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Hood Love=Good Love ??? **Repost**

Being the wifey of a dope boy is never easy. dealing with the police scares, late night work,and not to mention the hoes tryna take yo place. but <a href="">i've</a> learned to deal with it. ya see i've been with my babe <a href="">Columbus</a> since i was 15 years-old and he was 20 so you know we done been through it all and three years later im still here. oh btw my name is Kween nd heres the story of my life.

Chapter1: Kween wants her King
Since the first day i saw Columbus i knew i was gonna make him mines no matter what. his milk chocolate skin was so sexy smooth and he stood 5'10" and had a body to die for. the only problem was he was my older brother <a href="">John's</a> bestfriend and i dont want that to be the reason he wont let me have him. everyday he comes over he always asks for a hug and a kiss the next time he comes imma give hime the best kiss ever.!
One hot summer day i was laying out on a towel in the grass with my two piece baby phat swimsuit on and columbus pulled up. i slapped on a quick coat of lipgloss and watched as he got out the car wearing his gucci everything(shirt,shorts,glasses,shoes,hat,belt,and the backpack) looking so sexy.
"hey kween what you doing out here with no clothes on.?" he asked with a smile. he was only saying that because i had the perfect frame for a 24 year old video girl. i wore a size 32C bra and a perfectly flat stomach and hips and ass like Beyonce
"columbus im hot that's why." i replied.
"yeah ok...wheres my hug and kiss.?" i took a deep breath,got up and gave him a hug and when he turned his head for me to kiss his cheek i turned it back and gave him the most passionate kiss on the lips then bite his bottom lip softly but seductively then i walked away and layed back on my towel smiling. for a few seconds he just stood there staring at me with a confused look but then he smiled and went in the house.
i watched as columbus went in the house and then hoped on the phone with my bestie <a href="">leasia</a> to tell her what just happened.
"kween i cant believe you really did that." she said cracking up laughing. leasia has been daring me to make my move ever since she got with her man <a href="">chris</a> who is 22 and she's 16. my bestie was very persistent when she went after chris and it didnt take long for her to get him either.
"leasia i told you imma get columbus by the end of the summer no matter what and this was just the step i needed to take to know if he was on what im on and i can tell he was."
"iight girl we'll see but shoot i dont think john is gonna like this at all."
"oh well this is what i want and its not abt him anymore."


i just can't believe what they just told me.! how do they expect me to feel about this shyt.? my ace wants to be with my baby sister. me and her been through everything together and the fact of all the females columbus could of had he chose my baby girl. this shyt is just too crazy to me. looking at the both of them right now was just pissing me off.
"man i need to go for a walk.!" i told them and walked up the stairs with kween right behind me.
"bubby please wait.!" she called to me but i ignored her and walked out the door headed to the store to get a middleton.

john was just being so difficult.! he doesn't understand love because he never lets a girl in his life long enough to grow that bond after the love of his life passed away a year before our parents. but he needs to realize that just because he gave up on love doesn't mean i have too because columbus is the love of my life and i would do anything for him.
"hey girl we bout to go.we gotta check in with the folks but call us when john comes back and let us know how it goes." bre'lin informed me.
"i love you guys and thanks for coming." i replied giving them all hugs.
"love you too boo."they all said.
"babe i gotta go too."columbus told me.
"oh no.!why babe.?"i asked pouting.
"i gotta drop to make real quick that i forgot about but imma be back tonight. i love you baby." he said kissing me on the forehead.
"love you too."

after i left the store i headed to Kelly's,one of my duck-off's, houses to just chill and hell maybe get a lil dome to ease my mind of all this bullshyt. she answered the door in a pair of boyshorts and a pink wifebeater with her hair up in a sloppy bun.
"whats good ma."
"hey baby.!why you looking so stressed out.?"
"its a long story but lets not worry about that right now.i came over here for a reason." i said walking in the livingroom getting comfortable on her couch.
"oh,and why is that.?" she said giggling.
"girl you already know so stop being funny." she seductively walked over to me and squated in front of me nd gave my 11inch little man her full attention.i can honestly say she was calming me down and easing my mind about this situatiOn.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TWO HOURS LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

when i got back to the house it was just kween in the house with her poohbear teddybear cuddled up in my bed sleeping. this girl is my heart and i dont know what i'd do if i lost her. i know if i dont condone her relationship with columbus she just gonna see him behind my back and i dont want that. theres only one thing i can do,even though i hate this so fuxking bad.! i climbed in the bed with her and tapped her on the shoulder.
"babygirl wake up." my sis is so cute when she sleeps, almost like a little baby.
"hey bubby" she said with a sleepy voice.
"come on wake up i have to tell you something babygirl." she got up a little and stretched.
"what is it.?" she said sitting up sleep.
"look at me first." i said laughing a little
"bubby im tired.!"
"but you gonna wanna hear this." after about three more minutes she was completely up.
"kween i know i was beyond mad earlier but after alot of thinking i came to the conclusion that you being with columbus is not as bad as i thot it was at first." her eyes got huge.
"are you serious bubby.????" i nodded my head."OH BUBBY THANK YOU SOO MUCH.!THIS MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME.!!" she jumped up and grabbed me around my neck hugging me. i dont care how old she gets my little sister will always be my babygirl no matter who she with.

run it.!!!

John crazy!
Run it!

Oooo John did flip yikes!
Run itttt


*lisha POV*
waking up in the arms of my baby omari is such a wonderful feeling! its ben awhile since we have ever spent time together like this.
"baby wake up." i shook his arm.
"baby not yet please, two more hours."
"no baby now please. i wanna hurry up and start these singles in your head."
"oh so now you wanna do my hair." he said grinning.
"shut up big head and get up."
we went downstairs and i cooked us breakfast, french toast, cheesy eggs,and bacon. he vaccumed his plate up quick(lol). next we got in the shower(had a quickie ofcourse lol) and washed his hair and by noon i was starting on his hair.
"baby make sure you slick my baby hairs right. hey and make some little curves in them."
"you and these damn baby hairs work on my nerves." i replied laughing. it took me about two hours to do his damn hair and when i got done i saw that i had a text from kween to meet her at her house asap. we got dressed and headed over there.

*Bre'lin's POV*
waking up this morning i had a massive hangover. i ended up having tyga drop me off at leasia's after the club because i knew i wouldnt be able to explain where kween was and why i was so drunk. i just hope she is ok and that columbus is taking care of her.
i went to leasia's room and noticed her and chris were still in the bed knockd the fuxked out. so i decided to be like Pauly D from Jersey Shore with two cooking pans and wake them up.
"AW YEA WAKE UP YEA! AW YEA WAKE UP YEA!" i did that like three times before they actually woke up and i was cracking up.
"bytch get out my room with that its too early."leasia yeled throwing a pillow at me.
"girl yo phone was the reason i woke up. i think that was kween blowing you up." i replied to her throwing the pillow back. she reached over and checked her messages and her eyes got huge.
"whats up whats that look for???"chris asked.
"we have to get dressed quick kween is on her way home and columbus wants to tell john everything about them."
"OH SHYT LETS GO!" we got dressed in like twenty minutes and headed over to her house to see what was going on. damn i hope john dont do anything stupid.

we waited ten minutes then went in the house and i look to columbus one more time then we got out the car and headed in. right when we were about to go in i hear my name being called. i turn around and saw lisha and omari pulling up and right right behind them was chris, bre'lin ,and leasia. im so glad they pay attention to their phones as much as i do because i woulda been scared as fuxk going in here without my girls.
"kween come here real quick." bre'lin called out to me
i walked over to her and hugged her around the neck.
"girl i am so glad yall made it here before we went in this house. i feel like imma shyt my pants right about now.!"
"girl relax. it wont be as bad as you think."
"what the fuxk you mean.! you know how john is he is gonna flip the fuxk out over this."
"well if thats how you feel then dont fuxk with columbus period."
"its not that simple because we love each other." she looked at me like i was crazy.
"he told me last night after we left the club. he and i feel the same way so now we gotta tell john."
"kween stop procrastinating and get yo ass in that house so you and him can go get busy.!" chris yelled out laughing being the a**hole he always is.
"shut up fuxkass im going.!" i yelled back.
i walked back to columbus and when he smiled at me i felt like it would be fine going in here telling john our news and i felt better about the situation.
i used my key and opened the door and had lisha,bre'lin,and leasia come in with us for support. we found john in the basement playing 2k12 on the xboxx online.
"what up my nigga" he greeted columbus
"whats gud fam." columbus responded.
"shyt what all ya'll want down here kween.?"
"bubby i got something to tell youu."
"whats up babygirl?" he was responding not taking his eyes off the game which was actually making this easier for me to say.
"bubby im in love with columbus and we wanna date." when i first said it john just knodded his head like he didnt care but then i guess he processed what i said and paused his game and looked at me.
"say what you said again kween."
"im in love with yo bestfriend and we want your permission to date." he looked at columbus just to see if what i was saying was true and when columbus nodded his head yea he completely flipped.
"NIGGA THIS AINT JUST ABOUT FUXKING HER MAN I WANT TO BE WITH HER!HELL ONE DAY I WANNA MARRY HER JOHN MAN! THATS HOW SERIOUS I AM!" when i heard him say that my heart know that he wants to make me his wife one day was wonderful and i felt like i was the best.! so i had to finally step in.
i could tell my words touched john in a certain way because i could see him tearing up a little bit but the whole time he just looked from me to columbus and back pondering his decision.

run it.!!!

john's gonna flip... john's gonna flip...
i can't watch *covers eyes*

Omg John gone kill them lmao even though I read this before but he probably just gone be mad but hey u can't hold back two people that love each other

waking up i thought last night was a dream until i looked down and saw kween asleep on my chest. she looked so beautiful and angelic when she slept it put a smile on my face just looking at her. today was the day i was gonna tell john how i felt and make her mines officially.
just to be funny and wake her up[because i knew she hated being woken up]i gently rolled her over on her back and started to give her another dose of my cruical head game.! after about two mintues she was wide awake screaming my name in ectasy and i was loving every minute. i was down there until i made her cum at least four times then i stopped.
"why did you do that to me babe.?" she asked still trying to catch her breath.
"because i wanted you to wake up and i knew the best way i could make that happen and make you happy at the same time." i replied.
"that was so unfair."
"anything goes in this room baby. there are no rules."
"iight boy remember that."
she layed back down under the covers tryna go back to sleep.
"what you think you doin young lady.?"
"going back to sleep columbus its too early." she whined.
"girl it is 11 o'clock get up." i said as i pulled the covers back off her.
"baby please."
"no we gotta go see john." when i said that she hopped up quick
"why.? what are you gonna tell him.???"
"that i wanna make you mines nd he gotta except it."
"yaaay.!!!" she jumped out the bed and into my arms kissing me all over my face.
"baby calm down now get dressed so we can go."
"uhh all i have is that outfit from last night and i cant wear that home."
"girl go in the room next door and look in all that stuff you always leave over here and find something."
"oh yeah. ok just give me a minute."

im so excited that i have my man.! last night was the best night of my life because he finally admitted his feelings to me and i've waiting so long for this now we gotta get over the 'JOHN HURDLE' then we'll be good. i love both of them to death and i really hope john will except our relationship.
i got dressed in my pink aeropostal shirt,aeropostal jeans,and my pink aeropostal flip flops. i pulled my hair up into a messy bun and i only put on eyeliner and mascara. columbus had on his orange aeropostal baby tee,some black true religion pants,and his orange nd black jordans. to top his outfit off he put on his black diamonds chain nd braclet set and his gucci eyeglasses
"DAMN DADDY YOU LOOKING SEXY.! CAN I GET YO NUMBER." i said in my funniest 'RAT' voice
"imma give you more than my number sexy lady." he responded kissing me.
we laughed and walked out the house to the car. the whole ride home my stomach was in knots. i didnt let it show though because i didnt want columbus to know i was nervous about telling john since i was the main on pursing him.
we pulled up nd john was outside on the porch.
"you ready for this kween.?"
i looked at him and simply said "as ready as i'll ever be."

run it.!!!

Them Lil kids way too grown for me!
How is John gonna react though?


i looked back and it was some wierd looking dude i was dancing with.!
"who the fuxk are you.???" i asked moving away.
"does it even matter.? you was enjoying the dance just like i was so why you stop.???: <a href="">he</a> asked moving closer to me.
"because i thought you were my man.!"
"i can be who ever you want me to be sexy."
"trust me i doubt that."
i went to walk away but he grabbed my arm
"excuse you get the fuxk off me." i said trying to snatch away but his grib was too tight.
"naw babygirl i want the rest of my dance." he said pulling me close to him backing us up into a dark corner of the club.
"bytch this aint no strip club and i damn sure aint no hoe so let me go."
"you will be what i want you to be until i say im done with you."
"nigga if you know whats good for you i suggest you get the fuxk off me.!"
i snatched away finally and he went to grab me again but out of nowhere columbus came and knocked dude out with one hit. he grabbed me up and we ran out the club to his car.

i finished my blunt and headed back in the club. i planed to find kween and tell her i dont care who her brother is because i want her and thats all that should matter to us. i was lookin everywhere for this girl like i was on a mission[even tho i kinda am].i finally found her but she was on the dance floor with some random nigga. it kinda pissed me off because she was looking like she was really enjoying dancing with this hoe ass nigga. i was about to just say fuxk it but then i noticed the expression on her face when she grabbed dudes neck and how disrespectful dude was getting and as i walked over there my blood was boiling hotter and hotter ad once i got there i snapped. i noticed people were causing commotion so me and kween had to get out of there fast. john was right, this girl will be the death of us.
we rode in silence all the way to my house. the whole ride to my house im tryna find the words to tell her i love her but im afraid she might still be a little shaking up because aint no telling what that niiga woulda done if i wasnt there. and where were the people she went to the club with in the first place. so many unanswered questions and decisions to make i just need to think.
we get to my place and the first thing she does is go in my room and get her favorite t-shirt of mines and put it on. i remember the first time she wore that shirt over here. it was the night after her parents funeral and john brought her over here with him so he could have a drink. she's been raiding my closet ever since.
i go in the kitchen and make myself a shot of henny and go in my room. she was looking so good in my shirt roght now. i just wanna devour her right here and now. WAIT.! whats stopping me.???

*Kween's POV*
as im in his mirror pinning my hair up i notice columbus laying on the bed just staring at me.
"whats up.? why you looking at me like that.?" i ask.
"im just looking kween do you babygirl." he said sipping his drink.
"no speak your mind columbus." i said walking over and sitting next to him on the bed.
"im just thinking about how comfortable you was dancing with that nigga at the club. who was that anyway.???"
"hell if i know. i thought he was you."
"oh really.?"
"yea. he grabbed me just like you did the first time so i just assumed it was you."
"kween you cant be doing that in these clubs.! now what if i wasnt there that nigga woulda did God knows what to you."
"aww pooh-pooh im so glad you was there to be my protector." i said pinching his cheek.
"i wanna be more than that." he said pulling me on his lap.
"oh really.?"
"yea girl. i wanna be your everything. i wanna be the last number you call late at night and the first number you dial when you open your eyes. i wanna be the one you run to and i wanna be the one that aint gonna hurt you. kween i just wanna be ya man. i just dont want this to mess up my relationship with john because thats my ace right there."
hearing him finally admit his feelings towards me had me in tears because i knew i felt the exact same way.
"columbus you dont understand how happy you just made me. i've been waiting for a long time to hear that come out your mouth. baby i been in love with you since the first day i met you. i dont care what nobody says bacause if i dont have you my life would be incomplete."
"kween baby I love you so much."
"i love you too."
i began kissing him with so much passion and he kissed me back with the same he rolled me over on my back and his hands began to explore my body firmly but gently. it was getting to the point where i knew where it was headed next.
"wait columbus i have something to tell you." i said sitting up.
"what is it baby.?"
"im a virgin"
"would you like me to stop.?"
"no not at all."
"i dont want to pressure baby i mean we can always wait. better yet i got something else for you."
"what is it.?"
"you'll see."
he climbed out the bed and went over to his dresser and got three ties out the drawer.
"what are those for.?" i asked.
"do you trust me.?"
"then just let me do my thing."
he too off my shirt and then tied both my arms to each post on the bed then he put the last one over my eyes. i was so nervous but i didnt let it show. the next thing i know he began kissing me slowly starting from my forehead. when he got to my second set of lips he began to tease me for a while. kissing ang licking then moving to my thighs. when he began to devour my kitty shockwaves ran through my body. it felt so amazing i didnt want it to end. i could tell by the way he was doing his thang that this wasnt something new to him. i was in heaven.

run it.!!!

Run it!
I think it's Chris for some reason!

awww man my bad kween :( i am such an a**hole at times lol...but i 'm thinkin that it aint him...prayin it aint john
run it

~back at the club~
being in columbus' arms kissing his juicy lips just felt so good then outta nowhere i feel a tap on my shoulder. i turned around to find a silly smiling lisha.
"what.???" i said mad she interrupted us
"girl what do you think you doing.? john is gonna kill yall" she said pointing between columbus and me.
"man what john dont know wont hurt him besides look at where we at if he knew we were in here me, you, and bre'lin all would be fuxked.!" i informed her.
"you right so imma just go and pretend i never saw this." she said backing away.
"good idea."
"so r you gonna give him ya cookies" lisha pulled me aside and asked.
"hey anything is possible." i said with a smile.
"see ya kween."
lisha disappeared into the crowd and when i turned around columbus was gone too.

what was i thinking kissing kween like that.? then again what was i thinking leaving her standing there.? UGH.!!! why does her brother have to be my ace if she was any other girl i woulda been got with her but she something special. i gotta go get some air and puff on this kush because i need to think.

i began looking everywhere for columbus. how could he just leave me like that.? were my feelings just a joke to him.??? as im walking i feel another strong hand but this time its around my waist pulling me close. he found me.!
i twirl my hips to let him know i know its him nd he grinds back in response. we exchange no looks or words we just dance to the music as it plays:
<cite>imma kiss it right(yea yea)
im gon lick all night(yea yea)
girl when im inside(yea yea)
yea girl you heard what i said
im gon make you Wet the Bed' </cite>
i went to grab his neck to kiss him again but then i notice something very awkward......

Oho they are really young to be poplin moscato in a club with people over the age of 20. RunIt!!

Run it

Run it!
They crazy as Hell!

here's the <a href="">car</a>

sorry ladies
run it.!

i jus couldn't believe john made me change and cook for him and columbus.! now dont get me wrong i love those guys to death and john has been taking great care of me since our parents died two years ago in a car crash but now i just wanna do me. so me,leasia,our friend <a href="">lisha</a>,nd my cousin <a href="">bre'lin</a> are planning to go to lisha's boyfriend <a href="">omari's</a> show tonight at The Home Plate. its great that he's performing so we wont need any IDs.
i get changed and make them some steaks,rice,gravy,and cornbread then i pack and head over to lisha's house.

by now bre'lin and leasia are here and we're all putting the final touches on our hair and make up. i had on a mini versace black fitted dress that had a silver belt to go with it, some silver and black open toe heels, a diamond necklace that said my name and had my hair up in a bun to show off my diamond earrings. leasia had on a red vesace mini dress with a gold belt to it,red and gold heels, and her gold jewelry, and her hair was flat iron and hung down to the middle of her back. my girl was looking so cute. my girl bre'lin decided on a simple apple bottom skirt and belly shirt short black heel boots and her necklace that said 'DIVA' and her hair was down and wavy. now lisha's silly ass had to go all out for her man wearing a versace pletted white skirt that was acsented with gold chains, a white off the shoulder shirt(to show her tattoo of omari's name on her collarbone) some white and gold heels and she had her hair wavy with a gold bow headband.
when we stepped out the house into bre'ln's boyfriend <a href="">michael's</a> a href="">car</a> couldnt nobody tell us we wasnt the shyt because then we knew they would be lying.
as we walked in the club all eyes were on us. the dj was just so happen to be playing Look At Me Now and we danced all the way to the VIP section. chris and omari were already their and they stood up to greet us.
"Kween we finding you a man to night." chris whispered in my ear
"i already got my eyes on one man and i aint tryna settle for less than the best ya feel me" i shot back.
"i hear you kween but you aint bout to be chillin up in here alone" he replied.
"im gud chris." i said patted his shoulder.
we sat back and started poppin bottles of moscato and having a good time. when it was time for omari to perform he took chris up there and they had a little dance battle. ofcourse chris won but they both were tipsy so they just laughed and omari finished his set. before he could even leave the stage lisha ran up and kissed him and congradulated him but i think it was her way of telling the hoes in the crowd that omari was already taken.
as i headed back to VIP i felt a strong hand grab my arm. i turned around and it was columbus
"girl what you doing in here.?" he asked.
"having an outting with my girls. whats up."
columbus was looking so good in his all white marc jacob suit, white marc jacob glasses,and some white stacy adams. a white gold 16carat chain donned his neck and he on the bracelet to match.
"Kween what you got on.?" he said looking me up and down.
"you know i look sexy so dont even stunt. your looking very handsome yourself columbus."
"yea iight kween"
"shut up and dance with me"
i lead him to the dance floor and danced to yung steff's slow juke. i pressed myself up close on him so that he knows what i was tryna do and i could tell he was enjoying it because his manhood began to get hard
"girl what are you tryna do to me." he whispered in my ear.
"make you mines."
i turned to face him and looked deep into his eyes. by the look on his face i could tell he wanted me just as bad as i wanted him. i kissed him again but this time he kissed me back with the same intensity. i swear sparks were flying everywhere between us.

the club was really poppin tonight.! being with my man just made it that much more great. he is so getting some when we leave here.
i was looking around for kween then i spotted her on the dance floor with columbus.
"lisha and bre'lin come look at this.!!!"
why i yelled im not sure because the guys decided they wanted to be noisy too. at the window they all started cheering when kween started tonguing columbus down.
"oh yea she getting some tonight." chris silly ass yelled cracking up
"hell yea i hope her virgin ass can handle that." bre'lin said laughing going back to her seat next to michael.
"i shud go be an a**hole." and before anybody could stop her lisha was gone down. that girl is the biggest c**kblocker i know.
i went back over to chris and took a shot of goose
"babe i think its time for us to go." i said to chris.
"leasia its only 12 o'clock why you wanna leave now." he said taking a shot.
"baby im horny and i ready to go now." i said bluntly.
he laughed and gave michael and omari some dap and i told bre'lin to tell lisha and kween to get with me tomorrow.
when we got to his house we wasted to time getting each other undressed, hell we didnt even make it to his room. we went at it for at least a good three hours and fell asleep in each others arms. the perfect ending to a fun day.!

run it.!

Wow run it

i can not believe kween kissed me like that. i mean dont get me wrong i did enjoy it but she's my homie's baby sis and i couldnt cross that line but then again babygurl was looking so right in that lil swimsuit and i know she wore it for me. aw man what am i saying.? this shyt too crazy.
"yo man you aint even listening to me." john asked snapped me out of my thoughts.
"aw my bad dog whats up."
"what was you thinking about kid.?"
"nothing major just tryna remember if i ate today."
"nigga that is major imma have kween come cook something." john said smacking me on th back of my head.
"yall are so ass backwards." i said chuckling.
"what you mean."
"you the big brother and kween be spoiling the fuxk outta you.
"hey she loves her bubby its cute."
we walk upstairs and stood in the doorway and watch as kween is talking on the phone. she look so f***ing good in that lil swimsuit
"why you let her outside like that man."
"niggaa i didnt know she had that on." john walked on the porch."KWEEN GET YA ASS IN THIS HOUSE AND PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON." he yelled.
"but john its hot." she whinned.
"girl make me tell you again"
i watched her pout and stomp all the way on the house and to her room. her ass was bouncing all the way and i was trying so hard not stare so hard in front of john but all i could think about was wanting to bite her ass cheeks.
"man she gonna be the death of me." john said shaking his head
"she just going through a faze right now she'll be iight."
"im just worried about her dating because i dont want a nigga like us take advantage of her."
"WHOA nigga im no where near as bad as you are with these females. your an a**hole im just real and i speak my mind but at the same time im faithful."
"iight nigga you got me but im still worrying."
"ofcourse you are nigga thats baby sis its understandable that you worry."
"yea iight nigga. let me go get this girl so she can cook."

man how am i gonna tell john i want kween to be my queen.???

run it.!!!

wow 15 and 20, 16 and 22,did they grown tails know that they would go to jail if they were found out?

Run it!
They is a little young for them men!
Run it!

they sum hot asses girl to young to bee on him like dat run it