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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****




Lauren and Maurice sat at a table with a few of Maurice's Co-workers and ate the course meal that was served. Lauren watched as Maurice interacted with his friends and also noticed the looked others were giving her, especially Rebecca.

"these people are giving me the death stare" lauren whispered in his ear.
"ignore it, we'll be out of here soon" maurice told her but he himself was getting tired of all the looks and side comments he had been witnessing.

He put his hand on her thigh in a why to help her keep calm. She looked down at his hand and put her on top of his. They looked at each other in that moment and smiled.

"attention" maurice's co-worker Michael said as he stood up."i would like to thank you all for coming out to night, and i would also like to thank maurice for bring his nanny to show us that the help really do clean up nicely" he joked as everybody laughed but maurice and lauren.

"maurice why aren't you laughing, its a joke" micheal said.
"i'm sorry but i just find your joke the least bit funny" maurice said."in fact nothing you have said all night was funny these people just laugh to be polite" he added.
"excuse me?" micheal asked.

"maurice, you don't have to do this?" lauren said.
"nah, i think i do" he said standing up."because no one is talking about how Rebecca is a janitor at night and how micheal here practically begged me to keep his job" maurice shot out.
"i didn't beg" micheal.

"oh please man you were kissing my ass" maurice said staring at him intensely."come on lauren" he said reaching his hand out and helping her up.
"you didn't have to do that, they are not gonna like you tomorrow morning" lauren said as they walked out the restaurant.
"what are they gonna do fire me?" maurice asked laughing."i'm their boss, if anything their gonna be kissing ass even more so they don't lose their job" he added in.

The valet came around with the car and maurice tipped him a 20 before he and lauren got in the car. When they got in the car maurice started it up and quickly pulled off down the road.

"thanks for standing up for me" lauren said with a smile.
"no problem" he responded as lauren grabbed his free hand and held it.
"soooooo i'm your lady now?" lauren asked about the way he introduced her.
"too much?" maurice asked.
"nah, i like it" she answered."is your lady the same thing as your girlfriend?" she asked.

"it could be" he said looking over at her."you want it to be?" he asked.
".......i do" she said with a smirk as they pulled up to a red light.
"then it is" he said as they looked at each other and simultaneously leaned in for a kiss. Their kiss got deeper and more intense as the seconds passed. They had forgot they were still in the car and was brought back to reality when the light turned green and the car behind them honked their horn.

"oh damn" maurice said as he moved away and continued to dive."see what you did" he said joking.
"i did nothing" she said fixing herself in her seat.

He looked over to her for a second to see she had a smirk on her face and was biting her lip at the same time.

"i know that face" he said as she looked at him.
"oh really?" she asked.
"yep, thats your 'i'm horny' face" he said as she laughed from embarrassment because he was right.
"no, you could not be any more wrong" she said.
"okay, so what does that face mean?" he asked.

"i don't know but it doesn't mean that" she said as they both laughed.

For the rest of the ride maurice rested his hand on her thigh and she could feel his thumb slowly began to rub her skin. They pulled into the drive and both out out the car and walked inside the house.

"Jesus my feet hurt" lauren said taking off her heels.
"i don't think he cares about your feet" maurice joked.
"shut up" lauren said slapping him in the back of the head as he sat on the couch loosening up his tie."can you unzip me" she asked walking in front of him and turning around.

Maurice could help but to look at her hips and butt as they were all in his face. He pulled the zipper down to where it stopped right about her butt and watched her as she walked away. He sat there and debated with himself whether or not she wanted him to follower.

Before he knew it her bare leg was over his shoulder. He looked at the softness of her skin rubbed rubbed her leg. She moved her leg from off his shoulder and slowly walked in front of him revealing the fact that she was in nothing up Bra and Panties.

"you just gonna sit there and stare at me" she said <a href="***.jpg">grabbing him</a> making him stand up.
"bossy" he said as he lifted her up and took up up stairs as their lips connected.

He took her into his room and sat her on his bed as he stripped out of his clothes. He reached over in his night stand and pulled out a Magnum.

"you sure about this?" he asked.
"positive" she said as he ripped open the condom wrapped and put it on.

Lauren placed herself in the middle of the bed and maurice climbed in between her legs. He slid her panties off her legs slowly and tossed them to the floor.

She pulled him closer to her and kissed him as he entered her causing her to moan in his mouth. He began to stroke in and out of her slowly making sure he hit all the right spots.

"oh god!" she moaned arching her back."faster!" she demand and he raised his body up and did as he was told.

The room filled with sounds of their moaning and groaning and the sound of the bed moving from its intended spot. Maurice got up on his knees and put lauren's legs on his shoulders as he stroked in and out of her deeply. Her moans now turning into screams of pleasure.

Lauren couldn't control her screams as she reached her climax with full force.

"oh god i love you" she moaned as maurice got chest to chest with her and reached his climax right after her.
"i love you too" he said as he pecked her lips and laid next to her.

Lauren looked up at the ceiling and processed everything that just happened in her head.

"where does this leave us?" lauren asked.
"US" he said grabbing her hand and kissing her."i don't see myself with anybody but you" he told her.
"promise me something" she said.
"what?" he asked.
"if you feel like you wanna be with someone else leave me before you cheat" she said.
"i promise but i know that would never happen" he said pecking her lips.

Run It...


what that b**** (excuse my language) rebecca means by "sorry for you"? lauren should have shown her how they do it around her neck of the woods! i hope everything goes well tonight and that rebecca better not be a probloem in the future !
run it !

Ru. It

Aww Maurice took her to his company event how sweet. And boyfriend ish.Naw Rebecca wouldve gotten that ass beat if I we're Lauren. stuck up ass bytxh.

dam stuck up ppl
ay he tryna be a lil sneaky i caught that "my..lady" mhmm tell me why i think when they get back to the crib things gon heat up...
run it

run it!

Ehh, RUN IT!


The next morning maurice woke up alone in his bed. He sat up and got his phone from his night stand to see it was 9am. He moved the covers from over his body and was about to stand up when lauren walked into the room holding a plate of food.

"off that ankle, its sunday you don't have to be anywhere" lauren said as he put his legs back on the bed and sat back.
"whats all this?" maurice asked.
"breakfast, mimi wanted pancakes, eggs and bacon so i made you some too" she said putting the platter on his lap.
"thank you" he said looking up at her.
"youre welcome" she smiled before walking out the room.

Maurice dug into his food as he checked his work email to see he was invited to a company event later that night. When he was done eating he set the platter to the side and RSVPed the event under yes. He then stood up and took his dishes down stairs.

"i thought i told you not to walk on that ankle, now i see where mimi gets that hardheadedness from" lauren said grabbing the dishes from maurice.
"i didn't want you to have to run back and forth trying to take care of me, i'm grown" he said.
"okay jeez" lauren giggled.

"theres this company event i got invited to tonight, i want you to be my plus one" he told her.
"i gotta watch mimi, i'm the nanny remember" lauren said.
"i can drop her off at her moms house, she always complaing about more daya" maurice told her.
"is this like a classy up scale work event?" lauren asked.

"yeah it is" he said nodding.
"i have nothing to wear to an event like that" she told him as he got up and walked to his jacket and pulled out his wallet.
"take my card, buy yourself something nice" he said.
"listen im from the opposite side of town i don't know how to be around those kinds of people" she told him.

"i'm from the same track you're from sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it" he said.
"yeah well you already made it, they gonna look at me like 'who brought this little ghetto girl'" lauren spoke.
"an if they do, crip walk on their faces" maurice joked making her laugh.

"here get clothes, your hair done or whatever else it is you need to get fly" maurice said popping his collar."see i'm still hood" he said.
"1st don't EVER pop you collar again" lauren said as they both laughed."2nd i can't take your money" she added.
"you can and you will, i'm gonna take mimi to her moms lets time i see you, you better have some bags in your hands" he said putting his card in he hand.


Lauren went out to the mall and began to search for something that would look good in a room full of lawyers and judges. She came across a long sleeve white dress and fell in love with it. After buying the dresses she went to the salon and got her hair done. By the time she got home Maurice walking walking down the stairs all <a href="">dressed up</a>.

"look who's back, i though you were missing" he said seeing her come in.
"sorry, how long do i have?" lauren asked.
"about an hour and a half" he said as she rushed up stairs, up a shower cap on her hair and jumped in the shower.

When she got out the shower she got dressed and took the shower cap off her hair letting it hall straight down. She put a little bit of make up on her face before checking herself out in her full length mirror.

"i'm ready" lauren said as she walked down the stairs running her fingers through her hair.
"damn" chris said as he turned to face <a href="*mMT-l861PAl-CB1joZULDn23PO3te2WqakkfThI6vQCHNOU6ksodtkeASEpY6ynV/BETTheGameSeason6PremieringMarch26thNewPromoTeaserVideoInside.jpg">her</a>
"you like it?" she asked spinning around for him.
"love" he corrected.

"you don't think i look fat, i feel fat" she said putting her hands on her stomach.
"nah, you're good" he said admiring her frame.
"okay, lets go" she said breaking his daze.

They walked out the house and hopped into chris's car. They pulled off luckily as a silence filled the car.

"you look, really beautiful" she complemented her.
"thank you, you good, as always" she told him as he nodded and smiled.

They continued their small chat as they pulled up to the restaurant where the event was taking place. Chris got out the car first and walked around to open the door for lauren. When she got out, she closed the door behind her and tossed the keys to the valet. Maurice walked into the event with his arm around lauren with his hand on the small of her back.

"maurice!" a man called out as he walked up with a woman at his side."i'm glad you could make it" he added.
"wouldn't miss it" maurice spoke.
"who is this beautiful young lady?" the man asked.
"oh i apologize This is my..lady her name is lauren, lauren this is Mr Micheal Stine one THE best defenses attorneys i know" maurice introduced them.

"hello" lauren said shaking his hand.
"this is my wife Rebecca, maurice you've met her" micheal said as lauren shook Rebecca's hand as well."you mind if i steal him for a moment?" micheal asked lauren.
"no not at all go ahead" lauren said as they walked off.

"guy talk" rebecca said.
"yeah" lauren spoke.
"so what is it that you do?" rebecca asked.
"i'm a nanny" lauren answered.
"oh, and you aren't from around here are you?" she asked.
"actually i'm not, i'm from lakewook" lauren told her.
"sorry for you" rebecca said walking away.
"tuh" lauren suck her teeth and rolled her eyes.

It Was Still Good...
Run It...

ana deserves more than just a punch in the face...that heffa deserves a beat down!! has she forgotten that she cheated on maurice multiple times?? what she mean try us again? b**** yall got divorced for a reason! tf???

run it!

Run it

Ana not guna let go she crazy. She was wrong for saying that about their son who passed. I wudve pushed her down the stairs after i hit her run it

Aww nawl Ana needs that ass beat, she's so disrespectful. What she said regarding there son was pure evil and hurtful she deserved that face punch. Mimis party was a successtho thank goodness. Aww Lauren helped Maurice with his ankle and there sleeping in the same bed. There slowly coming together. It was sad when they finally took the babies room apart.but Important proud Lauren had the courage to finally do it. Run It!!!

Ana needs to invest in!!!

Ana is evil!!!
RUN IT!!!!

oh hell no! tf ? Ana got some serious issues! that was way out of line
s*** she should be glad lauren didnt do more.
im glad the party went well
besides the incident... ana killed it
maurice and lauren are really cool together like their friendship i just know they gonna get back together she still loves him
uh huh sure its just the heater?? she knows she wanna cuddle with him
run it


It was Mimi's birthday day and while Maurice was at work and Mimi was at her moms house Lauren took it upon herself to start decorating the house. All she need was the balloons and table cloths which Maurice was going to pick on his way home from work. Lauren finished the decorations and wanted to keep herself busy so she wasn't doing nothing. She looked up he steps and decided it was time.

"lauren! i got the stuff!" maurice called out as he walked into the house about an hour later. He looked around at the decorations and went up the steps to looks for lauren to see her in what he still calls his son's room.
"i felt like it was about time" lauren said as she stood in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips surrounded by boxes.
"need help with anything?" he asked her.
"help me stack the boxes in the corner" she said as he did what he was told.

When they were done in that room they went back down stairs to finish decorating. Lauren sat on the table and maurice sat in the chair next to her as the blew up a whole bunch of oink and purple balloons with their own mouths and threw them all over the floor.

"i bet i can blow mine fast then you" maurice said as lauren laughed.
"pause man, that sounds mad suspect" she said as he laughed.
"you know what i meant" he said.
"nah i don't know, i know know the way you was looking at that usher video the other day" lauren said laughing.
"oh you got jokes huh?" maurice laughed.
"you know i'm funnier then kevin hart himself" lauren joked.

"you wish" he said standing up and getting a bottle of water out the fridge.
"what you mean? i'm the one that writes kevin harts jokes, you much have forgot" she said laughing.
"you must be delusional" he laughed.
"you tryna said i'm not funny?" she said asked pulling his clser to her.
"i'm saying youre not kevin hart funny" he said as they were silent for a second, just as maurice was about to lean in and kiss her their door bell rang.

Lauren hopped off the table and oved it with one of the table cloths as maurice opened the door for a few of mimi's frinds from school and their parents.

"hi, i'm maurice we talked over the phone" he said shaking their hands.
"nice home" one of the mothers said."wheres your daughter?" she asked.
"she at her mothers house, she'll be here soon" maurice said closing the door behind them.

"when is mimi coming? she was supposed to be here before her guest" lauren said.
"their running late relax" he said pushing a few strands of hair behind her ear and walking away.

A few minutes later the door bell rang and lauren opened the door for ana and mimi.

"hello, lauren" ana said.
"hi" lauren said back closing the door behind them as mimi ran up to her friends and they all started playing.
"where should i put the gifts?" ana asked.
"on the table" lauren told her as she walked away and went up stairs.

"hello maurice, how are you?" ana asked.
"i'm fine, yourself?" he asked.
"fine" she told him." did you get the finalization notice?" she asked.
"i did" he responded.
"soooooo how about we give us another try?" she asked.
"what?" he asked."no" he said.

"are you still with the nanny?" she asked rolling her eyes/
"no, but that doesn't mean i wanna be with you" he told her as he was about to walk away..
"i love you" she said grabbing his arm.
"sorry" he said pulling away and walking away.

mimi's party went on smoothly. Ana and maurice mingled with the other parents as lauren stood up in her room with no issue. She heard a knock at the door and then it opened.

"you okay, up here by yourself?" maurice asked.
"perfect" she said sitting up."i rather be up here then down there with her" lauren said.
"i wish i could hid away in my room" he said.
"i wouldn't blame you if you did" lauren joked as she both smiled.
"imma head back down, you need anything?" maurice asked.
"nah, i'm good" she said as he nodded his head and left out the room closing the door behind him.

when he turned around her seen ana at the top of the steps staring at him.

"the guest are leaving the kids are getting restless" ana said.
"okay" maurice said trying to walk pass her.
"why were you up here with her while your daughter is having a birthday down stairs?" ana asked.
"ana relax i was up here for a minute...why does it even matter?" he asked.

"you should be with me we have a child together, her's died your off the hook" ana said.
"are you serious?" Maurice asked.
"are you serious?" lauren asked behind him.
"lauren, i got...." she cut him off.
"no i have something i want to say" lauren said. "you are a evil, hateful b**** and i don't wish death upon people but when you do die i pray you go to hell" lauren said.

"is that all?" ana asked with a smirk.
"yeah, now you need to leave" lauren said turned around and started to walked back into her room.
"i'll leave when your son comes back" ana said as lauren turned back around and punched her in face before going back into her room and slamming the door closed.

"maurice!" ana cried out."you gonna let her do that to me?" she asked.
"i think it's time for you to go" maurice said looking in the opposite direction.
"seriouly?" she asked.
"very" he said as she sucked her teeth and held her face as she went down the stairs and felt the house without saying goodbye to her daughter.

He went downstairs and started picking up the trash left all over the place as mimi sat on the couch watching TV. A few moments later lauren came down stairs and helped him.

"i'm sorry" lauren said.
"for what, you did nothing wrong" maurice said looking over at her.
"i shouldn't have hit her" lauren said.
"i don't blame you for it" he told her."get mimi in bed, i'll clean the rest of this up" he said as she did what she was told and picked mimi up from the couch.

Lauren took mimi a bath as maurice stood downstairs cleaning up all the gift wrap and paper plates.

"did you have fun?" lauren asked mimi as she wrapped her in a towel and took her to her room.
"yuup i had a lot of fun" mimi said.
"whats good" lauren said as she dressed her and tucked her in her bed.

Lauren put on mimi's TV and turned off her light before walking out the room and closing the door behind her. Lauren walked towards her room when she head maurice shout from the steps.

"you okay?" lauren asked walking over to the steps to see maurice hopping up the rest of the steps on one foot.
"i think i broke my ankle" he said.
"if you broke your ankle you would be crying, trust me" she said helping his as best as she could to his room and sitting him on his bed.

"let me see" she said sitting on his bed and lifing up his leg on her lap. She rotated his ankle to see where it hurt.

"let me know when it hurts" she said as she continued to rotate his ankel.
"ahh" he said.
"don't be a baby" she joked."you sprained it, you need to keep it up for a while" she said getting up and putting his legs on the bed.

She walked towards the bedroom door but turned around to face him.

"what?" he asked.
"the heater in my room is buster and.." she rambled on.
"you want to stay in here?" he asked.
"i mean only because my heater is..." he cut her off.
"just come lay down" he said as she did what she was told.

She laid down on the empty side of the bed and got comfortable under the covers.

"your feet cold as hell, gets them s*** off me" maurice said pushing her feet away but she moved them back on his even more.

(blahh chapter -_-)

Yaaaaayyyy!!!! I know this is probably wrong but I am soooooo happy the devorice is about to be finalized!!! Now when Lauren and Maurice do get it together they be married before they have a child and do it the right way. It sucks that both of them are still sad about loosing a baby but I understand why. Thats a hurtful thing to have to go through and only the parents who have actually been there can really feel that pain. That poem was PERFECTION!!! It let us in on how Maurice is feeling, glad I got to connect with him more. I'm ready for some laughter at Mimi's birthday party!!! Run it:)))

yes finally im glad it will finalize
haha lauren wouldnt bet if she knew she was gonna lose
im glad she kissed him tho
and the babys room.. :/ im happy they are seeing it as something they maybe werent ready for
positive view
run it


yayy glad good things are happening now....

Run it!

Run it

Good She Singed The Papers....
Run It...

Least there talking. Maurice shouldve known he wasn't gonna win that bet lol. Mimi and Lauren are like bffs.Aww that was so sweet. She gave him a kiss and agreed with himafter the bet. They're slowly getting back right. Now Im shocked Ana signed them papers and is giving him a divorce. Run It.

soglad they are getting along!! that was cute she still gave him a kiss.. and finally ana signed them papers took long enough..runit

Uh oh, RUN IT!


A month passed and maurice and lauren's friendship began to heal on its own. Mimi's birthday was coming close which made them bond even more as they planned for party.

"princess theme of course, you now how she is with her princesses" lauren told him as she sat next to him on the couch with a bag of chips in her hands.
"what about the colors of the decorations?" he asked her.
"pink and white, she loves those colors" lauren said stuffing her mouth with chips."oh and purple" she said with a full mouth.

"eww don't talk with your mouth full" he said nudging her away.
"ahhhhhhhhh" she said sticking out her tongue and showing him her chewed up chips.
"nasty ass" he said
"say the non flusher" lauren said.
"that was one time" he defended.
"more like 5" she said laughing.

"whatever, i'll be right back" he said standing up and walking towards the steps.
"if your going to use the bathroom make sure you flush" lauren teased.
"shut up" he called out as he walked up the steps.

Maurice walked up the steps and walked into his room to get his phone. He pulled his phone off his charger and opened up the link he saved to show lauren the gift he was going to get for mimi. He stopped in front of what would have been their son's room and looked at the door thinking he heard something and opened the door.

"aye! where are you? did i embarrass you?" lauren asked as she stood up and walked up the steps.

Once she got up to the stop of the steps she noticed maurice leaning on the door frame of the room. She walked over to him, wrapped her arms around him and put her head on his back.

"maybe it time, we clear out this room" lauren said.
"i think that would be best" maurice said.

Lauren reached in front of him and closed the door turning him around to face her, with her arms still wrapped around his waist.

"everything happens for a reason, maybe we weren't ready for that stage yet" lauren said looking up at him.
"your probably right" he said putting his arms around her and placing his hands on the small of her back.
" back to mimi's party" lauren said pulling away."i was thinking instead of cake we could do all different kinds of cupcakes" she said as they walked back down stage.

"i think mimi might want cake" maurice said.
"i'm telling you, she love cupcakes" lauren said.
"i'm know my daughter" maurice said challenging her.
"i know thats your daughter and all but i'm telling you she likes cupcakes more" lauren said excepting his challenge.

"bet?" maurice asked.
"bet" she agreed."what do i get if i win?" lauren asked as he pulled out his wallet.
"a thousand dollars okay?" he asked.
"hell yeah, me and mimi going shopping!" lauren said laughing.
"and what do i get if i win?" he asked.
"what do you want?" she asked.

"a kiss" he said as she raised an eye brow at him.
"fine" she agreed knowing mimi like cupcakes more."its about that time, we have to go get mimi" lauren said as she grabbed her sweater and walked out the door as maurice grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

They pulled up to mimi's should and seen her waiting with her teacher and the rest of the kids waiting for their parents. Maurice hopped out the car and helped mimi into her booster seat and. Once she was in he hopped in the driver side and pulled off.

"soo mimi, which do you like more cake or cupcakes?" lauren asked her.
"cupcakes!!" mimi said excitedly.
"HA!" lauren said."i told you" she added.
"okay, okay, you got me" he said with a smirk."i'll give you the money when we get back in the house.

They pulled up to a red light and lauren looked over at maurice who had his elbow on the window and was leaning his head on his hand and was looking straight out the window. He noticed lauren staring at her and looked over at her.

"what?" he asked as she leaned over and kissed him on his lips for a few seconds.
"what was that for?" he asked her.
"cupcakes and cake are pretty much the same thing" she shrugged as he continued to look over at her."uh the light is green" she said pointing.

"oh right" she said as he cleared his throat and proceeded to drive home.

When they got to the house maurice parked in the drive way and got out the car and lauren got out and helped mimi out the back. They walked up towards the door and lauren and mimi went inside as maurice checked the mail box to see a letter from ana. He walked into the house opening it and was surprised by what he saw inside.

"what is it?" lauren asked.
"ana signed the papers, the divorce will be final in a month" he told her.

Run It...