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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****



wow, RUN IT!

poor lauren...

run it!

Aww that was a beautiful poem. Poor Lauren is really going through it. I hope she can let Maurice back in slowly but surely. Mimi adores Lauren too. There so sweet together. Run It

dang..i hope they can some how get passed this

For some reason lauren is getting on my nerve. And can MAurice and Ann get a divorce already.

Awww smh run it

Poor thing!!



Lauren put the card in her back pocket and put the flower on the book shelve in the living room.

"what do you want to eat for dinner?" lauren asked mimi who sat sitting on the couch watching Dora.
"ummm i want...chicken" she said.
"just chicken?" lauren asked.
"and rice" mimi said."and cookies" she added.
"you'll get cookies after you eat dinner" lauren said.

Lauren grabbed the meat out the fridge and pulled out a pot and pan and began to prepare everything to start cooking. As she was preparing everything mimi walked over to the kitchen and looked up at lauren to see she what she was doing.

"you wanna watch me cook?" lauren asked her.
"mmhmm" mimi nodded as lauren picked her up and sat her on the middle counter."whats that?" mimi asked pointing at the meat lauren was seasoning.
"this is the chicken before it gets cooked" lauren told her.
"yuck" mimi said sticking out her tongue making lauren laugh.
"yeah its pretty nasty looking" lauren said as maurice walked in threw the door and dropped his things on the table.

"whats going on in here?" he said leaning on the other side of the counter.
"i'm watching lauren" mimi said,
"oh yeah you learning how to cook?" maurice asked.
"yuup" mimi answered.
"you're gonna cook for me and lauren one day?" he asked her.
"nooooooooooo" she said laughing.
"why not?" he asked.
"i'm to little" she told him as he and lauren both laughed.

Lauren put the chicken into the pan of oil and put the rice with the bot with water.

"did you get my gift?" maurice asked lauren.
"i did, thank you" she said."i put them on the book shelve" she added as she half smiled showing one dimple.
"did you like them?" he asked her.
"yeah, they were beautiful" she answered.
"thats made me get them, they reminded me of you" he told her as she stood silent for a moment.

"umm maybe you should go get get mimi washed up and ready for dinner and bed" lauren said.
"okay, come on mimi" he said picking her up and walking away.

The moment when they were out of sight lauren put her hand on the counter and dropped her head. She hated the fact that she still had a soft spot in her heart for maurice and wanted it gone. She lifted her head up at the sound of maurice and mimi laughing upstairs.

She finished making the food and made a plate for maurice, mimi and herself, sat them on the table and waited for maurice and mimi to come back down stairs.

"daddy, why did baby go into the sky?" mimi asked him randomly as she confused about what lauren told her.
"sometimes god wants people to come live with him in the sky" he told her.
"oh" she said as he dressed her.
"you ready to eat?" he asked.
"yuup" she said as he scooped her up and took her downstairs.

They ate at the table quietly and after that went their separate ways into different parts of the house. Lauren took mimi upstairs to her room where she laid her in bed and let her watch TV until she fell asleep. Lauren then went into her room and closed the door as Maurice was downstairs in this living room watching TV and writing a few things inside of a notebook he had on his lap.

Lauren walked back and forth in room tired of being a prisoner in her own room. She walked out her room and down the stairs to she maurice sitting on the couch writing something down quickly. He snapped his book close when he seen her and put it down on the coffee table in front of him.

"sorry am i interrupting you?" she asked.
"no i was just going to take a shower anyway" he said standing up and unbuttoning his shirt as he walked upstairs.

The moment she heard the shower turn on and the bathroom door close she walked over to the living room and sat down on the couch. she looked over at the book he sat on the coffee table and debated with herself if she wanted to look inside it. She picked it up and opened it and the first thing she read was:<em>This Woman</em>. She continued to read on to see maurice had written a poem.

<em>I was once This womans everything
but now i'm nothing.
i screwed up bad i know this
i just want her back in my life as my goddess
This womans presence sends my heart on a race
as well her smell, her smile and her beautiful face
i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her and my baby
but she no longer has a spot in her heart for me
and she is no longer carrying my seed
i hurt this woman
and i couldn't blame her if she never again wants me as her man.</em>

Lauren read the poem with tears in her eyes. One tear feel from her eyes and hit the paper smudging the ink. She closed the book quickly, put it down and walked into the kitchen and cleaned up the mess she made when she cook dinner.

A few minutes later maurice came back downstairs and walked back into the living room picking up his notebook. He spotted the wet spot on one of the pages and looked up at lauren who had her back facing him. He read over the poem she had read and closed the book.

"are you okay?" he asked.
"huh?" she asked turning around.
"are you okay?" he asked her."i know you read it" he said.
"i'm fine" she said."i shouldn't have been looking, that was obviously private" she said.
"why do you do that, you can talk to me" he said walking to her.
"what do you want me to tell you maurice?" she asked."that i still love but i don't want to, do you really wanna hear me tell you how much i wish i could hate you?" she asked.

"if it makes you feel better" he said
"thats the thing, it won't" she told him."cause i'm always gonna love the man who made me lose my child" she said dropping a plate on the floor and seeing it shatter into pieces.

"s***" she said as she and maurice both bent down to pick it up the pieces.

after they picked up pieces lauren dropped to the floor and sat there with her head on her knees. Maurice sat next to her silently as he wrapped his arm around her.

Awwww :'( I'm glad they're taking the first step towards working on things. And its a good thing tht Lauren didn't just let him back in. He has to learn his lesson so he doesn't f*** up again. This chapter was kinda short though :/ Run it!!!

Aww damn. Poor Lauren but im glad Maurice was able to get her to admit her true feelings and let her pain out. I know she's sad about losing her baby. Im glad she's not taking Maurice back so easy but I do hope he can earn her trust back again. Run It. it

im glad she was able to get comfort by Maurice and i hope they can start again fresh
run it

Welllll, RUN IT!

Run It...

Run it


A week passed a nether lauren or maurice said a word to each other. They both did what they had to do but they were invisible to each other.

Its Wednesday afternoon and lauren was cleaning up around the house after dropping mimi off at school. She was in the kitchen cleaning when the door opened and maurice walked in. He dropped his keys on the table like he always did and sat in the living room.

"do you need anything..maurice?" she asked breaking the silence.
"no, i'm fine" he said turning on the TV
"sure sure because i can.." he cut her off.
"i'm fine, really" he said again.
"okay, i'm sorry" she said turning around and began to wash the few dishes they had in the sink.

"no, i'm not sorry whats your problem?" lauren asked turning off the water and facing him.
"you, around here acting like everything is fine, and that we didn't just lose something important to us" he said standing up.
"i am fine, i'm sorry if you want me to be around here depressed but i'm not" she said.
"your not fooling me lauren i see right threw you deep down inside your hurt just as much as i am, if not more, you don't have to strong all the time its okay to let go" he said.

"i'm fine" she said.
"i know you're not, why won't you talk to.." she cut him off.
"I SAID I'M FINE' she said slamming her hands down on the counter.
"i'm just saying sometimes its better to let whats hurting you out" he said as he walked off up the stairs and into his bedroom.

He kicked off his shoes and loosened up his tie as he sat on his bed. He put his head in his hands and let out a deep sigh as he heard a light tapping on his door and looked up to see lauren with tears running down her face.

"i don't wanna be strong anymore" she said."i wanna cry and scream" she added."it sucks trying to be strong and hold everything in" she said.
"you don't have to" he said standing up."i'm here" he added.
"i just want someone to hold me and tell me everything's gonna be okay" she said.
"can i?" he asked opening his arms.
"please" she said and the moment he wrapped his arms around her she broke down.

The pressure of trying be strong and look as if nothing was bothering her finally got to her. It all came out in one emotional outburst. He held her in his arms with his eyes filled with tears as well until she was all cried out.

"everything's gonna be okay" he told her."i don't want you to think you can't come talk to me" he said looking at her.
"you hurt me bad maurice, why didn't you just tell me?" she asked.
"i thought i was protecting you, us and" he said pausing before the last word."now i realize lying didn't help ether" he said.
"do you know how it felt to hear her say what she said?" lauren asked."you should have just told me" she added.

"i know, i'm sorry" he said getting down on his knees and holding her close to him so that his head was on her stomach."i just want you to forgive me" he added.
"forgiving you want make me take you back" she told him.
"its a start" he said as she sighed before looking down at him.
"i do forgive you" she said."but i can't forget what happened" she said pulling away from his hold and walking out his room.

Later on that day after lauren had come back from picking up mimi from school maurice wasn't home but waiting for her on the table were two big <a href="">bouquet of roses</a> with a card that said.

<em>I will never stop loving you and
i will never stop fight for US.

short chapter :(

Damn this story is soooo sad :'( I think they should try to work it out. Maybe Lauren should go to like miami or somewhere to think things through for a little while. Maurice got some making up to do. I can understand why he did what he did but that dosen't make it right. Ana's ass was in the wrong for making up all that s*** she was gone tell to the judge. How she gone be mad cause her husband moved on after HER ASS cheated?!?! Tf?!?! I think she should keep working there cause I really do want them to work it out. I believe Maurice when he say he still loves Lauren and she obviously still loves him too. Run it!!!

What did she think she was getting into messing with a married man anyway. RunIt!!!

Run it

ugh this add is soo sad and ugh screw ana and her explaining why she telling her
but we know why maurice cheated
i want them together but now she has a big hole from her losing her first child
i want her to stay working so that he can figure something out
win her back
run it

Smh ana a trifling one...

Run it!

Damn poor Lauren. That had to hurt seeing there sons room. Only to realize hell never sleep in it. Then having to explain to Mimi where the baby is.At least she's got Mimi to help her thru it. Ana can get all she wants off her chest but at the end of the day her choices affected what happened with Lauren. Damn she referred to Maurice as Mr. Brown. Somebody's in the dog house bad. Run It.

dang ana is so trifling..

Wow, RUN IT!

Aww No They Got 2 Get Back together.....
Run It....


lauren was finally able to leave the hospital the next day. She got dressed and signed her release forms. She walked out the hospital room to see maurice asleep with his head leaving back on the wall.

"hey" she said waking him up."their letting me" she said as he stoop up quickly."you gonna take me back to the house or what?" she asked after he stood there silent for a moment.
"my house?" he asked.
"yeah" she said."but don't think because i'm going back that i'm going back to you cause thats not the case" she said walking ahead of him.
"i got it" he said as they walked out the hospital.

"i'll get the car wait here" maurice said as he rushed off towards his car. Once he got in it and started it, he pulled out of his parking spot and pulled up in front of lauren.
"i'm only going back for mimi, i don't wanna just be gone suddenly" she told him.
"understandable" he said.
"but i will be gone soon, so start looking for a new nanny" she told him.

"you don't have to leave" he said.
"if i'm not working there why would i be there Mr Brown?" she asked him as he stood silent, the 'Mr Brown' part threw him off.

The rest of the ride was quite to the house as maurice kept his eyes on the road and lauren laid her head back and closed her eyes. He pulled into his drive way and seen ana by his door with mimi.

"daddy!" mimi said excitely as she ran to her father and he picked her up.
"you aren't supposed to be until 5" maurice said to ana as he got closer to her.
"i know but i wanted to talk to lauren" ana said.
"don't you think you've said enough?" maurice asked as he heard lauren walk up behind him.

"i think i can make decious on who i want to talk to or not" lauren said.
"thank y.." ana began to say before lauren cut her off.
"i didn't say i wanted to talk to you" lauren said walking pass her and going in the house.
"you heard her yourself" maurice said.
"i'm just tryna help" ana said.
"theres nothing you or I can say to make this better, you should leave" he said walking in the house and closing the door behind him.

Upstairs lauren was about to walk into her room but stopped. She walked a little further and looking into the <a href="">room</a> they had step up for their son and put her hand on her stomach.

"lauren!" she heard mimi's voice behind her, she quickly wiped her tears before turned to see mimi in maurice's arms.
"hello beauty queen" lauren said with a smile as she grabbed her from maurice's arms. She looked at maurice for a second and he could see her the pain she was hiding behind her smile.

"wheres baby?" mimi asked lauren as they both laid across laurens bed.
"he had to go away" lauren said.
"is he coming back?" she asked.
"no, he with god in the sky being a good baby" lauren said.
"in the sky?" she asked.
"yuup" lauren said with a tear falling from her eye.

"are you sad?" mimi asked.
"really sad but i'm gonna be okay" lauren told her."what did you do today?" she asked her.
"ummmm i played with mommy" she said.

"hey, i'm going to the store, need anything?" maurice asked.
"I WANT CHIPS!" mimi yelled making maurice and lauren both laugh for the first time in weeks.
"okay, i'll be back" he said walking out the room.

Maurice grabbed his keys from he counter and made his way out to his car when he started it up and pulled off. Maurice drove off and ana hopped back out her car never leaving from her parking spot. She rushed to the door and knocked on it hopping lauren would answer it.

"who is it?" lauren called out from the other side.
"ana" she said.
"what do you want?" lauren asked opening the door slightly.
"i just came to talk to you" ana said."please let me in" she begged.
"fine" lauren said opening the door wider for her to walk in.
"mimi sweety go up to your room for a second" ana said as they watched mimi climb up the stairs using her hands and feet.

"so what is it?" lauren asked her as they both sat down in the living room.
"first i wanna say i am really sorry for what happened to you, i can't even begin to understand what you're going threw" she said."also maurice cheating on you was my idea, it wasn't his fault i made him do it" she said.
"you made him do it? he's a grown ass man" lauren said.

"i told him to do it or i would tell the judge about you and your baby and take him for everything" she said.
"so his money way more important to him then me is what your saying?" lauren asked.
"no, he was trying to protect you" she said.
"protect me from what?" lauren asked getting frustrated.
"for me" she said."i told him i would tell the judge you were an unfit mother" she said.

"but i'm not" lauren said.
"i..i was gonna tell them i found drugs in your room one day." she said."lauren i'm so sorry i planned all of this i just wanted my husband back i never meant for you to lose your child" she said.
"why are you telling me all of this?" lauren asked glaring at her.

"i wanted this off my chest, i feel so bad for being the cause of you and maurice's stress" she said."i needed to relieve myself" she added.
"good thing all you have to is tell the truth to relieve yourself" lauren said sarcastically.

"what are you doing here?" they both maurices voice and looked over at him.
"she was talking to me" lauren said.
"i'm just trying to help" ana said.
"i told you, you've done enough, you need to go" he said. Ana looked over a lauren one last time before walking out the house quickly.

Lauren and maurice stared at each other quietly as if they were having a mental conversation before lauren looked down to the floor and walked out to her room and maurice watched her.

run it