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All In The Family

Author:Lexi Insane B.
Tittle: <a href="">All In The Family</a> / <a href="">All In The Family</a>

"mmmmaaaaa"<a href="">Chaos</a> screamed barging into our room."what is it"Kirk asked as <a href=",woman,curly,hair,hair,hair,inspiration,plaid,woman-9041af257ac51190ec2f862870a61e3f_h.jpg">I</a> buried my head under the pillow."tell Reven to stop touching my stuff she always in my s*** and never puts it back where its suppose to be"she said with one hand on her hip."stop lying i do too put it back"<a href="">Reven</a> said now charging into the room."whatever just tell her stay out my stuff i gotta go"chaos said rolling her eyes."and where are you going this time of night"kirk said pointing to the clock that read 11:20.Chaos sucked her teeth and said "i'm going to catch a midnight movie with <a href="">Tyler</a>,<a href="">Cairo</a>,And <a href="">Kingston</a>" Chaos said with an attitude."keep talking to me like that young lady and you won't be going back in this house no later then 2 and i mean 2 i will come looking for you if i have to"Kirk said waving her away."UGhhhhh!"chaos said stomping out the room."just for that go tell your sister i said she has to take you or else she can't go anywhere"Kirk said."okay"Reven replied skipping out the room happy "oohhhh Chaos"."why do you do that"i asked."do what...that child needs to learn to have some respect"he said laying back down wrapping his arms around me."i guess..but sending Reven with her isn't helping the situation"i said."i know its just for fun"Kirk said smiling into my neck.I shook my head and went back to sleep.

"hey guys"Chaos said walkign up to the group with Reven trailing behind."I see you brung Bratzilla"Tyler said poking fun of Reven.Reven just sticks out her tongue and starts txting."yeah i guess my dad was tryna be funny"Chaos said rolling her eyes."welp you not the only onw"Kingston said as <a href="">Safiyah</a>,<a href="">Levi</a>,<a href="">Haven</a>,<a href="">Mayleen</a> And <a href="">Pharaoh</a> walked up."damn! looks like we mobbing tonight"Chaos said as everyone laughed."well lets get on line"Safiyah said grabbing Levi's hand.We all stood online playing around and joking until someone bumped into Chaos."um excuse you"Chaos said turning around."your excuse bissh" The girl said making her friends giggle.Chaos took a deep breath and turned around and faced up."you okay"Asked Tyler."5,4,3,2,1"Chaos said balling up her fist taking deep breaths."just chill boo"Cairo said rubbing Chaos shoulders." that you"the girl said causing us all to turn around again."ugh! what are you doing her Jamie"c asked."tryna see a movie obviously why u gotta be so stuck up now tryna act hollywood for your lil hoe"Jamie said flicking Chaos hair."that's it!"chaos said punching the girl in the face,grabbing her hair throwing her on the ground."oh hell no"he r friend said trynna jump in only to get closed lined by thing safiyah ,mayleen and reven jump into the fight as well when the rest of her friends try to help out."DAmmnnnn!'all the boys says just sitting back watching the fight."um should we break this up"Pharaoh ask."unless u wanna get hit by accident i'd advise you not to"Kingston says.Soon the security comes and breaks up the fight throwing everybody off the line."mann now what we going to do"Haven says."i don't know but i want a round 2 b**** gonna wait till the security got me to hit me in the face like no b****"Tyler said getting loud."chill we gonna catch the b****es slipping no worries over here....lets go to the cheese cake factory"Chaos said causing everyone to agree.


yeah i know it was type short but i got s*** to do may add again later
but run it


hell yea bree bring that mother f***ing
ratchet out and let it bang
i respect her way im dealing with her
kids i bet they ass gon feel
that s*** in the morning.. i was dying
at the fact they were trying
to jump over each other swear i use
to be on the same s***
chris is a little over the top like say how you feel
and let it be that but don't be trying to run other people
kids and saying haven cant see reven when you letting
kingston which is like your twin go see tyler
kirk a f***ing men im glan he kick chaos ass out
and i bet if lexi wasn't preggy should would lay her ass out
hell let me do it for you calm ass ana does not do well with
kids who can respect the fact that somebody just bailed your
ass out and you gon laugh when your mother is in the hospital
oh lord i almost came through the computer and killed her
my damnself hope nani can do something with her
i would be calm as hell s*** i cant stay mad at trey because
of his face so i know i will never be able to stay mad at
my son what the hell am i supposed to do..
hope lexi is ok if not i will kill of the kids
in honor of you :)



Yo, Bree went HAM!! lmao. On some real s*** tho, lemme go in order. Bree gets respect because she handled that in the original way. She beat the s*** out of Tyler and Cairo. I love how Ty didn't do anything either. He knew his damn place. Kay, I guess you handled the situation in a decent way. Levi and Mayleen needed a better talking to tho. But I guess teens do feel bad when their parents are disappointed in them. Chris, Chris, Chris. Not going to lie, I felt like he handled the situation well, I mean the best way to handle it was by taking away what means the most. Safiyah and abortions? Oh hell no! We both need to have a talking with her ass? She seems like the most trouble. Now I have one negative about him. He really is acting like he better than everyone else. Like nigga no! Not only that but he blamed me for this s***. Like nigga, you helped raised these kids too! I feel like if Lexi didn't get that pain in her stomach she would've beat the s*** out of her girls. That's some real s***. Kirki did what he had to do. I would have done it too, but first I would have whooped her ass. Ana is so calm and s***, like where does she get the patience. s***, she the calmest one out of all of us. on some real s***. Did Kingston really make Tyler choose between him or Chaos? Aint that some s***, this nigga really is like his damn daddy. I swear these niggas identical as f***. Like that is your girl, but I see where he's coming from. Nani, knock some sense into Chaos while she's at your place because lord knows that child needs something.

Run it

mad respect to bree for gettin
the belt on they ass lol and
chris too for gettin in that ass
tho. kirk as well. boy if chaos
was mine i'd whooped her ass w/
a belt and popped her in the mouth
a few times. she lucky lexi preg
or else they'd been fightin smh.
these damn kids. glad i aint got
no kids lol

Run It

Erm, Bree went old school! Whippin' the kids like a multi-tasking muther! Kirk threw Chaos out? What the hell? Thats your baby! You don't do that -.- I told you I would be calm. But now I wanna punch Mayleen! YOUR NOT READY! Period.Point.Blank.

Chris blew up like I knew he would, acting like he perfect and never went to jail for fighting before. * coughs * But yeeeeah. Safiyah better tone her yellow ass down. She needs a One on One. All the girls do. I think we should have a day where, the boys go hangout with the guys and the girls hangout with You, Dany, Ana, Bree and I and we talk to them about personal topics such as correct choices, sex and teen pregnancy. Otherwise our kids are a master distruction before our eyes.

Keep it coming &hearts;

"ooo just wait till i get their narrow high yella asses home"Bree said pulling out her credit card."just calm down"Trey said shaking his head."f*** all that calm down s*** they asses are mines"Bree said paying Cairo and Tyler's bail."i swear this would've never happened if you'd let me discipline those kids more"Chris said pacing back and forth."so what...your saying this is my fault"Dany asked raising her eyebrow." no i'm just saying"Chris started to say."well guess what chris we are tired of you just saying"Ana said in a rude tone."everybody getting mad at me when truth be told none of our kids would be in this mess if it wasn't for Chaos hardheaded self"Chris said."hold now wait a minute"Kirk said as I just mean mugged chris."no don't get me wrong i love Chaos from the bottom of my heart she's a bright and wonderful child who could have a great future if she wasn't implusive"Chris said trying to sugar coat it.I laughed and stood up "so what you'd rather my child be like yours and sneak around having sex and getting abortions"I blurted out."ooooooo" Bree and Ty said shaking their heads as dany just covered her mouth shaking her head in disbelief."you're such a damn lie"Chris said laughing "now i see the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree"He said as i than slapped him and began to choke him."nooo let go lexi....damnit kirk help me out here"Ty yelled as he and trey tired to pry my hands from around chris' throat."nah i'm good"kirk said smirking."say some smart s*** like that again and i swear to god that will be your last words ever"I said coldy as i than threw him down.The kids finally came out and looked around at the scene confused."LETS GO!"i shouted at Chaos and Reven as i waddled out of the police.

"so whose gonna start talking hmmm"Bree said walking back and forth with the belt in hand in front of Tyler & King who sat on the couch."don't you both speak at once"Bree said slapping the belt on the ground making them jump."bree baby just chill"Ty said trying to ease the tension in the room."shut the f*** up"Bree yelled at him."its all Cairo and his babymomma damn fault"Tyler said."Stool Pigon"Cairo said glaring at Tyler."whoa whoa whoa what babymomma"Ty asked confused."jamie ...this dumbass got her pregnant"Tyler said flicking Cairo's ear."is that true"Bree said raising her voice.Cairo gluped sinking down into the couch."i can't hear you"Bree said as she got the beat ready.""Cairo said as he closed his eyes ready to embrace the feel of the belt.Whamp! the belt came across Cairo's face as Bree c**ked back and slapped Tyler across her thighs."ooww i didn't even do s***"Tyler said jumping up."shutup"Bree yelled as she hit her again "getting arrested and fighting in the street isn't doing anything stupid...huh".Cairo tries to get up and sneak away."where you going"Bree says as she catches him with the belt across his back."aaahhh"Cairo screams as he falls to the ground.Tyler tries to hop over him and run but Bree catches her by her hair and begins whopping both they ass while Ty just sits back and watches.

"so neither of you have anything to say huh"drake said staring at both his kids."we're sorry dad honestly we are things just got out of control way to fast before anyone knew what was really happening"Levi said as Mayleen just nodded."uh uh young lady you can be all out in the streets with your friends fighting and s*** you can speak up when we're talking to you"Kay says."but i didn't even want to go i just didn't want them to feel like i was abandoning them"Mayleen says with tears starting to form in her eyes."so you giving into peer presure"kay yells as Mayleen just shakes her head no."what did i just say too you"Kay says with her hand on her hip."no ma'am"Mayleen says looking down at her feet."bae just relax"Drake says rubbing her back."no..these kids are out of control"she says pushing his hand away "and you" she says walking up to levi."wait a minute"kay says scrunching up her face as she begins to sniff levi "oohhh hell no"Kays yells."what...what"drake says with a look of confusion."you've been smoking that weed haven't you and don't you dare lie to me cause i can smell it all over you"Kay says."yes"Levi says putting his head down."Levi i very dissappointed in you"Drake says shaking his head."i'm sorry dad"Levi says as Mayleen just stands there a little relieved the focus isn't on her at the moment."i can't ...i just can't kids gonna give me gray hair at an early age"Kay says walking out of the room.

"DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU PUT ME THROUGH TONIGHT HUH...DO YOU f***ING KNOW"I yelled as Chaos and Reven sat there with a blank face."ma calm down"Chaos said nonchanlty."WHOOOOOOOOOO THE f*** YOU TELLING CALM DOWN....OOO YOU WANT YOUR ASS WHOPPED DON'T YOU"I screammed."honestly baby calm down....the baby"Kirk said grabbing my hand.I took a deep breath and said "honestly what is it with you i not give you guys i not there enough...really what is it"I asked with tears in my eyes."you know that's not it mommy"Reven said shaking her head."then let me know what it is then cause honestly i'm at a lost"I said almost pleading."its just something you wouldn't understand"Chaos said rolling her eyes on the low."so help me understand" i said as i then felt a sharp pain in the pit of my stomach."ooooooooo"i said i bent forward clutching my tummy."are you okay"kirk asked rushing to my side.I just shook my head as the pain had got so bad i couldn't speak."come on we're getting you to a two are not to go anywhere & i f***in mean it"kirk said as he lead me out the door.

"never have i ever been so humilated and embrassed in my life"chris screamed as all three kids stood before him."what do you have to say for your self hmmmm"chris said.Haven raised his hand and opened his mouth only to get cut off "NOTHING f***ING NOTHING CAUSE FROM THIS POINT OUT NOTHING YOU SAY NOTHING YOU DO WILL EVER EXCUSE THIS s*** DO YOU HEAR ME"Chris screamed to the point he was red."never in my life did i think i'd end up with such immature childern"Chris said shaking his head as dany rushed by with her coat on."and where are you going" he asked."to the hospital something is wrong with lexi and the baby"she said rushing out the door.Chris thought for a moment about leaving behind her until the incident for earlier popped into his mind and he started to feel bad deciding to just wait till things cooled down."well back to you three"Chris said facing the kids."what is this s*** i hear about you having sex and getting abortions"Chris asked Safiyah as she stood there looking like a deer caught in headlights."so it is true"chris sad screwing up his face as safiyah started to cry."for here on out your ass is to be in this house soon as school lets know what better yet i will personally be out side your school waiting for you and you are not allowed to date or talk to levi from here on out young i make my self clear"he said in a firm tone."yes daddy"safiyah said inbetween sobs."now go to your room"he said as she ran up stairs."and you"he said pointing to haven."yes dad"he said as he then gluped."until you understand how to act reponsible and like an adult you aren't allowed to date or talk to reven either"chris said as Haven tighten his jaw and fist as he nodded."now the both of you get out of mysight"chris said dismissing Haven and Kingston.

"pharoah all i want to know is how did you get caught up in this sweetie"Ana said sitting beside him as Trey sat in the corner watching the whole thing."Levi said he needed us that something big was about to go down with the girls so we all went i didn't know what he was talking about "Pharoah said looking up at ana giving her the puppy dog eyes."no uh uh young man that's not gonna work this time"Ana said shaking her head as Pharoah just smirked."this is serious one of you could have gotten really hurt and then what huh"Ana asked."i know ma"Pharoah said as he glanced at Trey."do you really....cause if you did ...if any of you did you would've been smarter about that whole thing"Ana said grabing his face gently making him look at her."i want you to promise me you'll be smarter about the things you do from here on out"Ana said looking into his eyes."i promise"Pharoah said.Ana smiled slighty and said "so whats this i hear about you wanting to go futher with mayleen.Pharoah did a double take at trey and stood up in disbelief."i can't believe you told her"i yelled."sweetie really its nothing to be ashamed of"Ana cooed trying to calm him down."just relax kid"Trey said."you guys are unbelieveable"Pharoah said storming up to his room.

"i'm home"kirk yells as Chaos and Reven run back downstairs."hows mom and the baby"Reven ask with a worried look."the doctor's aren't sure their keeping her over night for observation"kirk said sitting down rubbing his forehead."i told her to calm down "Chaos saids chuckling a little bit."and what's so funny"Kirk said aising his eyebrow."nothing"Chaos said sitting down."no something must be if you over there chuckling so please enlighten me"Kirk said getting a little loud.Reven looked back and forth between the both of them glaring at each other."nothing dad damn how many times you want me to say it"Chaos said getting loud back."you know what"kirk yelled."what .....huh what"Chaos said folding her arms."i'm so sick of your blant disrespectful atittuide and actions...since you don't know how to show anyone in this house the respect love and care they derserve get your s*** and get the f*** out"he yelled pointing at the door."are you serious"Chaos asked with a confused face."as a heart attack"Kirk said with a straight face."fine...that's cool i hate it here anyways"Chaos said as she ran upstairs to pack her back."daddy"Reven said not really wanting to see her sister go."leave me be Reven or you'll be out that door too"kirk said harshly.Reven just sat down and bit her lip as she watched Chaos come downstairs with 3 bags "i'll be back for the rest"she said to no one really."don't bother"kirk said rolling his eyes."uggh"Chaos said as she stormed out the house slaming the door behind her."good riddens"kirk said shaking his head.

"so how did you parents react"Tyler asked whispering into the phone."not so bad my dad yelled alot and told safiyah and haven they couldnt see or talk to levi and reven"kingston said."oh damn what about your mom what she said"Tyler asked."she rushed out to check on aunt lexi something about her being in the hospital"he said."oh no is the baby okay"tyler replied."no one knows yet"Kingston said "what about your parents" he asked."my mom whooped me and cairo ass"Tyler said in a serious tone.Kingston busted out laughing as Tyler sucked her teeth."ain't s*** funny"she said getting mad."damn aunt bree a pro she whooped both ya'll asses at the same damn time"Kingston said still dying with laughter."hehehehe hardy har har"Tyler said rolling her eyes."i'm sorry bae but you should've known that was coming"kingston said wiping some tears away."yeah yeah yeah whatever nigga"Tyler said rolling her eyes."no on a serious note though i think its about time you droped Chaos"Kingston said."what are you talking about"Tyler asked."i mean im saying she's too out of control these days you see we just got locked up cause of her she'd only end up bringing us down in the end bae"Kingston said."....i get chu now you stuck up overbearing a**hole for correction purposes WE got locked up cause of OUR actions no one put a gun to your head and told you to punch that cop and in case you forgot Chaos has always been outta control dumbass hence her name"tyler said gettin upset."i don't know what you getting mad for"Kingston said."really you don't're sitting there trashing my bestfriend...wait correction OUR bestfriend in case you forgot those diaper days with the three of us"Tyler said shaking her head."i havent forgetten i'm just saying realistically...Chaos is pure destruction i dont need that"kingston said."your just like your father ya'll think ya'll s*** don't s*** ...."tyler said."look its this simple its either me or her simple"Kingston said getting fustrated." want me to chose"Tyler asked baffled."yes"Kingston said in a firm tone.Tyler chuckled and said "her"as she than hung up the phone."damn"Kingston said looking at the phone.

"i was so scared i thought my mom was going to bust a blood vessesl"Mayleen said into the phone."awww poor baby"Pharoah said mocking her."shutup"mayleen said smirking a bit."my mom didn't even yell she just sat down and talked with me"pharoah said."that's cause aunt ana the most cool and collected one out of them all....well her and aunt soso"Mayleen said."yeah true but my dad mmmaannnn"pharoah said as he then sucked his teeth."what about your dad"Mayleen asked raising her eyebrow." i talked to my dad about we had discussed the other day"Pharoah said getting a little nervous."oooohhhhhh"Mayleen said catching on."yeah well he said i should respect your wishes to wait and that he wouldn't tell my mom only to turn around and do so"pharoah said getting a little upset."well you gotta look at from his point of view that's his wife and your their child maybe he felt she should know what going on with her son"Mayleen said."yeah true...i guess"Pharoah agreed."yup yup"mayleen said as she giggled."i hope to have you as a wife one day you always help me see things when i'm not being so open minded and understanding"Pharoah confessed.Mayleen sat there speechless for a moment."hello"Pharoah said laughing a little bit."yeah...uh bae i've been thinking"Mayleen said."yea about what"pharoah asked."about what we talked about the other day"She said getting nervous."yeah what about it"pharoah asked getting anxious."i'm ready"Mayleen said closing her eyes."are you sure"Pharoah said with a wide smile."yeah"she said."i'll be right over"Pharoah said hanging up the phone.Mayleen just sighed and looked out the window waiting on him to show up.

KNock!KNock!"heyy"Nani said opening the door for Chaos."hey auntie Nani i know this is last minute but do you think i could stay with you and uncle cole for a few days"Chaos pleaded."yeah of course come on in"Nani said moving aside to let her in."thank you so much"Chaos said teary eyed."aww sweetie"Nani said pulling her into a hug."what gucci thuggie the 2nd"Jay said.Chaos laughed a bit and said "hey uncle cole"."they let your meance to society behind out huh"he said joking around."i guess they did"chaos said smirking."that's wassup ...can't keep us Gs down for too long"cole said dapping Chaos as she laughed."cole shutup u kno damn well u a punk"Nani said."you and i may know that but she damn sure didn't thank you mrs.big mouth"Cole said as he left and went into the living room."but on a serious note you do need to talk to your parents"Nani said."i know auntie and i will in a couple of days though when everything cools down"Chaos said."alright...ima remind you too"nani said smirkig walking into the kitchen while chaos took her things upstairs.
i kno theres typos but f*** it idc
run it

Haven,Kingston,& Safiyah are Dany's & Chris'

but im bout to add again it should be up by 4 if i dnt get distracted

lol nani got me callin him that

Lol Levi and Mayleen are mines &hearts;
Im dying off of eyebrow boy though xD

iigh iigh ana&trey
kid is pharoah....
levi haven and mayleen
is kay&eyebrow boy's
got it

nice one lexi! i gotta
have me some kids lol
prolly gon' adopt tho

trey is a great dad isn't he lol
but damn I didn't know chaos had a baby
and they cairo goes andd pulls a stunt like this
oh hell naw I will fdat his ass my damn self
they all of our BAD ASS KIDS go over there and
fght now they going to jail
hell I don't have bonding money better ask yo daddy
cause I'll leav yo ass in there until I need the dishes washed

run it

lawd jesus somebody come get these bebe
kids! they causing a disturbance while im
tryna sleep Nsht lol

oooh weee all these damn kids tho! sht im
a need yall to break it down, please break
it down...lemme see if i got this correct





Kay&Eyebrow Boyy

aint got nan

aint got nan

me liked Lexiii :)
it make me wanna make continue writing on my
story; correct my e-story of whats been goinz
on lol

Run It

This is unbelievable! What the f*** was going through their heads?
Ima kick both their asses when I bail them out! ... Okay maybe I wont. But there in serious trouble!
Chaos hunny NO! Don't fight the police. She would have been better off leaving! Js. See I knew King was
gonna get caught up! Now he gotta talk to his Aunt Kay and see about some player skills. I mad as hell the other chicks didn't go to jail. Ole rabbit d*** sucking ass b****es -.- Chaos is a thug, nuff said.

Keep it coming &hearts;

Oh hell no! All these kids are for sure getting an ass whooping when we get them from that damn police station. Chaos and Reven are just like Lexi. s*** is crazy. I cant wait to see how Bree and Lexi react when they see this s***. Lets not forget about the guys. Chris is going to be pissed knowing that his little girl is acting like a hoodrat! Oh god! Cairo and that b**** Jamie got what they both deserved. He wasnt thinking about how much he loved Chaos when he was f***ing Jamie. And to think Haven was my good son. Smdh. Poor Mayleen, she just got pulled into this s*** right along with Pharaoh. Kingston is the only nature one. I swear.

Run it

"Yo Tyler grab Kingston we gotta go i think something just happened cause Safiyah just hit me up telling us to meet her our at the house" Chaos said getting up throwing on her shoes."O'Gawd"Tyler said shaking her head getting up to get Kingston.About 10 minutes later they all piled into Kingston's car and drove over to his house.Chaos was the 1st to hop out the car."Damn can i turn the s*** off 1st"Kingston yelled as Tyler laughed.Before Chaos could knock on the door Safiyah snatched it opened."follow me"she said as she lead her into the living room where Mayleen and Reven were waiting."well what you call us over here for"Chaos asked sitting down on the couch."well i don't know how to tell you this but..."Safiyah started to say until Kingston and Tyler walked in."ummm Kingston can you excuse us this is a private matter"Safiyah said."mannn don't nobody want to hear about ya'll girly problems"Kingston said as he kissed Tyler's forehead and made his way upstairs."now what were you saying"Mayleen said."Well i went to go see Levi today at Cairo's house and when i got there he was high as usual and acting real funny"Safiyah started out."yyeaaahhh and"Tyler said encouraging her to continue."well i asked him why he was acting so funny and he gave me some bulls*** excuse bout it was nothing till i heard this loud ass crash upstairs so me being who i am i ran upstairs and found Cairo agruing with that Jamie girl and from the looks of it they either was about to have sex or just got through with it"Safiyah said."oh heeelllll no"Reven said jumping up.Chaos just laughed and shaked her head."what's so funny"asked Tyler."i'm bout to go beat this b**** AND niggah's ass"Chaos said getting up."s*** im with it"Reven said grabing her stuff."come on now lets just think about this"Mayleen said."f*** all that either you rollin out with us or you not simple as that"Chaos said getting even more upset.Mayleen sighed and got up as well."now lets go"Chaos said as she rolled her eyes and walked out the house followed by everyone else.

"what you doing nigga"Kingston asked Haven as he walked into his room."chilling niggah whopping Levi,Pharoh,and Cairo's ass in the MW3"He said not taking his eyes off the game."yeah yeah yeah niggah you know you losing"said Cairo."oh ya'll niggahs online"Kingston said."No s***"Levi said."shut the f*** up lil niggah"Kingston replied as he sat down on Haven's bed."wait...did you just get through having sex"Kingston said looking at the bed as if it was covered in germs.Haven just laughed as Kingston screwed up his face and sat on the floor."I'm surprised your home usually you'd be stuck up Tyler's ass"Pharoh said."Her Chaos and the rest of the girls just had a little pow wow and left outta here"Kingston said pulling out his phone."about what"Asked Cairo."niggah who knows"kingston said."nah for real you don't know"Cairo asked gettin more nervous."niggah he just said he didn't now shut the f*** up and play b**** ass nigga"Haven said as he shot one of Cairo's person."f*** this im out....levi meet me at the place asap"Cairo said as he then signed off."what the hell"Haven screammed."damn you guys need to meet me at Jamie's house now"Levi said."Jamie?!?...The f*** for"Kingston said screwing up his face."listen don't ask no questions just meet me there"Levi said as he then signed off too."this niggahs here"Haven said throwing down his remote putting on his sneakers.

"come out b**** i know you in there"Chaos said kicking Jamie's front door."maybe she's not home"Mayleen said getting scared looking around."May shut yo scary ass up"Reven said looking into the windows."what the f*** you want b****"Jamie yelled snatching the door open.Chaos didn't say a word she just punched her in the face and grabbed her hair as she proceeded to drag her down the stairs."get the f*** off me"Jamie said squirming to get out her grip.Chaos threw her down in the ground and then kicked her in the mouth."daaammnnnnn"Tyler and Reven said at the same time."didn't i tell you to stay away from my man b****"Chaos said as she then punched her in the face again."bad enough i lost my baby cause of a worth piece of s*** like you"Chaos said as she kicked her in the ribs."please stop.....i'm pregant"Jamie said holding her now bleeding mouth.At the moment everyone got real silent."what did she just say"Safiyah whispered to Mayleen.Just then Chaos lost it and started banging her head into the ground."aye get off my sister"some girl yelled as she and a couple other girls ran out the house jumping into the fight."ahh hell"Tyler said taking off her stuff jumping into the fight as well followed by Safiyah,Reven,and Mayleen.The Guys finally pulled up to find Chaos repeatedly punching Jamie in the face and the other girls rolling on the ground fighting some other random girls."damn it"Cairo said as he ran over to Chaos and Jamie while the other guys pulled the girls apart."Chill out"Cairo screamed as he pulled Chaos off of Jamie."f*** You"Chaos yelled as she two pieced him causing him to let her go."f*** you and this b**** and this worthless ass baby she carrying all three of you can rot in hell for all i care"Chaos screamed with tears running down her face."baby i'm....i'm sorry"Cairo said holding his jaw.Just then the police pulled up.WOOP!WOOP!.One cop got out and approached the scene."I got a call about some girls fighting out here what seems to be the problem"He said."her officer! she came and kicked in my door and proceeded to assault me i want to press charges"Jamie screamed."you little b****"Chaos said about to charge Jamie only to be held back by Cairo."don't f***ing touch me"Chaos yelled pushing him off her."if you don't calm down ma'am i'll be forced to take you in"the officer said."f*** you"Chaos screamed in his face as she then spat on him."that's it your coming with me"the officer said grabbing Chaos."nooooo!"Chaos screammed trying to get away."get off my sister"reven said as she ran and jumped on the officer's back.Next thing the other officer got out the car and grabed Reven."oh hell naw"Haven said charging the officer.Soon the house was surround by cop cars with Chaos,Haven,Reven,Cairo,Pharoh,Safiyah,Tyler,Levi,and Mayleen all in handcuffs as Jamie and her people sat back and laughed."ain't s*** funny b**** this isn't over watch"Chaos screamed as she was stuck into the back of a police vehicle.


Srry it was type short but oh well
Run it!!

Oh gosh! Our kids are growing up too fast! But I am proud of Chaos for defending herself
and May for waiting to have sex. But ima have a loooooong talk with Levi. hopefully you do give
kirk his baby boy so he can stfu lol. But I like it.. I just pray Mayleen or Levi don't have no babies.
Drama all up the walls if that were to ever happen. Keep it coming. &hearts;

This s*** is like all of us all over again. Smdh, what did we get ourselves into. Chris really does need to liven up tho. He's acting real stuck up! Oh hell no! My daughter is a little freak! The f*** is this girl doing having sex? She is too young! Chris, why the f*** did you jiay ask that? She aint gonna tell you. Not only that but you believe her? Probably because shes his little girl and doesnt want to believe it. Onto Levi, i thought he was different. This nigga is keeping secrets and everything. Cairo is just like his daddy, getting girls pregnant knowing he already has a ride or die. Does Bree and Ty know? Did Haven and Reven just have sex in that scene? I feel like he's a little too young for thinking about marriage but hey, he is probably our smartest child. Mayleen, dont listen to Safiyah, she dont know anuthing. Dont give in to pressure. Pharaoh your a baby still get your head out the gutter. Trey is such a good daddy. Does Lexi know that Chaos just had a miscarriage? Aw Kingston, my only sane child.

Run this

"all those kids look like a damn pack of yellow highlighters"i said shaking my head."i never noticed that before we all got some yellow ass kids"<a href="">Bree</a> said cracking up."yeah well onto a serious note about this fight"<a href="'s+Bday+Party.+Suit-+Dolce+&+Gabbana.+Shoes-+YSL.+Watch-+Rolex..jpg">Chris</a> said trying to change not only the subject but the mood."Chris damn let it go sheesh"<a href="">Ana</a> said getting annoyed."you would say that being you didn't have no girl out there scrapping like a ghetto ass hood rat"Chris said."so what would you rather they do...just stand there and lets people walk all over them out their hands on em and they do nothing"questioned <a href="">Ty</a>."no i'm just saying..."Chris started to say."no we know what you trying to say and its just don't work that way anymore bruh the girls are good so just relax and let it go"<a href="">Trey</a> said."i'm hot"i said fanning my self."you sure your ass not pregnant again"Dany said smirking."no...hell no"i said shaking my head."i hope so s*** maybe this time i'll get my boy"<a href="">Kirk</a> said sitting down next to me."i keep forgetting you wanted a boy"<a href="!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/image.jpg">Drake</a> said laughing."ain't s*** funny that's how Reven got her name ..its Never backwards cause never did we think she was a girl"Kirk said shaking his head."well hopefully this time it is a boy"<a href="">Kay</a> said rubbing my belly as i just rolled my eyes.

<strong>5 months later<strong>

"girl let me tell you the sex be having my toes curl and my eyes stuck all up in the back of my head"Safiyah said laughing on the phone with Mayleen."man i wouldn't know im too scared"She said."scared of what...i'm mean yeah it hurts at first but you get use to it"Safiyah said nonchanlantly."i guess..i'll think about it"Mayleen said unsure."well if you want to keep Pharoh don't take too long you know how these guys are"Safiyah said."yeah i know i'll talk to you later thou my mom just got in"Mayleen said."kk girl later"Safiyah said hanging up."May!"Kay yelled from downstairs.Mayleen sighed and ran down the steps."yes ma"she said coming into the kitchen."come help me put away these grocories"Kay said putting something into the cabient.Mayleen sighed and started helping her."so hows everything going"Kay asked."fine"mayleen responded not really wanting to talk to her mother."you know you can talk to me about anything right"Kay said."yes ma i know"Mayleen said rolling her eyes on the low.

"Safiyah what was you just talking bout on the phone just now"Chris said popping his head into her room."nothing daddy"Safiyah said with a smile."Your not having sex are you"He asked raising his eyebrow. Safiyah gasped and said "no daddy never"."Chris stared at her for a moment not to sure if he should believe her or not before he said "okay...i guess" and walked away.Safiyah rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone and started texting."Babe where are you"she texted to Levi."chillin.why you rolling through?"he texted back." there in 5"she responded."KK"he said.Safiyah hopped off the bed and got in the shower with a smirk on her face planing her outfit in her head.She hadn't gotten any since last week and by now she knew Levi had to be high so that meant so great sex was to be expected.

"baby"Reven said rolling over to face Haven."yes bae"he said staring at the ceiling."what are you thinking about"she said rubbing his chest."nothing really i guess ...just the future"he said with a sigh."what about it"Reven asked now sitting up."i know this may seem to soon but i just want you to know that i really do love you and i want you to be myy wife pne day and have my big headed childern"Haven said looking into Reven's eyes."awwww bae i love you too i would love to be your wife and carry your bigheaded kids"she said with a smile."good cause i don't know what i'd do without you by my side"he said pulling her down onto his chest."good thing you'll never have to find out"she said pecking his lips.

"hey dad can i talk to you"Pharoh asked peeping around the corner."yeah come on in"Trey said turning down the t.v.Pharoh walked in and sat down on the couch next to trey and rubbed his head not really sure how to get what he had to say out."well what is it"Trey asked looking directly at his son."well you know me and Mayleen have been dating a while now"Pharoh started off."yeaaahhh"Trey said smirking knowing where this conversation was heading."well i'm ready to take it to the next step where as she's still scared and refuses to even let me stick my tongue in her mouth"Pharoh said screwing up his face.Trey chuckled and said "son,that's women for you but if you really like her and care about her you'll respect her and her wishes and take it slow there is no rush really sex is a big responsiblity to take on and i personally think all of you are too young to be doing it but if you are i think you should just take this time to think on it make sure that's what you really want and that your prepared..okay"."yeah okay...thanks dad"Pharoh said getting up."your welcome"Trey said shaking his head."hey dad"pharoh said turning around before heading upstairs."yeah"Trey said surfing the channels."can you keep this between me and you and not tell mom"he asked.Trey laughed and said "yeah sure".

"yoo"Levi said with his head back eyes red as hell."yeah"she said pullling on the blunt."you and your friend going to have to roll up outta here my girl on the way"he said looking at Ma href="">the girl</a>."that's cool my man being blowing me up for the past hour anyways"she said passing him the blunt."you think they done"levi said laughing nodding upstairs."I doubt it"the girls said smirking.out of the corner of his eye Levi seen the cab pull up."s***!"he yelled jumping up causing the girl to look and see what he was talking about."want me to go out through the back"she said getting up grabbing her stuff."yes please"he said with pleading eyes."iight i got chu but that chick on her own"she said gesturing upstairs as she ran out through the back.Levi rushed to the door and opened it before Safiyah could knock."hey bae"he said pecking on her lips."hey"she said eyeing him sucispiously."come on in"he said moving aside."i guess"she said walking inside."so how was your day"Levi asked coming up behind her wrapping his arms around her."it was fine i guess"she said smirking relaxing agaisnt him.Suddenly there was a loud crash upstairs."what was that"Safiyah said looking up the stairs."nothing"Levi said trying to pull her back towards the couch."hell naw you not slick"she said pulling her arm away running up the stairs."f***!"levi said running behind her.

"i'm tired of being on the side Cairo either you tell her or i will"<a href="">Jamie</a> screammed throwing a picture frame at him."chill the f*** out girl see this is why i don't come see you that much anymore you always bugging out"Cairo said yelling back at her."bugging out...i'll show you bugging out"she said picking up a lamp."Chill!"Cairo said wide eyed."now its chill"she said laughing "look either you tell everyone including that stank ass girl about me and your son or i will and that is a promise"she said putting the lamp down rubbing her belly."how do i know that's really my baby thou"Cairo said relaxing a bit."don't f***ing play me"she yelling throwing the lamp on the ground."ok just relax alright"he said with his hands up."what the hell...."Safiyah said as she ran into the room with Levi right behind her.Everyone got silent and looked around at each other before Safiyah finally spoke."oh hell no so this is why you was acting funny huh?!?"she said looking at levi who was just staring at the floor "and you!"Safiyah screamed at Cairo "you got some nerve to be up here with this piece of trash after she just caused your girl to have a miscarriage you really got some nerve..uughhh lemme get outta here before i catch a case"Safiyah said shaking her head making her way out the room."what the hell yo"Cairo asked levi."not my fault dawg not my fault"Levi said leaving the room.

"how you holding up"<a href="[term]=light%20skinned%20girls%20with%20dimples%20tumblr&filters[primary]=images">Nani</a> asked."i'm fine auntie"Chaos said."are you sure"she said rubbing her back."yeah im ok"she said cracking a half smile."nani are you harrassing my child"I said waddling into the room with <a href="">Soso</a> behind me."oh calm ya titties prego"she said."i'm sorry i still want to beat ol girl brakes off"Tyler said shaking her head."trust if i see her she better run cause when im through with her nobody will be able to reconginze her"I said."ma just chill its bad enough i lost my daughter if i lose my brother too i'm going to end up in jail for real for real"chaos said rubbing my belly."every one just needs to relax she'll get whats comming to her"Soso said."auntie why you always trying to be so positive"asked Tyler."cause god don't like ugly an that child is ugly"she said making us all laugh."auntie lexi i think you should just call a handy man cause uncle Kirk,<a href="">Cole</a>,&& <a href="">Bluey</a> don't know what they doing"kingston said coming into the room sweating up a storm."uughh i guess"i said as i pushed up off the couch and waddled towards the phone in the kitchen.Just then Chaos phone goes off."speak b****"she says."girl you and Tyler meet me at my house in 20 minutes"Safiyah said."is everything alright"Chaos asked."Just meet me there"safiyah saus as she then hangs up.

excuse any typos dnt feel like correcting

lol im with dany hood booger lol
but i think chris is a little to up tight
lets talk about the s*** you were own when you
was a teen! don't worry we will wait


Hood booger? Really? Lmao.

Look at our kids. They're all grown up.
I swear, Chaos is just like her mother.
Kirk mean as hell for making her take
Reven. He know he did that s*** on purpose.
Look at all our kiddies linking up. Reminds me
of all of us. Lol. Cairo would be the one to have
excess b****es trying to start some s***. We all
know our girls won. Why the boys just standing
there? Kingston should be the one to be braking up
this mess. Chris and I would be the concerned parents.
My god! When you have three pecious children, you gon
be acting like us. My child better have won though, I didn't
pay for kickboxing lessons so she could lose. Chris does need
to relax tho. Ty and Bree would be the calm one. Hoodrats. Lmao

Run it

"and what did i tell you about letting your sister get into fights"Chris yelled."chill bro damn you see the girls are good just relax"Ty said shaking his head."don't tell me to f***ing relax my child is no hood booger so i don't expect her to act like one"he said."what happened anyways"asked Ana."One of Cairo's little hoes tried me so i had to give her the business but her friends wanted to get buck so my god sisters stepped in as well"Chaos said pacing back and forth.I just shook my head at the whole thing."well did you win"asked Bree."yes mommy"King said."then i don't see the damn problem"Bree said getting up walking into the kitchen."you wouldn't would you"Chris said shaking his head."are you okay"Dany asked Safiyah examining her face."Yes gosh i'm fine"she said swatting her hands away.

"and why were you guys just standing there"Drake asked grilling Levi."ummm...."Levi said looking down playing with his fingers."Levi you know better then that ....i'm very disappointed in you"Kay said shaking her head."look my ass is tired i don't see the problem honestly i don't the girls fought oh well i rather they handle they own and have each other back then being some scared punk b****es"i said standing up to strech."i think we're all just tired right now nobody is hurt so just relax guys"Ty said mainly directing his comment towards chris."why dont you kids go upstairs and watch some tv or something"Trey said.everyone shrugged and made their way upstairs to the upstairs living room."ya'll house mad big how you have two living rooms"Mayleen said.Chaos and Reven both shrugged and sat down."i'm sorry im still hyped off that fight i still want a round 2"Tyler said smirking."i do too"Chaos said dapping her."well you already know we got ya'll back if s*** goes down"Reven said as mayleen and safiyah nodded in agreement.

i'll add more in the morning and put the pics up imfallin asleep and s*** goodnight yall

aww my baby pharaoh so cute
but aye chaos has a mouth piece on her
make me want to choke her up and she aint
even my child lol
i wish pharaoh would i
bee-box his ass all up and down the street
ayye but they did get in ass though lol
only at the movies do you see two shows in one