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can't wait for this new mix tape
i hope Tyga goes hard on this 1

whassup yall


187 >>>>> tht s*** be riiiiddddddeeeeennnnnn!!!!

Oh GAWDDD lol. I'm about to download now.

ain't nobody fckin wit mah clique

*turns & dances to I'm Different*

mix tape is niceee lol

HELL YEA !!!! :)


Awww, I am definitely celebrating with y'all tomorrow.

me and trey about to put a special video up
you know his b-day tomorrow :)

I already been there Ana.... I might go back lol.

lol drop the link lexi

yall can go to

What is it?

yes lol


i just did nicki but i'll get him too lol

im so mad thou nicki site dead got chat on it linked to tinychat

and wtf we got our damn edit button tooken away -_____-

Lil' B lol

some one give me some wack rappers' name i feel lik trolling and talking s*** muuaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!11 *evil laugh*


found one -

kus shes a girl maybe and guys dont really write so i guess whoever made her site or whatever just assumed that she wouldnt need one cause well noone would write any fan fiction bout her i guess i dunno

No... but if you find some, let me know too lol.

kinda mad i cant find no rihanna fanfic forums
yall know of any?

LMAO! Like for real... Can't you see her doing that s*** tho? Lord..... smh.

@Sneak..... Let Chris go PLEASE....

Ugh, f*** you hoes

lmfaooooooo i dead imagined that too
i cnt breath goddd lmfaooo ctfu

this morning. we smoked and fell asleep
then i woke up n my sht was gone but
chris still here so im holdin his ass

Kingston told me to laugh.

Don't laugh.

Awww lmao.... I'm imagining yo cast and s*** Dany.

*stanky legs into the post*

Lmao... when she take them?

bree tell rih to hand over my diamonds
fo i bust a cap in chris' ass, son