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Where tf is my lighter???

What's shakin cheese && bacon ?????


I missed my girlies
XD lolol


Aye lemme brow some slippers.

Aww hello Kitty... That's... Cute lol.

I would kill him over my babies
and he knows that lol

Trey lol

:( who took my slippers
*throws tantrum*

You can borrow my hello kitty ones
I got three pairs

man I lost my bunny slippers

Lil young asx

Shut up ho!

I gave up my blanky and naps last year. Lol

Damn, next year im finally gon be legal.

I'll be able to hit up the hookah lounge : )

Turning tht nursing home OUT

Yeees! Pimp is old too lol.

Damn. They some lil nasty grandmas.

Don't forget Harlee lol
All they asxes on hover rounds && s***

It's time for a nappy Dany. Go get yo blanket baby ass ho! Lol.

We are not old! Soso & Lexi are the old ones. They about to be 22 next year lol.

Ikr Bree
Her asx still got similac on her breath

Exactly Nani. Idk WTF she talking about lol.

b**** you young! Shut up! Lol.

Bree I ain't too far behind you

Damn but I'm young tho ion kno abt tht old s***
Dany talking abt lol

b**** you old. Lol

Oh my God. I'mma cry. I can't believe I'm about to be 19. Lol.

yea I'm writing now

Hell yeah Dope

For real. I just wanna smack them both.

They too sexy for all that nastiness.

Ana! You gon add to that new story you started?

I mean pretty much it's Rih
But then again it's like you grown nigga uk that ain't right

smash party

I know.

I wonder when he picked up this habit?
I feel like he didnt start smoking cigs until he started hanging around Rih again.

Ugh like I bet tht s***s nasty eww

Like I bet rih just the same && it's a bigger turn off
Cause she a female
I MIGHT still hit tht

I would still hit that too.

Just imagine tho. When his fans give him hugs and want to take pic with him, they gon get the scent of cigarette from his clothes. And his teeth are gon get gross lets not talk about his breath. Damn man.


I bet he smells of cig smoke && stale cigs

That just ruins it for me
. . . . . . I'll def still hit that tho lol

Especially them cigarrettes. Yuck!

Lol. That nigga STAY smoking. Ugh..