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Last Chance To Vote For Chris On SWRV

Last Chance To Vote For Chris On SWRV
Team Breezy – be sure to vote for Chris on SWRV’s Top 25 of 2012 if you haven’t already! Chris needs your help to get that #1 spot! Vote here.
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  • I voted how about u :) The one and only CBreezy! YEP!
    by Pincorchid on 2月 3, 2013 午前28 3:03午前
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  • i love u hope u win
    by LaTea' on 1月 14, 2013 午後31 9:09午後
  • eres el mejor chris :DDD <3<3<3 pronto a chilee :')
    by ivanteambreezy on 1月 8, 2013 午後31 5:05午後
  • come on lets vote!!!!
    by cbrezzyluvr on 1月 1, 2013 午後31 2:02午後
  • does anyone know more team breezy websites??(:
    by asiahgoesbreezy on 12月 29, 2012 午後31 10:10午後
  • #Team breezy Follow me ,please ? siga me ,por favor ? @RSantosBrown
    by Renne Santos on 12月 28, 2012 午前31 11:11午前
    by its_me_nadjahh on 12月 28, 2012 午前31 3:03午前
  • lets make our boy win !<3
    by dahooterz on 12月 21, 2012 午後31 4:04午後