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TAKE ME FLAWS AND ALL (upated 02/08)

His Intro::
<a href="">Renee</a> just doesn't understand the pressure im under.! i love her but she just can't trust me like she use to and its all my fault. she has to realize though that im a MAN and shyt like this happens because we got fuxking haters who can't except that she's my world now. UGH.!!! what am i gonna do with her.?

Her Intro::
<a href="">Terrence</a> is constantly down playing my feelings. he fails to grasp the fact that i am getting sick of these bytches always in our business everytime i turn around.! i love him with all my heart and soul but at the same time i want things would change. and to top it all off im nine weeks pregnant and i still haven't told him yet because of all the drama we have in our lives. i really dont want to continue on like this but if things don't change me and my baby will be out the door.

Chapter 1
*Terrence's POV*

"TERRENCE ALDON NELSON CAN YOU PLEASE TELL YO LITTLE CHICKENHEADS TO STOP PLAYING ON MY PHONE.! its five in the morning for goodness sake.!" Renee yelled throwing a pillow at me causing me to wake up.
"baby nobody says chickenhead anymore," i said sitting up, "they say duck-off or mistress. come on now boo." i said chuckling and climbing back in bed.
"quit playing with me terrence im so serious.! let me catch you with one of these hoes and imma put yo d*** through yo back and make you swallow it and shyt out yo balls," she said walking to the bathrooms to get ready for work.
"baby can you come here for a minute." i yelled to her.
"what." she said walking out brushing her teeth.
"i'll wait til you get done."
"iight." ten minutes later she came out and plopped on the bed.
"what terrence."
"baby i just want you to know i love you. these other hoez out here ain't even on yo level in my life. i flirt from time to time, i don't know why i just do. but i swear to you baby im not cheating on you."
"yea ok baby i hear you," she said and started to get up.
"baby i promise." i said pulling her back down.
"ummm hmm love you too." she said kissing my forehead.
"love you too." with that she went back in the bathroom and cut on the shower. for a second i coulda sworn i heard her coughing but it mighta been in my head so i laid back down and went to sleep.

*Renee's POV*
Omg i hope he didn't hear that. i rinsed my mouth out and looked at my self in the mirror wondering why i was so scared to tell him about our baby. its not like he'll be a bad dad because i truly believe terrence would be a great father i just dont know if now is the right time for it to be happening.
after my shower i walked back to the room and sat at the edge of the bed and applied my Dark Kiss bath&body works lotion and threw on my black leggings, pink hoodie, and black and pink uggs. i looked back and saw how peaceful terrence looked sleeping and kissed him and headed out to my mom's house.
it amazes me everyday that im 17 making $20 an hour ten hours a day and six days a week. i mean all im doing is answering the phone and scheduling appointments, its a piece of cake.!

this is anotherbold story im bring back.! all the original characters are gonna still be in it.!



Run it

Shai irritating af u can't be mad cuz yo son dot wanna obey u it's not Renee fault ugh I can't stand ignorant ass females

runsss and shoot larry before i do pls

*Chapter 2*
i let myself in and went straight into the kitchen kuz i smelled burnt toast and eggs. i got in there only to find my little sister <a href="">Natasha</a> washing dishes.
"did you make toast and eggs.?" i asked her.
"uh yeah like thrity minutes ago. how'd you know.?"
"i can smell it. you made eggs too.?"
"damn nae are you spying on me now.?"
"clearly im not you can smell it as soon as you walk in the door."
"well i dont smell anything."
"stop playing."
"im not. what's wrong with you.?"
"its obvious the girl is pregnant." i swirled around quckly only to find my mother's boyfriend <a href="">Larry</a> standing in the doorway.
"i dont know wnhat you talking about." i said walking towards the fridge pulling out the sharp cheddar chees cubes.
"Sha-Sha go finish getting ready for school." he told natasha pointing upstairs.
"iight larry." she slowly walked out the kitchen and up the stairs.
"so how far along are you.?" he asked walking towards me.
"im not pregnant larry so leave me alone."
"girl you think im stupid.? you getting fat its obvious now."
"nigga i aint fat so fuxk you." i started to walk out but he grabbed ahold of my arm.
"now renee dont be coming into my house disrespecting me.! thats a sure way to get yo little ass beat around here."
"dude get yo hands off me before i tell my momma."
"yo momma aint here so now what. it'll be your word against mines and who do you think she'll believe.?" he had a point. i mean she did put me out when i said he tried to rape me a year ago.
"NATASHA COME ON SO WE CAN GO.!!!" i yelled so he would let go of me as she skipped down the stairs.
"see ya larry." she said as we left.
"bye babygirl.! have a good day at school." i shut the door before she could respond to him.
we got in the car and drove halfway in silence.
"Sha-Sha can you keep a secret.?" i asked her.
"ofcourse nae."
"larry was right. i am nine weeks pregnant."
"wow really.? congrats. what terrence say when you tld him.?" she said clapping.
"he doesn't know yet." i told her.
"uhh why.?"
"i dont know."
"nae if you really love him like i know you do then i suggest you tell him. what could hurt.?"
"well for starters he could leave me and deny it."
"i highly doubt that. terrence worships the ground you walk on. trust me nae tell him and watch how he reacts. you know you be worried about them tricks that be around him watch how fast he cut all them off."
"all except one." i said shaking my head.
"well that ones not going now where for a long time. you knew that coming into the relationship."
"yea i know."
"by the way how has junior been.?"
"he's good. his 8th birthday is next month so me and terrence are planning to take him to dave&busters for the day."
"thats what up."
"yeah i just hope Shai lets him come."
"that girl is a mess."
"i know.! she was cool people's when me and terrence first got together but i guess when she saw i wasn't going nowhere things changed."
"oh well."
i pulled up to the school and Sha gave me a hug and got out. i pulled off and headed to work.

~Terrence's POV~
i woke up at around seven and decided to head on over to take Tj to school. its been a whole week since i seen little man and i missed him so much. once i got to the door <a href="">Shai</a> opened it and he ran right to me.
"DAAAADDDDYY.!" <a href="">he</a> yelled running into my arms."
"hey little man.! daddy missed you."
"i missed you too. is nae with you.?" he said causing shai to roll her eyes and walk away.
"no she's at work."
"aw man." he climbed out my arms.
"but daddy's here." i said tickling him.
"dad your boring."
]"hey im a little offended son."
"im just kidding daddy. oh dad i lost a tooth." he said showing me he know has both his front teeth gone.
"how that happen.?"
"i was eating a apple." he said giggling.
"at leat it wasn't candy. iight little man you ready for school.?"
"what you say.?"
"i mean yes sir."
"iight go give yo mommy some kisses so we can go."
"ok daddy." Tj ran to his mom, gave her a kiss and ran up stairs to get her coat and bag.
"Terrence can you not have him all up in that girl's face no more.?"
"what you mean shai.?"
"i mean dont have my son all up around renee anymore."
"and why is that shai.?"
"because he thinks he only has to listen to her and not me."
"well shai that's your problem but i'll have a talk with him about that ok.?"
"if that's the best you can do---,"
"its not about it being the BEST its about it being exactly what imma do. see you later shai."
i pick Tj up and walked out to the car and drove him to school.

Run it.!

yh i like this... run itt

Run it she needs to tell him she's pregnant u can't hold information like that