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Bree do you hate me??

I was just wondering. Cause you be actin like you give NO fu¢ks about my feelings n'$hit.


Here's my attempt at posting a link:

<a href="">To Write Love On Her Arms</a>

Oh. Well hmm... We gotta get to the root of this problem.

Good. Lol that's not the title... I changed it a long time ago. "To Write Love On Her Arms" oops. . .I forgot

Okay I don't think it's the title... Maybe it's your damn username. You probably scare people lol.

Nigguh like what?

Well maybe if you would've had a more appealing title, people would've read it >.>

This wouldn't have happened if people would've read it when I posted it .-.

Now that's just too much lol.

So far back you actually have to GOOGLE it. -__-

Where is it Momo?

Im so serious. Like NOBODY (quite litterally if I may add) has read it and I feel like I did a good/decent job on it! PLEEEAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE?? PRETTY PLEASE WITH CHRIS & TY ON TOP??

Chileeee if you don't get out my f u c k i n g face lol.

I'm just askin mah nigg! But if you don't hate me read "If you promise" so I know it's real. lol

I do not hate you. Tf Momo? Lol