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That fateful night keeps playing in Serenity’s mind. It was the night her whole life changed for the complete worse. She never thought anything like this could ever happen to her. From the outside looking in, Serenity had the perfect life. Perfect job, perfect house, and perfect man; perfect everything. But on that cool fall night two months ago, everything became the exact opposite of perfect. Serenity looks at the empty spot next to her on the bed. She slowly turns over on her left side and gently rubs his side of the bed. Tears instantly fill her eyes when she thinks about him and she closes her eyes shut and wraps her arms around herself as she starts crying hard.

“Darius….how could you leave me like this? You promised me you would never leave me. You said we would be together forever…..and now you’re gone. You’re gone. I can’t live without you. I love you so much and I need you. Especially now….I wish you were here. I wish you would come back to me….I just….I never wanted to imagine my life without you….but….the truth is….you’re gone. And….I just can’t accept it yet,” Serenity said as tears continuously streamed down her cheeks. Serenity suddenly feels this warm presence take over her and she can’t help but smile. Whenever Serenity gets this feeling, she is almost certain that it’s Darius’ spirit. She wishes she could see him one last time, hug him, kiss him, and make love to him just once more. Serenity suddenly feels a distinct kick against the right side of stomach. She looks down at her protruding stomach and smiles. She places both of her hands on her stomach and rubs it gently.

“Do you feel daddy’s presence too DJ?,” Serenity said softly to her stomach. Serenity is seven months pregnant and her son, Darius Junior, DJ for short, is the only reason she feels she can even keep living at this point. Her son will forever be a reminder of her husband Darius, and she is so thankful that a part of Darius will live. Serenity rubs her stomach for a few minutes and then she turns her head to look at the dresser. She notices a picture of her and Darius and she just sighs and looks at the ceiling and thinks. At age 25, Serenity never thought she would be at this point in her life. She’s hurt, angry, sad and confused all at the same time. Darius was truly her only family and now that he is gone, it feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest and she feels completely alone. How can Serenity keep everything together, when she only wants to fall apart?


Anisa is so freaking cute. I love how she keeps throwing these hints towards Serenity and embarresses Terrence. It is so adorable. I'm glad she considered Terrence as a roomy. I totally cant wait to where this is going to go. maybe something will happen.

Run it

Anisa is the cutest thing, tryna play matchmaker!!! I can tell its from the heart tho. Lol I love her. Serenity gettin lost in his smile is soo cute. Its truly adorable, them two. I like how Serenity and Terrance are comfortable with each other. I think their friendship could definitely blossom into more, esp with Anisa around. Lol run it!!!!

So six days pass and today is Thursday. Serenity is doing alright for the most part. She is still working through her pregnancy and she plans to work until the day she gives birth. She is really trying to save up all the money she can. Well it’s around 5 pm and Serenity is sitting in the kitchen eating dinner. She actually has made her decision regarding who she would like to become a roommate. Shocking to herself, she has actually chosen Terrence. He was clearly the best choice. He had the best credit score and he seems very responsible as well. Just to be safe, Serenity did ask for a background check on Terrence and although she hasn’t gotten the results back yet, she still would like for him to become her roommate. Serenity usually does not trust people this easily, but it’s something about Terrence that Serenity feels comfortable with. Maybe it’s the fact that he also lost the one he loved tragically and Serenity feels they could really connect through that. Serenity could use someone to talk to. She has feelings that she can’t explain sometimes by dealing with Darius’ death, but maybe Terrence can help her out. He seems strong to her and she needs someone like that in her life. Serenity will admit that does feel kind of strange inviting another man into her and Darius’ house, but it’s not like Serenity and Terrence are going to start a relationship. They are just going to be roommates and that’s it. Serenity sent an e-mail yesterday to Terrence saying that if he was still interested, he could become her roommate. Terrence responded immediately telling Serenity thank you so much for the opportunity. He also asked if he could see the house and Serenity said that would be fine and she is expecting to see him and Anisa at her <a href="">house</a> tonight at 6 pm. Once Serenity is done eating, she cleans up the kitchen and tries to tidy up the house a bit. At exactly 6 pm, Serenity hears her doorbell ring. She goes to the door and looks through the peephole and sees Terrence and Anisa. She smiles a bit and opens the door and Terrence and Anisa smile at her.

“Hey,” Serenity said.

“Hi Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Hi Serenity!,” Anisa said happily. Anisa moves closer to Serenity and hugs her waist, while resting her head on her stomach. Serenity smiles a bit and gently rubs Anisa’s back. Suddenly Anisa jumps back out of the hug and she looks at Serenity in shock.

“What’s wrong baby girl?,” Terrence asked.

“Serenity…..your baby kicked! I felt it against my cheek! Wow that’s cool!,” Anisa exclaimed. Serenity and Terrence both laugh at Anisa.

“Oh yes my baby boy kicks all the time….he’s just happy that’s all….you two please come in,” Serenity said. Anisa and Terrence smile and nod their heads and they walk in and Serenity closes the door behind them. Terrence and Anisa look around Serenity’s house in awe.

“Wow…..this is so nice!,” Anisa said happily.

“It really is….Serenity your home is beautiful,” Terrence said.

“Thank you….let me give you both a tour. We can start in the family room,” Serenity said. Serenity leads Anisa and Terrence to her <a href="">family room</a> and they both look around.

“This is really nice,” Terrence said.

“Thank you,” Serenity said. Anisa goes over to a picture that she sees of Serenity and Darius on a table and she just looks at it then looks at Serenity.

“Serenity….is this your husband?,” Anisa asked.

“Yes….that’s Darius,” Serenity said.

“He’s very good looking…..your son is going to be a cutie,” Anisa said while giggling. Serenity laughs a bit and nods her head.

“You’re just too sweet Anisa. I like you,” Serenity said.

“Thank you! You know….everyone says I get my sweetness from my daddy so if you like me, you will like him too,” Anisa said while grinning. Serenity can’t help but laugh and she looks at Terrence and she can tell he is embarrassed because he is looking down at his feet. Serenity thinks it’s sweet that he gets embarrassed by his daughter.

“Let me take you to the kitchen,” Serenity offered. Anisa and Terrence follow Serenity into the <a href="">kitchen</a>.

“Terrence do you cook?,” Serenity asked.

“Yes daddy cooks all the time. He can cook anything. Do you like men that cook Serenity?,” Anisa said. Serenity just looks at Anisa and she cannot help but laugh. Anisa looks up at her daddy and he narrows her eyes at her and Anisa smiles big and then winks at him and looks back at Serenity.

“Anisa you are something else. When I need a good laugh, I am going to come to you,” Serenity said.

“Ok!,” Anisa said excitedly.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Serenity said. Anisa and Terrance follow Serenity to the stairs and before Anisa starts to walk up the stairs, Terrence gently pulls her arm and she looks at him.

“Little girl stop trying to play matchmaker,” Terrence said softly.

“Oh please daddy…..I am just getting started,” Anisa teased. Anisa runs up the stairs catching up with Serenity and Terrence just shakes his head and laughs. He follows Anisa and Serenity up the stairs and Serenity shows them the<a href="">spare bedrooms with bathrooms included</a>. Serenity then takes Terrence and Anisa back downstairs and outside to her <a href="">patio</a>. She sits down at the patio table and Terrence and Anisa sit down as well.

“So what did you two think of the house?,” Serenity asked.

“It’s great! I love it!,” Anisa exclaimed.

“Yes Serenity….your home is beautiful. I really like it. It’s perfect,” Terrence said.

“The rooms are so big and the bathrooms are so nice…..daddy you take the room right next to Serenity’s I want the one across the hall ok?,” Anisa said.

“….Serenity please excuse Anisa…..she is always trying to….you know….,” Terrence said.

“Match you up huh?,” Serenity said while laughing a bit.

“Yes exactly,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“Daddy I only want you to be happy ok? You know how sometimes I sleep with you because you miss mommy so much and I hold you when you cry….well….maybe you and Serenity can hold each other when you two are sad,” Anisa said innocently. Terrence just looks at Serenity and she is trying to hold in her laughter and Terrence just shakes his head.

“You’re just silly,” Terrence said to his daughter. Anisa just laughs and she goes over to Terrence and climbs into his lap and grabs his face and gives him a sloppy kiss on his left cheek and Terrence just makes a funny face while she does this. Terrence gently tickles Anisa’s stomach and Anisa pulls out of the kiss and laughs hard.

“Daddy it’s not tickle time yet! That’s not until before bedtime remember?,” Anisa said in between laughs.

“The tickle monster is coming early today!,” Terrence exclaimed. He starts tickling Anisa and Anisa is just laughing and she is trying to escape Terrence’s arms.

“Oh no you are not getting away from me little girl!,” Terrence said happily.

“Da-daddy! No! Pl-please stop! I can’t breathe!,” Anisa said loudly. Terrence laughs and stops tickling Anisa and he kisses her cheek as she tries to catch her breath.

“Daddy I love you,” Anisa said.

“I love you more gorgeous,” Terrence said. Terrence pecks Anisa’s lips and then they both look at Serenity and she is just smiling at them.

“You two are so cute….I really adore your relationship,” Serenity said honestly.

“Thank you,” Anisa and Terrence said.

“So I just have a question for you….as you know I will be giving birth in a month or so. So I was just wondering how comfortable you two would feel living in a house with a newborn baby?,” Serenity asked.

“I am a deep sleeper so I will be ok,” Anisa said.

“Yes this little girl could sleep if an earthquake was happening….I would be fine with it. I mean I know what it’s like to raise a newborn. It can be difficult and stressful at times, but we’ll be fine. And we will help anyway we can. We will do our part with the chores and cooking,” Terrence offered. Serenity can’t help but smile at their responses. She didn’t know there were such sweet people in the world.

“You two are just too sweet…it’s amazing….I couldn’t imagine two better roommates in all honesty…I could really use the company,” Serenity said.

“Thank you Serenity…..thank you so much for considering us. I know it’s probably not easy inviting people you just met into the home you shared with your husband,” Terrence said.

“It wasn’t an easy choice…but it’s something I have to do…..and strangely…..something about you two….makes me feel so comfortable,” Serenity said honestly. Terrence just smiles big and Serenity finds herself lost in his smile. His smile is so handsome to her. Terrence is just handsome to Serenity in general. She snaps out of her daze and looks down and takes a deep breath.

“….Is everything ok?,” Terrence said.

“Yes….yes everything is fine,” Serenity said while looking at Terrence.

“It’s ok Serenity….I get lost in daddy’s smile sometimes too,” Anisa said. Serenity just looks at Anisa in shock; how did she know? Anisa winks and Serenity laughs and shakes her head.

“Little girl you are two smart for your age do you know that?,” Serenity said. Anisa laughs and nods her head and Terrence just shakes his head while laughing a bit. His daughter is truly one of a kind.

“Daddy, Serenity I have to use the bathroom,” Anisa said.

“Ok, let me take you,” Terrence said.

“No it’s ok. I saw one on the first floor. I will be ok. You and the pretty lady talk,” Anisa said. Anisa hops out of Terrence’s lap and goes into the house. Terrence looks at Serenity awkwardly and Serenity looks away awkwardly.

“Serenity….I’m sorry about Anisa….I know she comes off very strong at times. She tries to be a little matchmaker at only age 7…..she has good intentions though….she just wants me to be happy and she knows I get lonely,” Terrence said.

“You don’t have to apologize….your daughter is something else, but she’s harmless. She’s innocent you know? I know she only wants you to be happy….but I must tell you know, that I am not looking for a relationship….I can’t even say for sure if I will ever love again.”

“Oh Serenity I know. I know and I understand that….your still in pain and mourning and I know that….I just hope that we can at least be friends?,” Terrence asked hesitantly.

“I would like that Terrence….I would like that a lot.”

Thanks for the comments ladies!! I would like more readers, but hopefully that will come with time! Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you leaving comments :)

This is so sad, I feel bad for Serenity. She misses Darius so much and she blames herself for something she had no control over. Mrs. Davis is a b****, who does she think she is? Of course Serenity is going to be a good mother, DJ is all she has left of Darius. Terrence and Anisa are so adorable. I cant wait to see where this goes.

Run it

Darius' mother is a b****!! Her ass would never lay a hand on my child!! f*** all that filing for custody s*** she talking about. I know Serenity will be a good mother to DJ. I hope she lets Terrance come.

Serenity headed home after she met with Terrence and Anisa. She wants to get some housework done today. Once she walks into her house, she closes and locks the door behind her and slips off her shoes and jacket. She gently rubs her stomach as she walks to the kitchen closet. She takes cleaning supplies and she starts to clean the kitchen counters. About 15 minutes later, she hears the doorbell ring. She takes off her plastic gloves and washes her hands and goes to the door and looks through the peephole and sees <a href="">this woman</a>, Darius’ mother. Serenity sighs heavily and opens the door and Darius’ mother smiles at her.

“Hi April,” Serenity said.

“Serenity… you it’s Mrs. Davis….may I please come in?,” April said. Serenity moves to the side and April walks in and Serenity closes and locks the door behind her. Serenity looks at April and April is looking around a bit, inspecting things.

“What can I help you with Mrs. Davis?,” Serenity asked.

“I just wanted to see how if you were taking of my son’s house,” April said.

“This is my house too and you know that.”

“Really? Did you even ever pay a bill in this house?”

“Listen….I don’t need this from you. Me and Darius always split the bills and you would know that if you were even around.”

“I’m sorry….but I just couldn’t stand to see my son being fooled by some poor foster home trash. My son could have done so much better than you, I just could never understand why he chose you,” April said while looking Serenity up and down.

“I was never after you son’s money,” Serenity said as calmly as she could.

“Is that right? Where did you get that bracelet from then? Did you buy it? I’m sure with your salary you couldn’t afford it….and you don’t have that much taste.”

“No….Darius got it for me for our three year first date anniversary….the day that he died.”

“The day that he was killed Serenity, not only did he die, he was killed. He was gunned down like he meant nothing,” April said evilly.

“…..You think I don’t know that? I was right there when it happened and you know that…..he died right in my arms.”

“If you wouldn’t have taken him to that soul food restaurant on the bad side of town, my son would still be here today……I will always blame you for his death Serenity.”

“Wh…what?,” Serenity stuttered in shock.

“You heard me….you probably planned the whole thing. So you could get all of this insurance money since you were his sole beneficiary.” Serenity just looks at April in complete shock; is she serious?

“How….how can you say that to me? How can you blame me for Darius’ death or say that I had anything to do with it? I would NEVER hurt your son. I loved him more than I even loved myself. He was my everything. He was my world. He was all I had and now he is gone. And I have never felt so much pain in my life,” Serenity said as tears poured out of her eyes.

“Please Serenity…..spare me the tears…..I was never fond of you and I never will be. The only somewhat good thing that will come out of you and Darius’ marriage is my grandson DJ… do you plan to support him on your measly salary?,” April said rudely.

“I can support me and my son just fine.”

“Really?,” April said while laughing a bit.

“Yes really. And my son DJ, really isn’t any of your concern. He is mine and I will take care of him.”

“Oh please who are you kidding…..just don’t go through Darius’ money too fast Serenity I know it’s all you have……I’m going to get going…..oh and this is a warning. If I even for a second think that DJ is not getting his every need, I will file for full custody and take all parental rights from you. That’s a promise.” April looks Serenity up and down once more before leaving the house, without even closing the door behind her. Serenity just shakes her head in disbelief and she closes and locks the door. She does not want to cry right now, but she feels herself becoming very angry. Serenity is actually very hurt right now. She loved Darius with all of her heart and sould and for anyone to tell her differently, hurts so deeply. Serenity walks up the stairs to her bedroom and before she can even get there, she bursts out in tears. She sits on the bed and puts her head in her hands and cries so hard. She wishes Darius was here right now because he always knew what to do to comfort her when she needed it. Just feeling Darius’ strong arms around her, would make Serenity calm instantly. He always whispered the sweetest things in her ear too. He always knew just what to say to make things right. Serenity lies down on Darius’ side of the bed and gets under the covers and wipes her tears. She stares at the picture of Darius on the small dresser near the bed and her vision starts to become cloudy with tears.

“Darius….baby I need you. I need you so much right now. I miss you more than you will ever know….I wish you were here……I know you know that I would NEVER do anything to hurt you. I would never ever plan any harm towards you Darius…..and as long as you know that, then that’s all that matters….and I promise you, I will take such good care of our son. I am in love with him already and I will put him as my top priority. I will make sure he knows all about his daddy. I will tell him every day that you love him. I promise,” Serenity said softly. Serenity then feels a warm, comforting sensation right where her heart is and she just smiles to herself. Serenity knows that she can be strong and continue to live her life. Some days might be really hard, but other might be easier. Serenity knows if she wouldn’t have seen April today, today would have been one of the best days she has had since Darius died. Serenity can’t wallow in her sorrows every day because that will just make her more depressed as time goes on. She then decides to do something she hasn’t done in quite some time. She wipes her tears and slowly sits up in the bed. She takes a deep breath and then gets out of the bed and walks downstairs to the basement. She goes into one of the spare rooms in the basement and she turns on the light and she smiles when she sees <a href="">this</a>. She hasn’t played since Darius died. Serenity use to play while Darius sang. Darius had the voice of an angel to Serenity and she could listen to him sing for days. Darius and Serenity truly had some great times together and Serenity will never forget a single one. Serenity sits down on the piano bench and gently touches the keys. She puts her hands in place and she just starts playing any song that comes to the top of her head. Serenity ends up playing the piano for about two hours. She felt so good afterwards. She feels so calm. She decides that she will do this whenever she is feeling stressed out. She needs some sort of release. As she was playing, her baby boy kept moving and Serenity just smiled at this. Once she stopped playing, she rests her hand on her stomach.

“Baby boy do you like the music huh? Maybe you will be a singer like your daddy,” Serenity said while rubbing her stomach gently. DJ starts kicking his mommy hard and Serenity laughs a bit.

“DJ I love you so much already…..I just can’t wait to see your face. You are going to be the most beautiful baby in the world. I’m so glad that I have you because I know through you….daddy will always live.”

AWWW Terrance and Anisa are sooo cute!!! I love their relationship and the fact that Terrance lost his wife is so sad. I really hope she chooses him to live with her. I like this story!!

So two weeks pass and a few days pass and Serenity is doing ok. She decided to put an ad out for a possible roommate. She loves her house way too much to leave. She just hopes she can find an honest, trustworthy person. She only put the picture of the house and her e-mail on the ad. She has received a few inquiries about the house and she has met three of them so far. All of them have been females so far and she liked them, but they are all 22 or younger and she kind of wants someone older and someone that has a career, not just a job for the time being. Serenity got the shock of her life though when she got an e-mail from Terrance. She knew it was him because he mentioned his daughter Anisa in the e-mail. Serenity just couldn’t believe it. She isn’t sure about meeting him though because she isn’t sure how comfortable she would feel living with him. She would just feel strange living with another man. But Serenity decides to meet him anyway. It’s just a meeting and nothing will be permanent. Serenity is actually meeting Terrence today, Saturday; at a local bakery downtown at 1 pm. Serenity gets herself together and then drives downtown to the bakery. Once she gets there, she parks and walks inside the bakery. She looks around and sees Terrence and Anisa sitting at a table. Anisa is sitting in Terrence’s lap eating a sandwich and Terrence is sipping on a cup of coffee. Serenity smiles a bit and she walks over to them and when they both see her they smile. Anisa waves happily and Serenity waves back.

“Hi Serenity….it’s nice to see you again,” Terrence said.

“It’s nice to see you too Terrence,” Serenity said.

“Hi pretty lady. Sit down,” Anisa said nicely.

“Anisa you know daddy has a meeting with someone right now about a house right?,” Terrence said to his daughter.

“Oh…..well that’s actually why I am here….I put the ad out for the house,” Serenity said.

“Wow really? Small world huh?,” Terrence said while laughing a bit.

“I guess you’re right,” Serenity said while laughing a bit.

“Please sit down,” Terrence said politely. Serenity takes her purse from her shoulder and sets it on the table and then sits down.

“Would you like anything? A tea maybe?,” Terrence offered.

“No thank you I am fine,” Serenity said. Terrence smiles and nods his head and his eyes travel to her baby hump and then he looks back up at Serenity and smiles.

“How far along are you?,” Terrence asked.

“About 30 weeks,” Serenity said while smiling.

“You and your husband must be very excited….I noticed your wedding ring.”

“Oh….um…..well… husband was actually killed a little over two months ago,” Serenity said while looking down.

“Serenity….I am really sorry to hear that. That’s awful,” Terrence said.

“That’s sad Serenity I’m sorry,” Anisa said.

“Thank you,” Serenity said while holding back tears. Terrence and Anisa just look at her and they feel really bad. Terrence looks down at his daughter and she looks at him and tears form in her eyes. Anisa looks at Serenity and frowns.

“Oh Anisa you don’t have to cry,” Serenity said.

“It’s just……my mommy died last year….I miss her,” Anisa said as tears ran down her cheeks. Serenity looks at Terrence and he smiles a bit as he pulls his daughter into a tight embrace and gently rubs her back.

“Baby girl it’s ok. What have I always told you about mommy? Huh?,” Terrence said.

“You….you said that mommy always loved me. Even when she wasn’t around, she always loved me. When she was on drugs she still loved me. You said she will always live in my heart daddy,” Anisa said softly.

“That’s right baby girl. No one will ever be able to take her from your heart,” Terrence said to Anisa. Anisa nods her head and smiles a bit and Terrence wipes her tears and then kisses her cheek. Anisa continues eating her sandwich and Terrence looks at Serenity.

“Well… wife and Anisa’s mother….died of a drug overdose last year,” Terrence said.

“I’m so sorry to hear that Terrence…..I know how hard it is to lose the one you love,” Serenity said honestly.

“It’s the worst feeling in the world,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head in agreement and there is an awkward silence between the two of them.

“Well….can you tell me why you are interested in the house?,” Serenity asked.

“Oh sure….well….my lease on my apartment is up the end of the month. And me and Anisa like our apartment, but you know she is getting older and she needs more space. So I have been looking into buying a home for the two of us, but everything is out of my price range. So I just thought if I could split expenses with someone that would be a good option for me….from the ad the house looked perfect. Now…how would you feel about all of this? I mean you being a female would you feel more comfortable living with another female instead of a male?,” Terrence said.

“Well honestly at first I thought that would be best to have another female….and I have met three other possible choices all female. And they were fine and I liked them but they were so young. The oldest was 22 and none of them really had careers. I want someone with a stable career and someone that I can depend on for the long run…..opening up my home is going to be very difficult and I want someone really trustworthy.”

“Well I can understand that. I am an accountant so my salary is pretty decent. I did bring information about my credit and my taxes from last year if you would like to take a look at them. You know for comfort.”

“Wow….you came very prepared. Thank you I would like to see them.” Terrence smiles and nods his head and goes into his briefcase and Serenity just watches him. She thinks he is very handsome and she feels so weird thinking about another man in this sense. She always feels like Darius will always have her heart no matter what. Terrence places a folder on the table and Serenity takes it and opens it and sees all the financial information she could ever want to know.

“Thank you for this, it’s very helpful,” Serenity said.

“You’re welcome Serenity,” Terrence said. Serenity looks up at Terrence and gives her this heart-warming smile. Serenity got chills for some reason and she quickly looks down.

“Serenity are you going to have a boy or a girl?,” Anisa asked nicely.

“I’m going to have a boy. His name is DJ….named after his father,” Serenity said.

“That’s real nice Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Thanks……now if I do decide to offer you to move in, would it just be you and Anisa? I mean….do you have a girlfriend that would constantly come to visit or anything like that?,” Serenity asked.

“Oh no…..I haven’t dated much since my wife died…..not much at all actually….I’m single,” Terrence said.

“But daddy wants to find a new lady isn’t that right daddy? I know you get lonely, you say it” Anisa said while looking up at Terrence. Serenity laughs a bit and so does Terrence.

“Little girl you are too much sometimes,” Terrence said.

“But you love me anyway daddy,” Anisa teased.

“That’s right I do……I love you more than the size of the universe,” Terrence said.

“Well I love you more than the size of the universe times two…! Times infinity!,” Anisa said excitedly. Terrence just laughs and hugs his daughter tight and Anisa kisses Terrence all over his face. Serenity just admires the two of them. She is amazed at how close Anisa and Terrence are. Serenity thinks Terrence is such a great father and she can’t help but think that Darius would have been the same.

“You two seem very close,” Serenity said.

“We are…..this little girl is the only thing I have,” Terrence said. Anisa just smiles at this and she closes her eyes and puckers her lips. Terrence smiles at his daughter and leans down and pecks Anisa’s lips a few times and Anisa giggles afterwards.

“My daddy gives the best kisses Serenity….maybe you can show her one day daddy,” Anisa said while smirking. Terrence’s face turns completely red in embarrassment and he can’t even look at Serenity right now. Serenity is laughing quite hard and Anisa is laughing too.

“I don’t know why daddy gets embarrassed all the time I only tell the truth,” Anisa said while shrugging her shoulders.

“You are just a very honest little girl and I like that… old are you Anisa?,” Serenity asked.

“I am 7 I will be eight in three months,” Anisa said proudly.

“….How old are you Terrence?,” Serenity asked.

“I’m 26….how about you?,” Terrence said shyly.

“I’m 25….you know….you don’t have to be embarrassed Terrence….your daughter is something else, but I like her. She is a sweetheart,” Serenity said.

“Thanks… can you tell me about your house? Like how many bedrooms and things like that? Also would you have limits on where we can go in the house?”

“Ok so the house has five bedrooms and three full bathrooms and a half bathroom on the first floor. The master bedroom, my bedroom has a bathroom included, so if you were to move in, the other two bathrooms would be all yours. I don’t have any limitations on where we you and Anisa can go. It won’t be an arrangement where one of us only lives upstairs or downstairs. I would open my home completely up to you.”

“Wow that sounds nice… sounds perfect to me Serenity.”

“Me too! Serenity if me and daddy move in, can you do my hair? Yours is so pretty and daddy has no clue how to do my hair,” Anisa said.

“Hey I try Anisa,” Terrence said.

“Daddy you can’t even do a smooth ponytail,” Anisa said while laughing. Terrence and Serenity laugh a bit as well.

“Oh Anisa you are too much….but sure I can do your hair if you want me to,” Serenity said.

“Thank you,” Anisa said while smiling big.

“You’re welcome… Terrence do you have any other questions for me?,” Serenity asked.

“Mmm…no I think I am good….do you have any for me?,” Terrence asked.

“No I think I know everything I need to know. Thank you so much for meeting me. I will let you know what I decide by next week if that’s ok?”

“Sure it’s fine with me. Thank you for meeting me Serenity. I really appreciate this.”

“It’s no problem Terrence. I really need a roommate of some sort. I just cannot afford all of the bills on my own right now.”

“I understand…..if you don’t mind me asking, what is your profession?”

“I’m a law clerk. I don’t make much, but I really enjoy my job.”

“Well that’s good. What’s the point of working if you don’t enjoy it?”

“That’s true.”

“…..I don’t mean to pry…..but do you have any family that can help you out?”

“…..I don’t…..I was raised in a foster home, never knew my parents or my family.”

“I’m sorry….well what about your husband’s parents? I mean you are expecting their grandchild.”

“…..Darius, that’s my husband or….ex-…..that’s his name. His parents have never liked him. Darius was a very successful chemical engineer and had a very good salary and his parents always thought that I was after his money just because I made so much less than him. I never ever asked Darius for a handout. He knew the real me and I knew the real him and that is why we were in love, not by how much the other made. His parents just never accepted it. They didn’t even come to our wedding…..and at his funeral they threatened to take DJ away from me, saying that I couldn’t support him….I may not make much, but I will always make sure my son is ok. I will put his every need and want before my own. They always tried to belittle me, but I know I was a good wife and I know I will be a very good mother to DJ,” Serenity said as tears built up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Serenity I didn’t mean to get you upset,” Terrence said softly.

“It’s ok….I usually can’t talk about Darius without crying anyway….hopefully that will pass,” Serenity said.

“It does…trust me,” Terrence said. Serenity looks up at Terrence in his eyes and he smiles a bit at her.

“Serenity do you need a hug? I give really good hugs,” Anisa offered.

“It’s true she gives great hugs,” Terrence said. Serenity just smiles a bit and nods her head and Anisa smiles big and jumps out of Terrence’s lap and goes over to Serenity. Serenity turns to face Anisa and Anisa wraps her arms around Serenity’s neck and hugs Serenity the best she can and Serenity hugs Anisa back and smiles to herself. Serenity has never met such a sweet child and that actually tells her a lot about Terrence. After the hug Anisa leans in and kisses Serenity’s cheek. Anisa then looks at her daddy.

“Daddy I have to use the bathroom,” Anisa said.

“Ok gorgeous….um let me show you where it is,” Terrence said.

“If it’s ok…..I can take Anisa,” Serenity said.

“Thanks Serenity,” Terrence said. Serenity nods her head and Anisa holds out her hand to her. Serenity smiles and stands up and takes Anisa’s hand and walks her to the bathroom. Serenity couldn’t help but smile when she heard Anisa humming while she used the bathroom; the girl is too adorable. Once Anisa is done, she comes out of the stall and then goes to the sink and tries to reach the sink but she’s a bit too short. Serenity comes up behind her and picks her up the best she can with her protruding stomach and Anisa smiles and pumps the soap in her hands and she rubs them together really good and then rinses them well. Serenity sets Anisa down and Anisa dries her hand with a paper towel. She then looks at Serenity and holds out her hand and Serenity smiles and takes her hand and they leave the bathroom. They go back to the table and Anisa climbs in her daddy’s lap and Terrence kisses her forehead.

“Well…..I should be going. But Terrence thank you so much for meeting me….I will let you know what I decide on sometime next week…..and if I do chose you, I will let you see my home just so you can be sure,” Serenity said.

“That would be great Serenity,” Terrence said. Terrence stands up with Anisa in his arms and holds out his hand and Serenity smiles and shakes it firmly.

“I’ll see you later…..bye Anisa,” Serenity said while smiling big.

“Bye pretty lady,” Anisa said while waving and smiling. Serenity laughs a bit and gathers her things and leaves the bakery and Serenity is realizing she can’t stop smiling. She has not smiled this much or at all since Darius was killed. Anisa and Terrence are just two very sweet people. Serenity has never really had a lot of friends and maybe Terrence could become a friend. Right now he seems like the best choice to be Serenity’s roommate and Serenity realizes she wouldn’t mind his or Anisa’s company one bit.

omg I love this story!!! Its so sad that Serenity lost the love of her life. Darius sounds like a great guy!! I hope she works everything out and continues to stay strong for her son. I like Terrance. He is so cute and his lil girl is adorable. I have a feeling he may be running into serenity again. run it!!

ps. will comment on Cold-Hearted soon.

Thanks for pointing that out Moe!! Here is the pic of Darius hopefully it works this time!!

<a href="">Darius</a>

i LIKE THIS NICOLE. Poor Serenity tho. Losing the love of her life so tragically. Him dying in her arms too. And she's pregnant with there child, Im just glad the robbers took pity on her and didnt kill her. ITs just sad shes all alone no family or anyone to relye on. Darius was her world. Least she has a part of him with her but still its gotta hurt that hes gone.
Aww little Ms. Anisa is too cute and very sweet. And her daddy is fyne as heck lol. I do hope they somehow run into one another again.... IJS. He did call Serenity beautiful....
Nicole the pic for Darius doesnt show. Who is he?


Serenity decides to stop wallowing in her sorrows, long enough to fix herself something to eat. She slowly sits up in the bed and gets out and waddles her way to the kitchen. She looks at the numerous unpaid bills on her kitchen table and sighs heavily. She is very behind paying the bills since Darius was the bread winner between the two of them. Serenity is only a law clerk and barely makes $30,000 a year. Darius was a chemical engineer and made over triple that amount. Darius alone could pay all the bills and still have money to spend, but now that Darius is gone, the entire financial burden is on Serenity’s shoulders now. She really has no clue how she is going to support herself and DJ in the near future. Sure Darius had life insurance and savings, but Serenity knows she can’t live off that money forever. She wishes she had some sort of support, but Serenity has no one. She grew up in a foster home so she never knew her parents and therefore doesn’t even know her family. Darius’ parents were never too fond of her since she wasn’t in the same social class as Darius money wise. They always thought she was just a female that was trying to use their son for money. They did not even attend her and Darius’ wedding and Darius hardly spoke to them after he married Serenity anyway. Darius always knew in his heart that Serenity was never after his money because she never asked for any handouts. When they were dating, he offered to buy her all this jewelry and take her on these expensive trips, but Serenity always told Darius she didn’t need any material things, just his love. That alone made Darius fall in love with Serenity instantly. They met when they were 22 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, got married at 23 and started their lives together. When Darius and Serenity found out they were expecting, they were both beyond ecstatic. They have both always wanted so badly to be parents and Serenity knew Darius would be the best father in the world to their kids. They wanted to have a houseful of kids. Serenity just sighs at the memories of her and Darius’ life. She takes a deep breath and goes into the refrigerator and cabinets and sees she is very low on food. She really should make a trip to the grocery store. She looks at the clock and sees it is 6:37 pm on a Wednesday evening. She goes up to the bedroom and quickly gets dressed in sweatshirt and sweatpants. She then goes downstairs to the kitchen and grabs her keys and leaves the house closing and locking the door behind her. She gets in her car and drives 20 minutes to the grocery store. Once she is there, she gets out of the car, locks her doors and then goes into the store. As she is walking down the cereal aisle, she notices <a href="">this little girl</a> looking at a box of cereal. Serenity just looks at the little girl and smiles a bit; the little girl is too cute. The little girl notices Serenity staring at her and she smiles and moves closer to her.

“Hi miss…’re really pretty,” the little girl said while smiling.

“Oh thank you sweetheart so are you. Where are you parents?,” Serenity asked nicely.

“Oh my daddy is here name is Anisa,” the little girl said.

“It’s nice to meet you Anisa my name is Serenity,” Serenity said. Anisa smiles and holds out her little hand and Serenity smiles and shakes it gently.

“Anisa!,” a male voice called out.

“Over here daddy!,” Anisa said loudly. Serenity looks up and sees <a href="">this man</a> come in the aisle pushing a cart and when he sees Anisa he smiles big.

“Hey gorgeous did you get your cereal?,” the man asked.

“Yes daddy I did,” Anisa said. Anisa puts the cereal in the cart then looks at Serenity.

“Daddy this is Serenity. Isn’t she pretty?,” Anisa said. The man looks at his daughter in embarrassment and then looks at Serenity.

“Please excuse my daughter she is incredibly friendly… name is Terrence,” Terrence said while extending his hand out. Serenity smiles and shakes Terrence’s hand firmly and Terrence smiles back.

“It’s very nice to meet the both of you. Terrence your daughter Anisa is very sweet and absolutely gorgeous,” Serenity said.

“Thank you so much,” Terrence said nicely.

“Well….um…I better get going,” Serenity said.

“Sure it was nice meeting you Serenity,” Terrence said.

“Same to you…bye Anisa,” Serenity said.

“Bye pretty lady,” Anisa said while giggling. Serenity looks down and blushes a bit and then turns and walks away. Terrence looks at Anisa and she smiles big at him. Terrence shakes his head while laughing and then he picks up Anisa and kisses her cheek.

“You love to embarrass daddy around beautiful women don’t you?,” Terrence said. Anisa just laughs and kisses both of Terrence’s multiple times. Terrence just laughs at his silly daughter. Serenity heard Terrence’s comment to Anisa and she just laughed to herself and continues shopping. Once she is done shopping, she checks out 30 minutes later and pushes her full cart to her car. She opens the trunk and puts her bags in. Once she is done, she pushes her cart to the cart area and then she notices a piece of paper on her windshield. She picks it up and reads it and it’s an ad for a roommate. This ad gives Serenity an idea. She does not want to leave her house, so maybe she can find a roommate. They can split the bills and this will really help Serenity out financially. She doesn’t want to live with a complete stranger, but Serenity will definitely consider it. She puts the ad in her purse and then she gets in her car and drives home. She gets out all of her bags and sets them in the kitchen. She closes and locks her front door then starts to unpack her grocery bags. She notices she bought things that only Darius likes to eat and she sighs. She rests her hands on the counter and puts her head down and she can’t help but cry. She then feels Darius’ spirit take over her body and she swears she can hear him say in her ear “Be Strong.” She takes a deep breath with her eyes closed and then opens them and wipes her tears. She finishes putting the groceries she doesn’t need right now away and then she starts cooking. She and Darius use to cook together all the time and she loved doing that with him since it helped them bond that much more. Serenity is starting to realize that she can’t go a single minute without something reminding her of Darius. She really wants to be able to go a full day without bursting into tears because she misses Darius so much. She knows for a fact that Darius would not her to be so sad and depressed now that he is gone; he would want her to live her life and be happy. Serenity puts sad thoughts of Darius to the back of her mind and she finishes cooking her dinner. She was craving fried haddock, greens, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread. She fixes her a plate and then fixes a glass of water and she sits down at the table and eats her dinner. As she is eating, she feels her baby boy moving in her stomach and Serenity can’t help but smile to herself.

“How are you doing DJ? Huh? You alright in there?,” Serenity said softly. Serenity feels two distinct kicks and she laughs to herself.

“I take it you are doing good baby…..I can’t wait to see you. Mommy needs some company,” Serenity said. Serenity gently rubs her stomach while eating and then she puts her dishes in the dishwasher and then cleans up the kitchen. Serenity then puts the remaining food in the fridge and she walks upstairs. She stops by DJ’s room and she turns on the light and looks around and smiles. Serenity and Darius were able to decorate DJ’s room completely together. Serenity looks at the crib, the changing table, and the rocking chair. She goes over to the rocking chair and sits down and gently rocks as she rubs her stomach.

“Baby boy I am going to try my best to stay strong for you even if I can’t stay strong for myself…..that’s what daddy would want.”

That's a terrible way to lose someone you love, I've been there before.
I really hope Serenity will be okay. I might as well admit that I have been a silent reader of Cold Hearted too. I love that story too!
Run it

<em>Two Months Ago</em>

“Baby how do I look?,” Serenity asked her husband Darius.

“Absolutely beautiful….come here,” Darius said while holding his hand out. Serenity smiles and walks over to her husband sitting on the bed and takes his hand and then sits in his lap. Darius smiles and gently caresses her stomach.

“Baby you always look beautiful… is my lil’ man?,” Darius asked.

“He’s great… feel him moving?,” Serenity asked. Darius waits about a minute and then smiles big and nods his head.

“I sure do….d**n I can’t wait to see him,” Darius said.

“He is probably going to look just like you,” Serenity asked.

“I hope he gets your big, beautiful brown eyes.”

“You’re so sweet baby….kiss me.” Serenity closes her eyes and puckers her lips and Darius grabs Serenity’s face and kisses her deeply. After the kiss, Serenity just smiles and bites her lip at Darius.

“Mmm….you trying to start something babe?,” Serenity said while raising an eyebrow.

“Not yet babe…..that’s after dinner. Your fine a** is mine,” Darius said seductively. Serenity just giggles and Darius softly kisses her neck.

“Ok babe let’s go…..our reservation at that new soul food restaurant is at 7 and it’s 6:30 now. It’s time to celebrate our first date anniversary, three years ago,” Darius said while smiling big.

“Darius I love you so much,” Serenity said while smiling big as well.

“I am sure I love you more.” Serenity just laughs and Darius pecks her lips and then they get up and leave and head to the other side of town to the soul food restaurant. Once they get there, they are seated at their table and start to look through the menus.

“Baby you get anything you want ok?,” Darius said.

“Thank you baby,” Serenity said. Serenity places her left hand on the table and opens it and Darius smiles and grabs it with his right hand and he lifts her hand up to his lips and kisses it gently.

“Serenity…..I want you to know that I love you. I love you so much baby. Ever since we met…..I have just always been so happy. You make me happy babe….I know it has been hard for you not being liked by my parents and family but if they can’t see you for who you truly are, then that’s their lose baby. You are the most amazing and beautiful woman I have ever met in my life. You have a heart of gold and you always put me before yourself and I appreciate that so much from you. I love you for it. As soon as I me you, I knew you were the one for me. I could care less about how much money you make. That’s not who you are. Who you are… the love of my life. My wife. The future mother to our baby boy DJ. You have given me everything I have ever wanted and I am thankful for you. I love you Serenity… I bought you a present,” Darius said. Serenity just gives him a look and Darius smiles a pulls a long jewelry box from his pocket and puts it on the table.

“Open it baby,” Darius said. Serenity smiles a bit and she opens the box and is face to face with <a href="">this</a>. She just gasps in shock and looks at Darius as he just smiles.

“Baby….I don’t know what to say…..this is so beautiful. Thank you so much baby. Thank you,” Serenity said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Hey no crying,” Darius said softly. He gently wipes her tears away and then he takes the bracelet from the box and puts it on Serenity’s left wrist.

“Baby I love you thank you so much….and….I have a gift for you too baby,” Serenity said.

“Serenity you know you didn’t have to do that,” Darius said.

“Baby if you can give me a gift I can give you something.” Serenity goes into her purse and pulls out a small jewelry box and places it in front of Darius. Darius smiles and he opens it and sees <a href="">these earrings</a>.

“Oh baby thank you so much. You know I have been eyeing these for the longest. Thanks boo,” Darius said while smiling big.

“Baby you’re welcome just a little something to show my love,” Serenity said. Darius smiles and he puts the earrings in.

“How do they look?,” Darius asked.

“They look great. You’re so handsome baby,” Serenity said.

“And you’re the most gorgeous women in the world.” Serenity just smiles and she leans over the table and pecks Darius’ lips.

“I love you Darius. I love you so much… and DJ are all I have,” Serenity said.

“I love you more and me and DJ aren’t going anywhere. You’re stuck with us for life,” Darius said. Serenity just smiles big and nods her head and Darius kisses her hand again. They order their food and drinks and enjoy a nice dinner together. They love to go out together and just spend time with each other. They try to go out at least once a month just to get closer to each other. Once they finished their dinner and Darius paid for them, they leave the restaurant hand in hand and walk towards Darius’ car. The time is close to 9:30 pm now and as they are walking to the car, they see two masked men trying to break into Darius’ Lexus ES.

“Hey!,” Darius yelled while pulling away from Serenity. The two men look at Darius and Serenity in shock and Darius moves towards the car while Serenity stays behind. The next thing Serenity knows, one of the masked men pulls out a gun and Serenity hears “POW!” She just gasps in shock and screams when she sees Darius fall to the ground.

“Nooooooo!!!,” Serenity screamed at the top of her lungs. Serenity runs over to Darius and kneels next to him and sees he is shot in his chest.

“B***h you want to be next?,” the armed masked men said to Serenity. She just looks at him and into his eyes as tears continuously fill her cheeks. She will NEVER forget the masked man’s eyes. The masked man points the gun right at Serenity’s stomach and she just closes her eyes shut in terror.

“Man don’t! She’s pregnant! We need to go!,” the other masked man said. The armed masked man stares at Serenity and then he and the other man quickly run away. Serenity opens her eyes and looks at Darius and he looks at her and coughs up blood.

“Darius no! You can’t! You can’t leave me!!!!,” Serenity screamed. Darius closes his eyes then opens them slightly and looks at her in her eyes.

“Ser-Serenity…I….I love you….you….and DJ…..stay strong for him,” Darius said weakly. Serenity just shakes her head and she quickly pulls out her phone and calls 911 and tells them what happened. She feels like she is losing Darius and as soon as she hangs up she grabs Darius’ hand and holds it tight.

“Darius…baby you have to hold on for me. Please baby. You can’t leave me like this. I need you… are all I have,” Serenity said while balling at this point. She looks at him and he looks at her and then closes his eyes.

“Darius baby… can’t die on me. Don’t you dare die on me,” Serenity said.

“I love you…..I love you. You and DJ,” Darius said softly. Serenity squeezes his hand tight and she feels his hand loosen his grip in hers. She looks at Darius and she sees him take his last breath and his eyes close and his head turns to the side.

“Darius! Darius!!! No!! Wake up baby! Wake up!!!!,” Serenity screamed as she shakes Darius. Darius does not respond and it feels like someone just took Serenity’s life away as well. She can hardly breath and she is shaking.

“Oh god! Oh god!! Nooooooo!!! Darius!!! You can’t leave me! You promised!!,” Serenity yelled. She just wraps her arms around Darius tight and cries on his chest. Serenity is covered in Darius’ blood and she doesn’t even care. Serenity will always remember this day, this cool Friday night, as the day her life changed forever.

Ok sorry I didn't put the pics in the intro but it triggered the spam filter. But anyways if you read my other stories I know ya'll are wondering why I am starting a new story when I can't even finish one! Lol sorry but when I have an idea, I just have to get it out. Hopefully you all will enjoy this!

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<a href="">Serenity</a>