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Chris’ Art Showing At Basel Castle

Chris’ Art Showing At Basel Castle

Shout out to Breezy on his upcoming art showing at <strong>Basel Castle</strong>! “Graffiti exemplifies the many types and colors of art, music and fashion that I love and how I express myself.” Learn more about Chris’ upcoming piece showing <strong><a href="" target="_blank">here</strong></a>!


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  • Chrisismyidol Why would u put your number up their???? Just asking
    by hannah123a on 4月 14, 2013 午前30 1:01午前
  • i love how he draws it sends me somewhere .
    by Onedopedude on 4月 4, 2013 午前30 1:01午前
  • DAmmnn Chris Brown like The only guy i'll Go Straight 4 !!! <3
    by TellaSkyy on 2月 16, 2013 午後28 4:04午後
    by BREZZY14 on 1月 21, 2013 午前31 1:01午前
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  • I love you Chris and your wild imagination... Keep up the awesome work... Happy New Year to all
    by cbrezzyluvr on 1月 1, 2013 午後31 3:03午後
  • Hey chris i love and ur hot i love ur music and ur real sexy and i really want to talk to u and met u so can u please call or text me pleeaaassssseee ur biggest fan in the world Meghan and my5 number is 5599365423 I love u
    by chrisismyidol on 12月 31, 2012 午後31 9:09午後
  • Hey chris brown i love u u are so sexy and i lone ur music on my phone the only pictures i have are of umy sisters say I'm obsess with u and i I'm i know all ur songs i think ur hot so can u please call or text me my number is 5599365423 ur biggest fan ever meghan
    by chrisismyidol on 12月 31, 2012 午後31 7:07午後
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  • Chris you are so so good looking i lovee your music you are a inspiration to all kids, adults, and teenagers. We are your bigest #1 fans Love, Mari, Liya and Neci
    by liyamarineci on 12月 20, 2012 午後31 9:09午後