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My Life ...I f***ing Hate It

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
why is my child's eye swollen

Wayneo Beefive'e
How swollen is it

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
sure yu dnt kno and its the bottom part its mad puffy and i kno its not his allergies cause if that was the case both em them wud be swollen ........ just stay away for real this time stay away n prepare for court simple

Wayneo Beefive'e
Well yu should kno y its swollen yu da 1 dat b throwin him around like yu krazy but yeah ill b prepared but court for wat

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
sure i do lik sure u didnt hit him today but w.e and child support

Wayneo Beefive'e

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
and ok you
ll stay away

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
............hello yes or no we can do this easy or hard i really dnt care

Wayneo Beefive'e
Wat r yu talkn bout easy r hard way y dnt yu jus go to antigua

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
nope i rather make ur life hell lmfaoo and even if i went i'd take them with me sooo either way it dont matter either u agree to stay away or i'll make u either way i get wat i want

Wayneo Beefive'e
Idec any more but have fun tryna make my life a livin hell ...... I guess this helps yu enjoy yaself

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
nope it helps to know u'll soon feel my pain kus there is no try i WILL destory ya s*** but yes i'll have fun and remember it allllllllllll sweetie dnt ask bout em nor nothing simple enjoy ya life playboy u officially only have 1 child now dueces

Wayneo Beefive'e
Ok dueces

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
i need u to sign some papaers terminating ur parental right

Wayneo Beefive'e
Wat does dueces mean?
But ok I gotchu

Ming PurpleSmoke Lee
stfu and jump off a cliff
Seen 6:06 PM


thats a fb conversation lik would i be wrong to tell him to do the world a favor and just slit his f***ing throat


He needs a foot stuck up his ass... then he gonna try and blame it on you.

hell yea make his ass pay
i kno i dont kno you but men like this really irks my nerve



lexi don't even trip off his ass you have a child
to be a role model for..
but i aint got no damn kids so let
me do the damage!

What the hell!

yeah i heard it but i didnt even think it was that bad till he woke up frm his nap & i seen his eye

He hit your baby?