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House Nurse

<a href="">Charm</a> just finished talking to her boss about working from home because her lovely <a href=" ">boyfriend</a>,Myles, was hurt on the job. He was a simple cable guy but it paid well so she doesn't complain.

Anyways, today is the day a house nurse is coming to start Myles physical therapy on his leg, he fell down a flight of stairs.
She pulled up into the driveway and walked in.

"Baby, where are you!?" Charm yelled out.

"I am where you left me 45 minutes ago Charm." She walked down the hall to the guest room on the main level.

"You need anything?" Charm said putting her hair in a ponytail and stepping out of her heels.

"I need you to ride this d***." Charm rolled her eyes.

"I am going to make some cookies for the nurse. Whats her name again?" Myles reached into his nightstand pulling out his doctor forms.

"uhh Sasha Durant." He watched me run around in frantic cleaning things that didn't need to be touched. "Charm stop worrying. She is going to be great."

"I know, I know. I am just alittle uncomfortable with you having a female nurse."

"Charm, you know I only got eyes for you. I am just ready to get healed up like you should too." She sighed.

"You right! You wanna go to the living room while I start the cookies?" He nodded and they began working together to get out of the bed.

Once in living room Myles got comfy with his leg up and turned it to ESPN.

"Baby can you make me some chicken nuggets?"

"Already on it!" She quickly put the cooking dough on the sheet and nuggets on another placing them in the oven after.

Charm checked the time. Nurse Sasha is coming at 12:45 and it was going on 11. She had some time to rest after the things where done.

Charm plated his nuggets and put bbq on the side. Then put her cookies in a contanier so they can stay warm a little longer.

"Okay, baby its 11:30, I'm going to take a quick nap. I should be up by time she here."

"That's fine. Rest up, I ain't going no where." Charm pecked his lips and dashed to her bed. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

At 12:50 she was awakened by the doorbell.

"Why did we choose that loud ass bell!!?" Charm hopped out the bed. "Commiiinggg!!" She fixed her lipstick and hair. Charm headed for the door and opened it find this <a href=" ">strikeingly beautiful woman</a> standing there. She caught herself staring and welcomed her in. As she walked past Charm she couldn't help but to look down at her ample ass.

Charm lead her into the living room.

"Hello Mr. Stokes! I am Nurse Sasha. As you know I will be coming three times a week. The first few weeks we will start out small with simple streches. Cool?" Myles nodded. "Good, now I take it this is your beautiful girlfriend?" She asked allowing her eye to fall over every curve on Charm's body.

"Yup that's my baby!" Myles said proudly. Sasha slowly licked her lips.

"Okay, well first I'm going to show you guys some simple activities you can do at home and Miss ..???"

"Charm will try after I demonstrate each one."

"Sounds like a plan." Charm said. She sat next to Myles as Sasha set up her table and pulled out some gels and lotions. She helped him up to the table.
"Charm come stand next to me." Sasha took off his brace and put some lotion in her hand. She gave his leg a light massage. "Now you don't put to much pressure on the knee but it does need some. Charm stand in front of me. Sasha took her hands and helped her apply little to no pressure on his knee.

"How does that feel Myles?"

"Better than pain killers."

"Good we want you to kind of stay off the meds. Charm keep doing this." Sasha started rotating his ankle slowly. "Do not do this ankle exercise on your own. Charm step away please." Sasha lifted his leg slightly bending it. He grimaced in pain. "Too much?" He nodded. She lowered it some and straightened it out. Charm watched Sasha work but she is was attracted to this unknown woman and she couldn't understand why.

Charm sat in the kitchen alone as they finished up. She nibbled on a cookie until her thoughts were interrupted.

"Okay Ms. Charm I think we are all done for today."

"I will walk you out." They headed to the door. "Thank You Sasha! See you on Wednesday." Charm said opening the door for her. Sasha bit her lip looking into her eyes.

"My pleasure." She said with a sexy overtone. Charm closed the door.

<em>I hope this is a speedy recovery</em>


New reader I like this story.... Run it

Oh I love this story! Run It girl

Found it

I am going to give as much as possible to all my stories:

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So if you read any of them be on the look out. :)


<a href="">Charm</a> woke up feeling like a new person. She was so high last night she woke up blazed. She streched and went to roll over but collided with a body.

Charm back up and pulled the covers back and saw <a href="">Sasha</a> who started streching.

NEW READEER! wtf!! christina betta not be messing with myles!! i hope that wast christina in that room..if so charm gon lose a bestfriend and a man!? and charm tryna hide her feelings for sasha..soon she isnt gonna be able to resist RUN IT!

Dang how u gone stop like that?!

Run it!

<a href=""</a> woke up feeling like a new person. She was so high last night she woke up blazed. She streched and went to roll over but collided with a body.

Charm back up and pulled the covers back and saw <a href=">Sasha</a> who started streching. Charm saw that she was completely naked and looked down at herself.

"Why the f*** am I naked?" She said aloud.

"Because you a freaky little b****." Sasha said climbing on top of her kissing her neck and then laid her head on her chest.

"Uhh. Can I get a recap?" Charm asked confused.

"Gladly ..." Sasha said quickly diving under the comforter and kissing her thighs as she spread them. Charm bite her lip kind of in a daze. She know this wasn't right but everytime she opened her mouth the words got stuck in her throat. Sasha was getting closer to her sweet center and Charm was losing it with every kiss. Once sasha's lips landed on Charm's, she felt a feeling that she never felt before not even with Myles.

"Myles !!" Charm shouted as she pushed her off. She hopped out the bed and walked to get her robe.

"Uhh I think its best if you leave and your services won't be needed." Charm said trying to get a grasp on what happened.
Sasha chuckled and laid on her back looking at her in shock.

"So you going to stay with him?" Sasha asked in disbelief and somewhat hurt.

"I am engaged. I'm sorry but last night was a mistake. I was angry and hurt." Charm said looking away knowing every word she said had some lies in it. Sasha looked her and shook her head as shs got out the bed and put on her dress.

"My number won't change when you admit to yourself the truths behind last night." She grabbed her keys and walked out.

Charm shook her head and readied herself to go back and see Myles so they could talk.

She showered and dressed then headed out about an hour later. She walked to her car and dialed her Christina's number. Surprisingly to her it went straight to voicemail but paid it no mind and rode on to her destination.

She drove in silence trying to remember all of what happened last night. Charm wasn't getting much past Christina coming over. She does however wonder what took her so long to get to her house.

Anyways she pulled up to the hospital and headed up to his room. She got to the fifth floor and walked in the direction of his room. When she got closw the door was cracked and she went to open it but she heard a woman's voice.

"So what you going to do about us Myles? I can't hide this any longer.." The familiar voice said on the verge of tears.

"Come sit baby... You know I want you and only you. I am leaving Charm. I only want a family with you " Myles said rubbing the small of her back.

Charm couldn't believe her ears. She slowly pushed the door open to see ...........

"well close your eyes" lmao my fave part. that's something I would say lol they gonna end going on each other on a daily basis and end up being friends

run it

run it

Run IT..!

<a href="">Jessica</a> and <a href="">Marissa</a> sat on her bed watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta as they waited on their pizza delivery.

"My co workers cool as s*** moe and the boss is pretty laid back. When you going back to school?" Jessica said.

"When hell freeze over.. This money is way to easy. Like I just made the cover of KING" Marissa said excited.

"Asss shot!!" Jessica yelled. They laughed.

"Okay seriously! What happened with this guy at your job?" Rissa asked.

"Pretty much he is a certified ass and I am trapped with him because no one else wants to work with him..." Jessica said taking a deep breath.

"He can't be that bad, just stay positive and polite tomorrow." Rissa said trying to make light of the situation. Jessica shook her head.

"He is flat out disrespectful! I will be telling him about himself before moving forward in his recovery." Rissa shook her head.

"I don't know how you got this job yo little ass can be right rude." Rissa said as the doorbell rang.

"Well I am good at what I do!" Jess said heading towards her front door. She paid for the pizza and passed him a tip.

"Thank you so much!" The <a href=""> pizza guy</a> said.

"No problem sweetie be safe!" She said shutting the door. She walked back to her room.

"Yesss! Bring me all that pizza! I need it in my life." Rissa said. Jess laughed.

"Okay okay! Fatty." They dove right in on the pizza and watched Sparkle on Dvd.

Marissa ended up just spending the night because they both fell asleep mid-movie.

<strong> The Next Morning . . .</strong>

Jessica was dressed and heading out the door. She was dreading having to meet with Shaun but she couldn't be picky on her first job.

Jessica figured to calm her nerves she would play The Weeknd as she drove toward his home.

When she pulled up twenty minutes later she took a deep long breath and got out her car.

She knocked on the door and waited about five minutes and knocked again, still no answer. She looked through her many bags for her phone to call him but as soon as she got it Shaun opened the door.

"What?" He asked full of attitude. She just walked past him into his house.

"Have a seat Mr.Miller." She said as she stood in his living room. He smacked his teeth, slamming his front door and sat down.

"Now because of my first visist we have nothing to speak of other than business. Yes you are right I USED to dance at the club but it was paying my way through school for.this career right here. You will respect and that's final." She finished as she got out her tools to clean his wound.

He smirked at her. "What if I don't?"

"There is no what if .. You Will!" She said giving him a cold stare right in his eyes. He chuckled and nodded.

"So what are you going to be doing?"

"Make sure you take your meds, clean your wounds and dress them. Pretty simple stuff in and out gig." Jess said and he chuckled.

"Ohh don't go soft on me now that I put you in check." Jess said counting out his pills. He wiped the smirk off his face and looked at her.

"Naw I just thought about all the in and out gigs you been apart of, ya feel me?" He said. Jessica chuckled.

"Ohh I feel ya but by the looks of it you haven't had too many gigs." She said sweetly passing him his pills and a bottle of water.

Shaun took his pills and shook his head. "b****.." He mumbled.

"I am aware." She said squating in front of him to clean his bullet wound to the chest. He just shook his head.

Jessica did what she had to do and stood up.

"So they don't have anybody better at that office because I really don't like looking at you." Shaun said just trying to be an ass as Jessica packed up. Once she gathered all her bags and headed to the door.

"Well close yo eyes." She said then slammed her door.

Shaun laid back on his couch thinking about how this girl reminded him so much of his bestfriend Tiffany.

He always knew she was looking over him from heaven but now Shaun thought she was just being funny. He never thought he would meet someone even remotely close to Tiffany.

Lol I will think about it *shrugs*

BAbyyyyyyyyyy You betta hurry up and add for I come for yo ass.!

run it

Hey Chicas!
I just got my first job(yay) and it is very demanding so when I find a groove adds will pick up.
Keep running because more is to come :)

Run it..!

I forget I signed up for this
My bad imma have to catch up
Ill be back with my real comment soon

Im back!
Run this s***!

I'm with Jazzy I need to make a chart too! lol

run it!

Aww hell im not confused but wth is going on. ! Its some scanda

Run it.

iknw iwas too lost but i gt it. ithink lol
run it baby

I need to make a little chart or something because I be hella confused lol
Run it bestest

If you are confused, just know that they all have personal stories that somehow come together.

<a href="">Tash</a> was still on her street holding it down. Although it was the spring time she felt the drop in temperature and decided to go to her car and get a jacket. As she was walking around the corner her phone vibrated.

<strong> Unc:</strong> <em>Leave yo spot and get to the house.</em>

"What now?" She said out loud to no one. She gripped her bag closer on her shoulder and walked faster til she approached her car getting in. She headed back towards Unc's.

Twenty minutes later she pulled back up at Unc's. She ran up the stairs and inside, heading right back into his office.

"Talk to me?" She said sitting in a chair across from him.

"Slim coming up short once again." Unc said. "I don't know if he still mess with her, but hit up Key. Y'all used to be cool back in the day so this should be easy. I know her whereabouts tonight. Learn her schedule for about a week and then bring her here. We will hold her until Slim come up with that money."

Tash didn't want to do it but knew she could get all the money she needed and not be on the streets if she did this but they usually gang raped or beat. Tash really did not want that to happen to her.

"I know what you thinking and nothing will happen to her. I will keep a close eye on her. Now I will pay you for this and Flacko will be on your street. Half the profit from that goes to you. I know you need it." Tash nodded as <a href="">Flacko walked in.

"Sup Ashes.." Flacko said as they dapped each other and she handed him the bag. He turned to leave.

"Be safe Flacko." Tash said he nodded and dipped out.

"Here is the address to where she at right now and her home address." Unc said passing Tash a small piece of paper. Tash grabbed it and stepped.

She pulled up to the first address and noticed it from an that show about famous males and their cars. Tash checked her watch and realized it was like ten and went to make a food run and called Tevin.

"Hey babbyyy! Guess what?" Tash said excitedly.

"Whaat?" Tevin asked sleepily.

"You remember Kenyon?" She asked.

"Baby get to the point..."

"She dating Chad Brown the basketball player." Tevin sprung up and felt the pain right after.

"<strong> THE </strong> Chad Brown!!!!"

"Yup that one baby!!" She said giggling at his excitement.

"Take a picture with him."

"I am on the job biy I ain't got time for that!!!" He sighed.

"Well s*** take a picture of the house. Why you there?" He asked.

"Slim coming up short like always.." She said

"He still not off that dope." He said shaking his head.

"I still feel bad for leaving the house and not checking on Rave..." She said mentally beating herself up.

"Baby how were you suppose to know." Tevin said trying to coomfort her.

"You right baby but she ended up in the hospital because of what Slim did and I could have avoided it or even taken her with me." She said on the verge of tears.

"Baby just do what you have to and hurry and get home." Tevin said not knowing what to do over the phone. Tash just hung up. She had picked up some nuggets from wendys but wasnt even hungry.

It was going on 12 when she finally noticed any movement inside. She sat up and put on a black beanie and zipped her jacket up so it will cover majority of her face. About twenty minutes later Key came out the door rushing to her car and driving off.

Tash waited about five minutes and then pulled off after her. She followed for a while and then Key noticed her so she laid back a little but kept her within eyesight. Key just drove home but had Tash follow her around in circles until Tash picked up on it and headed on home herself.

Tash got home and crawled into bed. Tevin had fell back asleep so Tash just kissed his cheek lightly. She turned her back on him and cried quietly until she felt Tevin's arms wrap around her.

<em> I am sorry </em>

If it aint slim its chad makin sure she get home cuz he knw she was sleepy

TF chad you're suppose to let her sleep on the couch and put a blanket over her lol but seriously tho who TF is following her?? It's probably slim creep ass.

Run it

This is good. I know Chad & Key gone get something started.
I wonder if Shaun gone act right.
I'm glad Myles is recovering.
I'm still slightly confused lol but run it sissy :)

Who the f*** behind me?
And aww!
i think me and chad got Something there!
run it

*sits back and thinks* Imma figure this out