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Random Poem

She's unhappy,
Standing there in the mirror with a frown on her face,
Hands on her waist,
She stares at herself.
Thinking..."why can't I be pretty? I need to be skinny, I should lose weight, is it to late?"
The pressure society puts on her make her queasy, un easy, feeling the need to be....
Someone she's not.
"I'm perfect the way I am" ..
..she says that a lot.
But does she mean it?
Does she believe it?

And to those who read my stories
I promise i will update tomarrow


I think you should, especially if its helping you to over come the situation.

Thanks guys
I wrote this about myself
But I know I'm not the only person who feels this way.
It's tough trying to be happy when society trys to bring you down

Any this poem is unfinished
Should I post it when its completed?

Damn, this is a sensitive topic. A lot of people can relate to this. Acting as though you love yourself in public but behind closed doors you search your body for beauty. Learning to love yourself is a hard thing and it took me a while to get to tht point. This was me a while back.

Omg this poem is my life right now!!! Its great and just explains what I'm going through. That s*** is so hard ya know.

This is good, reminds me a lot of myself