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OMG *In my new york accent*newbies welcomed too

I've missed u b****es *tear* & yes even u bree-b****y lol oh gosh wats gucci lik wats new who had more babies who wit who now lik catch me up n only thing new w me is now me n kirk got 5 kids yea i said five theres Chaos Reven Adonis(finally got his boy) and Amore & Adorn (twin girls) and speaking of kids kan someone pm me the link to my story all in the family it will be grately appreciated ....Any newbies just leave ya name


Exactly, like s***, make me famous then.

I'm cute. Lol

Well, he is like Chris then lol 'cuz Chris ain't nothing but a lame nigga with money.

Like he is so corny at times. He only get away with it cuz of who he is and the fact that he fine.

Life would be great if I could find me a Chris Brown looking nigga :)

Oh wait, I had one and he was a lame -__-

Buuuut.... He don't want you lol.

Hey whoa time out
Lex I told you he was mine lol

*pouts* fine, theres not much I can do anyway with this cast on my leg.

b**** who you gon call? You in the zoo right next to my ass lol.

Dany no... Let's not be desperate.

Ew Lexi, lemme get him first. I just want one ride.

@dany once im done with him u can have wats left lol @bree true psycho i fear for ty n his safety ima have to kall the zoo tonight n make sure they put more locks on your cage

My leftovers though?! Dany, yeck.

s***, if Bree dont want him can I have him?

Awww!!!! f***! I know he was sexy! Yes lord! Lol but that's alright. I don't do copies. I want the real thing. Ty will be mine b****es! Mark my words & date y'all calendars lol.

If thats the case then bree got a whole lotta slut in her ctfu lmao but speakin of bree did nani eva tell u bout the guy n my building i had for u probably not these hoes nowadays aint got no home training n nani the worst one but anywho dude looks just lik tyga same lips n everything only difference he a lil thicker n dnt have a the tattoos

Hehehaha lol

Why deny the truth. Lol

You being the prime example I'm assuming

Every female got a little slut inside them too. Even virgins

Y'all needa stop every female got that lil
ratchet girl inside of her !!!


No... I am not no damn president of Ratchet. That's you and only you.

AAAAHHHHHH!!!BACK BACK YOU THING YOU GET BACK BEFORE I SLAY YOU SENDING YOU BACK TO THE HELLS FROM WHICH THEE CAME. @Dany honey child boo plz nuttin bout me ratchet however u r the govener of ratchet city bree the president n nani is the secetary

I woke up this s***?! Stfu!!! Lol

All of you are ratchet.

@ana YES !ANA YES! PREACH! lol good head & good pussy best gifts eva lmao @dany who ratchet not i

@nani im sowie lol u never told me wat u wanted & pssh puh-a-lease u cudnt leave this gud lovin even if u tried lmfao


good pussy is the best gift you can give somebody
homie owe lexi a audi, lexus, benz something lol

Hi Sha and aww she too cute i just had my son in sept. He'll be 4 months in january so congrats & welcome to cbw n motherhood

. . . . You gave him what????
Psssh I'm a good friend && I ain't get diddly squat
But this nigga get free pussy basically

Bump this I'm going back to Bree

ok im partly new. my name is allisha and my beautiful baby girl turn one month tomorrow. happy new years :)

Kmt fine *pouts* but anywho how was everyone's christmas mine was good i ended up givin my babyfather 2 poems & love/sex coupons since i was broke this yr tristian got a phone a puzzle n sum clothes n he gave his dad a card a book sum cookies n peanut butter oatmeal bars and gave his grandma a card a pic frame n paper roses all i got was sum body butters frm my sister n payton got a rattle n teether his godmom has yet to bring his gifts