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This will probably be only three adds. Who knows, maybe even shorter.

"Ma! We're home!" <a href="">I</a> heard <a href="">Kingston</a> yell throughout the house, with voices along with him. "I'm in the kitchen!" I said while preparing our dinner for later that afternoon. He walked in with <a href="">King</a> and <a href="">Levi</a>, and smiled. Waltzing over to where I stood, he kissed the top of my forehead, greeting me the way he normally did. "What're we having for dinner?" He questioned, towering over me just like Chris. There was no doubt, Kingston, was Chris' son. At the age of seventeen, they were the same height, looked almost identical, and acted the same way. Sometimes it scared me how much they were alike. "Well, tonight i'm cooking Puerto Rican food, so we're having Chicken Agrodulce with some white rice, some steamed veggies, pasta, and of course dessert." He smiled and licked his lips while rubbing his stomach. "That's what's up, sounds delicious ma." I smiled, see he was exactly like him. "Are you boys planning on staying for dinner?" I asked King Cairo and Levi. "Would love to Mrs. Danyell, but I have a <em>'mandatory'</em> dinner with my parents." Levi said putting quotes around mandatory, I chuckled and shook my head. "Matter of fact, I have to leave so I can be on time to dinner." He said standing up from his seat. He dapped up King and Kingston, then waved bye to me. "Tell Kay and Drake I said hello." He nodded and made his way out the kitchen. "And you King?" He smiled, "aunt Dany, of course i'm staying for dinner. You know my dad doesn't care, my mom does, but she's not here right now, so she don't matter" He said peeling an orange, I chuckled. "Alright then, i'll be sure to set another plate on the table."

While I was cooking the boys were just chatting it up. "So aunt D, has Kingston told you?" I looked over at Kingston who was giving Cairo the side eye. "Told me what?" "Oh, you haven't told her, my bad. I'll tell her since I already opened my mouth." Cairo looked over at me. "Kingston here, is in a dilemma, he's in love with two girls at the same time and he doesn't know what to do." I looked up towards the sky and sighed. This was deja vu all over again, just instead of Chris being in his confused triangle of love, it was our son. "And these two girls are?" I questioned hoping they weren't who I though they were. "My sister and Chaos." Cairo said finishing off his orange. I sighed, there really wasn't much I could do for him, especially in a situation like this. "Well, the only real advice I can give you is, with something like this, your father is the best person to talk to." He nodded, "thanks mom." I nodded and smiled. "C'mon dumbass, let's go play that new video game I got." King shrugged and followed behind Kingston. I rubbed ny temples and began on the strawberry cheesecake I was making for dessert.

I was concentrated on mixing the custard of the cheesecake that I didn't here anyone walk into the kitchen, until I felt those strong arms wrap around my waist. I looked down to see tattooed arms along with his wedding band sitting on his finger on his left hand. "What is my gorgeous, wonderful wife making?" He asked kissing the back of my neck and then laying his face in the crook of my neck. "Strawberry cheesecake, just how you like it." He smiled and dipped his finger into the custard tasting it. "That right there babe, is delicious." I smiled as he released me and walked towards the refrigerator, searching for something. "What were you up to?" I asked still mixing as he opened the water. "Oh, Haven and I were down in the studio working on some beats." "He still down there?" <a href="'s+Bday+Party.+Suit-+Dolce+&+Gabbana.+Shoes-+YSL.+Watch-+Rolex..jpg">Chris</a> was about to open his mouth when <a href="">Haven's</a> voice cut him off. "I'm right here ma." He said walking past Chris and kissing me on my cheek. Chris reached for another water bottle and handed it to him as he took a seat on the bar stool.

"How was your studio time?" I asked Haven, "it was good, tomorrow i'm going over to uncle Ty's and we're going to do some stuff there." I nodded, here was another one of my son's that was just like Chris. It scared me how my two eldest were just like him. Scratch that, all three of my kids were like him. "Mom, can I ask you something?" <a href="">Safiyah's</a> voice rang through the kitchen. "What?" "Can I get my belly button pierced?" "Why?" I asked now putting the custard into the crust. "because, it'll look cute when I wear my crop tops, bandeaus, and bathing suits." She said a huge smile on her face. "Hell no!" Both Chris and Haven said at the same time. I chuckled, "but daddy why?" "Because, you won't be showing your body to anyone! You're only fifteen, stay focused on soccer. Not flaunting your body." He said taking a sip of his water. "but all my friends have them." Chris looked at me then our daughter. "How about some more piercing on your ears?" She stared at him blankly. "I never get to do anything!" She said storming out. "Damn right you don't!" Chris said, I chuckled.

"Why do you treat her like she's still a little girl?" Chris stared at me blankly. "because, she is a little girl, she's my little girl." "You can't treat the boys one way and Safiyah another way. If she wants a piercing, she should be able to get one." I said biting into a grape. Both Haven and Chris looked at me like I had two heads. "She doesn't need to be flaunting her body hun." Chris said. "Yeah, so don't encourage it mom." Haven mentioned. "This whole ganging up on us girls gets quite irritating. You know that?" Chris and Haven smiled. "Want us to get Kingston, so he can agree with us?" Chris said smirking. I rolled my eyes, "I never get to do anything!" I said mimicking Safiyah. The boys chuckled, "oh, we need to talk about the gift we're getting Kingston for his birthday." I said leaning against the counter. "What do you get a soon to be eighteen year old that already has everything?" He asked, I shrugged. "What did you get?" Haven questioned. "That blue lambo that's sitting out in the garage." Chris said, a smile on his face as he remembered when he got it. "There you go, we all know Kingston is just like you. Get him something you would get yourself." Haven said getting up from his seat and walking out the kitchen. Chris looked at me and pointed towards where Haven just walked out. "That right there is probably our smartest child." He said leaning over and pecking my lips.


How freeeaking, erm CUTE (:
I'm so happy he FINALLY chose. As for my baby Levi.. * starts crying *
Their all just growing up so fast. At least their all happy now :D
But FINALLY Chris has let go and let Safiyah be a teenager. So now I'm up to something
In my short story.

* Evil laughs *

"Happy Birthday Kingston!" Girls would yell as I walked through the sea of people who showed up to celebrate my eighteenth birthday. I would just look over at them and flash them my award winning smile. I was walking through the crowd, in search of my boys when I was pulled by my arm to be face to face with Chaos. I turned and smiled looking her body once over. She was looking real good tonight. "Is it possible that I can get a dance with the birthday boy?" I smirked, "of course you can." She smiled and turned around, beginning to wind her hips on me. I had both hands on her hips as her right hand rested on top of mine and the other around my neck. We were dancing and having a good time as she'd steal a kiss every once in a while. Just as the song ended, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I excused it and continued dancing with Chaos. Just then they tapped on my shoulder again, I smacked my lips and looked over my shoulder to see King standing there with her arms crossed over her chest. "Is this it?" I sighed, "King...can y'all just follow me?" I asked looking between the both of them. They both glared at eachother as I grabbed both of their hands and pulled them through the crowd to the lobby of the venue. The doors shut behind us, the bass of the music still audible through the walls. I looked between the two of them who both stood with their arms crossed and eyebrows raised. "So who's it going to be Kingston because my patience for you is wearing thin." King said full of attitude. I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck, "look, I really, really like the both of you and I don't want to hurt either or, but I have to choose because knowing that i'm playing with both of your guys' emotions is tearing me apart." "So..." King said rasingvher eyebrow. "Chaos---" King threw her hands up in the air, "Ugh, I knew it! I knew I shouldn't have waisted my damn time on you! You ain't s***, I swear on my crazy ass mama!" I tried getting her attention but she was still throwing her fit. "KING!" I yelled causing me to startle her. "Listen. Chaos, I like you, you're a sweet girl but King happens to have my heart. We just have so much more in common that I can't even explain. It's like she completes me. With you, we have that sexual kind of connection, and I want more than that. I feel like i'd find that with King. I hope you understand." She looked up from the ground and nodded, "I guess you're right. The sex was good though." I smiled and she hugged me. "Friends?" She asked, I nodded. "Friends." She turned to King. "Congrats, maybe now we can become besties again because I miss you." King embraced her in a hug, "we were always besties." "Well, i'm going back in to get my party on." I stood there with one hand in my pocket and the other rubbing my neck. "So..." "You know how long you made me wait Kingston?" "I know, I didn't realize it." "I should just leave your dumbass here." I looked towards the ground, until I heard her step closer. She lifted my chin, "but I won't because I love you." She said wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me on the lips. I pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her waist, she pulled away. "C'mon. Let's go party." She said dragging me back inside.

"So you chose my sister?" King C asked as we stood by the bar. I nodded, "so I can holla at Chaos right?" I nodded, "man, she is looking good tonight. Take care of my sister dude." He said sternly, I nodded and watched him walk off towards Chaos and a group of girls.
"Hey ladies!" I said walking up to a group of girls, "do y'all mind if I still Chaos for a minute?" I asked, they giggled and walked away. She stared at me, sipping on her drink and swaying her hips. "Wanna dance?" She nodded and pulled me to the dance floor. "I was wondering, do you wanna go out sometime? Maybe to the movies or something?" She looked up at me and turned around. "I would love too!"
I watched as she moved her hips to the beat of the music, s*** was sexy. "Aye man, i'll be right back." I said to Haven, he nodded and I walked out of the DJ booth where Haven was DJ-ing. I stood at the top of the balcony contemplating whether or not I was going to go through with this. "Man up Levi, you got this." I said to myself. I smiled and adjusted my clothes before walking down the stairs and through the crowd of people where Safiyah was swaying her hips with her friends. I walked up and lightly tapped her shoulder, looking her body over. The dress she was wearing was hugging every curve on her body just right. "Hey Levi." She said standing on her tippy toes to hug me. "Can we talk real quick?" She nodded and excused herself from her friends before walking me over to a secluded corner. "What do you want to talk about?" She asked leaning against the wall. "You look gorgeous tonight." "Thanks, you do too." She said blushing. "Look, i'm just going to get to the point. I really like you and I know you like me, do you want to be my girl?" She looked down at the floor and then up at me. "I know my brothers and especially my dad are going to flip, but yeah. I do." I smiled and put both of my hands on her waist, leaning down to peck her lips. "I'm glad you said yes, I was nervous as hell." She smiled and pecked my lips one last time before dragging me to the dancefloor.
"Yo everyone! Can I get your attention!?" Haven yelled into the mic from the DJ booth. Everyone stopped and looked up towards the balcony. "Everyone slowly exit outside, there's a surprise for Kingston." Everyonw started making their way outside, once we were all out there Haven'a voice sounded once again. "Everyone my father has a few words, give it up for Chris Brown!" Everyone cheered and the spotlight shunned upon my dad and mom. "Son, it's your eighteenth birthday and I know this party was enough but your mother and I have another surprise." Just as he said that, this <a href="">Lamborghini Gallardo</a> pulled up. Some guy stepped out and handed the keys to my dad. "Son, this is yours." He said tossing me the keys. I smiled and looked at the keys in my hand. "Not only that but we got you <a href="">this</a> too." Just as I was about to hop in my Lambo to check out, another guy hopped of a Ducati. I was siked as hell now. "Happy Birthday son!" Both my parents said at the same time.
Everyone walked back inside to finish up the party as Danyell and I stood outside watching Kingston admire his whip. He shut the door and walked over to us. "Thanks pops. Thanks mom." He said giving me a hug and Danyell a kiss on her cheek. "Babe, take me for a ride?" King yelled from the passenger seat. Kingston turned and nodded, "you chose King?" He nodded. I smiled and dapped him, "i'm going to take her for a ride now." "Be safe!" Danyell yelled. "Okay mom." He said hopping in and speeding off. "He didn't even buckle up." "We should get going back in too." We turned in the direction of the doors to catch a glimpse of Levi and Safiyah walking hand in hand back into the venue. "Did I miss something?" "Chris, just leave it for later." I looked at her and kissed her forehead. "I guess all our kids are growing up."

Yall btches just left me out this fckn story what about me and shad short ass uh what about us fck all yall lmao i still plan to rape someones child just not for their birthday it will be for christmas new years and valentines day shoot mhm ill show them how to eat it right hahahaha

ana you perv molesting the poor child tsk tsk shame lol
as for kingston i feel his pain i wudnt even b mad it he choose tyler kus thats wat his heart wants BUT i will say i wll feel srry for him if he breaks my childs heart shes not bult to deal with heart brake if u kno wat i mean =/

run it thou

threesome between chaos kingston and king tyler
somebody will be hurt by the end of the day but
he cant keep leading them on like he does he has
to make his decision and soon before trouble


son nephew whatever you want
to call him..he fine as hell
dany but yall gon get me in
troule so i will stay out of this
for as long as i can
dany get your butt in here and post


I liked this add. Its crazy how everybody knows Kingston business that fast.
& im not making the situation better by gossiping. I hope he chooses right.
Im afraid to say this, but ana is mixer of a milf and a cougar. Touchin' all on him like
that with her freaky ass. Lol Lets see what Drake has to say about his daughter when he has
one. He'll be just like Kirko and Ty. Watch.

Can't wait for the next add (:

I liked this add. Its crazy how everybody knows Kingston business that fast.
& im not making the situation better by gossiping. I hope he chooses right.
Im afraid to say this, but ana is mixer of a milf and a cougar. Touchin' all on him like
that with her freaky ass. Lol Lets see what Drake has to say about his daughter when he has
one. He'll be just like Kirko and Ty. Watch.

Can't wait for the next add (:

"Ana, are you drunk?" I asked walking over to the girls. "No, why?" She asked sipping on her punch. "Kingston told me you grabbed his ass. Quit molesting my children." She smiled, "Dany, it isn't my fault that you and Chris created such sexy children. "I'm going to have to get my sons some damn bodyguards." "Aw, c'mon Dany. The boy is eighteen now, atleast let me give him his birthday present." She said winking, I widened my eyes. "Ana, you cougar." Bree said lightly nudging her. She chuckled, "I was never like this until Dany's boys grew the f*** up." "I really do hope you have a real gift for that boy because Trey is not going to like the fact that you're trying to push up on his nephew." Lexi said sipping on her punch. "Whatever, you watch though, one day i'm going to get a piece of both of your boys." "So Bree, Lex, do you two know about the situation between our kids." I said looking between the two of them. "Levi was telling me about that." Bree and Lexi looked at me then <a href="">Kay</a>. "Kay knows but somehow Lexi and Bree don't? Spill the beans girl." <a href="">Nani</a> said now interested. Kay looked between us all, "Levi told me that Kingston was talking to Chaos at the same time as King Tyler but know Kingston doesn't really know who he's feeling more and both the girls think he's playing them but in reality he's just confused." She said looking at us and then sipping her punch through her straw again. "How the f*** do you know that s***. I swear King never talks to me about anything." Bree said now furious. "You? Chaos swear she'll never tell me anything again. Matter of fact, she be telling Kirk more stuff than me." Lexi said just as pissed. "So what does he plan on doing about his situation?" Nani asked, I shrugged. "He talked to Chris about it since he was in the same predicament." "All I know is if Kingston don't want to choose either or, he can come over to me because i'll treat his ass just right." Ana said finishing off her drink.
"So what are we going to do about your son, liking both our girls." Ty asked pointing between him and Kirk. I shrugged, "I don't know, whoever he chooses is up to him." I said drinking my beer. "Yeah, but the thing is if Kingston chooses either or, one girl is going to be heartbroken." <a href="">Cole</a> said being the mediator he always tried to be. "Yeah and do you know how King Tyler acts when she's in pain? That girl destroy everything and anyone in her damn way. She is just like her mother." Ty said shaking his head. "I feel sorry for you bruh." <a href="!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/image.jpg">Drake</a> said patting Ty's shoulder. "s***, I feel sorry for my damn self." "Nah man, she can't be as bad as Chaos. I swear that child lives up to her damn name. Last time she was depressed she f***ed up her room and a whole lot of s***, that I had to replace." Kirk said. "This is exactly why I don't want Safiyah getting involved with boys. I don't want to see my babygirl in pain." They all looked at me. "And you think Ty and Kirk want to see theirs in oain by your son?" I shook my head. "On some real s*** though, when you gon' let Safiyah breathe?" Drake asked. "She does breathe nigga." "You know exactly what he meant." Ty said finishing off his beer. "I just don't want to think about that s***." "Face the facts man, she can't be your little girl forever."
This add was for Kay.
I'll add the last and final add tomorrow.

Aaawee he's growing up so fast! :D
But bree killed the party with her goofy behind. She knows she's a trip.
Where was me and drake though? I wanna party too!
I hope everything goes with him choosing between the girls. I been through the same thing Im not gonna point no fingers though. * coughs and points to my elbow to shad & drake *
& as for ana nasty ass.. Stay away from my son!! Lol

But fareal your family live as hell. Yall house be whats up, ima start hanging out there alot , shiiiit (:

"Pops, can I speak to you real quick?" Kingston asked taking a seat on the couch. I turned down the volume to the beat I was listening to. "What's up son?" I asked turning in my chair to face him. "So, I talked to mom about this dilemma i'm in, but she told me that the only person that could help me was you." He said rubbing the back of his neck. "What's your dilemma?" I asked now sitting back in my chair. "Well uh, you see, i'm kinda, sort of in love with two girls at the same time and I don't know what to do. I really like Tyler, but at the same time I like Chaos. I just...don't know what to do. I don't want one or the other to get hurt." I sat there and let what my son was telling me sink in. He was now in a position that I once was in. It was like I went back in time and saw myself in the position I was in eighteen years ago. I sighed, "son, I was in your same position. I was in love with two women and I broke up with the one I was dating at the time because the media was all over me about hanging out with my ex." "You're ex from that situation?" I nodded. "I wasn't sure who I wanted to be with, but all I knew is I had feelings for both and just like you, I didn't want to hurt one or the other." "So what'd you do?" "I had to follow my heart and choose, even if it meant hurting someone in the process." "Who's you end up choosing?" I sighed, "my ex from the situation." He furrowed his eyebrows, "why?" I shrugged, "I guess it was because I felt like there still could have been something that we never got to finish, but as we hung out I realized things between her and I weren't the same and there was someone I was truly neglecting." He looked at me waiting for me to continue. "I was neglecting the one person who was there from the gate, and that was your mother. I realized I was out here chasing something that was no longer existant, while she was at home watching something so precious of mine." "So in the end you chose mom?" I nodded, "and when I chose your mom, I knew I hurt another person, but that was something that was bound to happen. So all i'm saying is, no matter what, someone is going to get their feelings hurt and you can't do anything about it. You have to follow what your heart wants." He sighed and nodded. "Thanks dad." "No problem son." We both stood up as I embraced him in a hug and we walked out of the basement and up the stairs. "Night pops." "Night." I said watching him walk into his room. He shut the door and I walked into mine to see Danyell laying in bed watching tv.

I walked to my side of the bed and took off my beater, hopping in the bed beside her. I wrapped my arm around her as she laid her head on my chest. "Did you talk to him?" "Yup." I said running my fingers through her hair. "You know, it scares me how much our children are just like you. Especially Kingston." "What're you talking about, they're kind of like you in certain ways." She smacked her lips, "Chris, you are you trying to kid. None of our kids are like me." "Na uh, Safiyah looks just like you with those gorgeous green eyes and soccer skills. Not only that, but she's stubborn just like you and when she gets angry or upset, she makes the same face." "Athleticism doesn't count because both of us are athletic, and as for the rest I guess you're right." I kissed her forehead, "What are we going to do Chris now that one of our kids is soon going to be on his own?" "We can't protect him forever Dany, he needs to learn to live." "I can't believe we actually did it, we settled down together and created a beautiful family." I nodded, "i'm surprised I did it, I knew you would someday make a perfect wife and mother but at the rate I was going I assumed it wouldn't be with me, but i'm glad I did." She looked at me and smiled, leaning up to peck my lips. "I always had faith in you settling down, wasn't too sure if it'd be with me, but i'm glad you did." I pecked her lips once more and turned off the tv as she snuggled up next to me. "I love you Christopher." "I love you too Danyell."
"Wake up big brother! It's your birthday!" I groaned and pulled the covers from over my face to see Safiyah standing over me. "Happy birthday!" She said sitting on me and giving me a big hug. I chuckled, "thanks baby sis." I looked towards the door to see Haven smiling with his arms crossed. "How does it feel to be eighteen?" I chuckled, "Same as yesterday." I said giving him a hug. "Mama is making you a birthday breakfast, so hurry up and get up so you can go downstairs." I nodded and watched her and Haven walk out of my room. I ran my hand over my face and smiled, I was finally eighteen. I removed myself from my bed and quickly handled my business before getting dressed and walking downstairs. I could smell the bacon already, I walked into the kitchen. "Morning everyone." My mom turned around from the stove and faced me. "Happy birthday baby boy!" She said waltzing over and giving me a hug along with a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks ma." She pulled out of the embrace and stared at me, fanning away the tears that were threatning to fall. "Your finally eighteen! I feel like it was just yesterday I was walking you in through that door." "Ma, please don't cry." I said now embracing her in a hug. I hated seeing her cry, even if it was over s*** like this. "No, no. I'm not crying I promise. You just have a seat so I can serve everuone breakfast." I kissed her forehead as she walked back over to the stove. I turned towards the table and my dad smiled at me, instantly causing me to smile. "Happy birthday son." He said standing up and giving me a hug. "Thanks pops." I took my seat and mom came out with the rest of the food. We all said a quick prayer and then dug in. "So, I need you to be home before six because we're having a little intimate birthday for you with just our family and close friends. I know you're having that big birthday bash tomorrow, but I just want us to celebrate your birthday on your actual day." I nodded and finished up, thanking my mom for the food and making my way out.

I stood in the livingroom drinking my punch and looking around the room, all the while Levi and my brother argued over some irrelvant s***, while Cairo stood beside me being the ref in this fight. We were all eating the food my mom had set out but she didn't want me cutting the cake until my aunt Bree, Lexi, and Ana showed up. But being the person my mom was she had snacks set up in the kitchen just incase. "I'm here now! Can we all sit down and have dinner now?" My aunt <a href="">Lexi</a> said walking through the door. Behind her was my uncle <a href="">Kirk</a> and <a href="">Chaos</a>. Her glance met mine and she smiled. "Man Lexi, we already had dinner with your late ass!" My dad exclaimed, she flipped him the bird. "I told your ass Lex, but said that you that being beautiful takes time." Kirk said, she glared at him as everyone chuckled. "There's some snacks in the kitchen though." My mom mentioned. "Ugh, I don't want no damn cold cuts." She walked right past everyone and over to where I was. "Happy birthday nephew!" She said giving me a hug. "Thanks aunt Lexi." "Happy birthday boy." Kirk said giving me a hug, I thanked him as well, as they both walked over to where my parents were. I turned and looked Chaos. "I don't get a birthday hug?" I questioned with my arms out. She bit her lip and walked over to me embracing me in a hug and stepping on her tippy toes to give me a kiss on the cheek. "Happy birthday." She said sweetly, I smiled and thanked her. Behind me I felt Cairo nudging me and Levi and Haven chuckling.

"Everyone can relax now and let the party begin because Breana has arrived!" We all turned our heads to see my aunt <a href="">Bree</a>. Behind her uncle <a href="">Ty</a> shaking his head. "Move mom, damn!" <a href="">King Tyler</a> exclaimed pushing past her and walking over and greeting my parents and everyone else. "I swear my mom be doing the most." Cairo said beside me. "Michael, get your daughter before I beat her ass into another dimension." He shook his head, "no, that's YOUR daughter." He said walking around her and over to where my dad stood. "Okay Michael. I got you. I'm not going to make a scene because it's my nephews birthday but you watch and see." Behind her aunt <a href="">Ana</a> and uncle <a href="">Trey</a> walked through the door. "Did we miss the fight already?" Ana questioned, everyone shook their heads. Aunt Bree strutted over to where I was and smiled. "Look at you all grown up, happy birthday!" She said giving me a hug. "Thanks aunt Bree." She looked past me and over to Cairo. "Next time you leave the damn house without cleaning uo after yourself, i'm gon' knock you into the same dimension as your sister." She smiled at me and then at Levi, Chaos, and Haven. "Hey you three. Now lemme' go mingle." Just after she left uncle Ty and Tyler walked over. "Happy birthday nephew!" He said dapping me and giving me a hug. He nodded at everyone else as I thanked him. "Excuse my mom, but happy birthday boo!" She said reaching her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek. I held her waist as I thanked her and she pulled away. "What about your brother, dont I get a hug?" She rolled her eyes and ignored him, I knew he didnt like the fact that I liked Tyler and Chaos. She fake smiled at Chaos as Chaos did the same and this is where the tension came in.

"We about to get turnt the f*** up tomorrow! I cannot wait!" Cairo exclaimed raising his glass. We all laughed, "Kingston, come here real quick! I didn't eve get to say happy birthday." My aunt Ana said. I excused myself from the group and walked towards her. She extended her arms and pulled me into a hug. "Look at you, your getting so tall and good looking." She mentioned pulling out of the embrace and checking me out. "You and your brother both, God! Puberty did both you and your brother justice." She mumbled to herself. It was getting kind of awkward so I started excusing myself. "I'm going to get back to the guys." She nodded and pulled me into one last hug but this time she grabbed my ass. She smiled and walked away. I looked around and walked over to the punch and grabbed some, beside me my mom was grabbing as well. "Mom, is aunt Ana drunk?" She shrugged. "I dont know. Why?" "She just grabbed my ass." Her eyes widened. "She probably is, lemme talk to her." I nodded and took my drink back to the guys. "Yo man, we all saw Ana grab your ass!" Cairo dapped me, "She wants the D!" Levi said, "y'all are wild." "What? You're saying that you wouldn't hit that." They asked directing towards Ana, who's black dress was nice and fitted. "I mean look at her, she has ass and tits. Not only that she sexy af!" Cairo said biting his lip. It was true aunt Ana was a MILF! Everyone knew it. "I mean if you had the chance would you have a threesome with Ana and Haven?" Levi asked. I looked at him in disgust. "My brother?" "Nigga, we all know Ana wants both of you. If she ever said i'll give you both one night but it has to be at the same time, would you?" Haven nodded, "I'm in it for Ana, not you." He said. I thought about it, "Why not." We all dapped eachother and stared at Ana. "Uncle Trey knew exactky what he was doing when he wifed her." Everyone nodded.

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No , thats what drake is for.

I mean yeah, I know you would have lol but I just would've boycotted this s*** lol.

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LMAO , but he catches more hoes than your daughter ; Poof :D

Good, because even if you would have said no, i still would've used her.

I'm just kidding Dany.... of course you can.

Okay then. Bree, may I use your daughter for my story?

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