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Don't Judge Me ...(Teenage Pregnancy)

"Baby we need to talk"<a href="">Chris</a> said slurping up his last milkshake at steak&Shake.. My nerves hit me when i heard those words. Me and Chris has been dating for about a year and i didn't wanna lose him.

" About..."

"I love you honestly i do. And i feel like thing are taking to turn in our relationship...." He said as my heart dropped. "Into something more intimate" He said as i lifted my head and looked at him.

"Wait you don't wanna leave me" <a href="">I</a> said as he chuckled.

"No, why would you think that i love you girl" He said as i smiled "I'm just ready to take things to the next level". He said as i scrunched up my lips

" I don't know Chris. I'm nervous about this. Im only 14" I said

" You neverous about how you'll be? I know your a virgin so you already gonna be bad in bed" He said laughing as i pushed him "No but take the time. i want it to be special for you. I'll always be here for you no matter what" He said which made me smile.

"Pinky promise?" I said holding out my pinky.

"Pinky promise" He said locking pinkies. He paid for the food and helped me up i sunt <a href="">Rsven</a>Raven a text

<em>Ummm. Is teesh home? I need to talk to her about sex</em>



ok so cj is almost two and yanna still don't
know he been seeing chris.? come on now
mijo and rae yall need to tell her.
chris needs to not be with rihanna if he still
got feelings for yanna. and what's up with
T.? does she not like riri or something.?
this move may be good for yanna. it could
be a fresh start for her and who knows she
might even hook up wirh soulja, he was
flirting on the low lmao.!

RUN IT.!!!

ok so cj is almost two and yanna still don't
know he been seeing chris.? come on now
mijo and rae yall need to tell her.
chris needs to not be with rihanna if he still
got feelings for yanna. and what's up with
T.? does she not like riri or something.?
this move may be good for yanna. it could
be a fresh start for her and who knows she
might even hook up wirh soulja, he was
flirting on the low lmao.!

RUN IT.!!!

run it!!!!

run it

Ugh Im mad these two aint together and the fact theyre keeping a secret that Chris knows about CJ's exsistance from Yanna aint cool. That boys almost 2 he gone start talking better and let it be known that he aint talking bout Mijo being his daddy.
I hate that Chris is moving on with Robyn I really wanted him and Yanna to finally get together. I wonder why Tionna sketchy about him being with Rhi to?
Well Im glad Yanna got a job offer ats good for them. And she got to intervoew Soulja boy nicee, And he was flirting with her it seems... So they moving to the ATL aww shucks now. Hmmm chris wont be able to see CJ as much with this move or will he????

well they made it official.him and rih..idk how long that "privacy" gon last lol but anywho im sooo proud of iyanna for getting the job she is doin big things and on top of that she is accomplishing them without chris..i wish they could talk tho but i know jus like tey was saying everything on top of each otha is a bit much to take in...cj is so cute and he is getting so big..but dang he callin mijo daddy -__- well i mean he is the one that is actin as a daddy to him so it only makes sense but RUN IT!!

<strong><a href="">CHRIS</a></strong>

<em>January 2008</em>

<cite>SHOCKER! Move over Vanessa and Zac, could this be Young Hollywood’s next power couple?

Despite reports last year that Chris Brown, 18, and Rihanna, 20, are not dating, one website today says that they two ARE NOW DATING!


Flirting might have worked for Chris Brown. Last year, US Magazine reported that Brown was putting on game with RiRi and was looking to get closer to the hit singer. Other sites reported that Brown had preshed Rihanna to be able to do a remix of her hit Umbrella and eventually cut the track out of his own pocket.

The question today is … has Rihanna become Brown’s Cinderella? One website says they are dating! We have pictures, video, and more for you!

Website MediaTakeout today is reporting the two are actively dating, and it’s official!

Back in September US magazine wrote: “Chris Brown may be looking to make his Umbrella collaboration with Rihanna something a little more permanent. … he “might have flirted a little bit” with her at the MTV VMAs earlier this month. When we pressed him for more info, Brown, who is in his words, “single and ready to mingle,” clarified, “[Rihanna and I] are just friends. We’re great friends. We haven’t taken it to that next level YET.” So is there romance for the two in the future? Brown coyly tells Us, “We’ll see!” “

Website UGO wrote the following about the Cinderella remix of Umbrella:

“R&B star Chris Brown is such a huge fan of Rihanna’s smash hit UMBRELLA he has paid for studio time to remix the track.

“The singer begged Rihanna to let him revamp the hit, and then went ahead with his plans while he was awaiting her OK and she’s thrilled with his efforts, which he has dubbed Cinderella.

“Rihanna says, “He was very anxious, he wanted to do it from the beginning. He said, ‘I wanna remix Umbrella,’ and he just kept asking me and asking me.

“Then one day he just called me; he was in the studio and he said, ‘I’m remixing Umbrella right now!’ and he just did it.

“He paid the engineer, he paid for his own studio time, he did it.”</cite>

<a href="">I</a> smirked reading the magazine and i throwed it away after entering the studio. I was working with my boy <a href="">Tpaine</a> with his song freeze. He came on my single kiss kiss and it was a hit. So he asked me to hop on this single right here.
6 months after Rih hit me up at my tour. we clicked instantly. We denied our relationship in front of the tabloids. but they wasn't beliving this s***. and i don't blame them. because im that type to show public display of affection. and they catch that every trip. I still havent told her about Cj. mainly because i'm not suppose to know about him my damn self. But my lil man will be 2 in 6 months. He saying daddy. walking running and all.. Now we working on the potty training s***. haha that lil boy is funny. and i miss him. i gotta go see him this weekend. Iyanna birthday just passed in decemeber. i wanted to see her so bad. i can't believe these past 2 years and a half i havent seen her. Mijo said she be asking about "daddy" when i'm not there. but he said he be "asking about mijo" smh. i don't know how long we gonna be playing these games.

"Yeoo Chris how's it going man" Pain said dapping me as i went and sat down.

"It's going good man. i can't complain" i said texting rih back

" I see you and Robyn top news in the tabloids" he said leaning back in his chair laughing. i chuckled myself "Man i'm trying to tell you"
" How you holding up to it"

" Not to good. Hopefully the music can take me away. Ima go play ball with T today so im looking forward to that" i said as i recieve the text message.

<em>Baby don't worry about that. You can't let it effect your music. Stay focus, they always gonna be in our business. I want you to have a good day. I'll talk to you later =)</em>

"Okay man let's get to work" Pain said as i nodded

<strong><a href="">IYANNA</a></strong>

<a href="">I</a> sat down with my tape recorder in the middle of an interview with up coming artist <a href="">Soulja Boy Tell Em</a>. I am now 17 and in 5 months will be graduating high school. I had a car. i'm looking around for a apartment. And i have a awesome job which i am in love with.

" So soulja, your a upcoming new artist. With the hit single "Crank that soulja boy" how does it feel to recieve the reconission you been looking for?" i said as he smiled licking his lips at me

"Ahh man im blessed im truly blessed. it's great i love what i do. the music i make. i have great fan. it's truly a blessing" he said as i knodded my head looking at my paper filled with questions.

"Speaking of fan i know your females fan are anxiously awaiting this next questions. Is Mr. Soulja Boy Tell em single?"

" Yea im single you know realy to mingle." he said winking his eye at me laughing" I'm looking for a soulja girl"

" A soulja girl? Define that" i said raising my eyebrow

" A soulja girl you know someone whoes gonna hold me down, gonna be there for me. someone who gonna love me" he said

" Okay. Now what can we look forward from you this coming year"

" i working on my next video 'Donk' right now. My album 'Soulja Boy Tell Em' gonna be coming out later this year. so you gonna be hearing alot from me" he said smiling as i smiled also. stoping my tape recorder.

"Okay. thank you for coming. that raps up the interview" i said standing up. he also followed suit " Thank you for having me beautiful" he said walking out the door. I gathered my things out saying bye to everyone as i got in my car. Hopefully Raven or Mijo didn't have to work today because I had a papaer i had to write up from this interview. Not to mention Studying for school. i was beyong busy.

I was home getting <a href="">Cj</a> dressed since Rae said she was gonna take hime. I haven't seen her in 2 months. because she was with Teesh. helping her with with her apartment. in Miami. So it was just me and Moms (RAVEN'S MOM) but she was hardly home too. I heard the door unlock and seen her come in. She looked soo good. I was happy to see <a href="">her</a> i ran up to her huggin her.

" LOOK AT YOU" i said pulling away from the hug

" LOOK AT YOU" She said doing the same thing.

" You got rid of the blue" i asked as she ran her fingers in her hair.

" Yeaa i did. i wanted a more mature look" she said as i smiled." But look at you with your job with TEEN magazine. You looking all mature. you ready to graduate?"

"Yes i am" i said cj ran in and smacked rae

"MYRAE, MYRAE PICK ME UP" he said with his arms up." Is that my CJ" look at him getting bigger. 2 months was too long away from my baby" she said hugging him "Myrae i got tigers" he said getting down and grabbing her hand pulling her to the room. My phone started to ring.

"Hello" i said " yes is this Iyanna Smith" a man said on the other side of
" Yes may i ask who calling" i said walking to the kitchen since rae and cj was now playing.

" this is Joseph collins with WXYN radio stations in atlanta. You was referred by your boss at TEEN magizine. I have a job position here for you at the radio station" he said as i gasped for air. "OMG i don't know what to say" he chuckled. "Hopefully you'll say yes. But it's started at the end of June. Since i know your graduating this year. So look for a apartment down here. and hopefully you can get situated in time
" Can i have some time. Maybe up till 24 hours to think it through" i said
"Sure, sure. call me back and let me know" he said. "I will" i said hanging up. " RAVEN" i yelled walking out the kitchen as i seen <a href="">Mijo</a> walk in the house.

"Why yo ass yelling??" he said scrunching up his face as Raven came out his eyes got big. " Yo what happen to my ugly ass girlfriend" he said laughing as she punched him and they hugged.

" Okay family reunion is over i need to talk to you guys" i said as we all sat down. Cj came in and got excited when he seen Mijo " Daddy" he said running to him and looking around. "Daddy?" he asked as Mijo took a picture of him. " Im right here cj" Mijo said tickling him. I smiled but was sad inside to know cj be thinking Mijo was his dad. "Okay yanna what's going on?"

"Okay i just got a call from Joseph collins. He works at a radio station in atlanta. my boss from teen magazine reffered me to him and he's offering me a job position in atl at the end of june" i said as raven screamed. "OMG i'm soo proud of you" Raven said hugging me. "Thanks sis" i said smiling. " Me to baby sis im proud of you. Im happy i've been able to witness you grow into a beautiful young women" he said hugging me as i started to cry. " Do you guys think i should take the job. I mean what am i gonna do"

" This is what you gonna do, you gonna call that man back and accept the job. we gonna look for apartments in the A and we moving down there. Go to school and so are you. We gonna look for Daycare of Cj and everything gonna be coo. Flatout." we all nodded yes in agreement. as mijo started shaking his head... "Hell no i ain't hear shiit about me in the plan" He said as we laughed. We'll nigga you gonna have to make a plan around our plan." Raven said leaving to get Cj bag ready. They were spending the night over Mijo's house.

<strong><a href="">CHRIS</a></strong>

"So are you gonna talk or you gonna sit there with that s***ty face" <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Teyana</a> asked me as she did a lay up. We was on the court playing ball. And i knew i had to talk to her. She was like my lil sister. We met a year ago. and connected instantly. I told her everything that i was going through so this time it wasn't no different

"Man it's just the media. They still tryna figure out if me and Robyn are together." <a href="">I</a> said taking the ball and dunking it on her. She folded her arms and pouted.

" I hate when you do that to me. but why do you pay attention to the shiit. you know that's they job to do. brush it off. that ain't s*** you know. How's cj?" she asked. everytime i talk about robyn she always cut it short. ima figure out why later though. i don't feel like the bulls*** today".

"he good " i said dribbling the ball as my phone started going off. it was a text message from Mijo.

<a href="">Multimedia message</a>.
Yeo he was in the middle of asking for his daddy.

I laughed looking at cj. He always made my day no matter what. I showed Teyanna the picture and she smiled. "chris he looks just like you" she said taking the phone from me. " When can i see him?" she asked as she always do. i shrugged " i don't know T. Things still havent gotten cleared up with Iyanna" i said as she scrunched up her face.
" it'll take some time. she still hurt. you gotta understand where she coming from. You took her virginity and a month later. bounce, than you get all famous and got a lightskin girl in your video. thank you in a relationship with Rihanna. It's like hella salt on the wound. And you be famous like this she might think it'll mess up your life bring cj into it." she said as i nodded.

"But it doesn't that the thing" i said sitting down on the court. T did the same. " Yeaa but she doesn't know that. She said leaving me alot to thing of...........

"Cj baby daddy misses you" i said on the phone he spent the night with Mijo so i wanted to talk to him "Daddy Miss him" he said as i laughed. He would be 2 in 6 months but he talked good for 1 1/2 we still had to work on his sentences. " You pee today cj" i said as i heard him moving around on the other end " Daddy pee" he said as i smiled " Yes daddy pee, but did you pee cj" i asked "cj pee" he said. " Tell daddy you pee in the bathroom" i heard a female voice on the other end DADDY I PEE" he yelled as i laughed. "Good job cj" i said "eye daddy" he said as the phone started shuffling " you know he meant bye" a girl said laughing " who is this" i asked " It's Raven" she said " ohh what's sup" i said "hows everyone doing" Raven started laughing " Iyanna is doing good. we graduate in june you know. She got a job offer at a radio station in atl so we gonna move there. She got reffered from her job at teen magazine" she said as i was shocked. " she works at teen magazine?? i was just there last week" " we know she was off that day. she didn't have your story though. we like how you lied and said you was single" she said laughing. " how's Rihanna?" she asked. i shooked my head as if she could see me
" She's good. we just agreed that we don't want everyone in our business. we just want something private" i said. " It's understandable" she said " here mijo i'm about to put cj in the bath and get him ready for bed. bye chris" " bye raven" i said as Mijo got on the phone. we talked for another half hour as i asked him to ask raven to send me a picture of Iyanna.

<a href="<a href="">multimedia message</a>">multimedia message</a>
You remember her like this lol

<a href="">multimedia message</a>.
now she like this. lol

I starred at the picture in awe. she grew up graceful and beautifully. I got a text from Robyn saying she has a late night studio session so she'll call me in the morning.


run it

Aww CJ said Dada, now pretty soon Yannas ass gone catch on that Chris is seeing CJ esp. watching his Super 18 and seeing Lady with him. Like damn Mijo yo ass gone get busted soon. Dammit why Chris gotta miss CJ's 1st bday ugh, then again itd be kinda weird if he showed up, cause Yanna doesnt know he knows about CJ, so Im sure shed freak out abit. And how his ass gone go from thinking bout Yanna talking bout he hopes to see her and he hopes she learns the truth about his being in CJ's life. To then seeing Rihanna and saying he hopes they can hang out he tryna get to know her. Oh lord. Dumbass teen hormones lol. Now if only he can come to the babys 1st bday would be so amazing.

Uhhh hello chris wasnt you just talking about yanna.???
Leave forehead alone

Ummmm no Chris you should be thinking about Iyanna not trying to get with Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no more runs??? :(

whoa cj said dada..girl he kno his daddy u cant hide him from him for too much longer!! and ughh rihanna..if chris and rihanna get togetha yanna gon be too heart broken but i mean hey yall not together nomore so i guess she jus gon have to deal with it


<strong><a href="">IYANNA</a></strong>

<a href="">I</a>was giving CJ a bath because me,him and Lady (i hope yall aint forget about the dog) just came from the park and cj got all dirty..

This whole year has been crazy and Cj's birthday is in a couple of days. I'm now 16 1/2 and looking into a couple of internships. I wanna become a reporter. Interveiw celebrities and stuff like that. I love writing and im very nosey and always in peoples business so i think i'm perfect for the job. I have a interview next week for TEEN Magazine to intern for them and i hope i get it.

I was running around the room trying to grab cj who is now walking and lotion him up. Everytime he gets out the shower. he takes off trying to run naked. Once i got him on the bed lotioning him up. Mtv was playing sweet 16. And the next episode was Chris's 18 birthday party.

"Da, Da, Dada" <a href="">Cj</a> said point to the tv as i got his clothes on. I scrunched up my face and picked cj up

" Cj what you just say? Say it again for mommy" i asked as cj looked around and spotted his sippy cup. I grabbed it and gave it to him as he crawled out my lap and layed down on the pillow. We just sat and watched the <a href="">episode</a>. Cj never called Chris dada after that. But i couldn't stop wondering how he knew that was his dad...

Watching the episode made me miss chris so much more. And hearing his son call him dada. It made me wanna tell Chris about cj. But in his lifestyle he wouldn't have time for cj and the rejectiong would hurt so bad. I couldn't help but smile when i watched him on tv. This episode brought him more close to his fan in my opinion. You could really see how goofy he was. I continue to watch as i seen him holding Lady walking into a building.. My eyes buldged out.

"Lady" i yelled doing the dog call as she ran in " You left me and went to see daddy last month. I thought you was going to uncle Mijo's house. I grabbed my phone to call Mijo. "I just saw Chr's super 18 birthday bash on mtv.... you was looking mighty spiffy up there with him" i said in the phone. "Why did you give him Lady.. do he know about Cj. I don't think i should tell him. His lifestyle doesn't fit time for cj. He's very busy... Whatever Mijo" i said hanging up the phone.

<strong><a href="">CHRIS</a></strong>

I was gonna be so busy these next couple weeks. That i was gonna miss Cj's first birthday. That right there hurted me soo much. I tried to be there and every little thing he do. I missed his birth and his first birthday. I feel like i'm being a failer as a father. I seen him when he first started to crawl, walk, when he first say dada. Him teething i was there. But this was big. My lil man was turning 1. And i wasn't gonna be able to be there.

<a href="">I</a> was doing a tour with the next ablum Exclusive being out. Being in this industry the past 2 years was something new something different. I started my acting career in stomp the yard and now working on another flim this christmas. I was 18 and I was telling my Manager. It wasn't much you can hit me up with. We gonna start doing things my way like Usher. I'm 18 now so i've grown up since the lil boy running it, and saying Yoo.! and my fans have grown with me. so i wanted to give them something nice and sexy ya digg..

So we on tour. and take you down is hitting the chart i mean it's going nuts. And im glad my fans are excepting the new change. Cause I'm a grown ass man. haha. Literally tho. After i got off stage i went to the back to get some air. I grabbed my phone and recieved a text from Mijo.

<em>Yeoo. Yanna catching on to s***</em>

<strong>What makes you say that.</strong>

<em>She seen your birthday video and you had Lady.</em>

I didn't respond back. But i smiled. Everytime i think about Lady i think about Yanna. Everytime i think about Cj i think about Yanna. I wanna see her. so maybe her finding out is what i need.

" Hey Chris, good show you put out there" I looked up and seen <a href="">Rhianna</a> smiling at me

" Thanks maybe after it's all over we could go get something to eat" I said smirking at her. I always thought She was attracted and what time is better than the present to make my move?

chris is a good dad bt they cnt wait foreva to tell her or she wnt forgive them runit

chris is an awesome dad! im glad mijo snuck around and let him see cj..i think its time for iyanna to get with the program tho..she needs to face chris

Chris is so good with CJ. Awwww. But the more they wait to tell Iyanna about Chris knowing about CJ the more pissed she'd be that they didnt tell her. They need to let her know he knows about him.

<strong><a href="">IYANNA</a></strong>

"Cj eat the food for mommy, eat the food for moommmmmmmyyyyyy" I sing as he laughed and opened up wide for me. I clapped my hands as he laughed trying to do the same. It was October and my baby was 4 months and learning alot. Even though he was just 4 months i was trying to see how he like baby food. He scrunched up his face and spit it right out mugging me.

" too early? Sorry, mommy don't know what she's doing" i said getting his bottle as he laughed and made cooing sounds. " OHHH mommy on point now?" I said picking him up and feeding him with the bottle. After i feed cj i burpted him and put him down for tummy time. He started scooting back and forth and i knew it was almost time for him to be crawling. I took my phone out and video recorded him. I sunt the video to Raven she was on a date with Mijo. But i didn't care. I wanted him to see this.


i laughed looking at the text message. I looked down at cj and seen him sleep on the floor as i picked him up and put him in his crib. I decided to go to sleep too. Cause when he's sleep it's the only time. i can sleep.

<strong><a href="">RAVEN</a></strong>

I sat at applebees with <a href="">Mijo</a>when i got a video from yanna of cj trying to crawl. I looked at Mijo eating the whole resturant and smiled.

" You spend alot of time with cj"

"that my God-son, should i not" he said as i raised a eyebrow

" Have you talked to chris?" i asked as he nodded his head with a mouthful. "You havent told him did you?"

"No but he asked me about it. People been hitting him up saying that she was pregnant. He said he was gonna come down here for her birthday if he can" he said as my eyes got big " Why are yall keeping cj away from chris"

"It's not me nor my call. i would want chris to spend as much time with cj as he can. that his first born, his son, his jr. Yanna was really hurt when chris broke up with her. than a week later his video comes out and his main lady was some lightskin chick? it's hard on here. he always said when he get famous she was gonna be in all his videos. the change she just couldn't handle. so i guess she isn't ready to see him yet".

Mijo looked at me after a while. i guess to see what he way gonna say next and to digest the rest of his food. " So you want chris to see cj and spend time with cj" he asked looking at me

"ofcourse i do" i said as he nodded his head

" Okay you can't get mad at me iight?" he said as i turned my head to the side "seriously you can't" he said as i nodded

" When i get cj tomorrow, your coming with me" he said as he finished his food. i didn't understand. but okay

<strong><a href="">CHRIS</a></strong>

"I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THIS" I yelled as cj looked at me scared "I'M sorry son" i said as he started whimpering and crying. i took him out the <a href="">baby bath</a> and held him until he stopped. This was the first time i came out here without mom. and i was giving cj a bath. Mom ususally did it so i didn't know what the fucck i was doing. And Mijo left to go get something real quick. As cj quiet down i looked at him

"We gonna try this again lil man?" i said as i put him back in the baby bath " Okay now we gon be grown men about this and handle our business" i said as i started washing him, his chest, than his legs. he was laughing and playing with the water. " Yo we gotta get that neck. you be having milk crust up inbetween the fat" i said as he looked at me i laughed. and lifted his head a lil. I heard the door as i contiuned to wash him " than we gotta wash ya situation because the hunnies like clean situations. you can't whip it out and the sandbox and it be all dirty you know" i said as he was playing in the water. i turned to get his towel as it was handed to me by Raven. I looked in shock as she smiled.

"Is she here" i asked almost scared of the answer.

" No" she said as cj started cooing and looking at us i grabbed him and walked to the livingroom. i lotioned him down and put his sleeper on cause i know after he get his bottle he was going straight to sleep. Mijo and Rae was sitting on the other side watching me

"This isn't your first time seeing him is it?" she said i looked at cj kicking me and laughing. i chuckled, this dude is funny

" No. i been seeing him a week after he was born" i said as rae looked at Mijo.

" Yo man i couldn't let yall do my nigga like that. That's his seed" he said as rae nodded

" I understand. it completley understandable." she said as she got his bottle ready. cj started whimpering

" Chill cj. you about to go to sleep. calm down and stop being impatient" i said rocking him back and forth. he wasn't having it. Rae walked over and handed me the bottle as i put it in <a href="">his/a> mouth. you heard lil whimper until he was finially quiet. " yeaa that's what i thought" i said as everyone chuckled.

"Chris your a good dad" rae said as i smiled

" Your not gonna tell Iyanna are you?" i asked as she shook her head

" She's not ready yet. we'll just keep this on the low for a while" she said as we all agreed. i pulled cj's bottle out his mouth and started rocking him back and forth to sleep.

awwww chris is so cute wit his son i love it bt i wnt him n her to see each other n work it out run it

I wonder why Nae lied to him and told him it wasnt his baby? Thank goodness for Mijo having his boys back and letting him know "bra he look like you" Then the fact that he went behind Yanna and Raes's back about getting the baby and not telling them that Chris and mamma J was coming to see him. Know they gone flip when they find out tho Man. Aww Chris is so good with his baby boy tho. He went out and bought all that stuff and he's enjoying holding his son in his arms, even mamma J is excited bout being a granny. Sweet. But man i can wait till Iyanna and Raven get back and find out. It aint gone be too pretty huh? RUN IT!!!

that was nice of mijo to let them see the baby..the girls kinda trippin not telling him and stuff..chris go be there for his son.!!

Awww Chris is soo sweet !!

Runn it !!

Awweee chris is the best dad ever (:

aww that's soo cute but mijo bout to
die when yanna and rae find out.!


<a href="">Moms and I</a> (ignore the tattoos) was back home and the air even smelled different. I'm so happy and nervous at the same time. I was on my way to see Christopher Maurice Brown. (CJ) Smh I never would of thought Iyanna would do this to me. Not tell me i have a son.? A jr at that. Nobody was gonna keep me away from my son. and i mean that. Moms drove up to Mijo's House as i got out i got some of the stuff i got for him.

"Hey mama joyce" <a href="">Mijo</a> said as he opended the door

"Hey baby. thank you for doing this" She said walking in as i walked after her

" Whadd up boy" I said missing my bestfriend as his eyes got big and he shhed me

" I just put CJ to sleep bro" He said smiling and dapping me up
as we walked in the livingroom. mom was already holding him

" Ohh Chris baby he looks just like you. He's so precious" she said " You and Mijo need to get the rest of the stuff from the car. She said as we walked to the car.

"Momma dukes still bossy" Mijo said as i shook my head

" Man who are you telling, she even more bossy now" i said popping the trunk

" Damn chris what all you got"

" Idk not everything tho. What if he don't like it"? i said looking at the <a href="">stuff</a> <a href="">stuff</a> <a href="">stuff</a>

" Brah he a baby" Mijo laughed

" What if he don't like me" i got worried

" Nigga you talking crazy your his father. let's get this stuff" Mijo said picking things up and heading back to the house. I followed right behind him.

" You wanna feed him" Mama said as i looked down at his big eyes looking back at me i picked<a href="">him</a> up smiling.

" Hey Cj. It's daddy. What's sup lil man?" i said as he smiled at me

" AWWW" moms and mijo said as mom took at picture. I sat down with him in my hand and got the bottle from the table. He looked up happily

" Oh yeaa. daddy got cj he hungry" i laughed feeding him as mom took another picture

"Mom" i said looking at her

" Im sorry" she said laughing. i looked into his eyes. My heart melt. I wanted to give this lil boy the world. and that i was.

" He has Iyanna's noes and lips" I said as they agreed. I wanted to see her soo bad. But i was just gonna chill out for a while. " What's she up too?"

" Well her, rae, and teesh are in miami right now. Cj filled her out. so she just ain't up and down no more. lol" i laughed but inside wanted to see her soo bad. " But man all this <a href="">stuff</a> <a href="">1</a> <a href="">2</a> <a href="">3</a> you got him.

" I try. anything for my lil man" I said kissing his forhead

lol mijo aint rite sneakn the baby to see chris talkn bout cj gn hav fun wit daddy lol im mean god daddy lol smh they should no that nigga up to sumn but im happy chris gn see his son bt she still need to say sumn to chris bout the baby run it

Eeh? Why they gotta do chris like that?
Yes. Its yours. Yes. Im made at you. Is all
she had to say. Making chris feel bad. I
hope they get back together though.


chris is so dumb.! calculate nigga.!!!
run it.!!!