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-`Rehab. (Formerly Therapy| shorts.)

<strong><em>Sex Rehab</em></strong>

<a href="">Dr. Nani Cole</a> stood in the foyer of her therapy facility waiting for the two new additions to her SA (sex addicts) Group. When she spoke with their previous therapist, who had recommended them to her, she found out that Anastasia was a slick one she’d pull any and every trick to get out of any facility they’d put her in and any trick to get into a male occupant’s room. She also found out that Breana was not as truthful as one would think; she rejects the idea that she is promiscuous and an addict. Both of these ladies actions were the cause of them getting put out of the other facilities they’d entered. In other words, Dr. Cole had her work cut out for her.

Dr. Cole’s assistant <a href="">Sofia</a> entered the facility with <a href="">Anastasia</a> and <a href="">Breana</a> following behind her with their bags. “Dr. Cole, here are the new members. Do you need anything else right now?” “No, that is all. Thank you though.” Sofia smiled while rolling her eyes briefly at the girls making Dr. Cole laugh slightly, then walked off to her desk. “Good Afternoon ladies, I’m Dr. Nallely Cole and I will be your therapist for the next year. I hope that you both were informed that I will not tolerate ill behavior nor will I tolerate any rule breakers. This is not like the previous facilities where once you broke the rules you were kicked out able to go out and continue with the same behavior that landed you in here. In this facility the more rules you break the harder I crack the whip understood?” Dr. Cole looked at the both of them with a smile. “Ooooh, you got whips here?” Dr. Cole’s eyes landed on Anastasia and squinted slightly, “Please do not take this treatment lightly. I’m sure your family does not have the money to constantly put you into different facilities. Now if you are done with the games both of you follow me?” Taking one last glance at them both she turned and walked down the hallway of the facility.

“To your right is the group therapy room, which is where we will meet three times a day. Once after breakfast, after lunch and then before dinner; outside of group therapy there will be mandatory sessions one on one sessions with me twice a week. When you all are not in therapy there are other activates that you all are welcome to enjoy as long you do not break any of the rules.” Dr. Cole continued to walk until she reached two large double doors, punching a code into the key pad they opened up slow and wide. Walking through the doors Anastasia and Breana noticed that it was the dormitory area, “During these sessions are we separated by gender?” “No, Breana but I will explain the rules as soon as I get you all to your room.” Without saying anything else Dr. Cole continued until she reached an open door and walked in.

“This is where you two will be housed for the next year. There are two bedrooms and a living area, when I’m gone you both can discuss who will get what room. Now for the rules, every patient has a 9 p.m. curfew unless told otherwise. At nine the double doors will be locked, no one will be able to get out unless I come and get them personally. While it is your responsibility to make sure your doors are locked from 9 pm-7 am there are cameras placed outside of every door that are watched around the clock. If anyone of you is caught inside a male occupant’s room you will be placed into a solitary room, where you are not allowed to interact with anyone besides group therapy. If you start to act out in group therapy or violate therapy rules you will be taken out of group therapy and only will have therapy with me. Attire in this facility is simple; no skin is allowed to be shown in therapy and little to none outside of therapy. Meaning long sleeve shirts or jackets and pants only; we do have a pool but you are only allowed to wear FULL one piece bathing suits. The males will wear trunks and shirts. You will be up every day at 7am, in your room by 9pm. Other than that, if you need to talk to me at any point outside of therapy my office is always open. If you need to speak with me after curfew, there is a phone located in the far right of the living area, dial *429 and I’ll come get you. Group starts in ten minutes, don’t be late.” Dr. Cole gave them one last smile before walking out the room closing the door behind her.

“The f*** is up with all these rules. I know we’re in sex rehab but seriously though is that really necessary?” Ana looked at Bree with a disgusted face. “I don’t know but Breana don’t follow rules. f*** they think this is?” Ana shrugged carrying her bags over to the bedroom on the other side, “I don’t know but I’m ready to see who else is here, from what I heard Sofia said we got some good looking dudes in here.” Breana scoffed and sat her luggage in front of the other bedroom door, “Pssh, all I know is some rules are about to get broke in this b****. Point. Blank.”