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sup yall

anyone else get a letter in private msg from a dying old lady with cancer?


I got that a few years ago

No PIMP! Ummm for real we don't know... I haven't talked to Chris in a minute lol.

me & my babies r goodie good good how r u wats new


Hey! Is Chris And Rihanna back together? lmao

im not tired
i just want myy bodyy bck lol
&& Uglyy && Uglyy JR are annoying
especially sincee he wont sayy mama
ugh lol

you two are tired
im not cos im in a good mood lmao


ummmm *scratches head* whaaaaaaat ????

im kinda confused lol

is it bad that I`m doing good? lmaooo
I`m on some good vibrations lmaooo

&& Im tired of all three C's
Big C && CJ && Lil C working myy nerves

GOOD!!!! I'm tired of both of my damn Kings!

King Tyler and King Cairo been working my nerves lol.

*Dramatically sighsss*

MY CAR!! .. Hey, hey - Please don`t take it out on my baby *bends down to check for marks*

Ya`ll can come shesh.. I`ll book out a resort for us!!

me too man

*kicks Harlem's car*

i wanted to go...


ohhh i want to go take me next time i need a vacation


I been good.. Just got back from a wedding and holiday in Rarotonga, omgosh the weather was perfect, the c**ktails were flowing, the beach was to die for.. it was perfect lol..

Hey Lexi <3 how are you and your babies??

Dany aweeee ily!! Can`t wait to read it!!

I always knew yall were undercover freaks lol

Ive been typing a long add for you :)

hey harlz boo

good just living a freaks life

whats new where have you been?

yes its me soso :)
i been good tho, chillin

we wouldve taken you with us
if we wnt
you just couldnt stayy in the samee placee as us

I had a feeling that was you Dany, but didn`t wanna be wrong hehe!!
Hello beautiful *cuddles* .. did you add to Gemini? You KNOW I`ma be looking for that story lol *goes hunting*

SneakLeFreak = Soso? .. She`s the only one that calls me Kiki =S I hope, if yes.. Hello sister *hugs* .. Missed you, how you been??

AUNTYYYYYY DRAGONNNNNNNN ANAAAAAAA - *hugs your leg super tight* .. Hows you doings booboo?!?!?!

Leymamaz, Pimp`n - I did take him, I had to take him.. me on a tropical island with half naked sexy tanned boys lol.. hmmmmsss Mr Brown ain`t like the thought of them pool parties without him hehe!!

F U C K Chris ass lol.

Harlz Dopey is me Dany

ion likee this nigga now

Lol you BEST BELIEVE she DID take Chris ole light bright ass ughhhh.

swear i thought Danyy was a damn ghost
but its actuallyy Harlsz

harlee !!!!

KIKIIIIIIIII! *hugzNkisses*

i missed you!

no . . .no
you did NOT tell us tht
you were gng

bet you took Chris asx though lol