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Where tf is my lighter???

What's shakin cheese && bacon ?????


I missed my girlies
XD lolol


Hmm, something to think about

You have someone that'll love you && be there for you no matter what
You'll have someone to put a smile on your face daily
You'll have someone to carry on your legacy

Kids are expensive
They put some type of limitations on what you want to do well some things if you don't have the right ppl around you

With kids you have to understand its not just you you're making choices for
You have to think about another life

Are kids really that bad? I dont have younger siblings so... Pros and Cons please

Man what! Ugh. Destructive ass children. I have to watch King Tyler like a damn hawk. She so bad. Love breaking stuff lol.

She don't man these bad asx kids we got

It aint my fault that it feels good.

Tell her again Nani lol. She don't want them problems.

He been doing tht enough
You gon start popping out lil babies watch

I dont wanna wait until i have kids. Maybe i'll have De rub them for me. Lol

OMG. Alcohol tho? Lol.

But wait til you have kids, you'll get them.

Alcohol? Im gunna try that tonight. Lol

Only way I know of is someone rubbing them && stuff
But look like you do enough of tht it all of us lol
Try rubbing alcohol on them

I dont even do upper body work out tho. Besides, ab workout.

I mean I wear a 32C but they still small to me.

Help me get bigger boobs!!!

Dany don't say to especially since you're athletic
Trust me they only get in the way
But since you work out a lot you won't get them exercise makes them go away

Me too Nani. Seriously lol.

s*** is just Ughh.

Man, I wish I had more boobies.

All i have is ass -__-

I have both but I would want to subtract some of my boobs
Too much sometimes lol

I have both. So neither. But I do want a little more umph added to my ass lol. I'mma start back doing squats.

Stop the party!

*everyone stops and stares*

If you could have one or the other which would you choose?
More ass or more titties?

Lol.... That's what she said.

Ugh... Well I guess I'll pop on Tyga!

I got booty, I may not have boobies, but I got an ass.

You gotta have booty to pop Dany...


Bree quit being a bore and get with it. *start booty poppin*

I usually wear Ty's face so who gives a f***? Lol.

Nani! Like I said.... Shut it. Lol.

*does the cat daddy like chris*

*starts crumping*

I have those I just rather my slippers

Bree no I will NOT

Aw thanks, I never wear slippers. I usually wear mocs

Nani hush muhf***a. Just shut it up! Lol

Bree don't font me lol

You can borrow a pair Dany