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Hey Guys

I'm Miickey.
Some of you know me, some of you dont. I'm a migrater so I dont stay on here for long, but for tonight I am back. YAYYY. And I need some stories to read and some peeps to talk to. Heyyyyyy.


Lexi b**** watch yo damn mouth you wrinkly ho lol.

Hoe pls

eww b**** do i look lik bree to you u knoo she b doin that just for fun

Oh my goodness my poor virgin eyes

Oh my goodness my poor virgin eyes

This how we are tht hoe know what's up lol
Aint tht right Bree

Lexxi you stfu && lick old man penis && balls

hi mickey

bree n nani can lick my balls

Lol dont be mean to each other

Ugh lol
So showoff lol

Nani shut UP! Lol.

See!!! She wants to talk to me! Lol

My Darling.


Bree no one wants to talk to you

Hey Mickey!!! It's Bree!

Hey honey.!

Hey Nani

Yeah I change it a lot lol
You prolly knw me by Nana or Nani


Whats your name because I dont remember your username. Sorry. :(

Hey Mickey
I remember you :)