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.I Do'[Chap 14]

<strong>Chapter One</strong>

“Aye, Rocky said that nigga upstate ain’t got our money,” Zae announced entering the room. “What you mean he ain’t got it?” “Exactly what I said, Solo. Rock said he sent them lil niggas to collect and he ain’t got it” Solo looked over at Zae with a blank stare. “How many extensions we already gave that nigga?” “This the second one.” “Aight, when Zoe get back we gon pay that nigga a visit.” “Get down or lay down,” Zae yelled over hios shoulder as he exited the room.


Zae, Zoe, Rocky and Solo stood on the front porch of Raymond’s house waiting for someone to open the door. “Two more minutes and I’m breaking the door down.” “Chill out, Zoe. Just wait a lil bit you
know somebody is coming,” Solo assured.

<a href="">Zoe</a> is the oldest and the most impatient aka the muscle of the group most of the time. <a href="">Rocky</a> is the second oldest and the smartest whether its book or street smarts, most of the time he was the brain behind the plans. <a href="">Zae</a> is the third oldest and Zoe’s younger brother, Zae is the quiet one which usually means he’s planning making him the planner. And <a href="">Solo</a>, he is the baby of the group, the talker and most of the time the charmer which got him the honor of being the decoy in most of the plans. If one is missing in action nothing would happen, four or nothing at all.

The door swung open and there stood one of Raymond’s daughters. “Hi, can I help you?” she spoke well with a smile. Solo stepped forward and returned her smile, “Yes. Ah we’re here to speak eith your father. May we come in?” She eyed them all, who donned smiles that matched Solo’s then opened the door wider for them to come in.

Closing the door behind them she led them to the living room. “Have a seat in here, he should be down in a few minutes.” Taking their seats they noticed the pictures that covered the room, Rocky picked a specific picture up from the coffee table and leaned over to Zae. Zae stared at the picture then nodded and passed it to Rocky who repeated Zae’s actions then passed it to Solo who smiled.

“Excuse me?” Raymond’s daughter that had answered the door re-entered
the room with a smile. “Yes?” “These your sisters?” She nodded with an even bigger smile, “Yes, those are my older sisters.” “You are all very beautiful,” Solo complimented with a smile. “Thank you.” He noticed her red cheeks and took advantage.

“All these pictures of you all but I don’t see any of your mother. Why is that?” Her face darkened but she quickly recovered with a small smile, “She left us when I was 5 to be with another family. So we don’t hang pictures of her in the open.” “That’s a shame. So it’s just you girls and your dad, huh?” “Yeah that’s it.”

Solo started to ask another question but someone else speaking cut him off, “Cim, why are you giving our info out to people you don’t know?” They turned their attention to another one of Raymond’s daughters entering the room. “Because they’re friends of daddy and they seem nice. And it’s not like we don’t tell people anyway, Analis.” Analis and Cim stared at each other for a few seconds until Analis directed her attention to the four people in her house.

“Since Cim was too dense to ask. Who are you all?” Solo smirked at her, “My name is Solo, this right here is Rocky, over there is Zae and across from him is Zoe.” “Uh huh,” Analis stated dryly. “And you all’s names?” “Well, <em>Solo</em>, my name is <a href="">Analis</a> and this is my baby sister <a href="">Cimberly</a>.” Solo stuck out his hand for them to shake, which they did, and smiled. “Nice to meet you both. I thought there were four of you?” “There is,” Cim chimed in. “Where are the other two?” “Upstairs, I’ll go get them.” Excitedly she went upstairs yelling for her sisters leaving Analis with the guys.

“Excuse me, Analis but me and my friends here have other obligations to tend to so if you could go upstairs and let your father know it would be greatly appreciated.” “Uh huh. I’ll be back,” she eyed them individually before retreating to get her father.

Minutes later Cim returned with her other two sisters. “Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky these are my older sisters <a href="">Cairo</a> and <a href="">Giselle</a>. Giselle and Cairo this is Solo, Zae, Zoe and Rocky.” “Nice to meet you all,” Cairo greeted with a smile. “Ditto,” Giselle announced laughing making everyone else laugh. “How long have y’all know our daddy?” “Oh not very long. This is a new friendship.” Giselle’s eyebrow rose as a laugh escaped her lips.

“So, Cim here says that Solo is the mouth piece. Is that true?” “I’m not the mouth piece they just don’t enjoy talking as much as I do.” “Right,” Cairo nodded and stared over in Zoe’s direction. “Don’t I know you?” “Nah shawty. I don’t think you do.” Cairo nodded sitting on the arm of the sofa, “Yeah, I do. I think you went to my high school.” Zoe shook his head and opened his mouth to form a rebuttal but closed it when he noticed Raymond entering the room with Analis.

<a href="">Raymond</a> stood with his daughters behind him eyeing the men in the room. “If you ladies would excuse us, we’d like to speak with your father in private.” Feeling the tension in the air all their smiles were replaced with mugs and did not move. Slightly looking over his shoulder Raymond smiled small at his daughters, “Go ahead and go back upstairs. I got this.” Reluctantly they exited the room.

“I think we would all feel more comfortable taking this conversation into your office, Raymond.” Solo suggested and lead the way to Raymond’s office.

Raymond followed sandwiched between Solo and Zoe, Zae and Rocky. Rocky locked the door behind them once inside and took his seat next to Raymond.

“So, Rocky informed me that you didn’t have our money a couple days ago when we sent out workers to collect from you. Why is that?” “I just need more time, Solo. I’ll have the money to you but you gotta give me time.” Solo put his hands under his chin and smiled, “See the only problem with that is, we’ve already given you two extensions on our payment. What was the problem getting our money his time?” “I had it ready but Cim needed money for school and I couldn’t let her go without.” “So, you used our money, correct?” Raymond nodded. “And that seemed like the right idea to you? When we say we want our money we mean that s*** but then again you already knew that.” “Just give me a few more months and I’ll have the money I know I will,” Raymond pleaded. Solo looked around the room at his <em>brothers</em> and they nodded.

“You are in luck today, Raymond. We’re feeling rather nice today. You have three days to get at least half of our money.” They all, except Raymond, rose to exit the room leaving Raymond pondering if and how he was going to get the money.

Solo poked his head back into the office, “I know you’re not going to let us leave without a well-wishing, Raymond.”

Scrambling out of his chair he jogged out of the room to lead them to the front door. Opening it he wished them a blessed evening but Solo left him with parting words.

“Three days or we come back and take what you have that’s worth the

“I don’t own anything that expensive,” Raymond uttered weakily.

“You do, Raymond, you do. It’s a four piece set,” Solo yelled back before slamming the door and pulling off.