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~Roses N Blood~

<a href="">I</a> finished getting <a href="">dressed</a> for school then got downstairs to find my dad cooking breakfast in the kitchen. "'Morning dad" I said hopping atop of the kitchen stool, he smiled at me before placing a kiss on my forehead; "'Morning to you too" he said back. "Breakfast looks good today daddy" I complimented, he made me a plate of eggs,pancakes and sausages all made from scratch and a tall glass of OJ. "Well you know yo daddy puts it down in the kitchen" he said making this corny gangster gesture; "Oh no dad, don't ever do that outside the house lol" I said eating my food. "You know graduation's right around the corner, I can't believe it actually. Next thing I know my baby's gonna be off to college while I sit here rotting away lol" my dad said. "Aww but you know that I'll try to come visit you everynow and then when I get the chance." I said finishing up my food and OJ; "Gotta go dad." I said giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing my bookbag.

A couple minutes later I was joined by my partners in crime <a href="">Diamond</a> and <a href="">Talisa</a>; "Besties!" I shouted as we dapped one another, "Dang Lola, you right on time" Diamond said. "SOOO glad that the semester's almost over, I felt like I was about to go crazy!" Talisa said; "You say that almost everyday and I've yet to see you go crazy lol" Diamond said. "Tsk whatever, so what did yo fine ass daddy cook for you today?" Talisa said; "D!" I said in shock. "What? Let's be honest yo daddy is fine as fck" "Uh huh and I'mma tell London you said that lol" Diamond said. "Oh please my boo know he got my heart, I just want her daddy on the side lol" Talisa said. "Girl you a mess lol." I said. We walked a couple blocks up more until we reached McKinley High, the yard was filled with kids meaning that the doors hadn't opened yet. "Uh oh, trouble at 2 o'clock" Talisa said with wide eyes, I turned in her direction and swallowed hard at what she was looking at, standing at the statue was Chris along with Talisa's boyfriend; when his eyes fell on me he threw me the most sexiest <a href="">smile</a> ever. Right away I could tell that today was gonna be bad, but as long as he doesn't talk to me I'll be fine. "Oh crap he's coming this way" Talisa said. Damn!

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So a couple of days pass and it's Saturday, Lolita spent the whole day primping and preparing for her date getting her manicure and pedicure done and hair fixed up as well. She'd decided to go straight for this event and after she came home she took out her <a href="">swimsuit</a> with a cute white matching jacket and shorts with wedges. Right now it's about 4:56 so Lolita goes to chill on her bed and watch TV for a little bit; she gets a text from Jarin saying

<em>"Come outside"<em>

Lolita goes downstairs and outside, Jarin's sitting on the last porch step looking heavy in thought. "Hey" she called out, Jarin turned around and his eyes nearly bulged out at how beautiful she looked. "Hey" Jarin said getting up, they shared a quick hug and pull out of it moments later. "Wow you really look good Lolita, where you headed?" he asked. "Got a date with Chris in about an hour. But what's up J.J.?" she asked.

"Well..lately I've been doing some thinking," he said, "..we've been besties for a long time and we always say what's on our minds. Quick question what do you think of me?" Jarin asked. "(Smirks) I think you're sweet, caring, you make people laugh and you always put others needs before yours. Why the curiosity?" Lolita asked. "Because I wanted to know if you ever saw me more than just your friend?" Jarin said. She shrugged her shoulders lightly, "I did once..but then I remembered the pinky promise that we'd always remain friends" she said. Jarin gently grabbed her hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles; "That's all I needed to know Lola." he said sadly. " to my dad you'll always be the one I can come to" Lolita assured, "Yeah..but I can never have your heart that's the thing. (Sighs) Have fun on the date" Jarin said. He gently kissed her forehead and walked off the front porch and back down the street.

Lolita sank deep into thought as she went back into the house; seeing Jarin in that state of sadness made her feel guilty. She indeed had feelings for Jarin but he'd met someone before Lolita could confess and now it seems like the old feelings were coming to the surface. Like magic Lolita's phone went off with a new text

<em>"We'll always be friends Lolita :)" -Jarin<em>

Chris came by afterwards to pick Lolita up, and after a brief father/date moment they were headed towards a secluded beach area. They were just pulling up right in time for the <a href="">sunset</a>. "Oh wow Chris this is too beautiful." Lolita said in awe; "I know you brought swimwear so did I, so I'll get the stuff ready while you go change." Chris said; Lola got out of the car and closed the door and started heading for the changing room. She quickly changed into her swimwear and began looking for Chris.

She nearly jumped when a pair of hands covered her eyes; "It's me don't be scared" Chris said; Lola could feel his abs on her back as he led her to the picnic scene. "Can I look now? lol" Lolita asked, "Not yet...annnnnddd stop." Chris said, they stopped in their tracks and Chris took his hands off Lola's eyes resting them on her hips.

"Oh my gosh Chris, this is beautiful" Lola said looking up at Chris; he smiled before taking her hand letting her lay on the picnic blanket first before laying next to her. The picnic basket had milk chocolates, grapes and sandwiches and sparkling cranberry apple cider.

After eating Chris showed Lola a few backflips and karate moves for entertainment; "Don't you get dizzy afterwards?" she asked when he came to lay beside her. "Nope, I guess I'm use to it. Hey lets get in the water for a bit, it gets really warm." Chris said, "I can't swim" Lolita said shyly. "Don't worry. Climb on my back" Chris said standing her up; she climbed up on his back wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. "Hold on" Chris said as he began reaching the shoreline getting waist deep into the water.

"Your head's pretty big lol" Lolita joked. "I don't have a big head lol you're the one with the peanut head peanut head!" Chris laughed. "Don't drop me you big klutz lol" Lolita said, "Oh yeah?" Chris said devilishly. Before she could blink Lolita and Chris had gone underwater after he'd pushed her off his shoulders, "OH MY GOD CHRIS!" Lolita whined, she was soaked! "Aw I'm sorry" Chris grabbed Lolita's hips bringing her body next to his, he moved the handfuls of wet hair out of her face and picked her chin up. "I'm sorry it won't happen again" he said sincerely, "Good" Lolita said grining evilly and splashed him hard with water.

They began going back and forth spraying one another with water until their arms began to get tired. "I surrender! I surrender! lol" Chris said catching his breath, Lolita went over to Chris to give him a quick hug but Chris wrapped his arms around Lolita's waist pulling her close to him. "I was trying to give you a hug" Lolita said softly resting her hands atop of Chris's arms; "I know, but I like holding you like this. I could get use to it." he said.

Lolita hung her head low trying to look everywhere but his eyes, he picked her chin up to look in her eyes and what he saw was pure lust. Their faces were inches apart and the vibe between them was indescribable; Chris leaned down towards Lolita's face..he's going to kiss her. Lolita met halfway with Chris, their lips weren't touching yet but were leaning on one another's forehead.

She grabbed the back of Chris's neck to give her leverage and kissed him gently on the lips. What started out as light pecks then turned into a makeout session; Lolita had jumped up into Chris's arms with her legs wrapped around his waist, her fingertips rubbed his head as his hands caressed her lower back. It was getting intimate and about to lead to other things when Chris pulled out of the kiss.

"(Panting) We better stop while we can lol. Come on lets get out and I'll take you home" Chris said, he even carried Lolita out of the water before setting her down to walk the rest of the way.

They repacked their picnic stuff and got redressed into the clothes they wore. "Hey I had a great time tonight. Thanks Chris" Lolita said; "Isn't that what you say when I get to your house? lol" Chris said. "I know but tonight was really special for me, I just couldn't wait." she said.

"Wanna go out again? Next week?" he asked, "What the hell we're officially done with school so I say yes" Lolita said. "Great 'cause I can't wait to taste those lips again" "You can taste them right now" Lolita said, Chris bit his bottom lip before kissing Lolita deep and passionate as last time.

"Lets get out of here before I end up taking you down in this car lol" Chris said turning the car on, they reversed out of their parking space and left the beach. Lola got home shortly afterwards and with a quick shower she was in her PJs and ready for bed. Once her head hit the pillow she went out like a light!

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Lolita had to make the walk home afterschool since Talisa and Diamond had cheer practice afterwards, she'd gotten up the first three steps on the front porch and instantly smelled her dad's cooking. She unlocked the door and went inside the house, shutting and locking the door behind her; "Dad I'm home!" Lolita called out, "In the kitchen bunny" he said. Lolita scrunched up her nose, he'd given her that nickname in reference to the cartoon character; kinda cheesy but she won't get him to stop.

"<a href="">Dad</a> don't you think it's time to drop the bunny nickname thing?" I asked kissing him on his cheek; "'ll always be my little bunny I don't care how old you get" he said with a cheesy smile. "What's cooking tonight dad?" I asked sitting at the kitchen island; "Meatloaf with mash potatoes and asparagus tips" he said seasoning the meatloaf.

Lolita's dad was a professional when it came to cooking, he even had thoughts of joining culinary school but had to set it aside as bills were a problem. As for Lolita's mom she'd passed away about a year ago from heart complications so it added on more stress to the family; Lolita had offered her dad to help pay half the bills many times but he insisted that she stay in school and was too young to be working (Lolita's 18 if I hadn't said her age.) He later re-married but her and her stepmother aren't exactly seeing eye to eye.

"Is Marlene here?" Lolita asked, her dad narrowed her eyes at Lolita; "You mean your stepmother? Yes she's here. Upstairs on the phone for important business. I would prefer you not say her name" he said matter of factly. "Dad don't get me wrong I'm glad that you found someone..but you smiled a lot more often when mom was alive" she said. "Lolita, I've grieved long enough, did the crying and moping around; it's about time that I moved on. No one will EVER replace the love I had for your mother Marlene's just getting use to the family right now. Give it some time bunny." he said.

Just then Lolita's stepmother, <a href="">Marlene</a> walked into the kitchen talking into her wireless ear piece. "I don't care how long the process is going to take you get me those files as soon as possible Rodkins or reconsider your choice of being my assistant" and hung up.

"Hey Tren..oh Lolita I didn't hear you come in the was school?" she asked. "Fine I guess" "Oh well that's wonderful." she said bluntly, Lolita's dad must've caught that reaction as well because he looked at Lolita like, "let it go." "In other news I've got a date" Lolita said, Tren and Marlene looked at Lola in surpise; "With who?" Tren asked, "This guy at school named Chris" Lolita said. "(Gasps) Joyce's little boy?! I'm glad for you kiddo" Tren said; "Who's Chris? And who's Joyce Tren?" Marlene said confused.

"Joyce is an old family friend of ours, her and Chris live up about a block from here. Really nice woman." Tren said; "Maybe we should invite them over for dinner tonight creampie" Marlene said excitedly. Lolita looked up at her dad like this but Tren laughed it off, "I'll be upstairs doing my homework." she said excusing herself from the kitchen. 'Creampie? Oh boy.' Lolita thought to herself.

Once she was upstairs in her room Lolita plopped on her bed belly first and dumped her bookbag atop of it. "(Sighs) Just 2 more days of this and it'll be over!" Lolita said aloud and began working on her homework.

An hour later Lolita had finished and was now listening to her I-phone playlist when her dad knocked on the door; "Hey bunny, time for dinner" and then he closed the door. Lolita hopped up excitedly out of her room and down the stairs to the dining room; sitting at the table was Ms. Joyce...and <a href="">Chris</a>.

Lolita's heart stopped in her chest at the sight of him and her appetite had suddenly left her. Marlene wasn't kidding when she said that they should come over for dinner. "Come sit down at table Lolita right next to Chris!" Marlene said; as smart as Marlene was being a representative for the court she seemed clueless about other things. (-_-). "Trust me bunny I tried to stop her, make the most of this dinner though okay?" Tren whispered into Lolita's ear. She nodded and sat down next to Chris, he seemed quite upset at Lolita but kept smiling.

Ms.Joyce blessed the table and everyone began serving themselves; the meatloaf had been cooked to a perfect tee, even Ms. Joyce was asking for the recipe! "So Marlene what do you do?" Joyce asked; "Well I'm a full-time lawyer down at the Naperton Court House." Marlene said, "What do you do Joyce?" she asked. "I'm a retired retail manager for Burkes and Bookes Clothing Dep." she answered. "So Chris," Tren said between bites of meatloaf, "How'd you come about asking Lolita out?" he said; Eyes were now focused on us and if it was in God's will I would fake a passout but couldn't bring myself to it.

"I just came up to her and said it straightforward; we were supposed to go out tonight but she told me she had to babysit." Chris said. Uh oh. "Lolita you don't babysit" Tren said curiously; "Uh I'll be back" Lolita said uncomfortably. "Sssure... you okay Lola?" Tren asked concern, "Yes I'm fine" and Lolita hurried up the steps to her room. "Uhm Mr. Brenner where's the restroom?" Chris asked, "Upstairs and to the left" he said. "Thanks." and Chris got up from the table and upstairs; his real reasoning was to find out why Lolita lied to him.

He knocked on the second door and Lolita opened the door in utter shock to see him; "So you don't babysit huh?" Chris said sorta amused. "Listen Chris I'm sorry if I lied to you but.." Lolita looked down at the floorboards; "Oh..I know." Chris said, Lolita looked up at him; "You do?" she said. "Those rumors about me aren't true Lola" Chris said leaning in the doorway. "I don't know if I should believe you or not" Lolita said truthfully. "Then I'll prove you wrong on our date Saturday..that is if you aren't 'babysitting' again lol" he said. Lolita joked along with him as well. "No, we're still on for Saturday, I'd changed my mind about the movies though. How about a beach picnic?" Lolita asked. "Cool, even better I know this place that's really beautiful around sunset." Chris said. "Now will you please come back to dinner with us?" he smiled. "Okay" she said.

Marlene, Tren and Joyce were still talking with one another when they saw Lolita and Chris come down the stairs holding hands. "You okay now?" Tren said with a smile; "Yes I'm fine." "She was just a little jumpy about our date that's all" Chris reiterated. Lolita looked back at Chris who gave a side eye making her smile and blush. The rest of the dinner continued on and everyone had gotten full from the meatloaf..there wasn't even any leftovers!

Right now Marlene, Tren and Joyce are talking and laughing in the living room and Lolita and Chris are outside on the front porch talking. Further down the street Jarin was walking over to Lolita's house; it'd now become clear to him that he was developing feelings for Lolita. By tonight he was hoping that Lolita might've felt the same for him. As he got closer to her house where he could see the front porch Jarin's heart beated loud and wildly but what he saw crushed his heart completely as he got much closer.

Lolita and Chris sitting closely next to one another and she has a hand on his thigh. Whatever he was saying to Lolita made her laugh out loud, Jarin snapped back to reality and realized that now was probably not the time to say what he wanted to say. He turned on his heels and went back in the other direction.

~Back with Lolita and Chris~

"You know my mother use to garden, roses were her favorite thing to plant" Lolita said; "..Roses?" Chris said. "Yeah in the backyard, come on I'll show you." she said grabbing his hand and leading him to the backyard and indeed there was an array of roses. "These are my favorite ones," Lolita said smelling the white roses, "My mom use to call them Moonlight flowers; said that they held just as much beauty as the moon at night" she said. Chris stared mindlessly at the other array of roses that were red; "Chris? Something wrong?" she asked. "Oh no it's just that..roses make me kinda sad that's all" he said.

" a way I guess they make me sad too; They bloom so beautifully and they end up shriveling up when they die." Lolita said sadly. Chris looked down at Lolita and pecked her cheek quickly before looking away. Lolita smiled at him making him smile back; "Let's head back inside" she said taking his hand.

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Lolita tapped her pen against her notebook back and forth while she was trying to focus on this English lesson but all she could think about was what she was gonna say to Chris at lunch. "Lolita, what were your thoughts on the book 'Carrie?' Mr. Zenfred asked me; " be honest Mr. Zenfred I don't have anything to say" "You were supposed to have filled out a notecard at the beginning of class, what happened Lolita?" he asked. "My mind's kinda somewhere else." she said; "Lolita I need to speak with you after class." he requested. When the school bell rang afterwards everyone except Lolita filed out, Mr. Zenfred spoke up; "I don't know how you're gonna manage passing my class if you're so distracted? Something the matter?" he asked.

"It's nothing Mr. Z; nothing you'd wanna hear. I'm sorry I'll make up the warm up with extra credit for tomorrow's class." "It's not the warm up that's bothering me Lolita I think that you're hiding something and you're too scared to say it out loud. Are you sure nothing's the problem? Concerns with family--" "Mr. Z I'm fine, guess I'm just feeling early senioritis." Lolita said. "Okay then, just don't let your symptoms infect the rest of the class lol. I'll see you tomorrow then." Mr. Z said; Lolita picked her stuff up and left the class.

Ater going through three more classes everyone headed for lunch, Lolita swallowed hard the time had now come sooner than she expected. "Hey Lola" she jumped at the mention her name making her drop her stuff, it was only Chris. "Oops sorry if I made you jump there a little bit I just wanted to make small convo with you." he said helping her with her stuff; "Actually Chris I've been meaning to tell you's about our date." Lolita said. "Really? What's up?" he asked. "I can't go to the movies with you because....because.." "Because why?" "Because I have to....babysit." she lied, "Why not make a date say this Saturday around 6?" she suggested.

"Yeah why not? I'll be free that day, besides the date will be much better if we wait" Chris said with a smile. "Cool." Lolita said; "But can I ask you something?" Chris asked, "Sure" she said. "Mind if I walk with you to lunch?" he said. "No I don't mind, lets go"

Lola and Chris both walked into the cafeteria and EVERYONE was staring at them..hard. The attention was offputting for Lola but Chris acted as if nothing was unordinary, she spotted Talisa and them at their usual hangout spot and walked over to them. "So did you break off the date?" Diamond asked; "I couldn't do it D I just couldn't break his heart like that. I told him that we could go out on Saturday instead and that I had to babysit tonight." Lolita said. "(Sighs) I had a feeling you weren't gonna say no, but I'm gonna let you be on this one" Diamond said. "Are you mad at me?" Lola asked, "No I'm not mad but I'm a little worried; are you sure you wanna go this route?" " I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't. D I love you and my homie Tay but I'm a big girl lol" Lolita assured. Diamond smiled a little, "Okay then big girl lol." Diamond said; "Oh I just love moments like this" Talisa said goofy like making everyone laugh.

The gang then went to get their lunches and sat down to grub. "I noticed you and ya boy Jarin gettin pretty close this morning, somethin going on?" London asked.

"Nah, we're just close like that. Me and J.J grew up together on a strictly friends basis type of thing" Lola said. "Mhmm friends my foot what about the summer me and D left for the Cheer competition?" Talisa asked. "Uh J.J. was sick with the flu most of the summer and I was playing as my dad's guinea pig getting me to taste his newest recipes so it was a task getting out of the house lol. Speaking of which my dad's trying out this new raspberry and blueberry muffin cake recipe he found on the internet." Lola said with a laugh. "Oh I was wondering why I hadn't seen you wear your favorite jeans in those pictures lol" Talisa said.

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Chris, along with <a href="">London</a> walked over to the girls to say hello; "Hey boo" Talisa said wrapping her arms around London's neck and pecking his lips. "Mmm damn girl your lips get sweeter everytime" London said stroking Talisa's bottom lip, "Wassup D? Lola B.?" "Hey Subway" Lola said, that was her nickname for London because he was completely tatted up excluding his face. "Hey Lolita mind if I talk to you for a sec?" Chris asked Lolita, she swallowed hard and looked to Diamond for backup but she shrugged her shoulders. Lolita looked back at Chris and said 'Sure' his smile widened and pulled Lolita to the side. "I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime, to a movie maybe?" he asked. "W-why would you ask me out at the end of the semester?" she asked.

"I uh, guess I was a little unsure if you'd say yes." Chris said nervously; Lolita sank deep into thought wondering if she should say no or yes. Thought #1 said: "Don't do it. You know what he does" and Thought #2 said: "Maybe the rumors are wrong, besides he doesn't look the type to hurt a fly anyways. You like him, now's the opportunity!" Lolita sighed and said with a smile, "Sure I'll go out with you." "Great, how about tonight around 6?" Chris suggested. "I don't mind" "Sweet. Pick you up around 5:30" he said and then walked away; Lolita had a goofy expression on her face but it dropped when she realized what a terrible mistake she'd made. Diamond and Talisa rushed over to her side, "Girl do not tell me that this man asked you out on a date" Diamond said; Lolita shook her head yes, "But you said no right?" Talisa said, Lolita shook her head no. "Lo-Lo you are loco! You can't go on that date with Chris, he'll kill you!" Diamond said but Talisa hushed her as passing people were staring at us. "Wanna say that a little louder Ms. Mouth?" Talisa said; "Lola you gotta break that date off with Chris, look I know you like him and all but--" "Lola!" she turned around to see her guy bestie <a href="">Jarin</a> run up to them, "J.J!" Lola said excitedly jumping into his arms. "(Chuckling)Hey I missed you too"

"Oh thank goodness you're here maybe you can get through that thick skull of hers" Talisa said. "Lemme guess..Chris asked you out on a date" "Tsk man how do you know?" Lolita asked; "You're the only girl in this school that he HASN'T gone out on a date with it was bound to happen sooner or later." he said matter of factly. "I'm scared as hell to go on that date, what if it goes wrong?" Lolita said biting her nails. "That's why peanut brain that you shouldn't have said yes in the first place." Diamond said. The first bell rang and the front doors had finally opened; everyone had gone in leaving the group last with Chris following behind. Diamond mumbled into Lola's ear, "You need to break off that date with him before lunch is over" she said. "I know, I just need to find the right words just to easen the blow okay? I got it under control" Lolita mumbled back. "I hope so" Diamond said with a worried expression on her face.

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First off they some fools for talking bout her daddy like that lol that is so funny she want her daddy on the side but anyway I wonder what's up with her and chris