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`Black Pyramid: The Kill. [Chap. 16]


They all sat in <a href="">his</a> living room having drinks and basically destroying his parents home. His name was Zamir and he really didn't have one ounce of care in the world right now. He and his friends were fresh out of high school. It was summer and they were bored. College didn't start 'til fall for them. They wanted to get all of their laziness out of the way so when college did come, they could study, and party all the time they wanted. Zamir had a great idea. "I'm bored as f*** and I know y'all are too. We should start our own group or movement... Like we can do big things and bad things.... But once you are in.... You CANNOT get out," Zamir stated with a dark grin. Everyone laughed and became excited. "Sounds... really bad. Yeah right," <a href="">She</a> teased. She continued, "Kinda sounds stupid." "Actually Bree... It kinda sounds fun," <a href="">She</a> interjected, while putting her hand on her thigh. Zamir smirked, "Thank you Nani. Bree is so damn judgmental. I have the perfect name for her. Anybody else think this sh*t is whack?" Zamir stood up and awaited everyone else response. He wasn't letting this idea slip away. It was too perfect to him and he every right to want to somehow take over the world as crazy as that sounds, but that was just Zamir being Zamir.

<a href="">He</a> chugged his beer and retorted, "The sh*t sounds kinda crazy but that's Zay for your ass. Sh*t. Let's take over the world! Why not!" "Sh*t... I'm in... We gon' be bored all gotdamn summer so might as well make this sh*t useful!" <a href="">She</a> butt in. "So Josh and Soso in.... Come on X. Don't let Bree control your life," Zamir remarked with a chuckle. <a href="">Xavier</a> instantly inhaled the smoke from his blunt and then blew right back into the air and twisted his face into disgust almost, "Bree ass DON'T run sh*t around here. So watch yo f*cking mouth nigga... I don't know where you getting your information from, but she don't run sh*t here. And sh*t sounds straight. We can throw a big ASS PARTY with plenty of B*TCHES!" Xavier continued puffing his blunt and made sure he looked at Bree as he spat his last words. Zamir laughed because he knew how to get Xavier out of his zone. Just tell him that his girlfriend Bree was controlling him and he would flip the f*ck out... If he didn't have that blunt on his mind, he would've said way more. This also pissed Bree off.

The night was soon approaching and he finally went around the room until everyone was in agreement. Zamir now spoke over everybody as if he was a teacher or lecturer, "Okay everybody... Now we all wonder who the hell we would be in our past lives. And if you hadn't, I'm going to announce to you all right now who I pictured you to be based on your personality. I'm talking about Egyptian gods and goddesses. I'm going to go around the room and give each and one of you names. This s*** will be very fun and X we can even do parties and all that s*** you saying. But think of this as a sisterhood and brotherhood. Everyone in this room is in <em>Black Pyramid</em> to stay. s***, think of us as the black illuminati." Zamir laughed and continued, while giving everyone the same amount of eye contact, "No one will EVER f*ck with our family. Now remember that. We will be so big that people will want to join but they do not know how powerful we will become. Summer WILL BE OURS! We will conquer every damn party, every function, every room, and etc. B*tches we our the <em> Black Pyramid</em>."

Bree rolled her eyes and laughed, "Nigga really? What's with all the dramatics?" "Well, I like everything to be dramatic... But let's start now. <a href="">Keria</a> you are Hathor, the mother of goddesses. You are the protectress of all women and basically the goddess of happiness and joy, music, dance, beauty, and etc." Keria smiled, "I love it already." Zamir laughed and winked at Keria, "Good." He then continued, "<a href="">Ana</a> you are Bast, the goddess of fire, the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity. Now onto my baby and woman. <a href="">Dany</a> you are Nephthys, the 'Revealer.' You represent life and death, peace, darkness, protection, and dreams."

"Wait, why the f*ck I gotta be dark? I am NOT dark," Dany pouted, causing Zamir to laugh. "Baby, you'll see in a minute... Chill. Soso you are Neith, the 'Huntress' and goddess of war and hunt. You are the protectress of women and marriage and the mother of the gods. X you are Thoth, the 'Lord of Books and Learning and the judge of the gods. You also have two wives... Actually about three so this sh*t fits you perfectly. Bree your ass is Maat, the goddess of truth, right, justice, judgment, law, and reincarnation. And conveniently you are one of the wives of Thoth so the perfect match." Bree shook her head as Xavier laughed. "Nani you are Isis, the 'Supreme Egyptian Goddess.' You are goddess of motherhood, childbirth, fertility, initiation, success, womanhood, the arts, protection, and advice. Josh you are Ptah, the husband of Bast. You are also the 'Father of Beginnings.' You are the god of life, the arts, and miracles. I--" "How the hell do you know all of these things Zay?" Ana questioned.

"Exactly... Like what class was you in? Because I don't remember none of this sh*t in Mr. Cunningham class!" Bree exclaimed. "I do my research and I love Egyptian deities. It's very interesting," Zamir explained. "And who will you be?" Nani inquired, playing with her fingernails. Zamir smiled widely, "Seth, the god of the underworld. I am also the God of destruction and revenge. There is a lot more s*** y'all represent but y'all gotta research that information on your own to see what this group will represent as a whole... We are family... Oh and Dany, I am your husband so that's why I chose that for you baby. If there are any questions.... Please research on your own damn time!" Everyone continued drinking and eating as Zamir thought up of ways to get people on board... This was going to be the best summer... Or so everyone thought.


Aw, Keria is the good child. God blessed them with that check. Her mama seemed like she deserved it. She seemed like a good woman. As for her brother, he's one of those scummy ass baby daddy's. That is a goddamn shame. He should be taking responsibility, especially since his daddy didn't. Thats a sad sight to see.

Damn, that nigga Zamir puts in work. Especially if that nigga had me snoring. I usually never snore. He is so f***ing conceited, I swear. In my opinion, that nigga does not need no goddamn contacts, he is sexy just the way he is. Damn, why that nigga gotta be so rude. He wasn't saying s*** about my stinky ass breath when I first woke up. He would be a rich ass kid too.

Aw, look at Ana and Josh getting to know eachother. Age aint nothing but a number. Swear, they are so f***ing cute with their childishness. Like they acting like they're in middle school all over again.

As for Nani, you speak your mind girl. Your stepmama was way out of line and im glad your daddy realizes that. She need to learn her goddamn place, qcting like she queen bee and s***. she aint s***.

Soso's sister is on some other s***. How you gon leave your child just like that? Please knock some sense into her dumb ass.

I am so weak at how y'all keep calling Lexi old. That s*** is funny

Run it

first kris fine as hell lol
but keria family going through some true bulls***
but im glad they came up on some money her mom is super cool for
wanting to divide it up with her kids instead of being selfish i would
have been like yall better bang so bread and jelly b****es im rich lol
im a little mad at how they came at kris though like i know they mad at
him or whatever but they didnt hear his side of the story how they know
what he is about to do.. he does need to step it up a bit but they could
have handled that better
wait so you mean to tell me zay was wearing contacts lol his crazy ass he
hiding something i feel the s*** and if it involves me getting hurt ima
kill him lol lowkey he treated the hell out of dany and that mouth YUCK!
nani step mom can get beat the f*** like why would she just up and come
at nani like that and twist the s*** to make it look like nani was on
bull if i was nani i would say f*** YO COUCH i aint doing shizzznit
morning skype huh to my boo mmm aww 5 years apart aint horrible i guess
if we truly have things in common and can act mature with one another
plus older men have more experience lol
soso left playing mommy while her sister out shaking ass and what not like who does that you are a mother grow up lol and see what you are
doing to your child ughhh

PARTTAAYYYYYY ima shake my ass on his lip AAYYYYEEE (random)
we about to turn up lol poor lexi nani and bree ganging up on her ass lol
hey 20 not old cause josh older than that does that make him great grandpapi lol

bree i want to know how the party goes


It never fails. I always have errors. I don't spell check though.

<em>Chapter Two</em>

Keria had just got home. She unlocked the door to see her <a href="">mother</a> smiling widely. She wondered what hell got into her. Her mother wasn't mean necessarily, but she was never walking around cheesing like that. She sat her purse on the couch and walked over to her, "Mommy what happened? Why you so happy?" Her mother replied with an even bigger smile, "Come here baby. I got something to show you." Keria walked over to her,  "Okay?" Her mother pulled out a piece of paper. She examined it closely to see it was a check in the amount of $50,000.00. She had to pinch herself a few times to see if she was dreaming. Where the hell she get that type of money from? "M-mom, who gave you that much and why?" "Well, my business is really taking off right now it seems. I had the biggest offer today! Like I was so speechless and shocked. I still am shocked, but things like this Shakeria are the reason why I know God has never disappointed this family. Yeah, we struggle sometimes and that's okay, but he listens to every prayer. And now, I can pay the rest of the mortgage AND some of my debt off and the rest can be shared amongst you, your sister, and your brother.

"Um mama, that money is yours. You earned it. You shouldn't have to share anything with us. Spend it how you want." She smiled, "You are right. I gave you life, but Keria you deserve everything you have. You do everything I ask and you always looked out for me. You are the best child a mother could ask for. I never had any real problems out of you." Keria hugged her mother, "I love you." She hugged her back, "I love you more baby." She then let go of the embrace and now spoke up, "But your brother... Child, I wish he had sense that God blessed him with. Keria every time I go get Kailynn from Lexi, I see his features in her more each day. Your brother still not taking full responsibility for the child he created. He acts like the stuff don't even faze him. I don't know what to do. He won't act right so I gotta try to fix his mistakes. And now Lexi about to put him on child support. Guess, who gon' have to pay? Me because all he spends his money on is weed and shoes." Keria shook her head. She hated seeing her mom struggle especially over her brother, Kris mistakes. <a href="">He</a> soon walked through the door, "What's up?" "Why you ain't taking care of your daughter?" Keria quickly shot up and asked. Kris rolled his eyes, "Keria, shut the f*ck up. You speaking on sh*t you don't know nothing about and I don't wanna hear it." 

"Well you ARE gon' hear it. Do you see what you are doing to OUR mother with this crap? Why can't you do the right thing? You want your daughter to go through what daddy put us through? Huh? The SAME... Excuse me mommy, but the SAME BULLSH*T we endured growing up? Yeah, so it pays to be a good father huh? You're an idiot. Your own mother who is BARELY making ends meet have to spend her damn money on YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! You didn't want her? Well next time use a thing called a condom. It works wonders if used correctly!" Keria roared, walking upstairs to her room, closing her door. She cried angry tears as she thought about how her father didn't even give a f*ck about them anymore. 

She wished Kristopher would become the father that he never had to Kailynn, but right now it seems like it wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Kristopher was furious how his sister came at him sideways like that. He was so upset that he fumbled his pockets. He pulled out a wad of cash and counted out $500. He handed it to his mother. "Kris... You don't--" "No mama... Since everybody got something to say around here! Thank you so much for everything you do for me," He exclaimed and walked out of the house. He got in his car and sped off. He soon found him a relaxing spot and rolled up a blunt as he thought about all his problems. Keria soon cried herself to sleep.

In the morning Zamir woke up and smiled at Danyell sleep peacefully. Last night he truly wore her out and he was more than pleased with the results. He had the damn girl snoring. He soon kissed her lips and then hopped in the shower and then got out and dried off. Next, he gazed into the mirror, admiring his reflection. He then brushed his teeth and got dressed. By the time he was all done, Dany was waking up. He greeted her with a kiss and a tight hug, "Good morning gorgeous." "Morning but damn I can barely walk thanks to yo ass nigga!" She shouted, punching him in his shoulder. He laughed, "Stop teasing me so gotdamn much then and you wouldn't have that problem." "How the f*ck I tease you? Please let me know. You the gotdamn tease, whispering in my ear all that sh*t. Why the f*ck are you so sexy?" "Ummm... genetics," He giggled. She rolled her eyes, "Well, I better go now... My mama probably wants me to help her with something." "Well, I better take you home before mama starts tripping... I had so much fun though. We should definitely do it again," Zamir retorted, curving his lips into a smirk. Dany shook her head and quickly showered and then got dressed into his basketball shorts and one of his shirts. She gathered her things and headed out of his house. He followed her to his car. They both got in.

"So about last night... It's been on my mind. Zay I never saw your eyes change colors like that. And I look in your eyes all damn day," She stared at him as he drove. He pulled over and laughed, while reaching for his eyes. He pulled the lenses from his eyes and showed her, "They're contacts baby... I didn't think you would notice but green is the only color I ever wanted my eyes to be. I only wore them for last night. And I'm wearing them to the party too." "Why the hell you wearing colored contacts anyway? I love your brown eyes much better. I don't know why you would wanna change them!" Dany spat. He shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know. I just wanted to change them." "I love you just the way you are," She leaned over and pecked his lips. He kissed her back and then fanned his hand over his nose, "Your breath smells like sh*t babe! You could've asked for a spare toothbrush! Go home and brush ASAP!" "You're an a**hole!" Dany exclaimed, looking at the road. He laughed, "Sorry for telling the damn truth."

While Zamir was working Dany's nerves, Ana was having morning Skype sessions with her future boo. She smiled back at Joshua as he did the same. "How did you sleep last night?" Joshua asked, while staring at Ana through the computer monitor. "It was okay. I could barely get some damn sleep thanks to my annoying ass parents arguing at the wee hours of the morning," Ana reminisced, shaking her head. Josh laughed, "I know the feeling. Trust me. That's why I moved out when I was 18. I couldn't do it. My mama and stepdad deserve a gold medal for their arguments man. I swear." "So do their ass," Ana chimed in, fixing her hair. Josh then became serious as he thought of what to say next. This next question was on his mind all night. He wanted this to work but didn't want this to cause problems.

"Ana... I thought about this last night... We're five years apart. Does it really bother you? I mean this is my first time being interested in someone that much younger than me. I don't wanna feel like a perve. You know?" He questioned seriously, looking into her eyes. Ana laughed slightly, "It really doesn't bother me. You actually have a job, your own place, and being responsible unlike many people your age or younger who rather sit on their ass. You don't have kids right?" "Not at all and no time soon," Joshua answered quickly. "So yeah, I am not bothered. I really enjoy your company," Ana responded. "That's good to know but you wanna grab something to eat in like 30?" Josh asked. "Sure... See you soon." "Alright," Josh logged off Skype and smiled to himself. Ana wasn't like any other girl he met. He was gonna figure out why soon. They both got ready for their breakfast date.

Nani awoke in the morning to smell food coming from the kitchen. If it is was Jasmine, her stepmother, cooking she didn't want any as bad as that sounds but that's how she felt right now. To her surprise, it was actually her father. He soon came inside her room with a plate of food, "Morning." "Morning dad," She yawned, while taking the plate. He sat on the foot of her bed and stared at her, "Jasmine told me what happened yesterday. I want you to know right now that I'm not angry at you. I know it's hard for you to grasp that I am happy with Jasmine. However, I want you also to be respectful and the young woman you were raised to be. Jasmine won't disrespect you and you won't disrespect her. You're not a little girl anymore Nani. You're grown now and you will be treated like an adult. I want you to find a part-time job to help buy all these things that YOU want. This is NOT for the baby, I don't know why she even would bring something up like that without my consent."

Nani sat the breakfast on her dresser and sighed, "She said it to be a b*tch. That's why. I knew it wasn't your idea. I have nothing against your toy but I don't want her coming at me like that again. She tryna talk to me like she is my mother. I have only one mother and she is gone. I don't need a replacement." Her father was blown away by her bluntness. Sometimes Nani's sharp tongue caught him by surprise. She didn't bite it when it came to something she felt strongly about. "Nallely, she is not trying to replace your mother. No one can replace her... She just words things difficultly. You are my child and no one will get between that but some boundaries must not be crossed. You can't talk to her like she's one of your friends. She's a grown woman, no matter how young she is. She is still older than you. Let's not forget that," He expressed, staring at her.

"That may be true, but age doesn't equal maturity which is something she is lacking. The way she announced her pregnancy was just complete bull... SPIT! Like she strutted into the room and blurted it out like, 'I'm pregnant and you getting a job and helping us take care of it.' Psh, hell will freeze over before I take care of a damn baby that's not mine!" Nani shouted, alarming her father. His phone soon rung, interrupting the conversation, "We will have this talk later. Meanwhile, your ass is not allowed to stay out past midnight this whole week. You understand? Study. Do something productive." Nani rolled her eyes and looked at the breakfast. "We'll see about that," She sassed, continuously looking at the food.

While Ana and Josh were having their first date and as Nani had a fit, Soso was on her bed sketching a drawing of a huntress. After last night, she was up researching her goddess. She didn't like the name but she loved what Neith stood for. She found some very interesting things about her. She was bad-ass in her eyes and was pretty cool. For once it was peace and quiet in her parents home as she smiled at her results. Her peace didn't last long when <a href="">She</a> walked in. It was her niece. "Hayden, what do you want?" Soso dryly asked, now sitting up. "Mommy left again without saying bye and I'm kinda sad... I wanted to say bye!" Hayden exclaimed, with her hand on her hips. Soso sighed because this became the usual. Her sister didn't realize that her being out all night chasing her crazy ass baby daddy, affected her daughter. What type of example was she setting? A bad one... Soso was the one who was left to watch Hayden while her sister was gone or her parents were at work. It was becoming annoying now. Soso made Hayden sit on the bed, "I know you don't like seeing your mama leave but right now you're too young to understand why she does what she does. And when you get older, you will see why but right now we're gonna get some cereal and watch some cartoons and draw." Hayden smiled and danced, "YAY!" Soso shook her head while laughing, "You are too hyper but go wash your face and meet me downstairs in five minutes."

<em>A month later...</em>

It was the day of the Black Pyramid party. It was definitely most anticipated party of the year for high school graduates. People couldn't wait to get into this party. And it was thrown at one of Zamir's dad's properties. His parents were rich and it was no secret. The party was only an hour away and it was going down. Bree stood in front of her big sister, <a href="">Lexi.</a> "Where the hell you going slut?" Lexi asked, while Bree got dressed. "To a party ho!" Bree shouted, putting on accessories. "Dressed like an Egyptian? It's a themed party?" "Not really but you know me. Gotta show the f*ck out on these hoes! We have a group now, <em>Black Pyramid</em>. So we throwing a big ass party for it," She announced. "Without me? That's not fair! How you b****es don't know if I wanted to join?" Lexi asked, pushing her a little. "Because we don't want senior citizens at our sh*t," Nani walked in laughing. Bree joined her, "Exactly... Grandma stay yo ass at home." Lexi now gave them a mean glare, "Trick I'm 20 years old! That is NOT old." "Twenty is like 80 nowadays granny," Nani cut in laughing. Bree shook her head laughing, "So childish." "What? She was gonna drive her Hover Round to the party..." Lexi soon threw her shoe at Nani. Nani ducked, while laughing and throwing it back, "Come on grandma. You know I'm faster than your ass. Come on. Try to catch me without breaking a hip." Nani soon took off as Lexi chased her. "Nani! I'm ready to go! Chase this ho later!" Bree shouted downstairs. "Shut up b*tch before I rip your eyelids off your face!" Lexi hollered to Breana. "Pshhh. Not worried! Ugh! Nani come on man!"


The party is next! Lol

+this s*** backwards but oh well

why the f*** did zamir eyes turn green and his ass has jewelry and s*** that just look strange ... if his high yellow ass really put me in some s*** i WILL kill him dead have bree bring him back to life and kill him again.. that f*** he on joe<< lol

aye but dany and za are nasy lol wait
oh hell we are all going to die .. bree aint getting no long d*** from tigger the f*** is up... WAIT she is getting neck though lol i knew it lol

speaking of bree and x they are the loves of my life they relationship is so sweet (dont judge me) i dont know why i think its cute to want to beat someones ass all out of love lol
[b**** ima kill you...not if i kill you first...i love you... i love you more hoe] lol TRUE LOVE

me and josh awww we like teddy grahams so cute... but yall hoes need to leave us alone you scaring us away.. or maybe we just laming it out lol you need a ride..ill let you drive why did i get nasty all out of that lol but s*** we about to keep it on the hush lol for now i wonder how long that will last..


<strong>Comments on the First Add</strong>

ummmm Zamir is a little ummm . . .
dark . . . noooo not the right word
hmmm let's see DRAMATIC
lol but its cool
<strong>Black Pyramid</strong> shall be how do you sayy . . .
<em>the sh*t</em> lol

but X mmm poor babyy
deamling with Bree asx aint easy
BUT somebodyy gotta do it && i votee
YOU lol
theyy sound likee the typee of couplee
tht fight over the smallest sh*t
then turn arnd && be all gigglyy && sh*t

Like, him alreadyy knowing who should havee what names
just shows tht this was NOT a spur of the moment typee
he had been thinking about it for a min
&& just BAM threw it on us
he sounds veryy passionatee about it
though i'd rather he just tell us about it
rather than making us research on our own

<strong>Commentson the Second Add</strong>

Ana && Josh <3
but if ppl leave them alonee
they'll go ahead && be together
. . . thoough im suree i'd alwayss sayy something bcus
theyy too old for this beating arnd the bush sh*t
Josh since you scared right her a not
<strong>Do You Like Me?</strong>
<strong>Check Yes or No</strong>
<strong>[]Yes | []No</strong>
lmao plain && simple!

Hmm Bree is prollyy a virgin
causee she evil af !
but seriouslyy ho yo asx the virgin
Danyy shld DEF be the virgin if
anyonee lol

Bree && X needa just break tf up
or get tf along
damn aint nobodyy got timee for all tht damn arguing
Danyy .. .sweetiee its okayy we knw you're not
evil BUT you with Zamir so suck tht sh*t up!

I mean i prettyy much figured Zamir
asx would be the bipolar one
i mean i can CLEARLY see tht he is

Yes, Gods were veryy disgusting && disturbed
in some aspects
well . . . the male ones mainlyy
*shudder* just nastyy !

Damn, Bree . . .
how'd you know . . .
my dad does havee a younger wifee
(not 22 but young) && our relationship is
sh*t thanks to her asx
*shrugg* no commenton tht . . .

<strong>"Aw yeah. That's my horny color," He cooed</strong>
Reallyy . . . .lmfao ctfu smdh
i just CANT with them !

AGAIN, Bree .. .X . . .just ugh
\makee up y'all damn minds
either y'all gonget along && not fight
or just break up bcus tht sh*t
is stupid && time consuming && its irritating
stfu niggas ! damn !


Dany I'm the virgin dammit because it's true!

And Soso you right lol

freaky ass muthafckas!
lmao at xavier takin
bree sht but he was wrong
for deleting all her numbers
out her phone he know he
the only one! bree need to
be checkin his damn phone!
and ewww dany and zamir
nasty selves! aughhh

Run It

Lol Lexi you WOULD be the one to like their unhealthy ass relationship.

Aww, look at Josh and Ana being all cute and s***. Those kids are just so adorable, they'll be perfect for eachother. You can already tell. Ooh, so these niggas wanna keep their relationship on the low, huh? Well sorry that we know that you two are meant to be together. Sorry for caring.

In X and Bree's relationship, you can feel the love. It is so typical of them to be arguing and bickering like that. It wouldn't be their relationship of it wasnt like that. Allah that s*** makes them, them! They break up to make up. Swear, they do it just to amuse eachother.

Hmm, Zamir's eyes change color? Mayeb he really is evil. Gah, I have so many questions for that nigga? Like why is he so goddamn sexy?!?! He is a super freak.

Why is it that Bree is a virgin?
I should be the virgin!
That right there is a goddamn lie!

Run it

ooooooooooooooo zamir crazy even this niggah's eyes giving it away got explainable jewelry watch him be the downfall...tsk tsk i'm tellin ya

i love x's & bree relationship thats real love for you lmaoo

nani just f***ing rude lol

ana & josh just smhh lord sweet baby jesus y be a couple but still hide it smh lol

but run it

Zamir looked around the room for approval, "So everyone is in right?" Everyone nodded their heads. "All of our names fit us! I am the goddess of pleasure! F*ck yeah!" Ana celebrated, while the room filled with laughs. "And Josh is your husband... Looks like it'll happen in y'all favor," Nani teased. Ana blushed, while Josh smiled. Everyone KNEW Ana and Josh had a thing for each other but what they didn't understand is how they knew it but never acted on it. It was very crazy to say the least. What people must understand is that Josh and Ana had to work things out on their own. The more people pushed them together, the more they stayed silent. Bree instantly pulled up the Internet on her phone and researched the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Her face lit up with excitement, "Oh yeah b*tches! It says here that other gods have to obey or live by me!" Zamir chuckled at her eagerness, "Yes. That's correct. You also balance the evil. They must go through you first with an empty heart to balance the scales." She smiled, "Yay! And it also says that I'm the virgin. This is perfect!"

Xavier soon rolled his eyes, "Don't f*cking remind me." "That sh*t is a complete lie. You ain't no damn virgin," Dany joked. "Yes the f*ck she is! And wonder why I'm so damn grumpy! I ain't getting no damn pussy!" Xavier shouted, continuously smoking the blunt. "Nigga with that attitude, you never will! And go be with those b****es you brag about! Ya tongue game ain't all that boo-boo!" Bree roared, pushing his head. Keria soon got in-between them before they started fighting, which was routinely. "Hold the f*ck up with that sh*t... X keep to yourself And put that damn sh*t out! You know I got asthma! And Bree keep your hands to yourself!" Keria enforced, now coughing and snatching the weed out of Xavier's hand and putting it out on the table. Bree and X rolled their eyes in unison as Zamir died from laughter, "Oh my god! That was beautiful you guys." "Shut up SETH! And I am NOT evil by the way guys!" Dany yelled. "We know that Dany... You're the athlete and freak," Ana laughed, while Josh did the same. "Y'all undercover couple ass can stop all that giggling. 'Cuz y'all married now according to Zay," Soso added, addressing Joshua and Anastasia. 

Ana and Josh sighed, causing everyone to shake their heads. "Okay I'm reading again and Zay your ass is evil according to this site. It's says your unpredictable. One minute you can be good and the next bad. That's not all. It says Josh married Ana's sister. Well Ptah' married Bast' sister Sekhmet. Looks like Thoth ain't the only nigga creeping. A lot of y'all are married to more than one woman," Bree informed, while laughing and shaking her head. "Well this was during those times where it was okay to be married to more than one woman even your sister... It wasn't incest back then," Zamir educated, while opening a beer. Nani scrunched her face, "Eww. Who the f*ck would agree to marry they blood? That's just gross as f*ck?" "I know right. They were disgusting," Dany chimed in, shaking her head. "I think the perfect word is disturbed. I'm just saying," Keria added.

"That is some sick sh*t... But when all this sh*t gon' come together? I gotta get ready for work and such," Josh interrupted. Okay everyone was fresh out of school except Josh. Joshua was 23-years-old. He is Zamir's cousin. "This Saturday. All of you niggas better be in attendance. Ladies let your inner goddess out," Zamir smirked, while chugging his beer as Dany sat in his lap. "Oh trust me. I feel it right now and I am the leader of all y'all hoes!" Bree spat playfully, while getting up and sticking her chest out. "As you can f*cking see she already letting this sh*t get to her head! And Keria you didn't have to put my f*cking blunt out! Take your ass outside or something!" Xavier roared, becoming frustrated. "X shut the f*ck up! You not supposed to be smoking ANY way! You on probation remember?" Keria glared at him, now reminding him. "As crazy as Keria is, she's right X. You know your ass will be right back in court!" Ana replied, adding her two cents. "Nigga I hate to preach but the ladies are right. Come on  X. You gotta do better," Josh intervened.

"Naw what I need is for y'all to get off my nuts. Sh*t. I get enough of my moms doing that sh*t!" Xavier exclaimed. "Your mama only tries to help your smart-dumb ass! Yes I said smart-dumb ass! He so smart but damn at the same damn time! Sh*t getting old man! I need to find a nigga on my level 'cuz I can't deal with stupid niggas," Bree growled, taking out her phone. Xavier leaned over Keria and snatched Bree's phone, "B*tch you won't be texting or calling NOBODY tonight! How you like that? Run ya mouth too much. Shut the f*ck up sometimes! Damn man!" Bree laughed loudly, "Bet nigga." "BET!" He spat back. "Y'all settle down. Xavier I'm sure Bree won't need to text anybody or call cuz you gonna eat that pussy all night right?" Ana butted in, joking. Xavier hissed and shook his head, "Nah. She'll never feel this tongue again since it's so weak. B*tch please. Wasn't weak when ya ass was squirming and pushing my damn head away every damn second." "You're a f*cking idiot! I swear!" Bree rolled her eyes. Xavier laughed and paid her no attention as he went through her phone.

"Hmm is who Kameron? Looks like I'mma find out right now," Xavier laughed while calling the number. Dany shook her head, "This is pure f*ckery. When are your parents coming back baby?" "Wednesday baby. We got the whole house to ourselves and you know what that means," Zamir whispered into Dany's ear, sending chills down her spine. Dany secretly melted because Zamir knew all the things to do to turn her on. He knew it too that's why he did it. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed behind her ear, "Soon as they leave... It's dinnertime and I'm starving Danyell." The number soon picked up as Xavier spoke, "Who the f*ck is this?" The male voice on the other end responded, "Either you don't got caller i.d. or you just retarded." "Nigga, getting smart gets you dead. Pussy! Why the f*ck is your number in my girl's phone? Test me, it ain't sh*t to go back to jail for beating yo ass!" Xavier hollered, as he became angry. "Ask your f*cking girl! You getting all swole in the chest for sh*t! Breana is my friend. I got a girl. It ain't even like that," Kameron stated. "Yeah, well not no more nigga! Tell her ass goodbye!" Xavier shouted, putting him on speakerphone. "Oh my gosh Kam. I'm sorry you gotta deal with this assh*le. This dumb ass jailbird is my boyfriend but definitely not for long!" Bree shouted.

This only caused Xavier to be more heated. He quickly hung up the phone and deleted Kameron's number from the entire phone. He then went through her phone again deleting every male name he saw. Bree now became angry as she attempted to snatch the phone from his hand. However, he was too quick for her. "No! You not getting this sh*t back tonight! I'm not playing Bree! So you can wear yo ass out tryna get it but the only way you can get it is if you fight my ass and we know how that'll end," He smirked, shaking his head. Bree shook her head, while sitting back down, "I f*cking hate you ho ass nigga!" "B*tch I hate you even more!" He spat back. Everyone tried to tune them out as much as possible. Hours later, everyone was now leaving. Meanwhile Dany and Zamir was kissing on the couch. Dany moaned softly, "Mmm baby." Zamir rubbed Dany's treasure through her shorts and continued kissing her all over her body. While Zamir and Dany where getting freaky, Ana and Josh were talking outside. "So everyone is putting all of this damn pressure on us right?" Ana asked Josh. He laughed a bit, "Hell yeah... It's getting annoying now but what do you think?"

"I really think you are cool. You seem like a nice guy. And I'm definitely a nice girl when I'm not being naughty. So why not go out?" Ana laughed, while staring up at Josh. He laughed as well, "But the thing is... We should do it behind their backs since they been tryna force us for the longest and I think you are very beautiful and a cool ass girl. But you need a ride?" Ana smiled and agreed, "Can't wait and yeah I'll let you drive." Josh shook his head while smiling and opening the passenger door for her. Ana climbed in the seat. Josh got in and soon took off. Nani dropped Keria off at her house and soon went home as well. She decided to do research on her goddess and smiled, "Yay! I'm the goddess of all goddess! This shall be interesting!" Her step-mother soon walked into the room with a serious tone, "Nallely, your father and I are expecting and we will like you to get a job to help around here." Nani soon looked up at her and shook her head, while tryna laugh her anger off, "Why YOU can't work? I'll work for my dad only but NOT to take care a baby you two made because y'all decided y'all wanted to be nasty and not use a condom. Sounds personal." Her step-mother breathed in and then exhaled, "Nallely I know you wish you and your dad was on good terms. I get it. You miss the bond you two had but you can't take things out on the baby," She remarked, placing her hand on her hip. Nani smiled, "Bond... Why would I care? He has three children now. Me, the new baby and you too! That's right! He left my mother for a 22-year-old! Someone who could be my sister?! I--" "Now Nallely, I am his wife you will not disrespect me in that manner!" "No! You are his trophy! Don't worry you'll be replaced just like the other two!" Nani snapped, storming off and heading to her room.

Bree now hopped into Xavier's car, slamming the door. "Alright. Watch your f*cking self slamming my sh*t!" He warned her, while getting in and driving off. Bree rolled her eyes as she watched her anger build up. Xavier was soon pulling up to his house. His mother car was gone. He opened the door and saw a note indicating that his sister Ariel was over a friend's house for the week and she would be gone for a week. He took the note off the door and sighed because this became frequent now. He then walked in. Bree soon followed. He closed the door behind her and locked it. "Looks like the house is ours once again... Ariel over her friend's for the weekend and my mama is gone for a week," He announced, heading upstairs to his room and plopping on his bed. Bree trailed behind him and stared at him, "Xavier give me my phone. I'm not staying here!" Bree stated, holding her hand out. Xavier now laughed at her. He knew she hated being laughed at. That's the biggest reasons he did it to piss her off because she sure got a reaction out of him. "Breana, I'm not giving you this phone back. Maybe tomorrow. But not tonight. Hopefully, your mama don't need you but I'll take you home," He snickered, pissing her off more.

Bree became angrier and smacked him, "Give me my damn phone! Why you being so damn childish?!" Xavier now shot up and pushed her into the wall roughly and pinned her arms against the wall, "Chill the f*ck out with that hitting sh*t before I knock yo ass out! You not gon' learn! I'm being childish? Am I? When you the mothaf*cka who try to embarrass me in front of everybody as much as possible?" "Only because yo ass keep making smart remarks about me not f*cking you!" She spat back. He sighed, "Baby, I love you. I'm an assh*le but that's what attracted you to me in the first place. I told you I'll wait for you. I just get frustrated because you're the first girl to ever make me wait. You the first to drive me this damn crazy so it scares me sometimes because every day I found myself falling more in love with you and then you do stupid sh*t that make me wanna strangle yo dumb ass!" "Xavier I love you too but you gotta trust me! What's the purpose of you being all insecure like that? Deleting niggas out my phone!" Bree shook her head. "Face it Breana... You are my woman... I'm on your damn only male friend. F*ck them other niggas!" He shouted, looking into her eyes. She suddenly kissed him, "Damn you so sexy. Yes sir. I'll do whatever you say." He kissed her back and smirked, "Nah, that's yo ass. And damn right you will!" He then laughed, "And you STILL NOT getting your phone!" "Dammit!" Bree cursed, causing Xavier to laugh loudly.

Zamir laid on top of Dany getting her nice and wet and preparing her for the best sex of her life. She kissed his neck and got him hot as well. She soon noticed something, "Your eyes change colors. I never noticed. That's f*cking cool!" He laughed, "You're  late as f*ck but what color are they now?" "Like a deep green," She stated astonished. "Aw yeah. That's my horny color," He cooed, while kissing on her breasts. She moaned while laughing, "Babe, I look in your eyes enough, how the f*ck did I miss this?!" "I don't know Dany. We'll talk later after I break your back," He said, while now sucking on her beasts. Dany enjoyed it and wondered what else she missed. She then saw a piece of jewelry on his stand that looked very expensive. She wondered how he could afford it because he wasn't working right now. She decided she'd ask questions later and enjoy their nasty session.

hmmm i will be
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ik out of it right now


I'm loving this already.
<strong>Black Pyramid</strong> has a royal/dark ring to it.

It's always the sexy ones that come up with the craziest s***. Like Zamir would be the nigga to make himself the king of the dark underworld, and of course me being his wife, I would have to be part of it too. I'll go along just because I love him, but just so y'all know I am nowhere near evil.

Bree would be the one to state/speak her mind. That's the reason why her ass is always needed, she the only one willing to hurt other people's feelings and s***. I was so f***ing weak at how Xavier was trying to cover up the fact that Bree does run s***.

These names all go perfect with everyone. It's kinda weird tho, how he remembered all this s***. If he remembers all this s***, then maybe Zamir can have the possibility of taking over the world. You'll never know until you try.

run it


bree i freaking love it


first off zamir is out of his mind how the hell does
he know all of this s***... WHO THE HELL REMEMBERS CRAP LIKE THAT

keria being the protectress i can def. see that so he hit hers right on
the head with that one

me childbirth, fertility, PLEASURE, jokes, intuition, healing, and generosity gosh dang it bree you know me so well lol but i like it

dany i aint f***ing with her ass life and death hell naw keep your ass back lol i know it is all for play but s*** happens

soso goddess of war.. AYYYE SHOOT OUT AYYYEEE SHOOT OUT lol thuggish ruggish ball

x can have multiple wives haha sorry bree

bree leave it to her to have something telling the truth cause she aint
gon lie to your ass.. (see a popped b****) bree will tell her lol MEANIE

josh my husband enough said... give me some miracles lol

last but not least zamir god of the under world... his ass is about to go crazy i can see it now he gon kill us all


Maybe tomorrow when I get rest. My sleep pattern is all f***ed up.

-_- wait my bad cus i thought i saw hera up above i was about to say you used a greek goddess but anywho carry on

Thank you Tina. Because I thought for sure that nigga was Greek lol. But I'm going to try to add tonight.

Hercules is a greek god

But I'm liking this already!
Black Pyramid sounds cools as hell

NO! lol i dont wanna hear that i shouldve been in it frm that start but watever you say -_-

I know yo ass saw that I will be throwing more people in here later... Reading is fundamental lol.

wait why the HELL am i not in this wtf dont play w me bree-,- lmao

but i love it so far just because i love anything dealing with Egyptian mythology gods & goddess

im surprised noone named Hercules lmfaoo

but run it

What the hell is wrong with your name? Lol

Xavier is out of his damn mind,
but i likes this though lol
and I don't like my goddess name
but i like the meaning behind it.
aughhh, ...this sht is kray but
im down with the Black Pyramid
for the sisterhood/brotherhood
yada yada and all that good sht.
lets just hope us lazy nggas actually
go do the damn research lol

Run It Soon