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Different Shades of Love

Y/N’s p.o.v.
2 years ago I moved from St. Croix to St. Thomas in the virgin islands. Here I began my new life, a BETTER life. I was a loner and very quiet, but that all changed when I moved to St. Thomas, where I met the best friends in the world and the love of my life.

Flashback: It was a beautiful sunny and breezy day on the island of St. Thomas. It was Y/N’s first day of school at St. Thomas Junior High. She had just moved to St. Thomas about a week ago and was very nervous about going to school. Y/N walked through the front entrance and was greeted by a group of students standing around two other students who were arguing.
Shannen: Nigga I’m so tired of you, you always got something to say! You and yo b****a** friends.
Rocky: H*e don’t nobody give a f***, you need to stfu and know your place! (he said laughing to get a rise out of her)
Shannen: I know where imma place my fist if you don’t shut yo mouth! (getting angrier)
Rocky: and where is that shan shan! (she hated that name and he knew it)
Next thing I knew the girl socked the boy in the stomach and he leaned over in pain.
Kendrick: you seen that! Ieasha you need ta get yo sister!
Ieasha: nope, she warned him (nonchalant face)
Teacher: Hey! What’s going on here!
All the kids scattered with just the boys who were arguing standing there and Y/N.
Rocky: nothing (walks away mad)
Teacher: get to class now!
The other boys scattered and the teacher looks at Y/N and she explains to him that she is new. He points her to the main office and she gets her schedule. Y/N was shocked about today’s events and was already uncomfortable with the school.
Y/N: (sighs) lord please let this day go good.

Hi this is my first story. Let me know if you like it. Run it 


@luvCBreezy4eva: lol i'm happy i'm able to update. thanks for the run it.
@KRcbreezy: lol yep they did it all in front of each other. lol you had me going back reading the story. i thought i for got i had them break up or something. but no Raven and Chris are still together. Thank for the run girlie.

Here's a update

It is now the next day.
*with Katea
Katea: (walking and answering her phone) Hey boo
Player: What up? You almost here?
Katea: yeah I’m like a block away.
Player: alright. (smiling) hurry up. I can’t wait for yall to meet.
Katea: lol ok.
They hang up with each other. Katea is at his house in the next two minutes and see’s player standing out front with a big grin on his face.
Katea: (walking up to him and hugging him) Hey
Player: what up babygirl (hugging her and pecking her lips)
Katea: (smiling uneasy) I’m kind of nervous.
Player: don’t be lol she’s cool. She’ll love you.
Katea: alright…how do I look?

Player: beautiful…(kisses her forehead)
Katea: Thank you (cheesing)
Player grabs her hand and they enter into his new home

This home was much 100 times better then the dump shack he lived in with his father.
Player: aye! MA?!
Female: aye! SON?! (smiling and walking out the kitchen)
Player: lol ma…this is Katea my girlfriend. Katea this is my mother Vivica.

Vivica: hello sweety (giving Katea a hug) Earl she’s beautiful.
Player: Thanks ma
Katea: (blushing) thank you…you are beautiful too.
Vivica: (smiling) thank you honey. Dinner will be served shortly.
Player: mmmmmm what are we having.
Vivica: just some good old soul food. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, greens, dumplings, and a peach cobbler for dessert. How does that sound.
Player: lol cook it up! Cook it up!
Katea: sounds yummy lol
Vivica: lol well yall wash up and meet me in the kitchen in 5 minutes.
Player and Katea: alright

Run it to see what happens. Imma do another post tonight. I have a 4 day weekend so there will be a lot of updates!!!!!! Yay lol

did they really do all that freaking isshh in frount of everyone??
i would have expected a room or something!
dam everyone flashing
i thought raven and chris broke up?
well chris gon get y/n this summer
run it

Im so happy you updated dang they all leavin her for a whole summer well she might have some interesting times with chris if,they hang out hmmmm run it run it

Run it

Hay Everyone I am soooooooooooooo SORRY for being M.I.A. I have been so busy with school but i have time to add so here is an little UPDATE I have more ideas cooking in the oven so there will be more updates this week Dont forget to run it and silent readers please speak up

Enjoy the update Ladies!!! :)

*with Y/N
She sat on her bed thinking about the truth or dare game. Now she knew that she had already kissed Chris on New Years, but that was just a peck. This time the kiss was deeper and more intense. She felt something more and she was afraid of the way she was feeling. Chris has a girlfriend and the thought of him being with Raven is now starting to bother her.
Authors Note: I am just going to skip to the summer.
It is now summer time and Ieasha, Shannen, and Katea are going on vacation with Ieasha and Shannen’s Parents to the states. They will be gone the whole summer. Tierra will also be gone for about half the summer to Barbados to spend time with her deceased father’s side of the family.
Y/N: (pouting) I hate yall for leaving me the whole summer.
Ieasha: (packing) lol we’ll be back the week before school starts. We can still do something then.
Shannen: yeah girl lol .
Tierra: I wish you could go with me. I’m nervous about going to visit my dad’s family
Katea: it’ll be ok. They’ll love you.
Y/N: yeah, I am going to be sooooooooooooooo bored (plopping down on the bed)
Ieasha: yeah, but you can just hang with the guys
Tierra: yeah keep an eye on them lol
Y/N: lol
Shannen: (pouting) imma miss my boo!!
Katea: lol I can’t believe you and Rocky are dating.
Shannen: (cheesing) I know right.
Ieasha: yeah we have to spend some time with them before we leave.
Tierra: you know what imma call Trey up right now to see what they doing.
Tierra starts to call Trey and the phone is ringing.
Trey: (laughing and answering the phone) what up baby?
Tierra: (hears a lot of noise in the background) hey, what you doing
Trey: (laughing) aye mann you cheating!!!! Lol (back to Tee) nothing the guys is over here we just listening to music and hanging out.
Tierra: o ok, well I’m with the girls. Can we come over? We want to spend time with yall before we have to leave for the summer.
Trey: yeah, we’ll see yall when yall get here.
Tierra: alrighty, bye
Trey: bye (hangs up)
Ieasha: what did he say?
Tierra: oh there all over there, so do yall want to go through?
Shannen: yeah lets go.
The girls walk and get to Trey house in 15 minutes. They girls walk up to see The guys outside along with Raven and her crew.
Trey: what up yall
All the girls smile and hug their boys, Y/N even hugs Chris right in front of Raven and smirks at her.
Raven just screws her face up.
Shannen: what are they doing here?
Rocky: ask Chris about that.
Chris: they were just leaving
Raven: last time I checked Chris was my man and I can be anywhere he is if I want (rolling her eyes)
Shannen: don’t get snatched up little hoe.
Raven: whatever, Chris baby I’m ready to go.
Chris: alright bye
Raven: no I thought you were coming with me (pouting) I don’t want to be at home alone.
Chis: Ra (gets cut off)
Raven: please baby (pouting)
Chris: (sighs) mann I’ll see yall later
Player: dog I know you is not about to leave
Chris: (just shakes his head) mann bye
Everybody just watches them walk away
Rocky: (shaking his head) p*ssy whipped
Kendrick: let’s go in the house
They all go in the house
Ieasha: (hugging Kendrick and kissing him) I missed you (smiling)
Kendrick: I missed you too
*with kat in backyard with player.
Katea: so, how has it been? You know living with your mom and all.
Player: i know it’s only been three days, but I love it. I mean I thought I would be mad at her for leaving me with my dad, but I’m actually not. I can actually understand. I love her so much though and I hope she is a better parent then my dad.
Katea: well I’m happy for you (kissing his lips)
Player: (hugging her) I want you to meet her
Katea: (smiling) what? Like when?
Player: like tomorrow (smiling)
Katea: I would love that Player (cheesing).

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Wow that was alot of freak s*** lol run it

Hay Girls wanted to let you know new add coming soon like the end of this week i just started my new semester of school and have been busy so sit tight and get ready for the new add lol!!!!!!!!!

Lmfao they some lil freaks! Player, Rocky, and Chris need to just give it and get with them girls they know they want to so why fight the feelings

Ohhh s*** muthaf***a goddamn!! They are getting freaky while playing truth or dare! They too nasty. Now we no majority of the boys can eat and Ieasha can give a nigga head. Dawg!! That s*** was to intense. Made me wanna hop in and play too. Rocky and Shannen gon end up f***ing by the end of this story. Kendrick!!! time for the favorite saying. GIRL YOU KNOW YOU WANT THAT d***!! Cause he's Kendrick Lamar!! Lol. Awww Chris was her first kiss!! Yup, Chris gon turn her all the way out.
Run it

Oooweeee they're nasty lol but I'm happy Shannen admitted she liked him and I'm happy for katea run it

Alright yall i'm posting the long oe because i won't be able to post tomorrow. so yeah lol

*with the boys the next day
Kendrick: mann so yeah she got all pissed just because I said “her” get the f*ck outta here with that man (upset)
Chris: and you don’t see anything wrong with that?
Kendrick: no
Trey: now let us be your voice of reason. Now say for instance Ieasha had an ex boyfriend or just a guy come up to her period. She referred to you as “him” when she knows that you’re her man. Wouldn’t you be mad?
Kendrick: nope
Chris: n*gga stop lying, because you know what’s gone be in the other person’s head
Kendrick: what?
Trey: that you ain’t with nobody important.
Chris: exactly
Trey: when you said “her” it was like you were disregarding her. You didn’t acknowledge her as your girlfriend in front of your ex and now she’s going to think you aren’t with anybody.
Chris: yep and that’s why easha’s upset
Kendrick: d*mn mann (rubbing his face) I didn’t mean it like that.
Chris: well that’s how it came out
Trey: just talk to her and apologize
Rocky: (walking down stairs with Player) mann yall still on that sh*t? yal P*ssy whipped without getting the p*ssy d*mn! Lol
Trey: mann what ever
Kendrick: dang mah n*gga who ever through that football got a strong arm (talking to player)
Player: yeah I know
Rocky: yeah they f*cked your eye and lip up dawg
Chris phone goes off and it is Y/N. she asked what he was doing and he told her. Then she told him that they should come over her house, because the girls were there so all of them could hang out and play games. He agreed.
Chris: aye yall want to go over Y/N’s house?
Player: for what?
Chris: just to hang. All the girls are over there.
Kendrick: I don’t think easha wants to see me right now.
Trey: she just needed to cool off. You know she wants to see you.
Rocky: yeah let’s go.
Chris: I’m surprised you want to go.
Rocky: what? I ain’t got sh*t to do that’s why
Chris: mmmmhmmmm n*gga. Let’s go
They all walk to Y/N’S house and get there 15 minutes later.

Chris knocks on the door
Y/N: who is it?
Chris: us!
Y/N: (opens the door) what up yall
The boys: what up (giving her a hug as they walk in)
Trey: what up yall (giving everybody hugs) what up baby (hugging and kissing Tierra)
Tierra: (kissing and hugging him back) hey
Rocky: get a f*cking room (screws up his face)
Trey: lol n*gga shut up lol don’t hate
Rocky: aye I ain’t hating. If I want some lip and tongue action I can get some. Ain’t that right shan shan (smirking)
Shannen: n*gga please. Pppsshhh you wish
Rocky: (pushes her playfully by the arm) shut up
Shannen falls on the couch laughing.
Kendrick: (walk over to Ieasha and hugs her and kisses her on the cheek) you still mad at me?
Ieasha just shook her head no
Kendrick: good (pecks her lips) I’m sorry. Do you forgive me?
Ieasha: that depends are you just saying sorry, because you don’t want to argue or are you sorry because you fully understand what you did wrong.
Kendrick: I fully understand what I did wrong. You’re my girl and I should have let Sicily know that. (looking into her eyes) so do you forgive me?
Ieasha: yes (smiles and kisses his lips)
Chris: so what yall want to do
Y/N: idk…I got food and stuff and bored games and we can play the wii.
Katea: oooooo yeah let’s play the Michael Jackson experience.
Chris: lol yall don’t even want to see me on that
Tierra: is that a challenge
Chris: Hell yeah!
Kendrick: let’s make a bet then
Rocky: yeah losers by lunch for the winners on Monday
Shannen: alright bet.
Everbody: bet
Ieasha: Y/N will beat Chris lol she’s the best.
Y/N: I don’t want to hurt his ego yall
Player: lol they got jokes yall
Trey: I know let’s do this
The girls: LET’S GO!
Everybody was having fun and it was now a tie. So the tie breaker was Chris and Y/N dancing to Black or White.
The music started and they were both head to head
Tierra: COME ON Y/N GO GIRL! (laughing)
Everybody was cheering them on.
The girls: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jumping up and down)
The boys: HELL NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Player: mann yall cheated
Chris: mann this is whack lol let’s play something else.
Shannen: why, so we can beat yall again lol
Rocky: Let’s play truth or dare
Ieasha: ugh no, you just want to be nasty lol
Kendrick: that’s the point of the game
Everbody sits around in a circle
Rocky: alright Tierra. Truth or dare.
Tierra: umm dare lol
Rocky: lol alright Tierra I dare you to dig a bugger out your nose and eat it
Everybody started to crack up
Shannen: ugh lol
Tierra: ugh I don’t want to do that LOL
Rocky: you have to lol
Tierra: alright lol (tierra picks a bugger out her nose and puts it in her mouth)
Player: lol and you better swallow it
Tierra finishes the booger and everyone is rolling laughing on the floor.
Trey: ugh I don’t kind of want to kiss you any more lhao
Tierra: shut up lol my turn. Player…truth or dare?
Player: dare.
Tierra: alright…Y/N go get the whipped cream.
Y/n comes back with the whipped cream.
Trey: ooowwwweeeee my girl is showing her kinky side lol
Tierra: lol shut up… ok Player I dare you to lick whipped cream off of Kat’s foot.
Player: (walks over to Katea)
Y/N sprays the whipped cream on Katea’s toes and Player goes to work
Everybody: DANG!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Player is looking at Katea in her eye and she just looks at him smiling and blushing.
He is done and then he stand up and peck her on the lips.
Ieasha: whoa lol didn’t nobody dare you to kiss her
Y/N: ooooo shoot lol
Little did they know Player and Katea were a couple.
Player: lol alright Ieasha truth or dare.
Ieasha: truth
Everybody: OMG!!!!!! NO
Ieasha: lol ok ok dare (smiling)
Player: alright since you ain’t giving my boy Ken none. I want you to give him a preview. So I want you to four play with him, while rubbing his sh*t.
Ieasha: ugh lol ok. For how long.
Player: um 2 minutes. We don’t want you to get him too excited lol
Everbody starts laughing.
Rocky: (looks at his watch) alright starting now.
Ieasha climbed on top of Kendrick and they started to kiss tongue and all. Then she moved down to his neck and found his spot and nibbled on it and then she lifted up his shirt and started to kiss down his stomach and unbuttoned his pants
Shannen: IEASHA!
Ieasha: lol shut up
Ieasha puts her hands down his pants and caresses his manhood lol. Kendrick is about to go crazy as she speeds up while kissing him again.
Kendrick: (moaning) sh*t
Rocky: alright times up! Lol
Chris: this is getting good.
Ieasha: climbs off of Kendrick laughing and he is stunned lol.
Tierra: she did that lol
Shannen: omg my sister is nasty lol
Ieasha: shut up lol ok Chris truth or dare?
Chris: you know I’m going with the dare.
Ieasha: ok lol I dare you to eat whipped cream off of…(looks around) Y/N’S nipple
Y/N: what!!!!!!!! Lol can I quit.
Everybody: NO!
Chris: alright (scoots closer to Y/N)
Y/N turns around so that Shannen can put the whipped cream on her boob.
All the guys: O SH*T LOL
Y/N closes her eyes and then starts to feel Chris mouth on her chest. He licked around the nipple and then started to suck the rest off while looking into her eyes intensely when she opened them. She didn’t know what to do, her breathing quickened and she loved every minute of it. Chris is finally done and looks in her eyes seductively as he pecked her now bare nipple and pulled her shirt over and walked away smiling.
Chris: alright now Shannen. Truth or dare.
Shannen: truth
Everybody: no you can’t do that!
Shannen: it’s called truth or dare. So truth like I said.
Chris: thats bogus lol alright then is it true that you feeling my boy Rocky.
Shannen: nope on to the next
Trey: lol you answered that way too fast now tell the truth.
Player: yeah cause it sure seem like it to me that you like him
Everybody: (chanting) TELL THE TRUTH! TELL THE TRUTH!
Shannen: ok ok ok! I guess he’s not that bad (rolling her eyes)
Chris: but do you like him
Shannen: (under her breath) a little
Player: what was that? lol
Shannen: I said a little gawd now on to the next
Everybody: I KNEW IT LOL
Rocky: I knew she wanted this chocolate lol
Shannen: shut up, Trey it’s your turn. Truth or Dare.
Trey: dare.
Shannen: alright I dare you to touch Tee’s clit and then lick the finger you touched it with
Everybody: whhhhooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol
Trey: lol alright (Trey moves in front of Tierra and moves her shorts and panties to the side)
He touches her clit, but rubs it a little to get her wet and Tierra is dying inside. She had never felt something so pleasurable.
Ieasha: lol that’s too long. You only had to touch it lol
Trey: (smirks and removes his hands once she was flowing) mmmmmmm (he stuck his fingers in his mouth) you taste good
The girls: UGH LOL
Player: (daps Trey laughing) That’s how you do it lol show her what she missing
Trey: lol alright Kat truth or dare
Katea: dare
Trey: alright. I dare you to let Player kiss both sets of your lips.
The girls: both sets?
The boys just laugh
Trey: lol the lips on your face and then your private lips
Everybody starts laughing.
Katea: alright lol.
Katea walked over to player and they started to kiss and then he laid her on her back and lifted up her skirt and moved her panties on the way and kissed her private lips and Katea’s back arched when he decided to lick and blow in her before he exited from between her legs.
Everyone just sat around smiling as Katea sat back up.
Rocky: lol this is crazy I’m horny as f*ck right now lol
The Boys : ikr
Katea: (smiling) ok Ken truth or dare lol
Kendrick: dare (smling)
Katea: alright I dare you to put whip cream on Three parts of Ieasha’s body.
Kendrick: any three parts?
Katea: yeah any three of your choice and lick it off.
Kendrick: alright lol (he got the whipped cream and went to work)
He first started off kissing her on her lips and her neck. The he lead down to her stomach where he squirted the first serving of whipped cream. She laughs as he licked it off because it tickled. Then he went between her legs and spray the next on her inner thighs and sucked and licked it off. Then he smiled at her before picking his last spot. He put her legs on his shoulder sprayed it on yall know where lol. He disappeared between her legs and she gasped.
Everyone was so shocked and laughing
Tierra: lol is this really happening now lol
Kendrick finished licking it off and came up smiling and Ieasha was shocked lol. He kissed her again and again and she sat up.
Kendrick: alright Y/N your turn. Truth or dare.
Y/N: dare.
Kendrick: I dare you to just simply kiss Chris.
Y/N: thank god. Lol
Kendrick: o yeah and it has to be for three minutes with tongue.
Y/N nods.
Chris: (smiling) you ready
Y/N: yeah but don’t make fun of me cause this is my first kiss, so I don’t know how to kiss.
The boys: WHAT!!!!!!!!!
Y/N: yeah now shut up lol
Chris: I’ll teach you. (smiling)
They start to kiss and Y/N is tense.
Chris: (through kissing) relax
Y/N relaxes. Chris puts his tongue on her lips signaling for her to open her mouth and she does just that. He finds her tongue and she moans in his mouth a little. He wrestles with her tongue a little and the kiss starts to get more intense as she gets the hang of kissing.
Kendrick: alright times up.
Chris bites her bottom lip as he pulls out of the kiss. And looks in her eyes and smiles and she blushes and smiles too.
Y/N: was I good
Chris: (smiling) better than good lol
Y/N: lol now Rocky it is your turn. Truth or Dare?
Rocky: dare devil right here lol
Y/N: ok I dare you to try to make Shannen moan within two minutes.
Rocky: can I do anything I want to her (looking at Shannen and smiling)
Y/N: yeah. Anything she allows you to do
Rocky: alright then.
Chris: (looks at his watch) time starts now.
Rocky grabs Shannen and pulls her on him so that she is straddling him. He kisses her lips and then goes down to her neck and finds her spot. Shannen is trying her best to hole in her moan.
Chris: you’re 30 seconds in.
Rocky then slap Shannen’s booty and grabs a hand full of it and caresses it as they kiss. Shannen is caught off guard.
Rocky: (whispering seductively in her ear) come on baby moan for me
Shannen just has her eye’s clothes trying to control herself.
Rocky: (smirks) fine then
That is when he stuck his hand up her skirt and she gasped.
Chris: 30 seconds left.
Rocky: you gone do it? (looking her in the eyes)
She just shakes her head, so he can be defeated and so he moved her panties and stuck two finger in her and that made her moan loudly
Ieasha: ugh SHANNEN lol talking about me lol
Rocky: lol (kisses her check) good girl
Shannen: (gets off of him) shut up lol. You caught me off guard.
Rocky: lol don’t blame it on that you know I was good.
Chris: lol he did it.
Tierra: alright enough of the game lol
Trey: yeah let’s go eat.
Y/N: alright I’m going to order some pizza to.
Everybody: alright.
They all talk, ate and played more games until the boys leave.

Run it for me girlies :)

Iesha had every right to be upset let that had been her referring to Kendrick as "him" he know darn well he would've grew horns and caught a b**** fit

Thanks for the run it!!!!!!!!!!! i love it! i love it!

*with Shannen
The movie is now finished
Shannen: I love that movie (turning the t.v. off)
Rocky: yeah it’s pretty cool. (looks at his watch) I gotta go
Shannen: alright (bending over to pick up her empty glass)
Rocky: (looking at her booty)
Shannen: so…(turns around and notices him looking) ugh you are getting out of hand.
Rocky: what?! Lol
Shannen: mmmhmmm don’t play dumb. I saw you looking at my butt.
Rocky: (stands up and pinches her thigh) you thick with it (licking his lips) I like that.
Shannen: boy stop lol
She walks to the door and opens it
Shannen: buh bye
Rocky: lol so you kicking me out? alright (walking towards the door getting in her face) I’ll see you later Shan Shan
Shannen is uneasy because he is so close, but she likes it.
Shannen: (smiling) bye
Rocky: bye (leaves)
Shannen closes the door and just as soon as she does Katea walks back in the house.
Shannen: where you been
Katea: nowhere, I just decided to go sit at the park and think to myself for a little bit.
Shannen: oh ok.
Katea: what you about to do
Shannen: imma go upstairs and see what’s wrong with my sister. She came in the house mad.
Katea: must be something with Ken.
Shannen: yeah that’s what I’m guessing
They both start walking up the stairs to Ieasha’s room.
Shannen: (walking into ieasha’s room) easha?
Katea: (walking in too) hey boo what’s wrong
They see ieasha on her bed crying
Ieasha: I told you nothing (wiping her falling tears)
Shannen and Katea go and sit on her bed
Shannen: it doesn’t seem like nothing…no am I going to have to beat it out of you.
Ieasha: just leave me alone
Katea: no
Shannen: over what.
Ieasha: (starts to tell the story

*flashback to earlier that day with Ieasha and Kendrick
Ieasha and Kendrick decided to go catch a movie and something to eat. Everything was going fine until they got to the movies.
Kendrick: (hugging her from behind as they stood in line) what you want to see?
Ieasha: let’s see haunted house

*authors note: I know it’s a January movie, but just pretend it came out this time in the story lol

Kandrick: yeah that looks like it’s gone be funny.
Female voice: KENDRICK?! (smiling)
Ieasha and Kendrick both turn aroung to see her:

Kendrick: (smiling) Sicily (let’s go of Ieasha) oh snap, aye baby imma holla at her for a minute wait in line (ducking under the rope and going over to her)

I know yall wondering who Sicily is. Well she is Kendrick ex girlfriend that he dated for like a year and half before she moved to St. Croix.

Sicily: OMG KEN BEAR! (hugging him)
Ieasha POV: KEN BEAR? (screws her face up)
Kendrick: what up Sicily (hugging her back) man how you been?
Sicily: I’ve been good, how about you?
Kendrick: I’ve been fine (smiling)
Sicily: and you looking fine too. (smiling and biting her lip)
Kendrick: lol what you doing on this part of the islands.
Sicily: oh I just came to see a movie with my cousins, but I’m leaving now.
Kendrick: dang man you should give me your number so we can catch up (taking out his phone)
Sicily: ok (typing her number in his phone)
By now Ieasha had already paid for the tickets and was waiting by the wall staring at the both of them
Sicliy: so you here with anybody?
Kendrick: yeah I’m here with her (pointing at ieasha)
Sicily looks over and waves at Ieasha and Ieasha politely waves back, because she wanted to play it cool. Didn’t want them to know she was mad. But yall better believe she was going to rip Kendrick a new one later.
Kendrick: alright well I have to go, but I’ll talk to you later
Sicily: alright, bye ken bear (smiling and hugging him)
Kendrick: bye (hugging her back)
They break the embrace wave once more at each other
Kendrick: (walking back over to Ieasha) you ready baby? (grabbing her hand)
Ieasha just snatches her hand away and starts to walk
Kendrick looks confused and then just brushed it off.

They were watching the movie, but ieasha could barely even enjoy it, because she was so upset. She wasn’t jealous of Sicily, but it kind of made her that way when Kendrick didn’t even acknowledge her as his girlfriend. What could this possibly mean?

They were leaving the movie theatre and Kendrick noticed that Ieasha was too quiet. So he tried holding her hand again as they walked home, but she snatched it away again

Kendrick: wtf is your problem? (screws up her face)
Ieasha: you know what I’m happy you asked (angry) when did I become a “her”
Kendrick: wtf are you talking about (stops walking)
Ieasha: (stops walking too) last time I checked I was either Ieasha or hello how about your GIRLFRIEND! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DOWN PLAYED ME INFRONT OF HER! IF YOU ASK ME THAT SEEM LIKE YOU STILL GOT FEELINGS FOR HER
Kendrick: YOU AINT GONE DO SH*t YOU BETTER CALM THE f*CK DOWN! (walking after her)
They are bickering and fight the whole way to Ieasha’s house.

Kendrick: F*CK YOU B (gets door slammed in his face before he can finish)
*end of flashback

Ieasha just sits there crying
Katea and shannen were rubbing her back trying to console her.
Katea: awww easha don’t cry
Shannen: I can go cut his tounge out (baby pout talk) would that make you feel better?
Ieasha: kind of (smiling a little) I can’t stand him right now
Katea: so you think you want to break up with him
Ieasha: no, i just need to cool off for a second and so does he. Then I’ll try to have a calmer conversation with him so he can know how that was wrong.
Shanneb: yeah and if that don’t work I’ll cut out his tounge…ok?
Ieasha: shut up lol
Shannen POV: I’m not playing (evil grin)

Alright ladies Run it 

Yay!!! Trey and Tierra made up!! Now Trey needs to welcome her to his sex room!! Lol, Shannen gettin soft with Rocky, s*** I would've threw his ass off that porch. I'm very serious about my food, Rocky wouldn't have a hand if he did that s*** to me and ran. Awww damn, that s*** is f***ed up, no parent should take their anger out on their kids. Oohhh Katea and Player!! This gon be good! The f*** wrong with Ieasha and Kendrick?
Run it!

First of all hello, lol. But yo, what the hell was really going on between Ieasha and Ken?! Seemed pretty damn intense. I think it's too funny how Shannen and Rocky have their love hate relationship. Kinda cute... And Player needs to take up boxing or something. I know he's yo pops homie but you need to learn how to bob and weave or something. Run It

Wow not Kendrick?! He was one of the good ones smh poor Player I hoe he gets out of that situation he's in with his dad...poor thing

What the hell is wrong with Kendrick and Iesha run it

Thanks for the run it's. smoochies.
I see we have a new reader @SO_LA_CJ HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for reading. Thank you to my active readers yall know who yall be lol.

*with Tierra
Tierra hears a knock at the door. She looks out the peephole and opens the door when she see’s that it is Trey.

Tierra: (opening the door) thank you for coming
Trey: (walking in) no problem
She closes the door and they sit down on opposite sides of the couch.
Tierra: I wanted to apologize about the other day. I know how my trifling cousin is and I knew she would try to pull a stunt like that when she found out that I had a boyfriend…I mean (looking down) I wouldn’t blame you if you did kiss her. Look at her and look at me.
Trey walks over to Tierra and kneels in front of her and lifts up her face.
Trey: listen to me. I don’t want her or any other girl. I want you. When she kissed me, that did nothing for me. I’m not here to play with your heart Tee. I’m here to love you, but first I need you to love yourself. Who gives a care about them having “looks”. You are beautiful inside and out. You’re smart and you have friends, family, and me to let you know how special you are. (kisses her lips) so until you can get that stuck in your head I am going to remind you every day and beyond.
Tierra is just crying
Trey: (kissing her tears away) I love you
Tierra: I love you too.

*with Shannen
Shannen is on her way to the corner store, because she had a taste for some skittles. She walks in and goes straight to the candy isle.

Rocky: you eat too much
Shannen: shut up fool, get out my face and stop stalking me (gets skittles and walks up to cash register)
Rocky: lol you forever having an attitude (buying his stuff after her and following her) be happy.
Shannen: if you leave me alone then I will
Rocky: forget you Shan Shan (snatching her skittles and runs laughing)
Shannen starts chasing after him down the street

Rocky then runs on her front porch laughing and out of breath
Shannen: (running up to him) dummy (pushing him and snatching her skittles)
Rocky: lol you should have seen your face!
Shannen: whatever…move before I sock you boy
Rocky: no lol I’m bored. My boys all p*ssy whipped by your friend and your sister and Chris by that broad and player ain’t feeling good. Everybody got something to do today, but me.
Shannen: and that’s my problem? (opens her door and starts walking in)
Rocky follows behind her
Shannen: BOY! What are you doing?
Rocky: lol I’m bout to hang out here (plopping on the couch)
Shannen: who said?!
Rocky: I said lol now come sit by big daddy (patting the seat next to him)
Shannen: (closing the door) don’t get hurt (rolling her eyes and goes to sit on the couch)
They both start to watch Love & Basketball since nothing else is on and eat their snacks.

*with Katea upstairs
It’s been a whole week since her argument with Player and she is still upset. They have not been messing around and she hasn’t talked or even looked his way.
She was laying down in bed when her phone started to go off and she answered it.

Katea: what?
Player: meet me at the park. I need you
Katea: (concerned) what happened?
Player: just come to the park. (hangs up)
Katea quickly throws on some shoes and a sweat jacket. Grabs her phone and wallet and heads downstairs.

Katea: (looking at Rocky and Shannen confused) hey…Rocky
Rocky: what up Kat
Shannen: where you going
Katea: o I’m about to go to the store. Do yall want anything?
Shannen: no we just got back from the store
Katea: alrighty then. I’ll be back (walking out the door)
About 5 minutes later Katea reached the park and saw Player sitting on a bench with his back toward her.

Katea: (walking over and sitting on the bench) I’m here so what do you want?
Katea: if you’re going to waste my time. I will just leave (starting to get up, but player gently grabs her arm)
Player takes off his eye glasses and lifts his head up to reveal a black eye and a busted lip
Katea: (gasp) omg player…what happened?
Player: (no response)
Katea: did your dad do this?
Player just nods his head
Katea: why?....player you have got to tell someone.
Player: (starts to tear) I can’t. I’m just going to see about moving in with my mom.
Katea: well you should. Nobody deserves this. What kind of father beats on his child?
Player just bust out and starts to cry and grabs Katea by her waist into a hug. Katea hesitates and then puts her arms around his neck and hugs him back tightly while he cries on her shoulder. She starts to tear a little herself.
Player: (just above a whisper) you were right about those other girls. I called about ten different girls to come and they all weren’t willing. I’m sorry that I hurt you. You’re the only one who gives a d*mn.
Katea: shhhhhh….
Player pulls a little bit out of the embrace and starts to kiss Katea.
Katea: (pushes him a little) no we can’t do this. I already told you.
Player: (disappointed) oh
Katea: I’m really sorry that this happened
Player: I’m willing to try
Katea: try what?
Player: being in a relationship
Katea: I hope you are not just saying this as a spur of the moment type thing (crying) don’t play with my emotions.
Player: (walks up to her and kisses her cheek whispering in her ear) no, I want you to be my girl Kat (looks at her in her eyes)
Katea: I guess we can try then (wiping her tears)
Player: (slightly smiles) alright (he hug her again and pecks her lips)
They sit down on the bench again and talk about some more stuff.

*with Ieasha
Kendrick: F*CK YOU B (gets door slammed in his face before he can finish)
Shannen: what’s going on
Ieasha: nothing! (stomping up the stairs)

Alright girls Run It to see what happens next and what happened between Ieasha and Kendrick!

A backbone feels good huh Katea? LoL, I'm glad girly finally got her head out of the clouds. This story is quite interesting to say the least. Run It

Alright na Katea! There ya go Player she finally put her foot down...Rotfl @ Sabrina that's what she get

Glad Sabrina is gone she needed to leave and I glad they planned to make her ass itchy she is evil and Kendrick gives good advice trey knees to try and talk to Tierra one more time and I'm glad Chris apologized and yea katea tell player he dont deserve u tell him it's all or nothig

oopps! I meant go get Tierra!!

Damn!! Katea told you Player! Haha! You ain't getting none of that! Kendrick preach that!! The thing with Sabrina made me think of 2 chainz, "Itchin like its poison ivy." Lol, Sabrina finally taking her HOE ass back home!! Hallelujah! Trey take yo sexy ass on and go get
Run it!!!

*with the boys the next day
Rocky: that party was pretty tight last night (smiling)
Player: yeah it was, too bad you had to leave early Trey
Kendrick: yeah mann you said you was gone tell us why you had to leave early later. So why did you leave?
Trey: Tee told me to leave (sad)
Chris: (screws up his face) why?
Trey: because her cousin Sabrina kissed me and Tierra walked in on us.
Kendrick: well did you try to even break the kiss?
Trey: yeah and I told Tee what she did, but she didn’t believe me. She told me that she know I would screw her over sooner or later. I like her a lot, but if she’s going to be insecure and not trust me to love her then…idk
Player: that’s why I told yall not to be in these relationships. We are 9th and 10th graders ok. We don’t need to be on lock down. You should be able to kiss and f*ck who you want. Point blank period. She’s the one with the attitude and blaming you. She needs to come begging for your forgiveness. Matter of fact dump her a**
Kendrick: (fans player off) now let me give you the not dumba** player advice… If you really like her like you say you do then you will go talk to her. I mean I’m not saying you have to go back and grovel, but you know at least show her that you care and are trying and tell her everything you just told us. So far as her being insecure, try your best to help her through that and when you’ve done all you can and she still is in a dark place then that’s your decision on what you want to do at the end of the day.
Chris: yeah man don’t go to drastic measures just yet.
Rocky and Player just roll their eyes.
Trey: yeah I’ll think about it.

* with the girls
Shannen: katea come with me to the store really quick. I want to go get an Arizona.
Katea and Shannen leave
Ieasha: so Sabrina is leaving tomorrow, right?
Tierra: yes thank God
Y/N: lol…so guess who tried to talk to me last night
Ieasha: who?
Y/N: Chris…but I wasn’t hearing it. I’m just not ready to forgive him yet.
Ieasha: Y/N stop being so childish ok. It was a mistake. Humans make those you know. Chris didn’t mean to hurt you.
Y/N: I know
Ieasha: yeah I know you know. Also know that if you keep holding this over his head that it will only hurt you.
Tierra: lol you think you know so much
Ieasha: lol I do.
Y/N: I’ll try I guess.

*with shannen and katea walking back from the store
Katea: lol so we are going to put this in her bed tonight
Shannen: yep and she’ll be itching in the morning (evil face) ieasha and I planned this last night. That b*tch is not getting away with what she did.
Katea: lol…(gets serious) so while we are alone I wanted to tell you something.
Shannen: (stops walking) what?
Katea: now the only reason I am telling you this is, because I just don’t know what to do anymore and I just need you to be my cousin and give me good advice and not be your aggressive self.
Shannen: ok
Katea: I’ve been messing around with Player…
Shannen: ok…go on
Katea: well you know I have feelings for him, but he doesn’t want to be with me. I don’t know what to do anymore I want to stop dealing with him, but the making out and the head is so good (starts rumbling not noticing what she said)
Shannen: wait a minute, back it up real quick. Did you say the HEAD is good? You’ve been letting him eat you out?
Katea: yeah (puts her head down)
Shannen: KATEA!
Katea: I know
Shannen: well I don’t know what to tell you. You need to stop dealing with him though. You need to know your worth and if he doesn’t treat you like you’re supposed to be treated and you want more but he doesn’t then you need to break it off. Player is exactly what his nickname says he is…a Player and he is always going to be that way. He will only change if he wants to change. Besides your too nice of a person, you would never be able to handle being in a relationship with a guy like him. You’re my cousin and I love you and I want the best for you ok
Katea: ok…thank you. I have a lot to think about
Shannen: you’ll do what’s right…I know it (hugs katea) now let’s get back to the house and get this plan started
Katea: alright
They both head back to the house.

*the next day Sabrina’s departure.
The girls spent the night another night and were up bright and early, because they were excited Sabrina would be leaving. It is 6:30 in the morning and Sabrina flight departure wasn’t until 9 am. Ms. Tonya woke Sabrina up, so she could do her hygiene thing and pack here luggage.
All the girls run out of Tierra’s room to see what was going on. They all knew what was going on though and had an evil grin on their face.
Sabrina: (scratching everywhere on her body) OMG AUNTIE, ITS SO ITCHY AND IT BURNS EVERYWHERE
Ms. Tonya: omg you have red marks everywhere and you’re eyes are almost swollen shut. You poor thing, I’ll run you some bath water (walks out)
Sabrina: (looks at them) I know you all had something to do with this (say through gritted teeth)
Ieasha: (innocently) we don’t know what you’re talking about?
Shannen: yeah whatever are you talking about? (batting her eyelashes)
Sabrina: (scratching) yall know exactly what I’m talking about
Y/N: well don’t be such a hoe and this won’t happen.
Tierra: please don’t ever come back to my house, or there will be more where that came from
Katea: yeah
They all start to walk out laughing
Shannen: (turns around) o yeah and have a nice flight (smiling)
Sabrina was finally gone and so was spring break. School is the next day and everybody couldn’t wait.

*at school with Katea
Katea and her class is walking laps around the field for P.E. Katea is walking by herself until Player walks up beside her.
Player: what’s up baby (smiling)
Katea: I’m not your baby
Player: ooooookkkk (screws his face) what’s wrong with you? You’ve been ignoring me all day.
Katea: does it really matter? Nothing is going to change if I tell you over and over what I’ve already been telling you.
Player: (throws up his hands) here we go again with this
Katea: it’s not no here we go again. I’m telling you know and I mean this. Either we are together or we are not. No more messing around.
Player: are you giving me an ultimatium. Cause I can get p*ssy anywhere. Matter of fact you don’t do nothing for me. I stay giving you head for nothing in return.
Katea: you choose to do that! I want more with you. I do a lot for you too, maybe not physically the way you want. Who’s the one you always calling when you and your dad get into it?! ME! Who’s the one who lied for you when you ditched p.e. so you wouldn’t get in trouble?! ME! Who’s the one who (gets cut off)
Player: ok I get it d*mn
Katea: no you don’t Player. Those other girls don’t give two sh*ts about you. I am the best thing you could ever have
Player: I know (gets cut off)
Katea: no! I’m talking! Like I said we are either together or we are not. If not (she grabs him by his shirt and pulls him close to her kissing him passionately and then break the kiss) this will be your last time tasting this (pushes him and walks away)
Player’s POV: (mesmerized) d*mn.

*with Y/N in art class
Y/N was getting her stuff set up and then Chris came and set by her.
Y/N just rolls her eyes
Chris: (getting his stuff set up) so you gone stay mad at me forever
Y/N: nope
Chris: (smiling) well you act like you are
Y/N: whatever (looking at him) and don’t be smiling. I’m still mad at you (trying to hold back her smile)
Chris: idc…as long as we can still be friends. So are we friends?
Y/N: yes dummy
Chris: lol good. Can I get a hug?
Y/N: don’t push it
Chris: lol

Run it ladies 

Da Fuq?! Tee don't get mad at Trey, you know he wouldn't do that, but you're letting Sabrina get the best of you. Pshhh, you need to get her before the girls do. I would gladly hope up in this b**** and empty my clip on her b**** ass. Tee why cut yourself, you're only letting her get to you. You need to apologize to Trey. Y/N stop f***ing lying to yourself!! Damn, Chris move the f*** on. I mean I get it he lied, but you lie too. So get your head out of your ass and man the f*** up!!! I swear they got me trading teams like the NBA.
Run it

Ooo Sabrina, Sabrina smh Tierra should've let her dogs on her...Shannen and Esha would've probably murdered that girl

Yea something else is going on she like chris lol and sabrina is wrong run it


Trey: (pushes Sabrina) wtf!
Tierra: (tears filling her eyes) what the hell is going on?
Trey: Tee, baby your cousin came on to me
Sabrina: ooooo so what….you wanted it
Tierra: Sabrina how could you do this to me?
Sabrina: (mocking her) how could you do this to me?…stfu you are so pathetic
Sabrina: whatever (rolling her eyes) my job is done now (evil grin) you weren’t that great a kisser anyways (walks back to the party)
Trey: (walking up to Tierra) baby I’m so…(gets cut off)
Tierra: (crying and hold her hand up to him) get away from me…I should’ve known you would dog me sooner or later (crying)
Tierra: NO! I HATE YOU!
Trey: (disbelief) wow you’re that insecure?...i would never do that to you. Especially not with your cousin
Tierra: LEAVE! (crying)
Trey: (sad) babe (gets cut off)
Trey just looks at her defeated and heads back into the party to get his things and leave.

*outside at the party
Y/N: HEY TREY (smiling and dancing) WHERE IS TEE
Trey: SHE’S IN THE HOUSE (getting his stuff and looking sad)
Y/N: (concerned) WHAT’S GOING ON
Y/N goes to find all the other girls and they all head into the house. Tierra was nowhere to be found downstairs so they decided to check her room and she was in there.
Ieasha: (opening the door) Tee
They all walk in and Tierra gets startled
Tierra: GET OUT!
Shannen: no Tee what’s wrong
They all rush by her side.
Y/N: TEE WHAT DID YOU DO? (runs off to the bathroom to get a towel and comes back cleaning of Tierra’s wrist)
Ieasha: (starting to tear) are you cutting yourself?
Tierra: (crying) I don’t want to talk about it
Katea: (crying) we’re your friends
Y/N: (crying) yeah…please tee just talk to us.
Tierra tells them what happens
Shannen: I’m about to mace this b*tch (angry and getting up)
Tierra: NO!
Ieasha: wait (going to her purse) you’re forgetting the pepper spray
Ieasha: o yes it will
Y/N: Tee you can’t keep letting this hooka heffa skank run all over you
Shannen: yeah I’m tired of her. You ain’t no punk with no one else, so I don’t understand why you are with her
Tierra: idk (looking down)
Ieasha: annnnnd…she got you cutting yourself. You don’t need to be doing that! What if you would have cut too deep. You would have hurt your mom, your family. WHAT WOULD WE DO IF WE LOST YOU?! (crying)
Everyone is crying again by now
Tierra: I’m sorry.
Y/N: just promise us you won’t do it again.
Tierra: I promise
Katea: and what about Trey?
Shannen: I know Tee your wrong for getting mad at him
Ieasha: yeah you know Trey loves you and he would never do that.
Y/N: yeah that’s not even in his character. However what your cousin did is in her character we should have seen that coming the way she was flirting with him when the guys first arrived.
Tierra: I know….I am going to call him, but I don’t know what to say, I feel so stupid
Shannen: (laughing) well you should
They all pull themselves together and head back out to the party. Another hour and it would be over.

*After the Party
The boys stayed and were helping the girls pick up trash after everyone was gone. Sabrina just went straight to her room. which was a good idea in her case.

Rocky: lol I just noticed Trey isn’t here
Shannen: wow some friend you are
Rocky: shut up
Kendrick: I text him. He said he had to go home
Rocky: o
Y/N was carrying a heavy bag full of trash out to the front and Chris runs over to help her
Y/N: I don’t need your help
Chris: why do you have to be so mean
Y/N: I’m only mean to people I don’t like
Chris: what do you want me to do? What do you want me to say?
Y/N: get out of my face (starting to walk away)
Chris: not until you talk to me.
Y/N: you have two minutes
Chris: it’s not like we were dating or anything so I don’t see why you’re so upset about the situation and willing to end our friendship over it
Chris: I don’t think that’s the only reason, there’s something more to it.
Y/N: your two minutes are up Chris now bye
Chris: we’re not done talking about this (leaving her and walking inside of the house)

All the boys say their goodbyes and leave

Run It!!!!!! 

Sabrina get a cup then pour some water in that b**** for your thirsty ass!!! Obviously Trey doesn't want you, but you gotta have something that isn't yours. I swear if I was at that party I would've snatched her ass up!!! I won't stop until I get tired and I rarely get too tired for an ass whoopin! Chris and Y/N need to get their s*** together. I'm tired of them fighting all the damn time. Damn forgive but don't forget. She's the only one that's still holding on to the past. Smh, Chris don't f*** up!!!
Run it

Man Tiera should've follwed them cause she should've known lil ms. attention seeker was gonna try something smh Trey should've pushed that h**