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Hello Chris& Inc.

I am not sure that this will make it to Chris but can someone please make sure that he understands this message. I have been a fan of Chris Brown since my daughter was 13 years of age, who is now 19 and is still a big fan of Chris. I have been disappointed in Chris for the last 2 years. I understood your incident with you female friend and I respected you as a growing and developing young man trying to handle everything around you. However, I know that you still have some growing up to do in your life as you should. I want you to always try to take the high road and not give your critics a chance to bury you as he or she would like. Please, think before you act and always think of your mother. I know that she is disappointed in the way you react to different situations. Also, if you and your female friend are getting things back on track, show her some respect and help her to know that she made the right decision. You have to have respect others even if he or she does not have any for you. God asked us to love each other, please remember that for me. I know that you do not know me from a needle in a haystack but I do not want your life to be any hard than it has to be and please, especially do not make things hard for your mother. As a mother, I know that she will be stress out about what you are going through in life. Make your mother proud and be happy through the holidays and give to others and do not take or be hurtful to others. Please!!!!!!!!!!!