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Chris' New Symphonic Love Foundation

Chris' New Symphonic Love Foundation
Have you heard of Chris’ new Symphonic Love Foundation? “Symphonic Love believes in the capacity of love and art to change the world.” The launch party will take place on Monday, November 5 in LA! Get all the exclusive details on Chris’ new foundation here.
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    by brezzyywifee_ on 11月 17, 2012 午後30 7:07午後
  • He is just that type of person that will do something like that. He's just being him. DUHH
    by Lady_Bre on 11月 8, 2012 午後30 6:06午後
  • Chris has such a big heart...keep up the good work. Love ya!
    by Breezy717 on 11月 6, 2012 午後30 1:01午後
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    by zhanba16 on 11月 6, 2012 午前30 12:12午前
  • i love u just as much as ur mother loves you
    by number 1 fan te... on 11月 5, 2012 午後30 1:01午後
  • love ya chris. this is a gr8 thing that you're doing. keep up the good work.
    by number 1 fan te... on 11月 5, 2012 午後30 1:01午後
  • Christopher has such a huge heart and this foundation just proves how wonderful he is. Momma Joyce def raised him right.
    by CBsHardNow on 11月 4, 2012 午後30 11:11午後
  • Amazing Artist...TEAMBREEZY...
    by gre24 on 11月 4, 2012 午後30 6:06午後
  • #TeamBREEZY
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 11月 3, 2012 午前30 12:12午前
  • Love ya chris and your foundation.I wish i played a huge role in your life.
    by cbrezzyluvr on 11月 2, 2012 午後30 8:08午後