only been apart for one night, I missed her like it had been years. She was what I had been missing all this time. It was like she was a breath of fresh air and I did not want to mess up a good thing. When I saw her walk pass my class, my heart fluttered. It had never done that before. She smiled and waved and so did Sofia. I smiled and continued to teach.

After my class was over, I txtd her <em><strong>You lucky I had a class when you walked by or that ass would’ve been mine ;-)</strong></em>

She immediately txtd back, <em><strong>Haha no…YOU lucky you had a class or THAT ass would’ve been MINE! ;p</strong></em>

I chuckled and went to go make some copies for my next class. I hated that I had to wait a whole other hour to really see her. While walking into the mailroom to make copies, I noticed a stack of papers for Chris’s class. I smirked because I saw that as an excuse to see Giovanni. I knew she was in his class right now. I finished my copies and headed over to his class. He had just started his powerpoint as I knocked on the door.

“Yo man, what’s up?” he said still standing behind his podium.

I nodded and looked around searching for Giovanni, “Got something for you.” I held up his papers.

“Aw thanks! I was just about to send someone for them, you saved them a trip.” He said as I talked to hand him the stack.

I spotted Giovanni and then quickly looked away, “No problem man, I’m sure you’d do the same.”

“OMG Mr. Stevenson! Don’t you got a class or something?!” I heard Giovanni giggle.

I chuckled and looked her way, “Now Ms. Monroe, here I was thinking I was your favorite teacher and look how you’re treating me!”

“Now, why would you say that in front of Mr. Brown? He thinks <em>he’s</em> my favorite teacher! Oh it’s really time for you to go!” she laughed as we all did.

I started towards the door, “But no, I do have a class. And I’ll see you two next hour.”

“Man don’t be telling everybody our schedule!” Sofia yelled.

“Right! Like we don’t have stalkers!” Giovanni cosigned as they both laughed.

“Alright, alright everyone settle down. Let’s talk about those assignments.” I heard Chris say as I walked out into the hall.

I couldn’t help but smile all through teaching my class, just because she had held that simple conversation with me. She had me hooked and sooner than later, I wouldn’t be able to hide it.


Seeing both Brandon and MJ at school was the worst. They both had an attitude with me and honestly, I didn’t really care about MJ. But Brandon being mad at me was really bothering me. When I had a break, I sent him a txt asking if we could talk. He was reluctant at first, but then agreed to meet me outside in the seating area.

“So what’s up?” he asked as he sat down across from me.

I sighed, “Are you mad at me?”

He didn’t say anything but chuckle and smirk. He sat back and looked at me with intense eyes, “What you think?”

“I think you are, I mean its obvious.” I stated.

He shrugged, “Well, what’s with the questions?”

“I don’t want you to be mad at me.” I pleaded.

His eyes widened and he sat forward, “Gi! What the fck do you want?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He rubbed his face and looked at me, “I’m just saying. You doing a lot of flip flopping. At first you wanted to be with me, then you didn’t, then you wanted to be friends. Like really, what’s up?”

“I just don’t want you out of my life.” I couldn’t lie, I had developed fast feelings for Brandon but he was no Michael.

“I don’t know what you want me to do. I mean I feel used.” He confessed.

I looked at him surprised, “Used? Why?”

“Because I wined and dined you, got you high, blew yo back out. Now you don’t want anything to do with me except for be friends. Type of s*** is that?” he vented.

I sighed, “I’m sorry.”

“You sorry?! I fought a nigga over you and you sorry? Gi, get the fck outta here, real talk.” He sat back in his seat, looking away from me.

I wiped a stray tear that had fallen, “Brandon….” I sniffed.

“Gi, don’t fckn do this right now.” He simply stated.

I wiped more tears, “Don’t do what?”

“We gotta get to class.” He got up from the table, grabbing his bag. “You coming?”

I wiped my last tears and nodded as I got up, walking beside him.

“I’m not mad at you, it’s just hard to understand how quickly things turned around. I thought we were kinda building something, then out of nowhere you started acting different then the next day you hitting me with let’s just be friends s***.” He vented while walking to class.

He was right, it was crazy how fast I flipped on him. But I liked Michael more, he had every quality I wanted in a man. Brandon was cool but I couldn’t see him being more than a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of guy. “I know and for switching so fast on you, I apologize. But I just felt that things were just getting out of hand. Especially with that fight with MJ and I like you I really do, I just don’t see us being together like that.” I spoke truthfully.

“I guess I can live with that. I guess that I could still be your friend as well. To tell you the truth I’ve been missing your presence in my life.” He put his arm around me and kissed my forehead. “Friends doesn’t sound too bad.”

I smiled as we walked into class, sitting next to Sofia in Mr. Stevenson’s class.

“Girl, you wanna lose your life?” Sofia whispered to me because Brandon still had his arm around me.

I looked at Michael and then back at her, “He knows what’s up.”

“Looks like somebody need to tell him.” He said.

Mr. Stevenson cleared his throat. “Alright class let’s get started.” He rolled his eyes at me and began the lesson.


“So what was that sh*t earlier?” Michael asked me as we drove to his house.

I shrugged as I kept looking out of the window, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Yes you do. You walking in with that nigga arm all around you, smiling and sh*t.” he looked over at me.

I smiled and pinched his cheek, “Aw baby are you upset?”

“Cut all that out man.” He waved me off.

I sighed, “Whatever.”

“Oh so you got an attitude now?” he looked over at me as he stopped at a red light.

I laughed, “Yo, you need to calm the fck down cuz you hype for noooo fckn reason tho.”

“I do have a reason. Some nigga come walking in with his arm all around my girl and sh*t.”

“ARE YOU FCKN SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?! Dude, <em>noooobody</em> knows I’m your girl except for Sofia and Chris! That’s first of all. Secondly, it wasn’t even nothin! That’s my friend, him having his arm around me was harmless. You’re pissed for no fckn reason, matter of fact take me the fck home. I’m not going with you.” I looked back out the window.

He sped off, “I’m not taking you nowhere, except for where I’m going and that’s home.”

“Fine, I’ll just tell Sofia to pick me up.” I pulled out my phone about to call.

He took my phone, “Babe, wait. Can we talk about this?”

“Talk about what, how you can’t trust me? How you’re jealous for no reason at all? What you wanna talk about?” I said as I folded my arms.

He pulled over, turned the car off and looked at me, “Look, I’m sorry. I just didn’t like that sh*t but if you say he’s just a friend, then he’s just a friend. Here’s your phone, please stay with me tonight? I missed you too much last night.”

The old me would’ve said fck no and had kept arguing. But I couldn’t resist him, I didn’t know what it was. “Fine, but you can’t be blowing up on me like this any time you see me around another dude. I have a lot of male friends, especially at the school. Just be chill, aiight?”

He nodded, “Okay.” He leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss and then started the car back up and took us to his place where he put it down like he was fresh out of jail.

ayeee merry christmas gigi!
i luh u

run it

I'm gonna bless y'all with a present today!

gigi...where u be

Sorry guys...
I'm like super sick smh
But I'm trying to write something up tonight

lmao well you shigady away .

run it . not looking forward to them getting caught

OMG! Im speechless.

Best story by far!
I hope they all keep focus and not
get caught up. Brandon is really b****in,
uhh nigga fall back. Is trey okay?? he hasn't
gone into a deep depression?
I love the story!!

and @xchikita yes shigady that's me and my
bestfriend made up word lol, long story.

damn these girls gn gt caught by the school n by the guys n wen the guys find out aint no we cn be friends lol they gn be mad about it they already suspect i bet that sumn gon on wit the teachers n the girls s*** they mite be the ones to tell the school bout wats goin on

I'll add when I get off work tomorrow
Check your msgs Soso!

Smh I feel like they are going to get caught up I hope I'm wrong
Run it!!!

i think they're all sprung honestly . fck a trey and a brandon . trey who ?

So Chris super sprung already lol

Chris tryna have Sofia whipped but she the one that got him wrapped around her finger lol

i'm speechless . :o they just spent 24 hours having sex almost everywhere possible . grrr , chris & michael are so sexy . i can only imagine how school is gonna go . i doubt they can get through a whole school year without people finding out . especially not if teyana finds out the truth . trey and brandon are gonna be pissed if / when they find out . brandon can't be her friend , or won't ? any girl can be a friend , you just have to be respectful & not cross that line .

i've fallen in love . run itttt !

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

When we got back to my apartment, there was no time. I had to punish Sofia. I couldn't let her get off so easy. I mean, I am a strict teacher. I had to teach this naughty little student a lesson. So I told her to wait in the living room while I stopped in the kitchen and dropped her food in the garbage and put mine away in the microwave. Then I started stripping on the way back to the couch where I then became horny and ready to put it down, again. For the second time today, I was winning. She's only gotten me once, and tonight there will be no switching up and riding. I will be in it all night. So she can forget about going out.

"I'm not fcking you tonight, by the way," she informed me.

I heard that in the distance from my thoughts and snapped out of them. "Why not?" I frowned.

"Because I wanna go out again. Like on a date...but not with Gigi and Mike," she pouted.

"Okay," I walked up to her and laid her down while kissing those irresistible lips. Seconds later, I was ripping her clothes off. I had her face down in the cushioins and ass up. Just like I like it.

"Ahh sht!" I yelled as Sofia threw her ass back. No! She couldn't control the situation. I needed her to learn. I grabbed a handful of her hair and then started thrusting hard into her pussy.

Sofia moaned as I continued to pound the sht out of her. "FCKK!" she screamed loud. "OooH CHRIS! Yes, baby, right there!" she whimpered.

I smirked. "Say my name you fckn naughty ass lil school girl," I demanded. "You like this sht?!" she continued to moan, unable to answer as I sped the pace back up. I sat on my knees, leaning back with my hands on her waist as I rammed her ass onto me. "Goddamn!" I smacked her ass. "Answer me!"

"Ooooooh," she smiled, biting down on her lips. "I love this sht, professor brown! Yes, fck me just like that! AH SHT!" she screamed as I continued to thrust my long dck and balls into her now. "Professor Brown that dck feels so good, don't you fckn stop!" she demanded.

I smirked. Who in the FCK did she think she was talkin' to? We'd been on the couch for at least 10 minutes. But this was just the start. I might have to call the hospital later to swing a wheelchair by. I don't think Sofia is gonna be able to walk by the time I'm through with her.


I lay in the bed unable to move. Chris had gone 3 rounds with me since we got back. But I had asked for it. First I kept on saying 'Mm hm', which I knew was for the first round. Second, I teased him while out in public, which I knew was for the second round. Lastly, the third round was just because I knew he didn't want me to take control and win, twice in a row. But it isn't over. There's a 3rd strike. I will be putting it down twice next time and teach his ass a lesson. I couldn't believe how many times he made me cum. It was unbelievable and I think I found the one. He's everything I've been looking for in a man. Buttt it's just one slight problem.

"What?!'d quit, for me?" I asked Chris as he walked out of the bathroom.

"Yeah babe," he nodded while climbing into the bed and back under the sheets.

First week of school and I got a nigga hooked? He was definitely the one. I've never hooked a guy this quick before. I could tell he was in love with me. Sweeet. Not that I was taking advantage. Am not. I'm starting to...maybe, fall for him, too. Maybe though. Somewhere in my mind, Trey's name was still floating around. But in the distance. All that was clouding my brain was - Mr. Brown, his dck, and Mr. Brown. And then...Trey, fckng up the whole thing. Ugh, I just had to date him for a week. I guess if I hadn't then it wouldn't have given Mr. Brown the chance to be so turned on and want me as bad. ...I guess I'd have to thank Trey. Nah, maybe I'll just pray for him. Have God send him an angel.

"Where would you work?" I asked.

"I could work at the University of Illinois or Chicago, Columbia."

"Ooh switch to Columbia. I'll be working literally right on Michigan so we'll be close enough to each other to have lunch breaks together." I gasped, "OH MY GOD! Where's my phone?" I hopped frantically out of bed to search for my cell, but my legs gave out and I fell to the floor. "Ah sht. Fck you Chris!"

He busted up laughing. " you want me to find your phone first or pick you up," he asked holding his laughter.

"YOU WHORE!" I laughed. "FIND MY PHONE! I can survive...I think. Hopefully my arms are strong enough to help me pull myself up onto the bed." I said, trying to reach for the bed. "Damn... WHY IS THE MATTRESS SO GODDAMN HIGH! YOU BTCH! THIS IS TORTURE AND- Aw, thanks," I caught my phone as Chris threw it. "Where was it?"

"Under the couch," Chris said swooping me up into his arms and laying me back into the bed. "I'll cook dinner tonight, okay? We can go out on a date tomorrow. I promise." I slightly nodded while unlocking my phone and he pecked my lips. "What do you want?"

"Steak...and mash potatoes...with gravy."

"My favorite," he smiled and walked away. "Call me if you need to use the bathroom," he snickered.

"No thank you! I will just crawl my way there!"

"Okay then," I heard his voice in the distance. "Suit yourself," he continued laughing.

I saw a voicemail and checked it. Someone from the magazine had called me, but luckily they told me what time I was to come in tomorrow morning for the interview. I was so excited that I fell out of the bed.

"Sof, what was that?!" Chris called.

"NOTHING!" I lied and crawled to the bathroom, pulling myself up onto the toilet. My legs were so numb and I couldn't feel my pussy for sht as I peed. I wiped myself and was lucky that the sink was so close that I could wash my hands. "I will have my revenge," I mumbled with a smirk on my face.

"You are such a liar," Chris smacked his lips as he stood in the doorway. "And what was that? You will have what?"

"I willll have wanted to have sweet tea, but now I just want like red wine or something, you know?"

"Nice," he smiled. "I have red wine. You're in luck!" he walked away.

"CHRIS WAIT! ...I need help getting back to the bed," I giggled. "CHRIS! Chris! Chris? NIGGA GET YO ASS BACK HERE RIGHT MUTHAFCKN NOW!"

Chris slowly walked back into the doorway. "That is not how you talk to me, Baby Doll," he shook his finger. "Ask me nicely and I will come swoop you up from this cold, desolate room," he folded his arms over his chest.

"Can you pleaseee carry me to the bed? Pretty please with a cherry on top?" I made a puppy dog face.

"Sure baby," he walked in and swooped me up, carrying me back to the bed. "I'll be in to check on you momentarily. I have to finish seasoning the steak," he walked over to the dresser and threw the remote onto the bed. "Do you want the light on?"

"Yes," I smiled. "Thanks."

"Mm hm," he nodded as he flicked the lights on the way out. "Oh, and um...I think my DVR is set to record Glee."

"NO!" I shook my head as I changed the channel. "I hate glee! No, you can't do this to me!" The tv soon turned to Glee on it's own. "Aw fck," I sighed and threw the remote down. I folded my arms over my chest and watched stupid Glee, but I wounded up falling in love with the show and gushed to Chris about what happened, which kind of pissed him off because he missed while cooking in the kitchen.

(<strong>Professor Brown</strong>)

An hour later, Sofia and I were in the dining room eating. "Is it good?"

"Yes, I love it, Chris." Sofia nodded, smiling before she put a spoon of mash potatoes in her mouth. When she finished swallowing she drunk some wine. "Maybe you should cook from now on."

"Maybe you should have behaved yourself so I wouldn't have to cook and we could go out and I could splurge this plenty amounts of unused money I have," I threw a fake smile and then cut into my steak. "But I can't deny, my cooking is great." I stuck my fork into piece of steak and put it in my mouth.

"I have an interview tomorrow at 10 in the morning so I need to go back home," she blurted out.

"Okay," I nodded. "Right after dinner."

"Come cuddle with me in my bed," she pouted giving me the puppy dog face. "Pweaseee with a cherry on top?" she blinked her eyes.

"Sure thing babe," I grinned.

I had her hooked. Perfect. I thought i'd had to suffer seeing her walk into my class everyday looking so beautiful and now I can have her in my arms, fck her, and soon make love to her. Okay, maybe make love. But she was falling for me. Yeah...yeah, she was. At least I thought so. But I figured she'd be wrapped around my fingers the way she's misbehaving. I know she won't be able to withstand any more punishments. Maybe tomorrow I'll take her out. No sex allowed. Okay, a quickie though. I need her body on mine. This particular pussy is a must-have now. Sofia's mine and I love being able to sex her whenever I want. Bet she wouldn't let Trey do that. Bet she wouldn't let Trey bang her all day on school nights yet alone weekends. Bet she didn't even really want to be with Trey. She was just taking a chance with him. But with me, she's taking a risk. That's some dangerous sht. Not too many people take risks. Except bad girls. And I'm bad ass so we match. Damn, I love this woman. Love at first sight. She was the one.

Add add add!! Pleaseee

Brandon kinda aggravating


“Mmmmm cum for me daddy…” I moaned as I rode him from the back.

He rose up and pulled my hair a little bit grabbing my breast with his free hand, “I’m cumin for you baby. Fuuuccckkk.”

I smirked and bit my bottom lip. I knew my pussy game was on point and his moans were making me even more assured. I pushed down more, making him go deeper inside of me. Honestly, we were too much for each other sexually. We made magic in that bedroom of his.

All of a sudden, he pushed me forward on my knees as he stroked from the back. “Oooooh shiiiit.” I moaned as I looked back.

“Mmhmm, you like daddy d*ck don’t you?” he spoke in my ear.

I reached back and grabbed his right hip, “Mmmm I <em>looove</em> daddy’s d*ck.”

He chuckled in my ear and then rose up to hit harder. “FHUCK, I’m lovin this pussy though.”

“Ahhh, I know daddy.” I smiled to myself.

He stopped mid pump, “Oh you know?”

“Stop playing with me, finish yo job!” I looked back laughing.

He chuckled while shaking his head and did just that. When we both came, we fell next to each other. We both laid on our sides, facing each other. He smiled and kissed the back of my hand. I giggled and bit my bottom lip.

“I love your giggle.” He cheesed.

I blushed, “Aw thank you love.”

“No problem. Yo, weren’t we supposed to get food though?” he laid on his back.

I laughed as I got up, “We still are!” I grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around me as I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom to shower. I locked the door behind me because I knew would try to follow me and then we’d never eat.

I looked at my phone and seen that I had multiple calls from Brandon. I twisted my face and then decided to txt him to see what was up. <em><strong>I saw you called, what’s up?</strong></em>

He txtd back immediately. I turned the shower on and then opened it, <em><strong>Did you know that So broke up with my cousin earlier? Wtf is goin on with y’all?</strong></em>

<em><strong>Ummm I didn’t know that. But nothing’s wrong with anybody. I told you and you and I can still be friends.</strong></em> I hopped in the shower after I sent the message. Was I being checked through txt message? I think not!

The door knob started to jiggle and I laughed. “Stop playing with me girl, open this damn door!” Michael chuckled.

“I will when I get out the shower!” I yelled back.

He jiggled the knob again, “You be playing straight games!”

“Believe me honey, you haven’t seen games yet!” I laughed as I lathered up my body.

He laughed, “Fine, I’ll just use the other bathroom.”

Other bathroom? I had been here all day pretty much and had seen nothing but the living room, kitchen, and his bedroom which this bathroom was attached to. I really had some exploring to do in the near future.

When I got out and dried off, I looked at my phone only to see another txt from Brandon. <em><strong>So wanted to be friends too. When y’all gonna realize that y’all not the type of girls to be friends with?</strong></em>

I rolled my eyes, <strong><em>Wellllll, I have nothing to do with whatever Sofia and Trey are going through. And I really feel that you and I can be friends. I don’t wanna lose your friendship Brandon.</em></strong>

<em><strong>LMAO Whatever Gi smh…</strong></em> he sent back.

At this point I just said fck it and locked my phone, proceeding to get dressed. I used some of Michael’s things. His shower gel, his lotion, his comb. I really didn’t understand why he would have one of those but hey, it got used.

I walked out of the bathroom and he was walking in the room with his towel wrapped around his waist, showcasing his beautiful ink infested body. “Now why would you do that to me?”

All he did was smirk and walked over to his drawers.

<strong>Professor Stevenson</strong>

I looked across the candle lit table at her reading the menu, we barely made it out of that house.

She glanced up at me and then back down at her menu laughing, “Why you keep staring at me?”

“Because…” I trailed off. I didn’t wanna seem like a simp even though I might have already come off as one.

She sat her menu down, “Because what?”

“Because I can.” I stated and looked down at my menu for the first time, “You know what you’re getting?” we had went all the way out to Claim Jumper by Oak Brook mall so no one would spot us.

She gave me a funny look and looked back at her menu, “I think so. Can we get an appetizer?”

“You can have whatever you want beautiful.” I smiled but kept my eyes on my menu.

“Mmmhmm.” She hummed.

I looked up at her, “What that mean?”

“Sh*t.” she simply stated and looked back down at her menu.

I simply chuckled and looked back at the menu. Dinner went really well. We got to know each other, probably something we should’ve done before sex, but sometimes fate works in mysterious ways. Afterwards, I took her to her place to get an overnight bag. She was staying the weekend with me since she didn’t have to work.

It had only been a full 24 hours and I was already in too deep. If it was this intense now, I could only imagine what it’d be like if we moved forward. She got back in the car with sweats and a vneck, smelling good enough to eat. I had to hurry home.

shigady ? lol run it

Oh and teyana betta carry her as* with that loud mouth shigady !!!

But runsssss

Whhatt!!?! They are going in!!!
I mean damn they just dont give a f** k lol
But on a serious note I f***in love Chris and mike!
I'm glad so and gi gonna go for it..but the way gi broke it off with brandon
I mean damn had no respect for the man feelings lol
And trey act like he couldn't get the hint, so says no..

And yess Chris I'm sure all of us would love to learn from you lol

Runn this ish !!!!

mhmm she know she's gonna regret that back talk in the morning when she's walking funny . i would love to learn from him . nice excuse for why he was there . teyana was annoying af , in this syory & in madea's big happy family. if you haven't seen it , watch it lol ' BYRAAAAAAAANNNN ' run ittttt !


Chris' eyes rolled to the back of his as I rode all the fcks out of him. THIS NIGGA tried to be slick in the car, feeling on my leg Nsht. Then he started me up, massaging my clit and everything. I was too wet so I said fck going out, take me back to the crib. And that's where we've been, at his place the past hour having sex. Well, me putting it down on him this time.

I rolled onto my back, smiling. Chris damn near had a heart attack. "I told you I was about to drop that lotus flower bomb on yo ass," I laughed.

"Shut up," he smiled. "I'm a put it down tonight."

"Mm hm," I lay on my side, observing his tattoos and tracing my fingers over the ones on his chest. "You're a museum."

"Of Art."

"And Beauty."

"Baby Doll, you will never win this argument. You're the most beautiful," he chuckled. "If I'm a greek god, then you're my goddess."

"Ugh," I rolled my eyes with a grin on my face. "Mm hm."

"Say Mm hm, one mo muthafckn time, I'm a wax that ass," he got up and went to the bathroom.

I smirked. "Mm hm," I laughed.

"Watch when I get back girl!" he laughed. "I'mma TearDatAssUp!"

"First of all," I smacked my lips, "you already ToreDisAssUp! And second of all, I'm hungry!"

"Me, too. Maybe we should've gone out."

"Nigga you already had sumn to eat," I snickered.

"Yeah, well your pussy for breakfast lunch and dinner not gon help a nigga survive." he washed his hands. "But this d*** tho! It could last yo ass for days! Hell, weeks. I don't even know why you talm bout you hungry."

I gasped and threw a pillow at him. "Fck you, son."

"Oh, i'm yo son, now?" he walked out of the bathroom. "I was just yo daddy a few minutes ago," he laughed and dodged while I threw my pillows at him.

I wrapped the sheets around me, got up, and looked through his drawers. "Damn! You buy the expensive designer sht! $200 something damn dollars from some fckn basketball shorts?!" I stared at him. "I'm wearing these btches...later though! I like these jogging pants," I picked up some black ones.

Chris smiled and shook his head. He picked up the pillows and put them back on the bed, but not before taking the sheets off. "Wear whatever you'd like, baby."

"Mm hm," I chuckled and found a white tee shirt to wear. I hopped in the shower and he joined me, strictly washing ourselves up. Then we got dressed. I took a black cheetah strapback from his hat collection, threw on my sneakers, and waited for him by the door. "C'mon! They bouta stop serving lurnch!" I groaned.

Chris walked out in a matching outfit except he wore a blue snapback, white tee, and black jogging pants with blue and white gym shoes. "Let's go."

"To..." I opened the door and walked out. "Mr. Greeks!" I suggested.

"They don't serve no damn lunch at Mr. Greeks."

"I know, but i like saying lurnch," I giggled.

"You crazy, man."

"Mm hm," i jogged down the hall.

"That's okay. I'm a smack that ass when we in the elevator! Ain't no way you can get away from my booty-grabbing hands, baby!"

<strong>Professor Brown</strong>

There was this old white lady on the elevator cooped up in the corner while I tongued Sofia down and grabbed a hold of her ass massaging it. We reached the ground level and the lady hurried off. I pulled out of the kiss and led Sofia off by holding her hand. She snatched her hand away, smiling.

"What?" I asked as we headed towards the exit.

"You just violated me in front of some old ass lady," she giggled. "I'm mad at you! She looked all uncomfortable!"

"Fck that old lady," I snickered.

"What kind of teacher is inappropriate in public?" Sofia shook her head as we walked out my apartment building.

"Correction, we were not in public. We were in a closed area and she happened to be in there while we were busy!"

Sofia laughed nearly all the way to the car, glancing at me every other minute. I smiled and opened the passenger door. She got in and jogged around to the driver seat, hopping in. I sped off into traffic and took us to Mr. Greeks. It was 20 minutes away but we enjoyed the ride listening to Tyrese. These old school jamz really got her turnt up. I pulled up to Mr. Greeks, parked the car, turned off the ignition.

"Aw fck, tell me that's not who I think it is?" Sofia blurted out.

"What? Who?" I looked around before getting out.

"It's a girl from class. She be tryna talk to me Nsht. She got a motor mouth, boy! I swear I always be late to class tryna not be rude to this btch! But sometimes I just gotta tell her to shut the fck up! Anyways, one of us is gonna have to stay in the car."

"Fck that sht. We're going in together! I may be paying but i ain't ordering for you."

"Ugh," Sofia groaned and hopped out the car. I walked in behind her and as soon as my student, Teyana Taylor, noticed her she grinned. "Heyyy, Tey," Sofia smiled politely.

"Heyyy SoSo," Tey smiled and looked suspiciously at me as I stood close behind Sofia. "Hi Mr. Brown."

"Sup," I nodded.

"Y'all chill as fck," Teyana scrunched up her eyebrows. "What's up?"

"Mannn," Sofia groaned, acting all dramatic. "My car broke down! And luckily, Mr. Brown was passing by and helped me out!"

"So he dropping you off, too?"

"Nah, I'm walking back to my dorm. It's right down the street," she shrugged. "But my car broke down alll the way over on Taylor and Ashland!"

"Aw sht, you definitely needed a ride," Teyana snickered.

"Yeah you know the Roosevelt and the Taylor bus be trippin, late as fck!" Sofia smacked her lips. "Thanks again, Mr. Brown!" she grinned at me.

"No problem," I half-smiled.

Teyana grabbed her order and waved at us. "See you on Monday Mr. Brown. Bye girl, I'm a call you!" she headed towards the door.

"K!" Sofia waved back. "Bye!"

I exhaled as soon as Teyana walked out and caught the bus. "Now I remember her. I stay having to get on her about talking and whispering in my class," I rolled my eyes.

"Told you," Sofia smirked and she walked up to the counter. "But I won't be answering my phone when her ass calls!"

I laughed and placed my hands on her waist as she ordered her food. Then i ordered. We got our cups and went over to the drink machine to fill our cups. Then we sat down and waited on our food.

"Fck is you staring at," she asked smiling at me.

"I'm looking at you," I smiled.


"You really asking for me to go to work on yo ass tonight."

She gasped, "Oh you gon' go to work on this pussy, no practice? Nigga, bring it on then," she leaned in biting on her lips seductively. "You see where it got you an hour ago! Play wit me, son." she clapped her hands. "Fcks wit me, please do," she smirked.

I smirked back, lifting my chin up. "Oh so you gon' be a smart ass today, huh? Well I guess i'm a have to teach you a lesson."

"Well I'm ready to learn," she licked her lips.

The employee called our number and I hopped up to go grab our food and we left. We ate our food on the way back. Well, I half ate mine because I was driving. But I was then hungry again for sumn else. Stay teasing a nigga gonna get her trouble. I don't have no problem breaking her back all night either. She was gon' learn today.

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