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CBW's Random Awards. (Voting is CLOSED)

<strong>The Awards have been postponed & will continue on a later date. My sleep pattern is completely f*cked up now. I gotta get it back on track because I'm literally sleepless.</strong>


Wow ..

I dont feel like doing all that format blah blah blah stuff.

& YES dany! No lie , no lie , No LIEEE (:

White boys be looking finer and finer everytime i see them.

Lol... You're getting it SOON.

wait i said i would talk to him and yall already trying to push the baby out lol

i didnt even get the I WANT TO GET PREGNANT d*** yet lol

Yeah!!! Now all we need is Soso

Everyone is the god mother... cut it out lol.

im the god mommy :D

I'll help with baby names :D

i'll talk it over with Tremaine and see what he says

So, Ana you gon' try to get preggers right? I wanna be the camera woman lol.

Imagine a little Trey. Aww!!

Lmao im js . It does NOT need to be anymore you's walking the earth lol

Yayy! Any wants a baby! (:

LMFAOOOO! @ana yes u should have a baby

yall really think i should have trey baby?

I wanna be like Angelina Jolie with a bangin' body when I grow up (:

Kay bish, WTF does that mean? lol

Ty and I used condoms except for that one time we had that quickie back stage at the MTV Awards lol.

lexi i actually liked the f*** out of that lol
lord have mercy thats all it takes to get d*** like that
well then s*** sign me up for a damn baby lol

Bree, i'm just asking. I mean look at Chris and I, we strapped up and still ended up pregnant.

i said no thank u kay i got enough kidsn

Lmao Bree , I hope King will be NOTHING like you when she grows up.

most of the time lol depends on the mood

*throws kay here hunny buns*
nice doing business with you

That sounds kinda hot ;)

Dany that's so personal.

ana if i have to tied you down & make trey f*** u day in nd day out w no protection just to get u pregnant i will do so & YOU KNOW I WILL -_-

I will be over shortly.. I needs my fix lol.

Does Trey strap up when y'all have sex?

* looks around * where's Lexi? She still didnt answer my question about adopting my son :D


yea i got them snickers mid grade
got them loud ass twix and
mix berry skittles lol

* stops * Trey said that he wants a baby & if you dont wanna have one he's going to beat your uterus with his penis until you give in. But you didnt hear it from me. Now give me my hunny bunns!

Ana, why dont you want to give Trey kids?