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Chris Joins Wilhelmina Team

Chris Joins Wilhelmina Team

<i>“I’m so happy to join the Wilhelmina team, which has countless successes in the industry, to explore this new avenue,”</i> says Chris about his brand new signing to <strong>Wilhelmina</strong>! Congrats Chris!

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  • Wait what is this team do??? But if chris is apart of it then it must be great ;)
    by cbrezzyluvr on 11月 20, 2012 午後30 10:10午後
  • Christopher the model. My lady parts are set a blaze.
    by CBsHardNow on 11月 20, 2012 午後30 10:10午後
    by Cedron on 11月 20, 2012 午後30 2:02午後
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  • Congrats Chris. I can't wait to see u doing this. U r gonna be so good at this.
    by Sherbet on 11月 20, 2012 午前30 9:09午前
  • what is Wilhemina ?????
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 11月 19, 2012 午後30 8:08午後
  • TEAMBREEZY..Congrats....New Beginning with Wilhemina and Success...
    by gre24 on 11月 19, 2012 午後30 8:08午後