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Last Week To Vote For Chris

Last Week To Vote For Chris
Team Breezy! Have you voted for Chris for this year's American Music Awards? If not, don't wait any longer - voting closes in a week! Make sure you vote for his Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album nominations! Tune in Sunday, November 18 at 8PM EST to see who wins!

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  • he's going to win #teambreezy
    by xoxo_shirnell on 11月 15, 2012 午後30 12:12午後
  • El Es El Mejor :D Asi Que Va a Ganar Vamos Team'Breezy
    by Conitha_Breezy on 11月 9, 2012 午後30 2:02午後
  • My babe is going to win there's month doubt about... Shouldn't even say he might not there's no real competition out there
    by Lady_Bre on 11月 8, 2012 午後30 8:08午後
  • Chris Brown has the number 1 r&b album of the year fourtune just like fame he should get it this year.
    by Cedron on 11月 8, 2012 午前30 4:04午前
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    by zhanba16 on 11月 6, 2012 午前30 1:01午前
  • I just know it. He deserves it.
    by Sydney G. on 11月 5, 2012 午後30 9:09午後
  • I believe Chris Brown will win!!
    by Sydney G. on 11月 5, 2012 午後30 9:09午後
  • oh trust me, he will win no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by number 1 fan te... on 11月 5, 2012 午後30 3:03午後
  • Chris, deserves to be nominated and should win. Being and singing, rapper, dancing, acting is talent and when you have, you have it, but is also comes with many responsibilities etc. Hard work is it's own I really hpoes he wins, because like I said before bee really deserves it. But I'm not putting down the other artist and their hard work it's just gust I voted for Breezy for sheezy, so take it eazzzy!
    by delwonttel on 11月 4, 2012 午後30 6:06午後
  • That is very interestingly positively truly unique and the world and children will begin to really enjoy it. No matter how u are labeled ...never change your heart...just continue to evolve.
    by delwonttel on 11月 3, 2012 午後30 7:07午後