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Don't Judge Me

The girls and I began to get ready for the Chris Brown concert. It was my 18th birthday and I've always been a die hard Chris Brown fan even through all the bad stuff he went through and all the changes. I did the finishing touches on my hair and make up then put on my sexy baby blue dress and the silver heels. I did the accessories and checked out the ending results in my full length mirror. Just looking at myself all I could say was DAMN!! I confidently walked downstairs and all eyes landed on me. I heard my step brother's friends whispering about how sexy I looked. He snapped himself out of the lil trance he was in and hit them.

"Well damn girl just make us look like some Goodwill swap meat rejects!"

Sasha yelled out and we all laughed. I hugged my mom and step dad then my step brother and we left.

The girls and I sat front row as Chris Brown performed 'Dont Judge Me', 'Countdown', 'Biggest Fan', and a throwback 'Invented Head'. In between songs he would clown, dance, and bring on other artists. The show was coming to an end in about 15 minutes. I swear those 2 hours went by as I glanced at the time on my iPhone 5.

"Now for this last song I'm gunna need a special lady up here. Where's my special lady at?? Let me hear ya!"

The girls began screaming at the TOP of their lungs. Chris looked around the audience then his eyes landed 1 place I thought they never would. On me.

"Shawty right there. I wan you."

My girls screamed as he pointed at me. The security guards came and escorted me to the top of the stairs then Chris gently took my hand in his and brought me to a chair.

"What's ya name gorges??"
"Well Ms. Kiara I hope you don't mind this."

He said as he pulled my body close to his and wrapped his arms around me from behind.

"Can I hold you like this??"

I nodded my head and bit my lip.

"What about if I do this??"

He began kissing on my neck and lightly sucking on it. I moaned a little and he smirked.

"Do you mind that??"

I shook my head no unable to speak fearing that another moan would escape. The beat to '2012' dropped and the crowd went wild. He sat me in the chair and gave me a sexy ass lapdance sneaking kisses in and sucking on my neck. After that song came on they came and took the chair then the 'Sweet Love' beat dropped and the crowd really went wild. He serenaded me as we grinded and he was shocked that I could keep up and move like this. After a lil while he laid me on the stage floor and humped me. I bit my lip and flopped him over so I was humping me. I rubbed my hand on his abs and I could feel him hardening. We stood up and he kissed me as the song ended and we disappeared under the stage.

"Damn. How old are you??"

He asked examining my body closely and biting his lip. Damn that man does things to me!

"As of today 18."

He nodded his head.

"You here alone??"
"I came with my girls."
"Well do me a favor. Let them know you're not leaving with them tonight."

I smirked and did just as he said then found him again and we left to his hotel room after he took pics with fans and signed autographs. From the time we hit the limo to the bedroom neither of us could take it anymore. Let's just said we definitely did it like it was the end of the world. ;-}

As much as I look back on that night and think about it I was not expecting the events that were to come ..


Love ya

Aw take your time. Relax and get better. We'll still be here. Sorry to hear about your setback. GWS.

Get better soon girl :)

rest up..get well soon!

Hope u Feel Better...
Run It...

I missed out a lot of my little fav parts lol.. and I was in the other pages when you recently post so I`m really sorry to hear your not doing to well, dont force yourself to add and get plenty of rest xoxo


I would like to start with, Mimi, you are such an awesome writer, your story is soooo captivating.. I skimmed a little wondering if I'd like it then went back and read it lol.. sooo alll caught up!!

Secondly.. OMGGG!!! how can you finished RIGHT. THERE.

-- Also, glad to read your surgery went well and I hope you`re recovering well as well <3

Now, ok so at first I felt so sorry for her cos mayne.. she been through a lot and that sucked s*** she had to go back thurr... f*ck Tina lmaooo beetchhhh!!! but glad he stepped up..

dangz tho she done the team alright.. But Chris wasnt stepping up and was hella pissing me off lmaooo!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Diamond lol.. cutie baby and little girl.. nqaawww soooo Mama J to step up and glad she stood her ground..

I`m gald he finally came around as well and yah know.. omgosh that part where he told Trey he would leave out and to protect them.. I got hella teary eyed!!

Then to find out that slut ass punkass s*** was abusing her.. even when Diamond was in the house... SMEHH!! aughh!!

Soo glad babygirl had some sense and called everyone, LOVE Game, always have so big bro was awesome.. I loved how Chris flew down the stairs and attacked Trey.. He got what he deserved..

I mean I know their roles switched after Trey but he was faithful and she wasnt so she should have cut him some slackkk and Yanna.. SMEHH!! know yo role hoe.. I laughed when she pulled the whole "ur just her babymama" like what she did to Chyna hahahaha.. tooo funny..

Loved the studio part, glad nickis her girl, f*** trey.. hotness with the studio loving as well hahahha.. ummzzzz I knew something was gon happen.. I gasped and was sooooo shocked when it wasnt Chris but dirty ass tyga...

and with the scary movie sex.. omgoshhhh!! hotness hahaha.. funny as hell too the horny guys lmaooooo..

OHHH.. Now THIS nigga drugging b****es and raping them.. dumbass what he think was gon happen? ...

omgoshhh cant believe he put Ty in a coma even though he deserved it thooo thats some unconditional love there!!

cant believe ty died tho.. like what the hells gon happen :( fahhh cant wait for the next add!! love your story lol and sorry for the loooonggggg reply xoxo


Get well soon!

So sorry for the delay guys. Guess what! I ended up BACK in the hospital Monday & I also ended up getting surgery Tuesday in the SAME EXACT SPOT I had surgery on 2 weeks ago. So you can imagine the amount of pain I'm in, how much weaker I am, how much I get dizzy, & don't get me started on the amount of medicine I'm on.

With all that being said I'm back on best rest & tbh even as I write this I keep falling asleep smh. I'll try to update as much as I can as I also try to heal.

Thanks for being patient with me.
* Miss Mimi Bby ♥

Run it!!

Heyy gurl i looooovee this story this is the first fan fiction i have ever read your an amazing writer hopefully everything went well with the surgery i apreciate the way you organized the chapters ... run it guurrl amazing story

Awa it

Wat naw dat gt to be dreamn dis betta be a dream one of them is havn dis cnt possibly be happn man run it

Noooooooo. Please please please don't let Chris go to jail. Can they find a loophole or something. Hell I'll take just the year. Probation something... Admit.

WOW...smh run it

Whatttttttt? No! RUN IT!


Oh no....

Run it!

Run it

((** Something Short**))

{ CHAPTER 53 }

A couple weeks have gone by and today Chris has court. Today would determine whether or not he would have his freedom. His lawyer asked me to testify on Chris' behalf and explain why he did what he did so of course I agreed. Nicki kept the girls while Mama, Tootie, Chris, and I went to court. When I was called to the stand I told the truth.

"So you see your honor technically she was raped and Chris defended her. You may step down."

I stepped down and gave Chris a light smile then sat with Mama and Tootie. We went to recess as the jury talked. Chris leaned against the wall and I leaned on him facing him.

"You can have that macho act in front of everyone else, but baby I know you. What's on your mind??"
"The possibility of not seeing my girls for a year if he is alive or more if he dies."
"They still haven't told you if he lived or not??"
"Nah. The jury knows which is also how they're going the base everything."
"Damn. Just know baby that I love you and your daughters love you. Even if you do get locked up I'll hold you down. We'll visit you at least 2x a week."
"Thanks baby and I love ya too."

His lawyer came back and told us it was time. We shared a passionate kiss then walked back in. We all stood until the judge sat down then we followed. I held my breath.

"Have you reached a verdict??"
"Yes we have your honor."
"What say you??"
"Well your honor.."

His voice trailed off as I heard those 5 words.

".. Michael Stevenson was pronounced dead .."

My heart sank as Chris looked back at me.

Sorry ya I've been in & out the hospital these last 2 weeks. Of course it's still continuing ( just my luck =\ )

The next update will be Chris' fate. Whether or not he'll be a Free man or a man behind Bars.

Yay there together now. But can you say freaks lmao. Lil nastys sexing while Tootie and her dude was in the room tho smh. Im just glad there back together now. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

lmao! RUN IT!

lol they are tooo nasty!! cant believe tootie and her bf didnt notice nothin but shoot they was probably over there doin something too lol..RUN IT!!..

PS Tyga punk ass betta live! chris cant get no life man..i aint gon be able to handle it!

Freaks lol

Run it!

Lol they nasty it I'm glad they finally back together... Run it

Oh they sum freak nastys lol smh he jus couldnt wait lol run it

{ CHAPTER 52 }

After I calmed down Chris continued changing his clothes and I sat there.


He came out his closet in a pair of sweats with no shirt.

"I .. I can't live without you. Over the past few months since we've had that talk and especially over these past few weeks I've done a lot of thinking. I want to be yours Chris."
"My what??"

I got up and walked over to him staring him in the eyes.

"Your girl and eventually your wife."

He placed his hands on my hips.

"You sure this is what you want?? I'm not doing that break up to make up s***. Once we're together then we're together. No breaking up over lil s***. If we have a problem we're gunna work that s*** out."

I smiled at him.

"Yes babe I'm absolutely positive this is what I want."

He smiled at me.

"Looks like you need to erase other niggas numbers out ya phone then cause you're alllllll mines."

He picked me up and kissed me. I smiled the whole time during the kiss. Eventually we pulled away smiling at each other.

"If I have to erase-"
"Baby girl I been erased other females numbers unless they're close friends to me that you know like Nicki."
"Ok. Same for me then. Game & a couple others that are close to me that you know about will remain. I'll delete the rest."

He pecked my lips.

"I'm cool with that."

He let me down and we walked downstairs. Tootie and the guy were cuddled up watching a scary movie. We walked over to the other couch and Chris laid down on it then pulled me on top of him. He grabbed a blanket off the side and put it over us then put his arms around me.

"You comfortable baby??"

He kissed me and we turned to the tv. After a while it was dark outside and Tootie's boyfriend had already turned off all the lights so the only glow was from the tv. Even that wasn't a bright glow because the movie took place mostly in the woods & a dark basement. Chris began rubbing on the back of my thighs.

"Baby stop ya sister & her boyfriend right there."
"I'm not doing anything."

He lightly kissed my neck and squeezed my ass. I let out a low moan in his ear and felt him get hard under me. He put his fingers into the top of my shorts and pushed them all the way off so they now rested on the side of us. I parted my legs some as he played with my center.

"( low moan ) Damn baby stop before something happens."
"Let it happen."

His hard on was now completely sticking thru the slit of his boxers since he had already pulled his sweatpants down some. He put my legs on both sides of him while lifting me up some and slowly lowered himself into me. I let out a loud gasp at the feeling as I watched the movie and a girls head got sliced off out of nowhere. Tootie hid her face in Marvin's shirt. Chris played with my nipple with 1 hand as the other palmed my ass and I rode him laying down. During the scary parts I let out my moans and gasps so it seemed like I was scared, but in reality I was getting f***ed. The movie lasted about 3 / 4 hours and the whole time Chris and I were having sex. I didn't mind Chris cumming in me because not only was I on the pill, but even if I did get pregnant it would be his baby. After we came 1 last time he put his piece back in his boxers and pulled up his sweatpants. After that he helped me pull my shorts back on. As the credits rolled Marvin turned the lights back on and I sat up taking the covers off.

"Girl you're so easy to scare. Gasping and s*** at every scary part."

Tootie said as she stood up and stretched. Chris laughed and I blushed.

"Yeah that's why I can't watch scary movies alone."

She laughed.

"Well we're gunna get going. See ya later."
"See ya."

Tootie kissed Chris' cheek and hugged me then left with Marvin. He smirked at me.

"Now we can really get down to it."

I squealed as he picked me up and ran upstairs to his bedroom.

omg i must didnt read these last to but i commented on it wtf damn thats all i can say..
hope everything goese well for him i dont want him to get no life in jail over some bs

RUN IT!!!!