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f*** Domestic Violence -.-

I have a slight headache from crying this morning. I got a phone call from the hospital saying that my best friend Kola, could be dying from having punctured ribs & skull damage. Why is she like that? Because of her pussy as boyfriend. Me & my sister Erik told her on several accounts to leave but she continued to go back.
I hate that stupid, b**** ass nigga! He always brain washes her. He does the most cruelest s*** to her. I mean, I understand she has never had that type of love before, but the nigga beats her. I've been told worse by her. He makes her sit in the next room while he f***s some other girl in the other.

He whooped her with a belt & tried to drown her in salt water. One time he even pushed her out the car while he was still in drive. We told all of her family but they ALL act like their scared of him. I've wanted to fight him head up multiple times. One time he even pulled a gun on me.

OMG I hate that nigga! I want to see him at his death right now. How could you be such a d*** to a girl who takes all of your s***? Everybody always tell us to let her "leave" when she's ready. Im like when is that? When she's dead? I swear Kola is a sweet girl. She goes to school & church. She is a beautiful person but she got to understand, that man is going to kill her if she dont leave.

Just .... UGH man. Im so pissed >.<