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The Nanny Affair: Karma's A b****



Run It....

RUN IT!!!!!!!!

ugh gawddammit ana! ugh
really u just a golddigging no good cheating ass heffa
u needs to bounce out they lives
and im glad lauren staying for michelle:)
gives more time for maurice to hopefully win her back
now how did ana force him? what did she say to him that made him have sex with her?
ugh i cant wait til this is over the marriage.
ana can be gone forever! (i hope) but she still the mother -___-
run it

Damn you Ana. But still Maurice should have told her she was blackmailing him. Then maybe they wouldn't be going through this. Either way it's too late now. There sons gone and there relationship is severly damaged. Laurens mom ain't having that she grilled Maurices ass. I just am shocked that Laurens going to stay with him still.... Run It!!!

Run it


A week passed and they kept Lauren in the hospital to watch her and make sure she was ok. She refused to talk to Maurice and made sure they didn't let him in her room. Her mother and keyanna had gotten a call from lauren and got there as soon as they could to see her.

"lauren what happened?" keyanna asked.
"i lost my son" she said feeling herself start to cry again.
"why?" her mother asked.
"they say it was stress" she told them.
"stress from what? wheres the babys father?" her mother asked as keyanna rubbed laurens back.
"you might as well tell her now" keyanna said as lauren looked up at her.

"my child's father is the same man i work for" lauren said.
"a married man?" her mother asked."are you crazy" she asked.
"he was having issues with his wife, and we fell in love momma" lauren said.
"and where is he now?" she asked me.
"i don't wanna see him" she said.
"and why not" her mother asked.

"he's the reason all this happened, he....he was cheating on me" lauren said."...and lying to be about when i clearly knew the truth" she added.
"why didn't you just leave?" keyanna asked.
"it wasn't that easy" lauren said."for some strange reason i still loved him, i still love him" she said.
"how can you love someone who has put you threw this much pain?" her mother asked.
"i don't know" she shrugged.


"ana open the door!" maurice yelled from the other side of ana's apartment door.
"would you stop scream for my neighbors start complaining" she said opening the door and letting him in."whats wrong with you, you look like s***" she said.
"you wanna know whats wrong with me, my son is gone ana he's DEAD!" he shouted.
"oh, i'm so sorry, what happened?" she asked.

"you happened" he said.
"what? you can't blame me for this" she said.
"i can because you know what you've been doing ana, you know i had no choice but sleep with you that night, if it was up to me, i would have never even been here" he said as tears begain to fill her eyes.
"you don't mean that" she said.
"i do, i'm done ana this time for good" he said walking towards the door.

"you can't leave, i'll tell the judge you got lauren pregnant and take you for everything you have" ana said.
"go ahead, you already took lauren and my son away from me you think i care about the money? you can have all of it" he said before leaving her apartment and slamming the door behind him.


"you're out your mind if you think imma let you go back to that mans house" laurens mother spoke.
"she right lauren, staying there would only make things awkward between you two" keyanna said.
"i already made my decision" lauren said."i'm going back for Michelle, i've bonded with that little girl and i'm not just gonna up and leave her" lauren said."she like a daughter to me" lauren said looking down.

a few moments later there was a knock on the door and maurice popped his head in.

"i apologize for bothering you but can i have a moment with lauren please" he asked.
"for what? to stress her out even more?" her mother asked.
"mom" lauren said."just go wait outside" she said as she and keyanna walked out the room.

"what do you want?" lauren asked.
"i just wanted to know that i am really sorry what i did" he said.
"yeah you said that already" she said.
"and also that ana was he only person i cheated on you with and i swear it was only a one time thing" he said.
"do you really expect me to believe you when you getting b****es numbers from all over the place?" she asked.

"lauren i admit i took numbers i gave my number and i flirted but i never, ever touched any of them i swear to you, i swear on my daughter" he said.
"don't swear on her" lauren said."even if you didn't sleep with these other females you still sleep with ana" she said.
"you wouldn't understand" he said.
"you don't know that, explain it to me" she said.

"she forced me.." he said as she sucked her teeth.
"she forced you?" she asked crossing her arms over her chest.
"she threatened me, i had to do it" he tried to explain.
"just leave please, i don't feel like dealing with this" she said.
"just please know that i'm telling you the truth" he said backing up towards the door seeing tears falling from her eyes."he was my son too, this is painful for me to" he said before leaving the room.

"what did you say to my daughter?" laurens mother as maurice as he walked out the room.
"its personal" he said.
"personal goes out the window when my daughters laying the hospital" she said.
"with all due respect ma'am i love your daughter with all my heart, this is the last thing that i ever wanted to happen, i messed up i know that but right now i'm just tryna make things better" he said before walking off.

(small chapter, more hopefully tomorrow)

woooow thts some crazy s***!!!! I can't believe the baby is gone, smh. Poor Lauren, Maurice ass is terrible like wtf why would you sleep with Ana?!?! I need an explaination boo!!! Ana need her ass beat for causing all tht drama cause I know Maurice aint just say "hey lets f***" the b**** was saying some slick s***. But he has been slipping up lately so idk and at the sametime he still got his own mind so he could've easly walked away. Don't take this long to do the next add either!!! :p Run it:)))

dang thats sad..RUN IT

Maurice aint no good at all. All this lien nd stuff he got got goin on gotta quit. I think lauren gona leave that ass. Nd he deserve it. Strangely im still hopeing the baby come back to life. Other than her adultress acts of passion nd simpathy toward maurice(a married man) she didnt deserve such tragedy. Maurice abt to be mad to ana to run it

Maurice aint no good at all. All this lien nd stuff he got got goin on gotta quit. I think lauren gona leave that ass. Nd he deserve it. Strangely im still hopeing the baby come back to life. Other than her adultress acts of passion nd simpathy toward maurice(a married man) she didnt deserve such tragedy. Maurice abt to be mad to ana to

Damn man smh thats messed up run it


Run it!

Aww Man Thats So Sad...
Run It...

poor lauren.! this is too messed up. maurice just didnt know how to stop being a whore and him and ana stressing her out constantly yea lauren can be mad.! fuxk him.! i hope lauren doesnt take him back because him and ana deserve each other.!!! #HOESWILLBEHOES

RUN IT.!!!


I'm not gona lie I got a lol teary
They did cause the stress she has every reason to be mad
And now I don't think Maurice gona get her back
Run it

Noon. She lost the baby. I hate Ana I hate Maurice. They all can go to hell. This is allMaurice fault for stressing her out with his horeish ways. Poor Lauren. Run It.

Oh no :(
RUN IT!!!!!!!!


Lauren made her way home later that night. When she parked in the drive way she noticed Ana's car in the driveway and ana sitting in front of the door. Lauren couldn't hide her pregnancy any longer, there was no way she would be able to get her huge belly pass Ana. She got out the car and watched as Anas eyes feel on her stomach.

"you needed to talk?" lauren asked getting her attention.
"yeah, can we talk inside?" she asked as lauren let her in and and closed the door behind her.

That both sat down in the living room and lauren watched Ana take a deep breath before speaking.

"first just let me start off by saying i know you and Maurice were together and i know thats his baby" she said as lauren made a confused facial expression at the word 'were?'
"how?" she asked.
"i'm not stupid lauren i know how to put 2 and 2 together and i'm not mad ether, i was doing my dirt as well" she said.
"is this what you wanted to talk about?" lauren asked.
"no, i don't know if you know this but me and maurice are trying to work things out" she said.

"w..what?" lauren asked.
"yeah, for our daughter we both feels like she needs both her parents around, he's been staying at my play with me a couple nights because mimi misses him" she said.
"have you to? had sex?" she asked as ana nodded yes.
"you have to understand i'm still technically his wife" she said as lauren stood up.

"i need you to go" lauren said turning her back to her.
"i understand i don't wanna upset you while your pregnant" ana said as she grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

Lauren sat at the kitchen table as she went over what ana said in her head over and over again. She felt a sharp pain on the side of her stomach but it quickly faded away. A few minutes later the front door opened and maurice walked in.

"hey baby" he said kissing her on the cheek.
"hey" she said flatly.
"whats wrong, you okay?" he asked.
"i'm fine" she said.
"are you sure?" he said.
"yes i'm fine" she snapped feeling that pain on the side of her stomach again before it once again faded away.

"okay, i'm sorry" he said holding his hands up.
"tell me the truth, where were you?" she asked.
"i told you i had to stay over night at the office" he said.
"thats bulls*** maurice because i talked to ana recently he told me everything" lauren said.
"whatever she told you, is a lie" maurice defended.

"stop lying, own up to what you're doing maurice, i can leave i don't have to be here, you can be single and do you i don't need to be dragged along" she said walking away but he grabbed her arm.
"baby i swear i'm not doing anything she is lying" she said.
"even if she is what about the other girls" she said.
"what other girls?" he asked.
"like the one at the restaurant, you the the waitress the once who gave you her number i'm not stupid i seen you" she said.

"okay i took her number, but i didn't sleep with her" he pleased as she tried to pull away from him."lauren please" he said as she finally got away and walked into her separate room looking the door behind her.

Maurice pulled out his phone and dialed ana's numbed wanted answers.

"hello sweety" she said with a smile in her voice.
"what did you tell lauren?" he asked.
"the truth, that we are trying to be a family again, that you stayed here a few times and we had sex" she said.
"i don't wanna be with you ana get it threw your head, and i only stood there one night because mimi was crying for me" he said.

"you not denying that we didn't sleep together" he said.
"it was one time ana, please don't hold this over my head" he said.

"what was one time?" he heard laurens voice behind him. He hung up the phone quickly and rushed over to her.
"please hear me out, i'm gonna be completely honest with you" he began to say."i did have sex with ana, one time i swear it was only one time" he said.
"what about the other girls?" she asked.

"i never sleep with anybody else" he said.
"you just continue to lie, oww" she said feeling the pain on her side harder now.
"are you okay" he tried to grab her but she moved away.
"don't touch me i'm fine" she said as she grabbed on to the chair and began to squeeze it as she felt more and more pain.

"lauren your bleeding" maurice said as a puddle of blood started to form at her feet.
"owwww god please" she screamed in pain with tears running down her face as maurice scooped her up, put her in his car and rushed off to the hospital.

Once they got to the hospital emergency entrance the doctors came with a stretcher and took her into a room. By this time Lauren had passed out.

"the baby isn't getting any air" one of the doctors said.
"give her the anesthetic we need to give her a C-section and get the baby out of there fast" the other doctor said.

"she's only 7 months" maurice said.
"the baby isn't getting any air, if don't get the baby out now it will be to late" the doctor spoke.

They gave lauren the anesthetic which made sure she couldn't feel a thing. They began to cut her stomach to get the baby out. One of the doctors reached in and grabbed the baby lifting it out. The doctor tapped the baby to hear the cry but there was silence.

"whats wrong is he okay?" maurice asked as the doctor looked up at maurice and shook his head.
"it's a still birth" he said.
"w, what are you saying my son is dead?" maurice asked.
"i'm afraid so" the doctor said as maurice broke down in tears.

Maurice waited out in the waiting room and they stitched lauren back up and cleaned her up. She was still sleep but when she woke up he knew he had to tell her. He wait 2 hours in the waiting room until the nurse came out and told him she was awake.

"she's asking for the baby, do you wanna tell her? or should i?" she asked.
"i'll tell her" he said as her walked into the room to see lauren awake,
"wheres my son?" she asked.
"theres no easy way to say this lauren" maurice paused as he began to get choked up."he's gone, he didn't make it" he said.
"stop lying thats not even funny go get my son" lauren said.

"lauren i'm not--" she cut him off.
"GO GET MY SON!" she yelled as she started crying."i want my baby" she said.
"he's gone lauren, i'm sorry" maurice said as she tried to hold her but she pushed him away.
"don't touch me" she said with disgust in her tone."mater of fact get out" she added.
"lau--" she cut him out.
"just go" she said as he did was he was told.

the moment he walked out the room lauren broke down and started crying hysterically calling for her baby.

RUN IT:)))

Run it

I'm glad she desided to get away. I kind of want them to work it out though. I feel like I need to know more ab maurice to see if I'm really for them staying together. I wanna know if he's actually been cheating cheating.... like pennise insereted into another woman's vagina!!! I need to get into his head!!! I'm glad her mama was happy for her. Run it!!!

Thats sad Run it....

maurice is something else..showing out is what he is doin! Lauren should have def knew that if he cheated with u he will cheat on u! but dang what does Ana want..

Run it

maurice is turning out.! he did all that to get her now he got her and she pregnant with his kid and he wanna show out and disrespect her...smh i hope lauren do leave his ass too (once a cheater always a cheater honey)
i wonder what ana wanna talk about.? i bet she know about this baby and she just wanna she it for herself lol oh well baby girl shoulda just kept her ass at home and took care of her business now look at her lmao

run it asap.!!!


Lauren should have known that the same way you get a man is how you lose him. Ana maybe up to something may have to watch out for her.
Run it!!
Can you check out my story called all because of him(socialite stalker)

Im glad Laurens not dumb and suspects what Chris is up too. Theyre having a boy. Least her mom was cool about it. And Im glad Keyannas supportive and cool about it too. Aw damn now Ana wants to talk to her uh oh?? Run It.

Its abt to go down run it