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Chris Takes Home Two Moon Men!

Chris Takes Home Two Moon Men!
Pop the bubbly! Congrats are in order for Chris and Team Breezy on his big wins at the VMAs last night! In case you missed it, Chris’ “Turn Up The Music” video took home the moon man for Best Male Video and Best Choreography!

To celebrate, iTunes is featuring FORTUNE in a VMA Sale! Get your copy for $6.99 here.
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    by gre24 on 9月 8, 2012 午後30 2:02午後
  • When I heard that the winner is Chris, I shouted with joy like Chris shout "Le go" in the song. I'm very happy for that. Proud of you Chris and a lots of respect to you.
    by Manash-D-Devil on 9月 8, 2012 午前30 10:10午前
  • It was NO DOUBT im my mind dat he would win dat AWRARD!!!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATZ CHRIS BROWN
    by Undecided Hale on 9月 8, 2012 午前30 2:02午前
  • so proud of chris cuz he won !!!!!!!11
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 9月 7, 2012 午後30 11:11午後
  • I can't tell you how many times I voted! I was so happy to hear his name as the winner for both awards! You go boy and Team Breezy! We are truly the best TEAM around! Yeah Buddy! Lol! <3
    by Cydnee C. Hughes on 9月 7, 2012 午後30 9:09午後