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In The Middle

This idea came to me in a dream so i decided to turn it into a story. It might end up being a short story because i dont wanna drag the concept out to long. Hope yall like it.


"christopher im sick and tired of you lying to be all the time just tell me where the f*** you were last night" cristina yelled.
"im tired of you being in my business, i cant go out with my niggas without you on my neck?" he asked rasing his voice.
"no! Not when you've been f***ing around before" she shot at him.
"you always throw that s*** in my face, made a mistake and i told you how sorry i was, i have been doing nothing but tryna please me but you continue to nag and nag and f***ing nag" he shouted.
"f*** you christopher" cristina yelled.
"no f*** you" he said as he turned and walked out the slamming in behind him.

The moment he walked all cristina wanted to do was run out there and make him come, she wanted to say how sorry she was but she didnt want to seem weak. She resisted the urge to go get him and sat on her couch.

Not even a minutes later she heard a horn followed by a loud screech and screams. She ran her window to see people standing around one car, horror written on all of their faces. Cristina grabbed herbkey and walked outside.

"cristina" her friend monica called out."you might not wanna come over here" she said trying to stop her.
"why?" cristina asked
"its christopher" monuca said
"what?" cristina said trying to go look but monica held her back."please let me go" she said pulling away and walking to the other side of the car.

He stomach fell as she saw christopher still under ther car with blood coming out his mouth. She automatically burst into tears as she.dropped down next to him.

"baby please, im sorry, im sorrt please weak up, please dont leave me" she cried as the ambulance pulled up."pleaee, please,pleaee" she repeated over and over.
"excuse me ma'am we need to get him out of there" one of the EMTs said

Monica helped Christina off the ground as the EMTs began to pull Christopher's lifeless body from underneath the car.


I like it so far....Run it!

I like it run it!!! did he make it!! what will happen next

Sorry for any typos I did this on my phone