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Ms.YoungLuv Productions: CRAZY SUMMER PG13

<em> This story's also on Elite Creativity, I may be posting on both sites <em>

Chapter 1: Tae

<a href="">I</a> stretched my arms yawning loudly as I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. Summer had officially started and I'd planned to spend every bit of it partying; it was also going to be the most hottest summer ever! Yesterday on the news they said record temperatures would be in the high 90's and possibly get up to 100 as the summer goes on. Then again this is Cali; earthquakes, fires, mudslides so what else could you expect to happen? I threw the covers off my body and got out the bed to go into the bathroom but it was locked. Oh no..don't tell me that my sis is going through her beauty treatment again? She takes FOREVER in the bathroom! My nostrils flared before I began knocking on the bathroom door furiously. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!" I screamed. "Go away I'm trying to beautify myself; looking like perfection takes time" my sister Maegan said. "And looking like a hot mess without teeth doesn't! Come on Mae this is summer!" I said pouting..then something slick came to mind. "Okay Mae you win, I'll just go into your closet to find some clothes.." I said in a singsong; I heard her rummaging in the everytime.

She came out of the bathroom with a face mask and a robe on, "DON'T YOU DARE GO INTO MY CLOSET YOU LITTLE SNEAK!!" she screamed. I skipped merrily into her room down at the end of the hall and started going through her clothes when I felt Maegan tackle me down to the ground. My mom must've heard the commotion because she came into the room with a rolling pin in her hand. "What is going on?" She said bewildered. We sat on the floor looking up at her "Mom tell T.T. to stop going through my clothes!" Maegan snitched; "Tell Maegan to stop hogging up the bathroom the whole time!" I said back. She stuck her tongue out at me and I stuck my finger up her nose making her squeal..what a crybaby.

My mom scratched her head before sighing irritated, "When are you girls ever going to get along? Nights when you're home I can deal with that but for the entire summer? Eh eh..something's gotta give..Maegan stop following all those beauty tips in those Cosmopolitan Magazines you be reading" she said pointing the rolling pin at her. "And T.T. stop going through your sister's clothes..maybe if you stopped dressing like a boy you'd have nice clothes like your sister" she said pointing to me. "I keep telling you mom..T.T's a lesbian" Maegan joked; "Maegan stop teasing your sister" and that shut her up real quick. "Now..I hope that we won't have anymore of these discussions for the rest of the summer..will we?" she said. "No ma'm" Me and Maegan said; "Oh and by the way young lady," she said pointing to me, "Time for you to get a summer job"

My mouth dropped at her response while Maegan got up from the floor laughing hysterically. "A jj-job? Why??" I said whining; "Well I think it's time that you start learning some responsibilities and learning how to care for yourself..why not have a job? By the way..deadline is by the end of this month or you can start practicing morse code to contact your friends 'cause you won't be going anywhere if you don't have a job by then." she said warningly. "Yes mom" I said miserable. "Come down after you girls are ready breakfast will be on the table" their mom said before leaving out the room.

I turned to look at Maegan who had this smug look on her face, I balled my fist at her; "Say something smart" I threatened. "You gotta get a summer job" she said mockingly in a singsong voice. I chased her back out the room into the hallway but she managed to slam the bathroom door in my face. "OOooh I can't stand you sometimes Maegan!!" I said kicking the door. Great...just entire summer's already been shot to hell.

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