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<a href=>Yendi</a> : Next patient please!

God! Could this day get any WORSE? First, Dr. Foster decided to retire SUDDENLY and leave ALL his patients on myself and my 2 partners. I know...more patients, more money...which is inevitably what every OBY/GYNY in LA wants...right? But not on the day when I was suppose to go on my hot date that i've had to postpone 4 times now! Not to mention, most of Dr. Foster's patients were over 35 and in that state of CONSTANT pregnancy fear that at any minute, their pregnancy might go array. Dr. Foster definitely had the most paranoid patients in LA.

Woman's voice: Hi...Dr. Gare?

I looked up and there stood this girl <a href= Official Chris Brown Site</a> at the door.

Yendi: Hi! yes, i'm Dr. Gare, you can have a seat right over there.

She sat down and I couldn't help but wonder...

I looked at her docket and yes, it was her...Karruche.

Yendi: so Ms. Tran...were you one of Dr. Foster's patient?

K/T: No...this is actually my first visit to the doctor. I just came to confirm a few things...I mean, I took a couple of tests but you can never be too sure with these things...right?

She looked really tired, confused and even a bit scared

Yendi: i totally understand. Well, i'm just going to ask you some basic information and I need to answer as honest as you can.

I proceeded to ask her the standard questions....but throughout the whole process, I just had that burning question in my mind! I wanted to blurt out "Is it HIS???" but I had to keep it professional...besides, I don't care about him anymore...right? I haven't seen him in so long...ever since that final wave goodbye at the airport in Virginia when he promised to keep in touch. I haven't even paid him any thoughts except when occasionally, I check these social websites and he happens to be on them with his drama. But why do I suddenly feel so clenched up inside?

Yendi: Ok...i'm going to need a sample of your urine. The bathroom is right there behind that door. Use the containers that are on the 1st shelf to your right.

Just as she shut the door behind her, my office door flew open. The person had their head turned looking behind them as if they were trying their hardest (but making a very obvious attempt to do so) not to be seen. Dazed with 99 questions in my head about the current predicament, I said

Yendi: umn, excuse me Sir! But you cant just burst....

Then, he turned towards me...and my mouth fell open. This couldn't be day could NOT have gotten any more bizarre than this

<a href=>Chris</a>: Yendi?

Its been 8 years since I've heard that voice say my name. I always thought that eventually, this day was going to come...but not under these circumstances. Not when, by all indication, his girlfriend...or ex or whatever she was...was pregnant.


M/v: Name please?

Yendi: Yendi Gore, <a href=> Mindy Laguiro </a>, <a href=> Farah Swaby</a>

The bouncer scanned the list.

Bouncer: it is..come on in girls

My girls and I stepped inside Club Lux, sexified and ready to party!

Yendi: God...I hope I get laid tonight! lol

Farah: are hands down the sluttiest doctor I know

Yendi: lol..THANKS hoe!

Mindy: Guys... you know my ass ain't staying with ya'll tonight?

Yendi: Yeah we know. Your gonna keep that booty bouncing over by the VIP trying to get in! u are too sad... but umn, remember us when you get in! lol

Farah and I went made our way over to our favorite spot..the bar. Tonight, i was gonna get pissy ass drunk and just dance with any random hot guy. I just wanted to let loose tonight

We weren't even at the bar for 2 minutes before guys began to spit crazy game at us. I was just having a great time...the club was crunk and they were playing all my favorite songs. I must have danced with atleast 5 different guys and if they were or weren't hot...I didn't even care.

Mindy: just call me amazing.. I got you skanks in the VIP! there are a tonne of HOT celebs in there and they want all of us to come in

Yendi: celebs? girl, the last time you took us to the VIP, some busted old extras nearly drugged us

Mindy: lol, I'd hardly call Tyga an extra! you wrong for that...and he didn't try to drug us. Some guys spiked the drinks from before they came into the VIP

Farah: well, that's debatable! lol

Yendi: Who's in there Mindy?

We followed her into the VIP and I just started to scan the area for any hot celebs. Then suddenly, I stopped in my track. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear... Now i know why Mindy was so excited. She knew i was in love with <a href=> this guy! </a>

I couldn't believe it. I just stood there staring at him like a stupid groupie. He saw me staring at him and I hurriedly looked away. What the hell? Am i 12 right now? I'm acting like a straight up groupie. I decided to walk over to where Mindy was (who was hanging out with some unpopular basketball player). Though I think Laz was just the PERFECT human being, I wasn't going to make any moves.

I sat there for probably 15 minutes. My insides were still filled with butterflies because of Laz but they slowly started to die away because I was feeling as if clearly, I wasn't hot enough for Laz to come over and talk to. I literally stalk this dude on twitter...and I know he's single so I know that must not have been a factor.

Mindy: Maybe you should go over there Yendi. I keep telling you..sometimes you gotta put yourself out there

Yendi: and look like a common groupie? No. Besides, I'd prolly go over there and throw up on him because I would be so nervous

Mindy: well, I'm gonna go over there and talk to him for u

She stood up and I grabbed her hand

Yendi: If you go over there, I'm going to run you over with my car...REPEATEDLY!

But she just yanked her hand away from my grasp and went over there anyway. Lord, well, that's that. Clearly, I am gonna have to leave this area because this girl is about to go embarrass me. I started to make my way over to the exit... to exactly where? I had no clue. I wasn't even in the mood to in this club by myself though. Farah had also been talking to some basketball player and I didn't want to cramp her flow. I decided I was just going to head to my car and wait for them until they were ready.

Just when I was about to open my <a href=> car </a> door, someone, someone familiar called my name.

Yendi: I swear, I'll call the cops! Leave me alone!!

Yeah i really like it
Run it

C'mon...keep going lol

more? he stood. Sunken face, blonde hair and with a look of shock on his face. We both just stared at each other...I was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opened and Karruche came out, immediately eyeing the situation because she could have sensed something was off.

K: Chris? what are you doing here? I told you i'd be fine by myself

Chris: I didn't come for soon as u told me the name of the doctor you were going to, I knew I had to get ova here

K: why would you know Dr. Gore?

He then looked at me. I just stood there completely unaware of how to respond to this situation. My mind was blank, my stomach clenched and heart racing. Why was I feeling like this? I knew for a fact that I had put Chris out of my mind during my college years. He only popped into my mind he makes the news..and even then, it wasn't any lingering thoughts of him either.

With all of that though, throughout the years, I knew that I had come to hate him. I was truly hurt about how he had just thrown me away as if i meant nothing to him as soon as he got famous. I was hurt about the fact that he had actually done what I had feared and knew he would have done.

Finally, I snapped back to reality

Yendi: Mr Brown, you can have a seat. Miss Tran, let me just get the sample from you and I can (gco)

Chris: so u really gonna pretend that i'm not here right now? I drove all the way over here to see you and you gonna just brush me off like that?

Yendi: Mr Brown (gco)

Chris: Mr Brown? the fck? you kidding me right now? you that typa girl now? All proper and gonna sit here like you don't know who the fck I am?

He looked at me disgusted.

Yendi: Look, I didn't ask for you to come and see me. I have a delivery in a couple hours so I'm just trying to do my job here. Ms Tran..the sample please

She handed me the container and Chris threw it out of my hand

K: Chris??!! What the fck?

Yendi: Have you lost your mind??

Chris: nah, u ain't gonna disrespect me like that. fck you think I am b*tch?

The rage in his eyes could have murdered anybody. I swore he was going to kill me... I have never seen someone look like that before for NO APPARENT reason. He then took up a chair that was against the wall near the door and flung it across the other side of the room.

I didn't even realize that I had gotten up and had my back pressed against the wall. What in the world is going on? Is someone going to slap me and tell me that this was all a dream?

His frail frame saddened my heart because momentarily, I could see flashes of that young, fresh face of a young Chris...that sweet, innocent goofball that could easily make the world fall in love with him. He had lost all of that... the person that stood before me was not the person I grew up with... he was a raging monster.

Just when I was about to grab the phone and call security, Karruche grabbed my hand and told me that she was sorry, didn't want any problems and that they would be leaving. She grabbed Chris' hand and pulled him towards the door.

Chris: u know what? fck u

He then turned and left.


8 Years ago

*Loud pounding on the door*

OMG! its 6 AM on a SATURDAY! who the hellllll knocks on somebody's door that early? and might I add, so LOUDLY!

Yendi: *groggy voice* If your not my mother, and you can't be because she's away for the weekend, then goooo away!

Chris: lol... watchu take this thing for? get your ass up out the bed and come let me in

It took me a good 5 minutes and several more knocking to get me out the bed and pull my room door. i swear, if it wasn't Chris right now, I would have been cussing. NOBODY wakes me up early unnecessarily!

Chris: damn, u look like sh*t...and don't even think about going back in that bed... we got sh*t to talk about

Yendi: like, why the hell are you even here so early? and you know i keep my window open so why didn't you just climb through like you always do? I hate you...u know that?

Chris: I just got the call...

It took me a minute to register what was going on ...and for me to realize how excited he was. He was red in the face and had this huge smile. I knew this could only mean 1 thing

Yendi: no sh*t! you sh*tting me right now?

Chris: NO!!! they want me to come to LA in 2 days...they heard (gco)

I just started screaming as if I had lost my mind! I was jumping, screaming and hugging Chris at the same time

Yendi: OMGG!!! I knew it was gonna happen! I can't believe it though... your gonna a freaking singer! and your gonna visit LA in 2 days? OMG! Can I come? PLEASEEE

He suddenly pulled away and looked at me

Chris: i ain't visiting LA in 2 days...i'm moving there. They got us an apartment and everything and momma already started packing. They said that as soon as I get there, Imma be working non-stop making the album and getting to meet all the execs and stuff

i stared at him for a minute...but then, what was I expecting? Surely I knew he would have gotten the deal...he's the best singer, dancer, rapper, everything I know. And i wasn't expecting him to stay in Virginia for the rest of his life...but 2 days? I only had my best friend for 2 more days?

Yendi: oh... but i mean, we can still be together for the summer at least when you take me with you

Chris: before i came over, I went ahead and called Aunty B (my mother) but she said u ain't coming. You know she don't like me ever since she caught us

What was I really thinking? I knew my mother would have never let me go to LA with Chris. In fact, my mother doesn't even like the fact that Chris and I are best friends ever since she walked in on us 2 years ago having sex. She hates the fact that I lost my virginity at 15 and she always thought of Chris as a son before that. To her, having sex in her house was a blatant sign of disrespect and I was a whore for doing it. She never treated me the same ever since.

Yendi: f*ck my really, just f*ck it!

I sat on my bed staring though the window. How could I go from being completely thrilled to depressed in a matter of minutes? How was i going to cope with not having my best friend around and we grew up together? Not to mention that I'm going to be off to college at the end of the summer. Is this what growing up was really about? Losing the things that matters most to you?

I sighed loudly and was so lost in thought that I didn't even realize that Chris had sat down beside me. He turned my face towards his and kissed me on the forehead.

Chris: come know we gon always be best friends! ain't no music, girls...not'n can take that away! when you move down to college, I'm sure i'll have time to come and holla at you and imma fly you out on the weekends and stuff as soon as I start getting that papa. I know we had this whole summer planned out... hang out, I help you move to NY for school and then I move there later down this year but we still can have that same typa thing...nothing's gonna change

I don't know how...and why but I just felt the tears started running down my face. He hugged me tightly and laid my head on his shoulder.

Yendi: have you told <a href=>Kacy</a> yet?

Chris: have i told my GIRL yet? lol..of course I did. After i tried calling you for bout 50 times, I called her then came over. (pauses) She coming out to LA with me too

Yendi: oh...

I was officially depressed. Bad enough I hated Kacy but to know that my best friend will be out in LA experiencing this with her and not me made me sick. Every major milestones in our lives, we had always been there for each other and now, when he's made the biggest jump in his life yet, i'll be stuck here and he'll be living it up in LA WHILE forgetting about me all at the same time.

Chris: Imma call you every damn day so yo ass best keep your phone on so you can answer me whenever I call and as I said, as soon as u move to NYC, i'm coming to see u... REPEATEDLY lol. Imma have all your flatmates all jealous and sh*t cuz you best friends with the hottest yellow boy in LA lol

A part of me wanted to tell him how I really felt...tell him that I loved him and that I don't care what my mother said...I was going to LA with him! I wanted to tell him that I just had a deep feeling he was going to forget about our friendship but then, I looked across at him next to me and I could see that nothing in the world could have really gotten him down at this time

Maybe I was being selfish. Maybe for once, I should set my own feelings aside and just be happy for him and try to enjoy the last 2 days we're gonna have for a while. I mustered up the biggest smile I could and said

Yendi: WELLLLL! get your ass up! u only got 2 more days in the VA! we got sh*t to do nigga


And after those 2 days, filled with the most fun we ever had, he was gone. I remember how I fought back my tears as he got on the plane and promised me that he would call me everyday. I remember him telling me that he didn't even bring Kacy along again because it didn't feel right with me not being there with him instead.

I remember how he kissed me gently and gave me the most expensive ring I had ever seen in my entire life and told me never to take it because he had his on his chain that he would always keep with him.

I waved goodbye to him... and to our friendship. After that day, we spoke less... and less...and less until we spoke none at all. By the end of the year and after 2 visits to NY in September and then again in October, I never saw or spoke to Chris again.

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